THIS IS FOR SEAN AND PHIL ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HE ONCE saw waluigi and toad. this is the beginning of that saga


Chapter 1: It Was Only The Beginning

Toad is wandering around looking for Waluigi, he sees Toadette, but promises himself not to get distracted. He then sighs, will he ever find Waluigi? The stress was getting to him-- Or in other words. He needed a smoke.

Waluigi WAs looking for Toad WAs well, having WAsked WAround for the short mushroom man. Being WA heavy drinker Waluigi WAsn't the best friend though he WAs definitely someone fun to talk to. Taking out his cell phone, Waluigi dialed Toad's number.

Toad hears his phone ring and as he was trying to get the phone out of his pocket he drops his cigarette, before he could even smoke it. "Oh Chuck!" He yells in pure anger, the people around him look very upset with his use of words, WAnd he scowls. "What the Chuck are you lookin' at!?!" And as he shouts that, everyone continues their activities, looking a little more awkward than before. The Mushroom continues to mumble to himself as he takes out his phone- It's Waluigi who's calling! He answers immediately after. "Where've you been! I've been lookin' for ya! I dropped my ciggy on the floor because of this call so it better be good!"

"Yeah, yeah, blame it all on Waluigi. Waluigi's been lookin' for you too, fungus-brain! Waluigi wanted to ask if you WAanted to come bowling with Waluigi." Waluigi did get concerned for his friend's safety sometimes. That smoking WAs a bad habit of his...

"Bowling?" Toad asks, "Again?"

"You know how much Waluigi loves bowling. Plus, it's nice for you to get your mind off smoking. Wario told Waluigi that smoking is bad for you." Waluigi scratched his head sheepishly, "Even though Waluigi drinks..."

"Alright. Fine."

And as they stepped into the road, it came out of nowhere. Chucky Kong rammed his car straight into the pair, instantly killing them.

"Chucky Kong is the best!"

Wario never truly got over his brother's death. For years the kingdom mourned the two as heroes, and Chucky Kong received a life sentence in prison, where he will die. Toadette seeked vengeance and became a murderous sociopath, hunting the Kong clan into extinction. One Kong's actions changed the world as we know it.

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