Volt Catfish
Volt Catfish
Volt Catfish is the youngest of Dr. Doppler's creations, with a great noble heart.




Catfish-based Maverick

Love Interests

Flaaisy Thunderlily


Having fun, hanging out, trying to fit in, acting normal, "good" Mavericks, etc.


Serious matters, no fun, being laughed at, when his feelings are hurt, etc.

Volt Catfish is a Maverick that serves in the Maverick Army's Aquatic Pultry Unit, who was created by Dr. Doppler, using some of Vile's specs. He is one of the younger Mavericks and more playful, but is not so much a liability as some others like Double and Twilight Buttercup. However, he's still one of the more nicer and pure-hearted Mavericks, as well as the youngest of Doppler's Reploids. Catfish dreams of meeting his older "brother" Vile one day, to his creator's disapproval.



After the reported failure of Vile and his control, Dr. Doppler learned from his mistake and perfected his designs, which he implemented on seven of his latest Reploids, one of whom was Volt Catfish. Catfish was built in with an amazing power generator, which he could provide to Doppler and his studies, as well as cities in times of crisis. In addition to battling and killing, Catfish found ways to be a good-willed Maverick and have fun, mostly spending time at water parks. However, he was also quite lonely and wished to have more friends, and in particular meet his "older brother" Vile.

Sigma Wars

Volt Catfish would join the army after Dr. Doppler struck a deal with Sigma Prime. He quickly became a jokemaker, which Sigma found annoying, but he still tolerated him, due to how useful he was. Catfish proved quite valuable early on in the Sigma Wars, retrieving several water and electric specimens for Project Predacon. However, he became more lonelier and less appreciated for his efforts. During one operation, Catfish met and fell in love with the Maximal, Flaaisy Thunderlily.

Abilities & Powers

Volt Catfish's signature weapon is the Triad Thunder. He creates a chain of three electric orbs to circle around him for barrier protection or to attack. The weapon also allows him to shoot electric orbs at his targets for extra damage. Various uses for attack include Electric rays coming out of the orbs and from Catfish's hands. He can also summon thunder from the skies and can also electrocute walls and floors, heavilly damaging or killing foes. He is also able to charge up his electric powers for a powerful Electriclly charged ram attack, or use an electric barrier and sprout out sparks to attack. Volt Catfish can also absorb electric attacks and withstand water-based attacks, but he is very weak to Earth, Drill, and Light-based weapons and attacks.


Volt Catfish is surprisingly one of the more kind-hearted Mavericks, and far more easy-going than some of his compatriots. He doesn't really focus too much on important or serious stuff and instead just wants to have loads of fun, with the occasional expense of others. However, Catfish also does feel lonely at times, as he quite stands out from other Mavericks. As such, this is one possible driving force to wanting to meet and greet Vile.




Original Counterpart

Main Article: Volt Catfish

Volt Catfish first appeared in Mega Man X3, as one of the eight Maverick Bosses working for Dr. Doppler. Like his Maverick Hunter X incarnation, Catfish was a very playful and fun-loving Reploid that provided power to cities in need of crisis before he was infected by the Maverick Virus and joined Doppler's army. Volt Catfish later reappeared in Mega Man Xtreme 2, as a boss for X.


  • Although Catfish is an electric-based Reploid, he is placed into a water-based unit of the army, presumably because of his fish-based design and water helps conduct electricity, his own element.

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