A very ancient group of islands near the Majang Sea. In the past, this place housed many forms of weapony, some too dangerous for non-islanders to use, eventually, all of the power went to the islanders heads, causing most of thier land to break apart, sinking into the sea, leaving a reef which connected the 4 remaning pieces of land together, now making 4 Islands. Today, it is now a famous resourt location as well as a histroical site for the ancient islanders of the past.


  • Vibrant Temple - A forest temple located on Quintos that houses the Elements of Earth and Leaf. Its trap filled with mostly Stone Arrows,and Posionus Barb Pits. Its said to hold a secret entrance from Quintos to Saious
  • Bitter Temple - A ice filled temple located on Saious that houses the Elements of Ice, Water/Aqua, and Wind. There are many puzzles and water sections here that takes one's intelegence to the test. Inside of it, there is a hidden underwater passage to Niverok Island.
  • Heated Temple - A fire and magma filled temple housing the Elements of Fire and Lighting. Located on Niverok,  it is said to be at the base of it's volcano, and to even reach around to it's peak, where there are non-stop thunderstorms. Inside, there are many traps, mostly ones that involve Lava Pits and electrcution. The ancients in case of an Emergancy of Eruption, made a bowl-like wall outside of the temple to keep in the Magma. those inside of the temple can escape with a teleportation stone located in the middle of the temple. It connects to a junction station on Gaokua.
  • Chrono Temple - The largest temple on the Islands, that houses the power of Light,The Sun and Dark, and The Moon. It has no traps, and is considered a holy place. Located in a cave on Gaokua, the Chrono Temple reaches through a rather large mountian called, Mt. Zetto.

Towns & Cities

Northern Island: Quintos

  • Manatine Port
  • Serptime Villiage
  • Sea Gate Inntown
  • White Pearl City

Southern Island: Salous

  • Guin Town
  • Greystone Port
  • Hikari Beach Town

Eastern Island: Niverok

  • Blazing Villiage
  • Tikilight Port
  • Tronletric City

Western Island: Gaokua

  • Temple Village
  • Serene Valley Town


Mount Zetto

Mount Zetto is the largest mountian on the 4 Islands. In fact, when the entire area broke apart years ago, the inside was more of a weak dorment volcano. Ever sence it's resurfacing, the mountian's magma channels being effected by the movement of the earth around it, they have all filled up, giving the Mountian a active status.

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