Vile the Weasel
Vile the Weasel
Vile is a brutal Maverick who functions as a bounty hunter






Destruction, killing, war, victory


X the Hedgehog, weakness, defeat, inadequacy

Vile the Weasel is a powerful Maverick who, formerly was a Maverick Hunter, but joined Sigma's rebellion before he could be executed for the crimes he's committed, for one the murder of Pallette the Cat (however, only Axl the Fox is aware of this).


Vile was one of the strongest Maverick Hunters, on par with Zero, was a GA ranked Hunter. His turn to being a Maverick was a gradual one, but forseeable. He had a powerful desire to completely trash Mavericks and being obviously sadistic when he does so. He finally was labeled a Maverick when he lost his temper and completely destroyed a power plant, destroying Hunters and Mavericks alike. Vile was not fazed by the label, in fact, he only became more and more dangerous and brutal.

He entered into a partnership with Dynamo, and struck a deal to play the part of Reploid "Robin Hood"s. However, Vile was lying, and this shown when on their mission to attack Red Alert. While Dynamo disarmed Red Alert's security, Vile fought Axl, and Pallette, Axl's girlfriend and Layer's sister, tried to intervene. Vile took the opportunity to shoot her with his massive cannon, killing her instantly. Vile took much pleasure with him as he left with Dynamo, who was unaware of Vile being the murderer but knew that someone was destroyed and therefore cut all ties with Vile, but Vile was not fazed by this at all, as he did not care for Dynamo any more than he cared for anyone else.

Repliforce leaders caught onto Vile's murder, and quickly had him arrested for his crimes, because the Maverick Hunters were too occupied with the increasing amount of berzerk Mechaniloids. Vile was imprisoned and slated for execution in a few days, but Sigma freed Vile and recruited him into his rebellion. Vile then was able to aquire a powerful mechanical suit, called a Ride Armor, that is nearly impossible to damage, and almost destroyed X and Zero with it. Later, both he and the Ride Armor were destroyed by X, though a mysterious Reploid has taken his remains.


Vile is a brutal, sadistic, bloodthirsty killer. Enough said. A war machine to the core, he cares about nothing but fighting. His mentality and morals are completely at odds with X's, which is where Vile gets his hatred of X. Vile deeply believes that it won't be X that changes the world, but he himself, which lends himself to also be extremely arrogant; however, he doesn't let this blind him.


Vile is designed as a war machine, and a war machine he is. He has several classes of weapons and types of weapons within those classes. He has one weapon type for each type, three in classes, four classes in total, meaning twelve weapons. Where his versitility comes in is where he can give his weapons specific upgrades that improves his weapons in one form or another. He cannot equip more than one upgrade at a time; however, he can switch weapons, but cannot switch upgrades at will, needing to change them manually. Thus, Vile has developed favorites to equip.

Arm Weapons

V-Buster (Vulcan)

  • Double Vulcan
  • Heavy Buster

V-Dagger (Blade)

  • Sudden Slash

V-Chain (Gatling)

  • Chain Barrage

Hand Weapons

V-Shooter (Pistol)

  • Piercing Pain
  • Armor Cracker

V-Assault (Rifle)

  • Barbacue Blaster

V-Sniper (Sniper)

  • Dead Instant

Back Weapons

V-Battery (Missiles)

  • Million Fireworks
  • Homing Stream

V-Launcher (Gernades)

  • Bunker Breaker

V-Drop (Bombs)

  • Support Demolish

Shoulder Weapons

V-Blaster (Cannon)

  • Ultra Cannon
  • Concussion Blaster

V-Laser (Laser)

  • Reflect Beam

V-Boomer (Cutter)

  • Swift Split

Vile also has powerful Ride Armors at his disposal, that he likes to use for torturing his enemies until they are destroyed.

Ride Armors


  • Two powerful, chargeable shoulder cannons
  • One strong Buster
  • One Energy Blade
  • Can dash/jump and attack simuntaneously


  • One strong Buster
  • One powerful chargeable Energy Blade
  • Can dash/jumb/fly and attack simuntaneously
  • Two mounted Vulcans


Known Allies

Vile tends to work alone, but here are his known allies

Top Enemies



  • Vile is based off of a character in the Mega Man X series by the same name

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