Wing Saber the Jetidna
Wing Saber the Jetidna
Wing Saber is the youngest of the Aerialbots, but also one of the best in Repliforce's Air Force




Echidna Reploid


Excellent flier with jetpack, great array of weapons such as X18 Scrapamker, machineguns, Neutron Assault Rifles, Thermo Rocket launcher, and other similar weapons, good use of saber-like weapons on his wrists and sole Chaosblade.

Love Interests

Crystal Diancie


Kicking butt, helping his superiors and allies, hot chicks, being on the battlefield, etc.


Boredom, letting Silverbolt and Skiver down, getting beaten, being called a loose cannon or too wreckless, etc.

Voice Actor

Peter Kelamis

Wing Saber the Jetidna is a member of the Repliforce's Air Force Unit and one of the Aerialbots. The youngest member of the subgroup, he is the most loyal to Silverbolt, but is very headstrong and can be very wreckless at times. He forms the left arm of Superion.


Wing Saber joined the Repliforce, shortly after the rise of its Mobian reincarnation. Fighting in the Air Force unit, he and four others--Silverbolt, Jetfire, Jetstorm, and Air Raid--performed at their absolute peak and were granted their own subgroup, the "Aerialbots". Shortly after this, Repliforce researchers had the idea to have them be a combination group of Reploids that could merge to form a larger robot. The test was a success, with the galliant warrior Superion emerging from the combination. Wing Saber quickly became the most loyal to their leader, Silverbolt, but still had his own wrecklessness, but continued to serve well, trying to impress his superiors and stay at the top of his game.


To Silverbolt, Wing Sbaer is quite loyal and deicated, for someone his age, and will do whatever possible for the units and his own commander, no matter what. However, he can also be quite stubborn and wreckless, occasionally doing things his way to get the job done, annoying some of his own comrades in the process. Despite this, Wing Saber knows his allegiances and priorities, and will do whatever it takes to help Silverbolt & Skiver, as well as impress them.



Original Counterpart

Cyb ep28 thumbsup
Main Article: Wing Saber (Energon)

Wing Saber is the name of several characters in the Transformers universe, but the one character in Maverick Hunter X is based off his Cybertron incarnation. Wing Saber was quite a wreckless and disobediant Autobot soldier that mostly did whatever he wanted. He lived only for action and left the Autobots in times of peace. Wing Saber can also combine with Optimus Prime to form "Sonic Wing Mode" for Prime. At the end of the series, he goes solo once again, only to be reunited with Landmine and Mudflap to confront Starscream, who was believed to have died previously by the hands of Galvatron.


  • Wing Saber is Gurahk's favorite of all the Aerialbots.

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