Vortex the Bat
Vortex the Bat
Vortex is the young and sarcastic member of the Combaticons






Flight, good mastery of magnetic and electric attacks, pretty good with some weapons like the Neutron Assault Rifle, Throwback Blaster, Sling Shock, and Photon Burst Rifle, forms left arm of Bruticus

Love Interests

I the Hedgehog (hinted)


Kicking tail, success, joking around, hot girls, showing off, etc.


Losing, sticky situations, too much work, being put down, melodrama, etc.

Voice Actor

Dave Boat

Vortex the Bat is a rather sarcastic Maverick and the youngest member of the Combaticon mercenaries. He is known for his witty banner and annoying his own comrades, though they do somewhat tolerate him. He forms the left arm of Bruticus.


Vortex was once just a normal Reploid troublemaker until he became involved with Alia's inaugural Combiner Experiment, which tested the hypothesis of two or more Reploids joining to form another, mostly larger. Gathered up with Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl, and Blast-Off, they formed the mighty monster Bruticus. Impressed by the successful power and stability, the Seeker Triplets gave Alia much praise and rewards.

After the incident, the five Mavericks formed the Combaticons, a group of Maverick mercenaries that take no sides at all and only accept work and missions from those with the highest bidder, whetehr they're Maverick or not. Vortex still remains a young mercenary, but has shown great improvement and potential.


Vortex is the youngest and sure as heck acts the part of it. He can be quite annoying and known for his witty and sarcastic remarks. He also often complains if things look really bad for him, but because of his great use of magnetism, electricity, and use of some crafty weapons provided by Swindle, they are somehow able to tolerate him.




  • Vortex is based off the Transformers character of the same name, most notably his Fall of Cybertron counterpart.
  • Vortex was miscolored blue because when Mobianizing him, Gurahk was paying more attention to the toy model rather than the game model, which was red.
  • Vortex appears to have a thing for the Maverick Hunter I, who is oblivious to such concepts as romance. X and Cut Man have not taken too well to Vortex's suggested feelings.

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