Cant think of a Weapon for your Character to use? Want to just gain a New Weapon for a charcter? Then The Weapon Shop is where you can do such things. One can make weapons for people to use, or place weapons up from characters that they dont use anymore.


  • First Thing's First you can create a weapon to place in the shop for anyone to claim for his/her own character. You cannot change your mind once someone has taken claim to it.
  • You can make up to as many weapons as you please
  • You can change as much as you want for any claimed weapon's information and nature.



  1. BUZTEH SORD....: An unbelievably stupid-looking buster sword that looks like it was made by a total noob using MS Paint. You even have a hard time just HOLDING it, it's so unspeakably awful. Nobody really knows who put this in the shop, but legends say that it's been here for almost two hundred thousand years, since the dawn of an ancient civilization who, over time, mastered the art of sword-smithing. The art of computer graphics, however, was always beyond them, even on the day of their demise.









Battle Armor


Bows and Arrows

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