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Sushit the Phish

Sush*t the Phish Under Construction

Zay Escobar (Character) is currently being written by me. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Zay Escobar is the main protagonist of the  ongoing comic Zay Escobar. He is modeled after the user Mr.Zaya.
Zay Escobar





Full name

Barry Nathaniel Escobar

Modeled after


Created by


First Appearance

Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition DX

Latest Appearance

The Frominator


Burnt Cinnamon (by Crispy)

Favorite Football Team

Green Bay Packers



Zay Escobar is African-American. He often wears a gray/white thermos shirt and plaid pants, and a Green Bay Packers winter cap.


Zay is very ill-tempered and assertive (however, Zay at times can be very passive, mainly in school). As implied in the second comic (Mauii Gets Mutilated), it is an example of the fact Zay is belligerent. He also seems to be rather sensitive about things he actually cares about.

Relationships with Others


As shown in the second comic,  they dislike each other.


Zay never likes being around Keshuna due to the fact that she often instigates something unneeded, therefore triggering Zay's temper.

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