Zach the Canine
Zach Neutral1




Excellent flight skills, High IQ, Holy/Dark Control, Persona Summoning

Romantic Interest

Ashley Cannis


Ashley, pizza, his sister, daytime,his Persona,


Being alone, bullies (being bullied),losing control of his powers, anyone who hurts his loved ones

Voice Actor


Shy, timid, bashful, kind, Generous, loving.


Saranda Giving Birth

In a secret labratory, OmegaCorp developed the Element Force, a team of enhanced Mobians with a combination of 2 of each element that has created Mobius. One in particular showed supprsing promice and was named leader of the Force. Her name was Saranda Ariana Malvworn, but for those who knew her in OmegaCorp she was given the name Saranda the Crimson for her controll of the Elements of Darkness and Fire. She did have something inside of her that made her different from the other members of the Force. Saranda could somehow reach an unknown state of power that was symbolized by the large crimson wing that appears when she undergoes this transformation. 

Some time later, in the year 1997, there was a great battle that took place on Mobius, and the Element Force was called to battle. By the battle's end after half of a year, the majority of the Force were dead leaving only  the 3 Females to live with the memories of losing their friends.

When the new year had started, Saranda was called to go under some new experiments, but when she arrived at the labs, she was forced to  to reporduce. Saranda did fight back, but however, she was taken down and weakened and was then forced to attempt giving birth. To try and bring new members to the Force.

Saranda's opinion about her creators changed and Black and White turned into Gray. She gave birth to her first child, Sara who she partly named after herself, and after a year, (1998) Zach. But because she was greatly weakened, She couldnt keep her body alive for that much longer, and after 5 years, she was on the brink of death, OmegaCorp saw to her survival, because of how they used forceful methods against her, they owed it to her to help see her children grow up. She was kept in a Life Force Capsule so she could heal her body.

Sara and Zach's Escape

Sara grew up studying with most of the scientists and didnt have to go to school, but as for Zach, he inherrited his mother's shyness and was sent to public school to try and fit in socialy, but because of how people are in school, he was picked on for being smart and somewhat talented, which was why he kept to himself in later years. 

By the time Sara was 12, she graduated early and was seen as the most mature child on Mobius, Zach who had the same study methods as his sister decided to stay in public schools to try and make friends.



Loved Ones (Family, Love Intrests)

Ashley Cannis ((Crush/Girlfriend))

Saranda Malvworm ((Mother))

Sara Malvworn ((Sister))


Persona 2 Innocent Sin OST Unbreakable Tie04:03

Persona 2 Innocent Sin OST Unbreakable Tie



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