Zay Escobar
Zay escobar logo
Created by Mr.Zaya
Developed by Mr.Zaya

Bluriginals ZexalSlash LegionDX

Written by Team Escobar
Presented by Team Escobar
Starring Zay Escobar

Shabba Clay

Vic Shiggy

Jaire Highsmith

Holly Evans

Nate Xander

Arthur Phoenix

Johnathan Velazquez

Opening theme "Grown ass Kid" By Chance the Rapper
Ending theme "We Don't Care" By Kanye West
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of comics 118 ([[Zay Escobar Creator Archive 2013/2014

Zay Escobar Creator Archive 2015 Zay Escobar Creator Archive 2017|List of comics]])

Producer(s) Bluriginals
Story editor(s) Mr.Zaya


Editor(s) Mr.Zaya


Team Escobar, Bluriginals Studios
Distributor Team Escobar, Bluriginals Studios
Original Website Chill Sonic Fanon
Rating TV-PG
First shown in November 17, 2013
Original run November 17, 2013 – Present
Status Ongoing
External links
[Chill Sonic Fanon Official website]
[[ Production website]

Zay Escobar is a web comic created by Mr.Zaya. Zay Escobar focuses on the adventures, and at times misadvetures, of the titular Zion "Zay" Escobar, as well as his closest friends: Shabba and Vic. The series finds inspiration from other works of media, most notably South Park and Cyanide and Happiness.

Current Comic

118: Enter the Void (Part 3)

Enter the Void III

First Uploaded: October 17, 2017 (Drawn by Mr.Zaya)

You know Shabba had to do it to him

~ Mr.Zaya


  • 12/6/13- Sorry guys, Zay is on hiatus and I'm working on a big comic! See you soon! ~ BlurayOriginals
  • 12/8/13- Sooner or later, I'll begin working on the Mr.Kehler comic; don't expect it SOON. ~ Mr.Zaya
  • 12/8/13- I made the first comic since November 22. ~ Mr.Zaya
  • 3/4/14- WHO WILL GET THE 50th COMIC!!!! ~ BlurayOriginals
  • 5/20/14- Remember how Legion promised an Icey comic with effort May 11th yet he was able to put out 12464545 short strips? Yeah, what a liar. :) ~ BlurayOriginals
  • 7/3/14- Two new comics expanding your way soon!
  • 11/22/14- What he said!!!
  • 11/28/14 -New Comic Scripts Coming Soon, Welcome Back Escogang! ~ Apollo
  • 11/18/15- Whoa! Almost a year since the last news update! Wild. Regardless I'm here to apologize for the lack of ZE on yesterday (the second anniversary) as well as in general this year. Life has gotten a lot busier and my hands are full a lot of the time. Even so a new Zay Escobar will be coming your way within the next month! Believe it. Thank you for staying for so long. 
  • 7/19/16- I'm not back, but I'm here to confirm Zay Escobar has returned after it "ended". Don't expect any comics just yet, but comics are soon to come. Brainstorming is always the easy part.-Mr.Zaya 
  • 10/10/17- This shit is back for real. Deadass.-Mr.Zaya
  • 10/18/17- Please acknowledge the website from now on.-Mr.Zaya


Miscellaneous Drawings

Official Art

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