Yikaro is a special breed of Grengarii, an ancient desert dwelling race. He was born in the skyward city of the Saber-Wing Tribe, where he grew up with a special power unlike any other. Yikaro was a one in a million chance to find the newest Olmanec, the avatar of the Gregarii so to speak. Yikaro is one of my main characters, and a good friend of Isaiah's.

Yikaro Grengarii

Biographical Information
Age 18
Relatives None
Alias Olmanec
Romantic Interests Freya
Physical Description
Species Gregarii
Gender Male


Color varies in eyes

Attire All brownish
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Good
Affiliations Isaiah tha Angelic Hedgefox

Desert Sword

Desert Dagger

Miniature Crossbow



Grengarii Chaos

Super Forms Shining Yikaro
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator


Yikaro was born to the tribe of the Saber-Wing Grengarii, a flying tribe of the Grengarii race. They built a city in the sky, to where Yikaro grew up in. He was a special Gregarii at birth. He held the qualities of all four tribes and was given the title Olmanec, for it was his duty to protect them. For most of his life, he spent it protecting the Gregarii race, keeping his family safe. During this time, he met a kid by the name Isaiah. Isaiah was a different kid, that much he knew, which made Yikaro like him. They became good friends because both of them were abnormal in their own world, so they worked togethor to protect it. Then one day, Isaiah left on his own grand adventure to find what his purpose was. Yikaro didn't see him again for some time.

"I recently was released from my duty to protect my tribe after a peace was made between them and the people of Mobius. I immediately flew down to Mobius to search for my long lost friend, but to no avail. So I finally gave up and decided to start relaxing for a while. I've been searching for him till this very day."


Yikaro is a very well spoken person. He is usually found reading or drawing, or enjoying the wildlife around him. He's always looking for the next surprise around every turn, wondering what might astonish him next. Yikaro has a huge trust with his friend Isaiah, and usually hangs around him and his team as an extra. He follows order supprisingly well and loves everything that does him good. He is a very peaceful person, but will not stand to let a fight ensue once its broken out. He is head-strong in battle, and usually just breaks up a fight instead of just picking a side and helping them out. He is always open to a friend, and will not turn down a cry for help when it comes, these are his true Olmanec Qualities. Yikaro is a very devout man in the Christian faith, which was passed on to the Gregarii from some of the people of Station Square.


"Hey, the name's Yikaro." (Introducing himself)

"Yet another bad pun from the Geo gallery."

"Hey hey! Break it up will ya!" (Stopping a fight)

"You leave me no choice, prepare yourself." (Readying for battle)

"May God forgive you for what you've done!" (Battle cry)

"Well, thats another one down." (Finishing a book in his collection)

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