Wood Man
Wood Man
Wood Man is the environment-friendly Robot Master and one of the Eight Sons of Wily.




Rabbit-Reploid (formerly log-based Robot Master)

Love Interests



Nature, wildlife, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, crushing all that get on his bad side, etc.


Harm to nature, poaching, lumberjacking, industrialists, being called a hippie, failure, etc.

Wood Man is a naturalistic Robot Master created by Dr. WIly, remodelled as a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog. He is one of the "Eight Sons of Wily" and the brute of the group. Made entirely of wood and natural resources, Wood Man is extremely resilient to physical attacks, but vulnerable against cutting and fire attacks.


During his second attempt to conquer the world and destroy Mega Man. Dr. Wily created eight powerful Robot Masters of his own. One of these new robots was Wood Man, made from some of the Earth's natural resources, making him a more environmental-friendly robot. Despite his incredible offense and defense, Wood Man and his seven brothers were defeated by Mega Man, and Dr. Wily's plans were foiled.

After this embarassment, Wood Man began giving himself more upgrades so that he would defeat Mega Man for sure in future encounters. However, despite always being prepared, he could never take out his creator's arch-nemesis and was deemed a failure. Wood Man ultimately was sealed away in a warehouse with the otehr Robot Masters. Gate unitentionally found this warehouse and was amazed at what he ahd saw. Impressed and eager to try this technology out, he took all the Robot Masters and some technology made by Dr Light, Dr Wily, and Dr Cossack, and remade them to fit with his time and place.

When they awoke, Wood Man and his brothers were surprised at what happened to them and where they ended up, but were also very pleased. With new enhancements and free wills, they formed the "Eight Sons of Wily", and they have caused trouble for Mobius, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, and more specifically the Maverick Hunter X, who they originally mistake for their long-time enemy, Mega Man.


Wood Man is mostly a serious and somewhat-sensitive Reploid. He shows little compassion to those not related to nature, and loses his temper when harm is done to forests & jungles, and when he is referred to as a "hippie". Though somewhat kind, Wood Man is also pretty thickle and has a bit of a one-tracked mind sometimes.

Powers and Abilities

Wood Man's signature weapon is the Leaf Shield, which is a bunch of leaf-shaped electromagnetic pieces of metal with sharp edges. He can summon a bunch of leaves to surround him and protect him from enemy fire or launch the entire thing at his enemies. Very few weapons have been able to pierce through the Leaf Shield. Some leaves can be felled from the sky and atcually do damage that way.

Wood Man also has his incredible strength to his advantage. He has taken down and killed over a dozen Reploids using just his brawns. Since being remade by Gate, Wood Man has gained other means to attack, using leaf-like missiles, acorn grenades, and trees & logs as melee weapons.

Like all other Robot Masters, Wood Man is unable to be fully killed. Even if destroyed or defeated in battle, it is possible to repair him, so long as one has the necessary parts and equiptment.






  • Although he is made of natural resources, Wood Man's body begins to rot and decay over time. Because of this, there is an extra sheet of metal coated underneath him to keep this from happening.
  • Wood Man is said to be one of the strongest Mavericks to ever exist, even stronger than Flame Mammoth, who was especially a big problem for X.

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