• 11/26/14- The first WedneSonicday has sped by! Check out Sonic the Hedgehog Chronicles' page for the final versions of the first 3 episodes (Sonic 1 (8/16 Bit; combined with Sonic Eraser), Waku Waku and Sonic CD)!
  • 12/3/14- Now added: Orbot, SegaSonic, Sonic 2 (8/16 Bit)/Cosmic Fighter Galaxy Control and Tails Adventures!
  • 12/10/14- Character Confirmed!: Omochao. Along with episode synopsises for Sonic 3 (& Knuckles), Tails Skypatrol, Sonic Schoolhouse
  • 12/17/14- Our fourth character from WedneSonicday: Yacker is here! Also Sonic 4, Chaos and Spinball.
  • 1/13/15- The edgehog himself has entered the fray! He brings with him three episodes: Sonic Labyrinth, Episode Metal & II)




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