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Vital statistics
Title Zero
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Fur/Feathers/scales N/A
Attire Large white and black coat
Romantic Interests emi(girlfriend)
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First Appearance N/A
Appearances N/A
American/English VA N/A
Seiyū (Japanese VA) N/A
Zero is the ruler of New EVE city. He also fights in the war.
Zero-X in war

Zero. (my art)


Zero has white and black hair, a large coat, red eyes, and black shoes.

Years back, He had gray and black hair and wore a red and blue shirt.

One year ago, He was a straight black figure with much longer hair.
Dark planner



.A few years back, Zero was very hot headed. He was only friendly on some occasions. He later becomes calm and silent. His old personality was like his dads.
Angry zero

Zero mad


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