Zide is a 9 year old Zeti that ran away from the Lost Hex to Mobius


Zide is a Cyan and Black Zeti with two horns.


Zide has the ability to utilize and manipulate Hyper-Go-On Energy in the way that others use Chaos Energy. It is unkown however how even has Hyper-Go-On Energy being he's not a wisp. He also has the innate ability to manipulate magnetic fields. Despite this great amount of power, Zide is a child and doesn't control it all that well.


Zide as a child loves to have fun and is always smiling. He is also king hearted and cheerful like most kids. He loves to pull pranks on other students at the academy causing him to get in trouble. He also loves missions and describes fighting as "Super Duper Fun!"


Not much is known about Zide except for he ran away from the Lost Hex for unkown reasons. While on Mobius he met Cury the Seedrian and the two travele around together unti meeting Team Bust. The two aliens were then token to Fighters Academy and joined the school and Team Bust.

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