Vol Estaban Wuile
Vol Estaban Wuile
Vol is the eldest "son" of Jacob Wuile.


20(physically), 5(chronologically)


Reploid Mobian


Flying, his siblings, justice


His "father", evil

Special power


Ability type


Vol Estaban Wuile is the eldest son of Dr. Jacob Wuile, a vengence-crazed and vindicated OmegaCorp scientist.


Vol is a leader at heart, as that was how he was designed, to lead his siblings. However, he also loves his siblings and would die for each of them, even the rebellious Ombre.


Vol was created by Dr. Wuile, designed to be a strong leader with an affinity for aerokinesis. When his siblings were created, Wuile would have his children train using a rather new form of fighting, with the advent of widespread Chaosblade usage. Vol was taught Jar'Kai duel-blade fencing, mainly the Form IV Ataru methods, in keeping with Vol's affinity for aerokinesis, which involves flight. Vol led his siblings in rebellion against their father, reconizing that he was being a hypocrite towards them. During the escape however, Ombre, the second-oldest son, betrayed his siblings for his father, and attempted to kill his siblings. To ensure his siblings' escape, Vol dueled Ombre. The true outcome is unknown, but Vol succeeded in ensuring that Glace and Feu escaped, so in terms of purpose, Vol had won. Afterwards, they have basically been on the run from Wuile's branch of OmegaCorp.


Vol was created to have a strong affinity for aerokinesis, and has been able to use this power on a wide range of uses. He can divert smoke and other harmful gasses away from himself or others, summon tornadoes, fly, and even suffocate opponents by making the area around his/her head a vaccum. Although some of these uses are great, he usually uses his powers for flight or directing his blades when thrown.

As aforementioned, Vol is an advanced practitioner of Form IV Ataru Chaosblade combat, taking advantage of the acrobatics and his aerokinesis. He's studied the Jar'Kai variant, and is skilled to overcome some of the weaknesses of Ataru, mainly projectile deflection and multiple opponents. Fittingly, Vol is skilled in unarmed combat, keeping with the Ataru practice of using one's entire body as a weapon rather than rely on the swords.





  • Dr. Jacob Wuile

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