Zakashi Zeninja
Zakashi Zeninja
Zakashi Zeninja is a Reploid based on Greninja, and is also the leader of the Maximals





Love Interests



Sleep, relaxation, being called by his first name, skill


Work, fighting, thinking

 Zakashi Zeninja is the leader of the group of soldiers known within Mission Maximal, based upon Pocket Monsters (Pokemon). With the case of Zeninja, his base was the Ninja Pokemon, Greninja. He seems to share many characteristics with Zero, especially when it comes to skill with a blade, he isn't as thrilled about battle as some other soldiers might be. He would prefer to sleep than to fight.


Zakashi Zeninja was one of the first specimen retrieved by Reisa for Mission Maximal during the Sigma Wars . It was decided that he should be the leader, as a ninja by implication, would also have a strategic mindset. He was showcased among four others: Crystal DiancieDemos TyranusNoblus Greendor, and Aecihl Swellow. Immediately, he starts to sleep on the job, but has shown to be able to be readily available despite this.


Not much can be gleaned from his mannerisms. He is extremely lazy, and often times would be found sleeping whatever chance he had. He would even be sleeping in a variety of positions, some of which could be considered uncomfortable to the average person. Despite that, when duty calls, he is extremely quick to get to the action, but under the pretense that he'll get it done and over with fast. He is good-natured, but a bona-fide slacker. Despite his laziness, he is very good at what he does.


Zakashi Zeninja, based off of Greninja, can perform a great amount of abilities. He is aligned with the Water and Shadow forms of combat, though he is able to perform many other kinds of types of abilities. Expounding on this, Zakashi Zeninja also has an ability that allows him to change his alignment based on the kind of move that he is using. Therefore, his weaknesses to specific types can change in an instant. Zeninja relies heavily on his speed and offenses, which when equipped with Chaosblades grants him a strong affinity for Form IV Chaosblade combat.




Zakashi Zeninja's concept was inspired by the character Kakashi from Naruto.

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