Wes the Shadow Wolf

Biographical Information
  • 21
  • Night the Umbreon (Son)
Alias The Dark Warrior
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Shadow Wolf/Wolf
Gender Male
  • Black Fur/White Belly
  • White Muzzle
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Hair: Grey
  • Body Type: Average/Athletic
Political Alignment and Abilities
Abilities Pending...
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances None so far
Original Creator Apallo The Hedgehog

Appearance/Looks and Outfits

Background Story

3 Years after the events of Pokemon XD, Wes and Rui meet Michael for the first time and decided to start a group to defend the Orre Region from anymore groups like the infamous Cipher. About 8 months pass by, and Rui is pregnant with Wes' child it was also during that 8 month span that Cipher, which was thought to have been dispanded , returned to reak havok across the Orre Region for a third time. Firstly, they took over Agate Villiage and executed Eguan, taking his Pikachu and other partners to be turned into a new breed of Shadow Pokemon known as: Hyper Pokermon. In additon to the take over, they destroied the Relic Stone and burnt the forest as well as the Village down to the ground. Attacks all over the region were reported, with half of the population being wiped out, or brain washed to join Cipher. Wes, Rui and Michael couldnt do anything to stop them, and had prepared to set a final trap for Cipher in the newly made: Crystal Tower. It was going well, until the attack force became wise on the trap, and began to knock the tower down, killing innocents inluding Rui, and Michael, along with a number of their pokemon, leaving Wes and his Umbreon along with the 5 Pokemon he had on him that were still in their pokeballs. With nowhere left to hide,  Wes and a few trainers traveled to Dr.Kamika's lab where he was working on a dimensional rift. Ciper chased them to the lab and took it apon themselves to  try and take it. The trainers entered the rift while Wes was protecting it, the Doctor was struck down with the lab seconds away from burning down. Wes had no choice but to retreat into the rift, not knowing what would happen afterwards. Moments later, Wes awoke to the sound of anthroprmorphic beings and other humans gathering around him. Wes was then taken to a hospital, where he found out that he was human no longer. In fact, he wasnt on his world any more either, he was on Mobius, in the form of a Silver Wolf. Wes had then decided to live with his pokemon and to let go of the past events that had happened.  Wes was given the power from off of the darkness from the locked hearts of Pokemon that was released, forming a weapon from his body, the Shadow Blade.





Loved Ones

  • Night the Umbreon (Son)
  • Dawn the Espeon (Daughter)




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