The Zeti are an alien race that appears in the upcoming video-game, Sonic Lost World  In Sonic Lost World, Eggman tries to use the power of a group of Zetis, known as the Deadly Six, only for the Deadly Six to rise over against Eggman and cause havoc. Because of this, Sonic  teams up with Dr. Eggman to stop the Deadly Six. So far, the Deadly Six are the only group of Zetis known at this time.

Known Zeti


Note. These are the Canon Zeti, therefore they should never be used unless you have a contiunity outside of Chill's

The Deadly Six

  • Zavok
  • Zazz
  • Zeena
  • Zomom
  • Master Zik
  • Zor


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Beastmegaman36's Zeti

  • Zaeva

Apallo's Zeti

  • Za (Purple)
  • Zilver (Silver)
  • Zold (Gold)
  • Zemerald (Wind Emerald)
  • Zuby (Gaia Ruby)
  • Zapphire  (Aquatic Sapphire)

SB100's Zeti

  • Zaiden (Orange Zeti)
  • Zoker (Purple Zeti)
  • Zaraka (Dark Blue Zeti)
  • Zabrina (Pink Zeti)
  • Zora (White Zeti)
  • Zarek (Brown Zeti)
  • Zektor (Red Zeti)
  • Zeth (Yellow Zeti)
  • Zaber (Cyan Zeti)
  • Zan (Grey Zeti)
  • Zuul (Black Zeti)
  • Zid (Green Zeti)

JTH's Zeti

  • Zignis 
  • Zelectro
  • Zaero
  • Zydro
  • Zycho
  • Zorpus
  • Zumbra
  • Zether

Cameron's Zeti

  • Zelena

Holly's Zeti

  • Zelda
  • Zim

Meme's Zeti

  • Zerka
  • Zhy
  • Zizy
  • Zooka
  • Zwimar
  • Sensei Zorvik

Tynic's Zeti

  • Zolenia (Dark Green)
  • Zakku (Light Blue)
  • Zolo (Black
  • Zolia (Magneta)
  • Zoko (marron)
  • Zoka(Sapphire)

The Deadly Six

A villainous group of six Zeti that is set to appear in the upcoming game Sonic Lost World.

In Sonic Lost World, harnesses the power of the Deadly Six in an attempt to defeat Sonic and conquer Mobius. However, the Deadly Six rise up against Eggman and break free, threatening to destroy the world on their own.

Concept and Creation

According to Takashi Iizuka, the Deadly Six are meant to bring a “sense of danger and humor” to the story of Sonic Lost World.

Members of the Deadly Six

Character Name Portrait  Description
Zavok is the leader of the Deadly Six and the member behind the destruction of the world.

Compared to the rest of his members, Zavok is the more intimidating and mature member.

Zazz is one of the members of the Deadly Six in plans for the destruction of the world. He is the more short-tempered and hot-headed member of the six.

He will rely on his speed and mischief-making to stop Sonic.

Zeena is a member of the Deadly Six and the only female member who is also is in the plan for the destruction of the world.
Master Zik
Master Zik is one of the members of the Deadly Six and the oldest member of the six.
Zomom is a member of the Deadly Six and the largest member of the six.
Zor is a member of the Deadly Six. He carries a blue rose with him at all times.


  • Each member of the Deadly Six shares certain characteristics:
    • Each member has at least one horn on their head.
    • Each member has black legs and hips.
    • Each member's name starts with "Z".
    • All members have stripes on their horns.
  • The colors of these villains match those of six of the Chaos Emeralds (red, yellow, green, purple, cyan and grey more precisely). They also resemble the colors of various Wisps (Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Cyan, and White).
  • Similar to other powerful entities, Dr. Eggman attempts to control the Deadly Six in order to take the world over, only for the entities to turn against him. The main difference is that it happens early on in the game, rather than towards the end.
  • The Zetis are possibly named after the mythology monster known as the yeti because of the horns that each member have on them, as yetis are known to have horns.


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