Ok, I would like to make an introduction for this page. This page is the first of an Idea for seasonal or holiday TPs. We have Ideas for TPs and put them here just like the TP page. Then once the deadline is over for new ideas, we have a Poll for which one we do for Winter/Christmas/etc.

  1. The Deadline: December 21st 2013
  2. Date for TP (Hopefully) 23rd - 25th

All TP rules will apply on here, inculding:

  1. No shifting the plot of a Tp for anything else. This is a WINTER Talk Play, though it can have some suspence and action or whatnot, do not go off the main genre.
  2. If you dont want to join in, dont ruin it for everyone else. It makes it so that people dont want to TP, and it kinda makes you look like a poo.
  3. If your idea isnt on here, dont get butthurt, this is a TP for Winter or Christmas or for the Holiday Season, this was made to have everyone feel good, if there is any butthurt, you will be warned or even kicked/banned. If you are an admin or mod, then please help make this event work. If we can do things like Tournaments, and EM, we can do a Holiday TP
  4. Just have fun with it. As said in Rules 2 and 3 if its something you dont like dont ruin it for those who might want to take part. 
  5. Don't make TPs only involving 2-4 users
  6. Don't fight over spots.
  7. Try to include everyone.
  8. Don't be selfish.
  9. Exceptions can be made that allow other RPs to come before.

Talkplay Ideas

  1. Add TP to the TP Table.
  2. Add a name, description, creator (yourself) and the planned date. 
TP Name Summary Creator


(Not Open Until the 22nd)

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