Wire Sponge
Wire Sponge
Wire Sponge is a childish yet capable Maverick and Double's best friend




Plant-Sponge hybrid Maverick

Love Interests

Petal Blossom


Making jokes, having fun, good humor, playing tricks, beating Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, hanging with Double, etc.


Self-centered people, seriousness, being picked on, bossyness, too much work, boring stuff, etc.

Voice Actor

Amy Birnbaum

Wire Sponge is a Maverick made with a teenage-like combat prowess, but a child-like personality. He is Double the Cat's best friend and is one of the very few people on Mobius that is actually nice to him, others being Cyber Peacock, X the Hedgehog, and Sari the Hedgehog.


Wire Sponge was created in one of Sigma's Maverick factories that were built during the first Maverick rebellion. However, an accident occurred during creation, which resulted with Wire Sponge having a personality disorder. Though he had teh body and strength of a teenager, he also had the brains and instincts of a young child. He grew to be quite a joker and prankster, easily annoying many of his fellow Mavericks. Months after his creation, Wire Sponge found a great friend in the cadet known as Double and the two grew a bond that was thought of as unheard of within the Maverick Army. Wire Sponge was soon placed in control of a Weather Control Station, where he spends most of his time playing around in because of how he could manipulate the weather system.


Because of an accident in his creation, Wire Sponge has the brain and mentality of a young child. He enjoys playing games and telling jokes, even performing some. Most of his comrades consider him really annoying and try to avoid any contact hwith him. However, he is still very friendly, especially towards Double and Sari, and quite naive and innocent most times. He is not to be taken lightly, though, as he becomes a dangerous foe when he steps onto the battlefield.

Abilities & Skills

Wire Sponge's signature weapon is the Strike Chain. It can reach things up to 5 feet and also acts as a sort of grappler and whip. He uses it to hangonto ceilings and sometimes grab his opponents to lure them closer so he can take them out within close range. Wire Sponge is a very able fighter and battler, despite his mental age. He also has some control of plantlife and electricity, which can hurt his enemies a lot. He is vulnerable to cutter and fire abilities and weapons.



Original Counterpart

X2 wire sponge2
Main Article: Wire Sponge

Wire Sponge originally appeared in Mega Man X2, as one of the eight Maverick bosses and is often considered a good boss to start off with. Like his MHX counterpart, Wire Sponge was made in Sigma's Maverick factories but an accident caused him to have a child-like personality and be easily amused. He was put in charge of the Weather Control station where he found amusement playing with the weather system.

His stage is infamous for having a heart tank right at the beginning, but is hidden from view unless one has the Head Parts found in Crystal Snail's stage. In X2, he will have a special death scene where if the finishing shot is with the Sonic Slicer, he will be cut in two and expload. Wire Sponge reappears in Mega Man Xtreme 2, where here he is weak to Fire Wave. If defeated by Zero, the player is given his Lightning attack.


  • Wire Sponge was changed to being more sponge here, to keep up with consistency of his name.
  • Wire Sponge appears to be the only one aware of Double's crush on Sari. This may be one reason why he is quite friendly with her.

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