Volt the Hedgebat
Volt the Hedgebat
Volt is the sweet and cute adoptive son of Brittney.




Hedgehog/Bat Hybrid


Fair experience in Keyblade wielding, flight

Love Interests

Kara the Hedgerabbit


Family, playing with friends, Pokemon, ice cream, being a hero, doing new things


Evil, Yiao Tribe, getting lost, feeling worthless, losing hope, friends fighting.

Volt the Hedgebat is the adoptive son of Brittney the Bat. He is a young Keyblade wielder who is actually shy around others. However, he has warmed up to several of his new friends, including his new crush, Kara.


Volt was once a happy young kid that lived with his beloved parents until one night, where his town was attacked by the vicious Yiao Tribe. While Volt survived the attack thanks to his grandfather Eraqus and his students Terra, Aqua, and Roxas, his parents were killed and Volt was left orphaned.

Eraqus took him in and Volt began living with him in his Keyblade Mastery Academy at the Land of Departure. For several years, Volt used a special Wooden Keyblade to become self-trained in Keyblade Mastery, knowing someday he would wield a Keyblade of his own. As time passed, Eraqus found the added weight of raising Volt, as well as being a teacher to Keyblade users, too strenuous and set out to find a new home for Volt to be raised in.

At Eraqus' request, Brittney took Volt in as her own son. Volt found it quite difficult to adjust to a new home and lifestyle, especially one filled with sensual activity. He eventually began school, where he began to meet great new friends, including Kiana, James, Ally, Dennis, Travis, and Kara. Volt grew to have a crush on Kara, wo was equally as shy.

Volt would very quickly start a friendly rivalry with Travis, which was initally personal due to him wielding a toy Yiao Blade, the weapon that killed his parents. Volt was rather fearful of his rival initially, and Travis had never lost a duel before in his life. Using the Wooden Keyblade, Volt had a pretend match wit hhim where Volt had decisevly bested him, but unintentionally hurt him as a result. In spite of this, the two became fast friends but fierce rivals.

After returning home from school, Volt was given his own Keyblade by now-uncle Sear, known as Electric Resolve. He was told to use it, but keep it a secret in ordeer to maintain world order. One day, however, when playing in the park, Volt and his friends found a weakened Riolu being attacked by a pack of Houndoom. Springing into action with courage and guts, Volt summoned his Keyblade, after learning and practicing how to do so, in front of his friends, chasing off the Houndoom and impressing his schoolmates. After taking the Riolu to Travis' home, Volt, Travis, and the others helped heal the Riolu. Volt would end up adopting the Riolu as a pet, naming him "Aura".


Volt is a rather shy and timid young man that has a bit of difficulty adjusting to new things. While he's willing to try something new and can be very fun-loving, he is quite shy around strangers or people he isn't too familiar with. Volt is also quite naive, not knowing some things that come natural to others, such as romance, sex, hunger, or even music an dancing. Volt's biggest fear is still the Yiao Tribe for what they did to his family, to the point of actually being afraid of Travis at first. However, he is still willing to charge in and fight whoever, in order to help those close to him or those that are weak.






  • Volt was intended to be Surge and Brittney's biological son, but the two broke upp before the idea could materialize, so Volt became Brittney's adoptive son.

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