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Sushit the Phish

Sush*t the Phish Under Construction

Waxing "Chiro" The Hoatzin is currently being written by ApalloTH and ShenanigansShikra (Character owned by Apallo). It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Waxing "Chiro" Mantangan The Hoatzin



Bird (Hoatzin)


Psychokinesis, Flight, Lunar Power


Love interests


Hanging with Sunrise, the moon and stars, cuddling, sweets


Being bullied, sexual harassment, runing low on sugar foods

English Voice Actor

Ashley Johnson

Japanese Voice Actor

Theme Song

"Queen Dot Kong" - The Do


During The Day

Chiro is timid and extremly shy, always hanging out with he friends and her sister, always steering clear of Rocco's Gang Members. Chiro is often found praticing her flute in the shade under any tree that she can find. She loves to be around the Tiny Animals and Flickies always feeding them along with her chao, Gibson.

During the Afternoon - Pre Eveing

Chiro gets more active and her personality shifts only a little, becoming a tad more friendly and independent. During this time, Chiro goes on walks with Gibson and uses her flute to go on parades and often just gaze out with her friends. She runs, jumps, and even flies with no worry on her face.

During the Night - Mid Morning

Chiro's personality changes dramaticly compaired to her usual Morning - Day mode. Her feathers change colors and she dresses up to go out and party all night. She carries her chao as usual and brings her flute along. At this time, her powers are maximized to the point of never runing out. 



  • Psycokinesis
  • Water Control
  • Musical Magic- (Can be used in differnt forms, Enchantment, Healing, or Buffing)

Night Based 


During the Day

  • Daytime
  • Fire 
  • Lighting
  • Lead
  • Any Type/Form of Nut
  • Hot or Spicy Foods

During the Night

  • Any form of Solar Power
  • Deep Water



  • Sunrise the Hoatzin (sister)


  • Rocco the Crow



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