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He Is the Master of the Game. . .

This is the story of how a boy finds a controler....a controller that will change his life and the lives of others forever....

Enter the Game Master Story

VG Master

Chapter 1

I am Captain Thomas of the Planet Raeth Express ship. The date is 7/17/2025, I wear a blue cap turned backwards covering my brown hair which part of my hair covers my blue eyes on the right side of my face. My crew and I are on an important mission to retrieve my controller in which the one’s I call “the Wii people” have stolen. Thus so far my crew and I have taken back my controller from their evil grasps and are now headed towards a little blue planet I like to call “Planet Raeth.” I’m sitting in my yellow captains’ chair, staring at my sixty inch plasma screen T.V., and playing Call of Duty 2 when all of a sudden there was a huge explosion at the back of my ship.

My shipmate Dillon wearing the same blue cap as I and has it turned backwards covering his short silvery gray hair and opposite eye colors which are blue and green ran up in a panic, saluted me, and said “Captain we’re under attack by the Wii people!” I looked at him like he was stupid and yelled “I know that! So attack back!” But before we had the chance to turn the ship around and fire our guns back at the Wii people, the Wii people in their gigantic ship that looked like a Nintendo Wii but on its side charged up a large red ball in the middle were a Wii game would usually go and shot the back of my ship.

The ship then started to spin out of control causing my crew and me to swirl around in the ship as if we were in a hurricane. Once the ship slowly stopped spinning and noticing that the ship was on fire and all my men have been killed I then realized my controller I worked so hard to get back from the Wii people and the controller’s manual flew into a escape pod on the other side of the ship. Just as I was slowly crawling my way to the escape pod with two broken legs and a broken arm another beam from the Wii ship hit my ship again thus making Dillon’s head fly towards the escape pod hitting the button and sending my controller to Planet Raeth.

The Wii ship charged up one last time and shoots my ship causing my ship to explode in a matter of seconds. My only hope is that the controller does not land in the hands of the Wii King making him more powerful then I can imagine. Now that the controller is headed to Planet Raeth hopefully someone will find it and use its power for good to wipe out the Wii people thus saving the world.

Chapter 2

“Man, I need a new controller.” I pretty much play video games so much that my controller breaks or just stops working. Mostly I think it’s from when I beat my controller to death because I get to a certain spot in the game were I worked my ass off to get to, that out of know where some bastard comes and kills me causing me to start all over again. Anyway you can say I’m your average gamer or maybe even better. Ever since I was five I’ve always loved playing video games.

At that age on my birthday my first ever video game was God of War and the best part is it came with a free cap with the letters GoW on the front. Now being eight-teen, I wear that cap everywhere I go and do everything with it especially play video games. The cap is turned backwards exposing my short blonde hair and my bright blue eyes. I also wear a red hoodie with Kratos from God of War on the front and the letters GoW on the back, along with normal blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Oh no I hear my bratty little sister coming down the hallway either to annoy me or trying to get me in trouble in some kind of way. “Shawn, mom wants you to take out the trash” Terry said standing at my door. She’s ten years old with short black hair and big brown eyes which I think she’s part dog or something because every time when she doesn’t get what she wants from our mom and dad she looks deeply into their eyes and starts to tear up with her hands balled up in front of her chest along with her lips trembling begging for it. She might get what she wants from mom and dad but that little puppy face of hers won’t work on me.

“Yeah yeah I know now go away” I said. She then stuck her tongue out at me and ran down the hallway to her room. I got mad and threw my controller to the floor yelling “Damn it!” because I had to stop what I was doing on my game just to take out the stupid trash. I walked downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed the two trash bags that were the size of beach balls and that smelt like something had died in them, and shoved them through the front door. Once outside the smell of the night air was a relief from the stench coming from the trash bags in my hands. Angrily talking to myself about me having to do this crap I walked up to the trash cans and stuffed them as best I could and turned around. As I was turning around heading towards the house I looked up into the night sky to see all of its amazing stars. I then spot a round object slowly passing by and said “Ah cool! A shooting star!” I then close my eyes and whisper “I wish I had a new kick ass controller that will never break on me when I use it.” “I hope my wish comes true” I said opening my eyes. “Why does it look like it's coming to Planet Raeth?” as I watch it come closer and closer to Planet Raeth.

“Oh crap! That’s because it is!” then in a flash the shooting star hits the ground causing it to sound like a cannon going off and making where it hit as bright as Christmas. I jet to the house screaming “Mom! Dad!” I then busting through the front door and running to the living room where my parents were. My mom and dad were sitting on the black leather couch watching their stupid show that I have no idea what it’s about. I threw my arms in the air yelling “Mom! Dad! A shooting star hit the ground in the woods!” Mom had pink hair with blue eyes like me and dad had brown hair with brown eyes like Terry only they weren’t as big as hers. They both looked at me and dad said “That’s nice son” then he turned his attention back towards the T.V. “Mom, can I go check it out?” I asked. “Sure you can sweetie but be back before eleven ok?” “Ok!” I yelled while I was running out the house.

Chapter 3

“Where is it?” as I wandered through the woods searching up and down for the star looking for any signs of broken trees or rocks. Three minutes past and up ahead I could see an opening with light coming from it. I ran towards it and as I got closer and closer the ground looked as if it was getting deeper and deeper up ahead. Then just when I’m right at the edge of the crater I tripped on a root from a tree and rolled down into the large crater. Luckily I hit my head on something round and metal instead of a pile of soft dirt. “It freaking hurt like hell!” exclaimed Shawn to himself. As I picked myself up off the ground I was face to face what it appeared to be an escape pod from a ship and not a star. “So cool…” I said on my knees reaching out to touch it.

When I touched the escape pod with my hand it started to make a loud hissing noise and a small little door was slowly opening. As the door finished opening I looked inside and saw the most kick ass controller I have ever seen. I picked up the controller saying “Awesome! It’s a wireless controller!” “But it looks weird...” I said as I examined the controller more closely. It had some of the features from a GameCube controller, Playstation 2 controller, and an X-box controller. All of a sudden my Nintendo watch went off reminding me that it was almost eleven and I had to hurry home. I then stood up with the controller in my hand and ran all the way back home.

I busted through my front door with the controller griped tightly in my hand and jet up the stairs leaving nothing but a dust cloud behind me. As I entered my room I took off my red God of War hoodie, green shirt with Link on the front holding the Master Sword in one hand and his shield in the other, blue jeans, and sneakers leaving me in my boxers which had Mario and Luigi’s face all over them. Then still holding the controller in my grasp I plopped down on my bed and went out like a light bulb. The next morning I heard the most annoying voice popping into my dream. I was having such a wonderful dream about being alone with the most sexiest girl I have ever met and just as it was getting to the good part when were laying on my bed making out I looked at the girls beautiful face and all of a sudden her short curly brown hair turned pitch black, sapphire blue eyes turned big and brown, and when she spoke all she was saying in a sweet soft voice was “Shawn, mom says it’s time to get up.” As soon as I took a closer look at the girls face it turned out to be my little sisters face and not the girl I had dreamed of. I sat up so fast out of bed screaming “Ah!” that my head could of snapped off and fell to the floor.

As I rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes I could see standing at my door was my bratty little sister staring at me with her arms crossed. “Shawn, mom said to come downstairs and eat breakfast.” “I’ll eat breakfast once I finish making out with this sexy chick in my dream. So go away!” “But mom said…” “Mom said bologny.” “No, mom said come downstairs and eat now!” “Nope” “Yes!” “Don’t make me use my kick ass controller on you.” “As if, that controller looks ugly and it’s probably broken like all your other controllers as well as your face.” “Ok… I’m going to press the start button.” “Like I care.” Hopefully when I press it she’ll blow up or disappear.

I then pressed the start button making the controller do some weird beeping noise and all of a sudden my little sister was frozen where she stood. Her waving hair from when she was walking towards the door had stopped in its place and her left foot was at an angle from when she was about to take a step. I stood up out of bed and walked slowly in front of Terry keeping an eye on her to see if she would move again. Standing in front of her, I waved my hand back and forth in front of her face trying to make her blink. When I realized that I had paused her with my controller I then pressed the start button again making Terry bump right into me with confusion on her face. “H…How’d you get in front of me so quickly!?” she yelled. “Forget about it! Come on its breakfast time!” I couldn’t believe what I had just done with my new controller! I have to show this to Melenda!

Chapter 4

Once I was finished eating my breakfast I grabbed the controller from my room and ran across the street to Melenda’s house. The house was a gray two story, with two windows on each side, black roof, and rose bushes along the walk way. Every house was white and looked alike except for Melenda’s. I rang the doorbell and ten seconds later Melenda’s mom, Jessica opened the door. Jessica wore an apron over her plain red shirt and blue jeans. Her eyes were green and she had long straight blonde hair. “Why hello Shawn. Are you here to see Melenda?” she asked. “Yes ma’am” I said. She then stepped aside as I walked in the house and climbed the stairs to Melenda’s room.

Melenda’s been my friend since we were only seven years old and we pretty much know everything about each other. As I got to the top of the stairs I listened closely down the hallway to what appeared to me was the “I’m a Barbie Girl” song coming from Melenda’s room. When I reached Melenda’s pink door I slowly turned the doorknob and gently pushed the door open to see what she was up to. Melenda was facing her window swinging her head side to side making her long black hair sway from one side to the other, shaking her round ass back and forth, and singing along with the song. I sneaked in watching her with a big smirk on my face and stood behind her with my hands behind my back.

When the song was over she stopped dancing and saw me behind her in her oval shaped mirror. She quickly turned around with her cheeks flushed red and said “How long were you standing there?” I laughed and said “About a minute.” Then she gave me an evil look, took out her headphones, and placed them on her bed. “So why are you here?” I pulled out my controller from my back pocket and showed it to her. “You got a new controller?” she asked “Yes but, it’s no ordinary controller” I said. “I want you to stand where you are and I’m going to appear behind you without you knowing ok?” “Yeah right, you’re just being silly.” I pressed the start button and the controller made another beep noise then I stared at Melenda with her green eyes staring into mine not blinking at all, her hair perfectly still with the curls on the bottom corners of her hair, and both legs and arms still in place. “Melenda?” “Awesome! It worked again!” “She’s really going to freak out” I said as I was walking behind her.

Once I was behind her I pressed the start button and everything went back to normal. She was shocked when she didn’t see me standing in front of her. Then she heard me giggle from behind her and turned around. “Oh my gosh you weren’t kidding.” “I told you.” “Let me try it on you.” Said Melenda reaching out for the controller. I handed it to her and she pressed the start button. There was only the beeping noise but I could still move. “Anything?” she asked. “Nope” I said back. “I guess it won’t work for me.” “Here” she said as she handed back my controller. I examined the controller and spotted the GameCube’s A and B buttons where they should be right next to the X and Y buttons. “I wonder what the A button does.”

As soon as I hit the A button Melenda, with a stunned look on her face, jumped ten feet in the air and landed back on her feet. “Y… You made me jump!” she said excitedly. “It’s like this controller can control reality.” I took another look at the controller then back at Melenda. “Now let’s try the B button” The instant I pressed the B button, Melenda punched quickly in the air nearly knocking me out. “Awesome! I made you punch!” I said with a big smile on my face. Twenty minutes went by and I had to go home because Melenda had to eat dinner so I said my goodbye’s and headed out the door.

Chapter 5

As I was crossing the street I wondered what I should call the controller since it looked a lot like a GameCube, PS2, and X-box controller combined. Then it hit me I thought of a perfect name for it. I looked at the controller and said “I’ll call you the GPX controller.” Then all of a sudden I heard three familiar voices down the street. I walked up to see who they were and to my surprise it was my friend Weasel being bullied to give his money to two of the most pathetic punks on the street Aaron and Jake. “Please don’t take it guys it’s all I got!” Weasel said in his nerdy voice. “That’s too bad! Now give us the money or pay with a broken nose!” Aaron yelled. I came up from behind Aaron and yelled “Hey Aaron, Jake! Stop picking on my friend Weasel or I’ll kick your ass!” Weasel with his blue eyes, thick square glasses, freckles on both sides of his cheeks, and short black hair high tailed it out of there screaming “Run away!” and jumped into a bush against the wooden fence down the street.

Aaron and Jake have always picked on Weasel and I when we were kids but not anymore now that I’ve got my new controller. Aaron and Jake both had short spiky black hair but Aaron’s eyes were green and Jake’s eyes were blue. “You want some too dick!?” screamed Aaron. “Yeah! Bring it on punk!” I yelled back. “Kick his ass Aaron!” cheered Jake. “Ok! You asked for it” he yelled as he balled up his fist. As he was sprinting towards me with his right arm in the air I pressed the start button on my controller causing him to stay in place. I then rotated the joystick making Aaron face towards his best friend Jake and pressed the start button again. Before Jake knew it he was hit dead square in the face and flew five feet back hitting the ground knocked out cold. Aaron stood in shock trying to figure out what had just happened then he snapped out of it and turned back to me. “What the hell did you make me do!?” he screamed. I sneered and chuckled at him which pissed him off even more making him growl like a pit bull. He came at me again with his right arm in the air and I paused him again.

I walked behind him and moved him with my joystick to be right in front of a metal stop sign and pressed start. Aaron hit the stop sign so hard he broke every bone in his body and yelled out “yeeouch!”

I laughed at his pain which made him scream with tears in his eyes “It’s not funny!” “Neither is picking on Weasel!” I yelled as I grabbed him by the throat and kneeing hard in the gut. “If you ever pick on Weasel again the beating next time will be far worse than it is now!” I boomed as Aaron hit the ground coughing. “It’ll never happen again man, I swear!” Screamed Aaron in pain. “Good, now get the hell out of here before I show you the true meaning of fear.” Aaron hopped up like a bunny and jetted off with his right hand on his stomach.

Watching as Aaron ran off crying to his mommy I felt good inside like how a super hero would feel after saving someone and I really like the feeling. “Umm… excuse me Shawn” Weasel said in his nerdy voice that sounded as if someone was pinching their nose together and then talking. “What’s up Weasel?” I asked. “Thanks for kicking Aaron and Jake’s ass for me I owe you one.” “You’re welcome dude, I’ve always wanted to kick their ass and teach them a lesson” “Well I got to head home now” Weasel said as he checked his watch. “Alright, bye man” as I waved Weasel goodbye. I then started home myself with a big smile on my face thinking about the ass kicking I gave Aaron and Jake.

Chapter 6

The next day I woke up to a beautiful mourning. The sun was shining rays of golden light, the air was cool and smelt like roses, and the birds were chirping a wonderful tune. It was a perfect mourning until I couldn’t find my Halo game for the X-box. The first thought that came to mind was my bratty little sister who loves to come into my room and hide my games somewhere in her room. I stomped down the hallway towards her bedroom with my fist balled up and heard giggling coming from her room. When I reached her door I bang the door so hard I nearly knocked the hinges off. Terry then opened the door and poked her head out with a smirk on her face. “May I help you sir?” she asked as if she was a clerk from a grocery store. “Where’s my Halo game?” I said angrily. “ I know you have it so just hand it over and save yourself the trouble of not getting one of your dollies heads ripped off.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She shrugged. “Bull crap, you always come into my room when I’m out somewhere and jack one of my games just so you can get a kick out of it because you know it irritates me.”

She balled her hands up in front of her chest and stared at me with those big brown eyes of hers then started to tremble her lip. “I truly don’t know my dear awesome brother of mine.” “Like your puppy dog face is really going to work on me” I sneered. “Move aside” I said as I pushed Terry to the side and walked into her room. “I’m telling you it’s not here, look all you want” she said as she crossed her arms. I spent the last four minutes searching her room looking in her closet, under her pink bed, in her pink dresser, and in her medium sized pink toy box and didn’t find it. “I guess you’re right” I sighed. Just as I was heading out the door I spotted the Halo case duck taped to the wall over Terry’s door. Ah-ha! So you do have it!” I said as I reached up and pealed the tape off the wall and retrieving my game.

“Shoot! That was a good hiding spot!” she said as she snapped her fingers. “Why would you even put somewhere where I can spot it in a instant?” I asked. “I thought you were dumb enough not to notice because you seem really stupid to me.” She said sticking her tongue out at me. I then put her in a headlock and gave her an atomic noogie. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” she cried as my knuckles rubbed roughly against her black hair. When I let go of her she teared up covering her big brown eyes and busted out crying screaming “Mommy!” I could hear my mom in the kitchen drop a pot on the floor and quickly running up the stairs. “What’s wrong sweetie?” she asked as she came into the room. “Sh…Shawn gave me a noogie!” she screamed as she rubbed her head and pointed at me. My mom bent down on one knee and hugged Terry comfortably as she gave me an evil look. “Shawn how could you do this to your little sister? She’s only ten years old.” She said angrily. “She came into my room and jacked my Halo game then taped it the wall over her door!” I yelled. “That does not give you the right to hurt her like that!”she yelled back. I rolled my eyes and walked out the room thinking to myself “Whatever.”

Chapter 7

After that lovely moment I was back in my room inserting the game into the X-box and watching the game start all the way to the main menu on the game. I pressed the “A” button on my new controller and nothing happened. I looked at the controller oddly then at the TV and pressed the “A” button again. Still nothing happened. “What the hell is wrong with this thing?” gritting my teeth. I stared closely at the controller and noticed a small switch where a joy stick would go on a GameCube controller. There were also little letters engraved over the three lines that were spaced out. The switch piece that could move was already on the letters CR. To the right of them were the letters PG and IG in a row. I slid the switch over to PG thinking it meant “Play Game” and then hit the “A” button a third time. It then opened the “Campaign” menu and said “Sweet it worked!” I took another look at the controller and wondered what IG stood for. “Only one way to find out.” I said as I slid the switch over to IG. As soon as it clicked to IG my entire body turned to a cloud of smoke and was sucked into the X-box.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground with the sound of heavy footsteps coming towards me. Then all of a sudden someone or something had kicked me in the side tripping over my body. “Ouch!” I shouted in pain as I leaned up holding my side. “Get up!” yelled the mysterious guy that tripped over me. I adjusted my eyes on him and who I saw pointing a pistol in my face was non-other than Master Chief. “Did you hear me boy?! I said get up!” Master Chief yelled. I shot straight to my feet and held my hand up hoping he wouldn’t shoot me. “Tell me who are you, where did you come from, and why the hell were you just lying there?!” he shouted in anger. “Uhh…m…my name’s Shawn Wilson, I’m from Planet Raeth, and I don’t know why I was lying there.” I said pointing to where I was lying. “Planet Raeth you say?” “You wouldn’t happen to be a Game Master would you?”

I stared at him as if he was stupid or something and said “I’ve heard about Game Masters but I don’t believe that they’re really real.” “Well Shawn if they weren’t real how would you be talking to me right now?” Master Chief asked. “I’m probably sitting in my chair asleep at the moment dreaming I’m in Halo.” I said pinching my arm with my eyes closed. Master Chief then took his pistol and whacked me on the side of my head. “OW!” I yelled rubbing my head. “Now do you think it’s still a dream?” He said. “No not anymore.” I said still rubbing my head. “Good, now that you know you’re a Game Master you can give me a hand killing the boss I’m on my way to destroy.” “Are you sure I’m able to help you?” I asked. “Certainly, after all you are a Game Master.” Master Chief said. “I think you can handle controlling me just like you would if you were actually playing the game.” “Ok if you say so.” I said.

Chapter 8

As Master Chief and I fought our way through small blue aliens with plasma pistols, tall green skinny aliens with either plasma rifles or plasma swords, purple Ghosts, and Banshee’s we had finally reached the boss he wanted to kill. The boss was the size of two schools put in one, it had multiple tentacles, green skin, sharp jagged teeth, and one huge eye. Luckily when Master Chief and I walked up to it, it was asleep. Master Chief pulled out his pistol and shot it in one of its tentacles. The huge alien shrieked in pain and swung a tentacle at Master Chief and I knocking us back a few feet on our ass’s. We quickly hopped up and hid behind a huge rock before the alien monster could spot us. “Alright Game Master, all you got to do is try not to get me killed and hopefully we can kill this thing.” “Think you can handle it?” asked Master Chief staring at me through his green helmet with his pistol against his chest. “Yeah! no problem!” I said with confident. “Good! Let’s go!” Master Chief yelled as he ran from behind the rock.

I aimed the controller at Master Chief and what do you know I was fully controlling him. Though some of the controls were different from an actual X-box controller but I finally got the hang of it. As I controlled Master Chief I had him shoot his pistol a dozen of times at the alien’s tentacles causing them to fall and disappear into thin air. Just as I was almost finished, the alien’s tentacles grew back in place and smacked Master Chief hard against the ground binding him where he couldn’t move at all. “Hey Game Master! Can I get some help?!” Master Chief yelled. I grabbed up a rock the size of a baseball and hurled it at the back of the alien’s head. The alien twirled around fast letting Master Chief go and roared exposing his sharp jagged teeth as well as his horrible breath. I sprinted towards the rock I hid behind before, but before I could reach it the alien grabbed me up by my ankles and held me upside down in front of his putrid face.

He then opened his huge mouth and carried me towards his mouth. I then took control of Master Chief again, switched his pistol to his rocket launcher, and have him shoot the alien right square in its eye. The rocket exploded as well as the alien’s eye and blood and pieces of the eye flew everywhere. The alien monster crying in pain, let go of my ankles and I hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. As the alien searched for Master Chief and I with its tentacles, I controlled Master Chief to jump on top of a large rock that was right in front of the alien and have him shoot a missile down the alien’s throat. In an instant the missile exploded causing the alien to blow up to the size of a hot air balloon and then next thing we knew it was raining alien blood, guts, and tentacles.

“Gross! Alien blood and guts!” I yelled in disgust as I was quickly wiping its remains off my red hoodie to the ground. “Well Game Master I got to hand it to you, you did a pretty damn good job controlling me and killing the alien monster.” Master Chief said as he held up his thumb to me. “Thanks!” I said with a big smile on my face holding up my thumb as well. Then before I could say any more my controller beeped three times then poof I turned back into a cloud of smoke and vanished from in front of Master Chief. The next thing I knew I was back in my room, sitting in my chair, and holding my controller. “Huh?” “What happened?” I said looking around my room. “Did my controller just kick me out of Halo?” I asked as I was staring at my controller. “Shawn! Dinner!” my mom yelled from downstairs. “I guess I’ll have to figure out more about it later.” “It was pretty awesome meeting Master Chief face to face!” I cheered as I was heading out my bedroom door.

Chapter 9

You’ll never believe who I caught in my room stealing another one of my games, that’s right, you’ve guessed it, it was the little brat herself, Terry. I had left to Melenda’s house to tell her all about my adventure when I went into Halo yesterday and I come home to Terry in my room stealing my Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask game. I got so pissed off I could have killed her but instead I brought out my controller and decided to have a little fun with her. “This is what you get for coming into my room!” I yelled as I controlled her to hit her head against the wall. “Ow!” “Ow!” “Ow!” “Stop Shawn!” she cried. “Shawn!” yelled my mom as she startled me and causing me to hit a button on the controller.

“What do you think you’re doing using your controller on your sister and making her head hit the wall?!” I quickly turned to face my mom who had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot. “I caught Terry in my room stealing another one of my games look!” I pointed at the hand Terry had my Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask in. “Terry is this true?” asked my mom. “I just wanted to play it for awhile, I’m sorry.” Terry’s eyes filled up with tears and ran to hug my mom’s legs. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I should of ask please don’t be mad with me mommy!” she cried. “’s ok sweetie I’m not mad, just be sure to ask your brother for any of his video games ok?” “Ok mommy” Terry sniffed. “And Shawn say you’re sorry for using your controller on Terry and making her hurt herself.” “Sorry…” I said with my arms crossed staring at the wall angry. My mom said to Terry “Come on sweetie let’s go eat some cookies.” “Ok!” Terry cheered as my mom and Terry left the room.

When they were both downstairs I threw my controller as hard as I could at my dresser causing it to beep again. Then in a cloud of smoke that came from my controller popped out my bratty little sister, Terry. I stood there in shock with my eyes wide and jaw dropped from what I just witnessed. “Why are you staring at me like that?” asked Terry. “Stop it! You’re creeping me out!” she yelled as she ran out my room to her room. After I absorbed what had just happened I started to towards Terry’s door when the Terry downstairs with a cookie in her hand walked up the stairs and went into her room.

The next thing I knew I heard both Terry’s scream “Eeek!” and I ran to Terry’s door. I opened her door to find the Terry that came out of my controller and the Terry eating the cookie were both standing up staring at each other in awe. “Whoa how are there two of me?” asked Terry with the cookie. “I don’t know” said the other Terry. Then they both held up their left hand as if they were in looking in a mirror. “Weird…” said Terry with the cookie. Then the other Terry spotted me and asked “Shawn did you have something to do with this?” “Yeah did you?” asked the Terry with the cookie. “Um…I might of when I accidently hit a button on my controller.” I said. “Which one?” asked Terry with the cookie. I took a look at my controller and spotted the “Copy” button on the left side of the controller were I grab at. I held up my controller and pointed. “I think it’s this one.” “Well do you think you can fix this?” asked the other Terry.

“Probably” I said as I checked my controller again. Right beside the copy button was the paste button that must of brought out the other Terry and the delete button which was under both buttons. “This should fix this.” I said as I pressed the delete button. Then the other Terry turned to a cloud of smoke and disappeared. “We don’t speak a word about this to mom got it?” I asked Terry. “Got it.” She replied. “Good” I said as I was heading out Terry’s room.

Chapter 10

Helping Master Chief two days ago was pretty frigging sweet. I was hoping I could go into my all time favorite video game for Play station 2 God of War, But noooo Terry, three months ago had to come in my room and steal it like she always does. Then after I couldn’t find it she forgot where it was and now it’s lost forever. Mom won’t even go buy me a new one until Christmas which is a bummer. So I’ll just start out in the classics like Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. Now I’m at Melenda’s house so she could watch me get sucked into the game.

“Melenda, remember yesterday when I told you that I went into my X-Box and helped Master Chief?” “Yeah, what about it?” “Well today I brought my…” I said as I was reaching into my backpack. “Super Nintendo!” “I’m going to meet Mario and see if he needs any help too.” “Do you think I could come with you?” Melenda asked with her face flushed red and hands behind her back.” “Sure, if the controller lets you come with me.” “Yes!” Melenda cheered. I walked over to Melenda’s TV and hooked everything up then turned on the Super Nintendo.

“There, now that everything is set lets go Melenda.” “Maybe if you hold onto me we’ll both go.” Melenda then wrapped her soft peach smelling arm around my neck which made me blush a little but I have no idea why and slid the switch to IG. Melenda and I both turned into a cloud of smoke and was sucked into the Super Nintendo. As the smoke cleared I could see the mountains in the back ground, blue sky with the clouds passing by, and question blocks over Melenda and I’s head “Whoa! Mushroom Kingdom!” I said excitedly.

Melenda, with her eyes closed, was still hanging on to my neck for dear life. “Uh… You can let go of me now Melenda.” She then let go and step back a few feet with her hand over her mouth and said. “Sorry.” “I’m surprised you were able to come along with me.” I said smiling. “Yeah, me too.” Melenda said with her face turning red. “Now let’s go find Mario!” I cheered as I headed toward the direction of Peach’s castle. It was a long walk for the both of us but after jumping on the goomba’s heads and the koopa’s back we finally made it to Peach’s castle an hour later. As Melenda and I approached the castle I thought I saw Bowser riding in his clown faced cup like thing in the corner of my eye. I looked and there was nothing but mountain’s in the background along with tree in the distant.

When Melenda and I reached the castle’s main entrance I knocked and three seconds later Toad opened the door. “Who are you two and what do you want?” asked Toad angrily. Melenda and I just stared at him in awe. “I said… WHO ARE YOU TWO AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” Toad screamed. “My name is Shawn the Game Master and behind me is Melenda my best friend.” “We’re here to see if Mario needs any help.” I said. Surprised Toad ran back into the castle yelling. “Master Mario! The one known as Shawn the Game Master is here along with his best friend!” We heard Mario from inside the castle say. “Come in! Come in! Shawn the Game Master!”

Once inside Mario was standing in front of Peach’s empty throne and said “Hello! It’s a me! Mario!” “What can I do for you Shawn?” “We’re here to see if you need any help.” I explained. “Hm…” “You could help me rescue Princess Peach and defeat Bowser.” Mario said. “Awesome!” “ Yay!”Melenda and I cheered. Just as Melenda, Mario, and I started for the door, Bowser in his clown faced cup burst through the ceiling. “Ma ma mia!” Mario shouted. “Bowser!” I yelled with my fist balled up. Then a huge claw came from the bottom of his clown faced cup and grabbed Melenda around her waist. “What the?!” Melenda yelled.

“Bwa ha ha ha ha!” Bowser laughed as he flew up and out the castle with Melenda. “Shawn! Help!” Melenda screamed in the distant. “We’ve got to go save her!” I yelled as I looked at Mario. Mario balled his right hand into a fist and yelled. “Oh yeah! Let’s a go!” When we were outside the castle Mario and I saw stampeding towards us from a mile away was goomba’s, koopa’s , and hammer brothers. “Oh crap!” I shouted in shock. Mario then stood in front of me and I knew what he wanted me to do. I took control of Mario with my controller and was ready to kick some ass.

Chapter 11

“Ya! Ya! Yahoo!” Mario yelled as he stomped on three of the goomba’s heads that had already reached us. I then controlled Mario to run under a question block and jumped to hit it. Suddenly a fire-flower popped out on top and Mario grabbed it turning into Fire Mario. He then ran toward the stampede firing Fire balls out both his hands and catching twenty goomba’s and koopa’s on fire along with five hammer brothers. The goomba’s, koopa’s, and hammer brothers kept coming so I controlled Mario to charge up both his fire balls in his hands. Then he combined the two fire balls together and shot a mega fire ball at the stampede burning them all.

When the path cleared of smoke there wasn’t a single goomba, koopa, or hammer brother in sight. “That was awesome!” I cheered. Mario smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Just as Mario’s fire power wore off and we were heading down the path, out of no were a black Chain-Chomp came up from behind us knocking us fifth-teen feet into the air. “Ow!” I cried in pain as I hit the ground. Mario and I quickly got on our feet and took off down the path with the Chain-Chomp after us. An hour later we had lost the Chain-Chomp and was now gasping for air. “I…” gasp “think…” gasp “we…” gasp “lost it…” I said as I gasped for air. Mario and I then looked up and in front of us thirty feet away was Bowser’s castle. Like in Super Mario World his castle was huge with a large black cloud hovering over the entire castle.

“Bowser’s castle!” I cheered. “Oh yeah! Here we go!” Mario yelled as he ran toward the castle. “Let’s go kick Bowser’s ass!” I shouted as I ran toward the castle alongside Mario with my right fist in the air. Never go into an enemy’s territory with your fist in the air while screaming. The moment Mario and I were ten feet from the entrance the floor under us opened up and we fell into the pitch dark. The next thing I knew Mario and I were in the same cage with Peach and Melenda. “What the hell just happened!?” I yelled as looked back and forth at Mario, Peach, and Melenda. “Bwa ha ha ha ha!” Bowser laughed. “I captured you that’s what happened!” “No, I mean how did Mario and I end up in here when we were just falling in total darkness?” I asked in confusion. Before I could get an answer Bowser was already heading out the dungeon commanding his minions to prepare a wedding for Princess Peach and Melenda.

“Gross! There’s no way I am marrying that over-sized lizard!” Melenda said sticking out her tongue. “Don’t worry Melenda I’ll get us out of here.” I said holding my controller up to Mario. If I can copy my own sister than maybe I can copy Mario too. I then pressed the copy button causing the controller to beep then aiming my controller outside the large metal cage I pressed paste. “Hello!” the cloned Mario said as the cloud of smoke was clearing. I controlled the other Mario to pull down the lever that’s on the wall close to the cage. The cage then lifted from around us and I then deleted the cloned Mario. “Now let’s go kick Bowser’s ass!” I yelled with my fists in the air. “Melenda and Princess Peach you two stay here ok?” “Ok.” Peach and Melenda said at the same time.

Chapter 12

As you know Bowser’s castle is huge so getting lost is pretty easy. Mario and I ran into a lot of trouble, battling vicious Chain-Chomps, large square bricks with faces on them called thwomps falling out of no were nearly crushing us, and those annoying goomba’s and koopa’s. Just as Mario and I were heading down the hallway to where Bowser’s throne room was my bladder felt as if it were about to burst. Luckily there was a bathroom two doors down from the throne room so I headed inside telling Mario to go on ahead and that I’ll catch up to him as soon as I’m done.

I ran to the nearest stall because there were no urinal’s and kicked opened the door revealing a goomba sitting on the toilet in shock. “Eww! Goomba taking a crap!” I yelled as I quickly slammed the door. I went to the next stall, did my business, washed my hands, and ran out the bathroom. When I entered Bowser’s throne room, Mario and Bowser were in front of Bowser’s throne kicking each other’s ass. Bowser swiped at Mario and Mario jumped on Bowser’s head dodging his attack. Mario then grabs Bowser’s tail and swings him around in circles like you would see in Super Mario 64 then throws him against the wall.

Bowser hit the wall so hard bricks from the ceiling fell on his head pissing him off even more. Suddenly Bowser stood on his feet, puffed up his chest, and shot a huge fire ball towards Mario. Over top of Mario’s head was a question block so I took out my controller and made Mario jump bringing out a feather. Mario grabbed the feather turning him into Super Mario with his yellow cape. Just as the fire ball was about to hit Mario I made him spin and caused the fire ball to head back towards Bowser. “Nooooooo!” Bowser screamed. “So longy Bowser!” Mario said waving goodbye. Then in an instant Bowser turned to ash.

Ten minutes later Mario, Peach, Melenda, and I were back at Peach’s castle. “Thank you so much Shawn the Game Master for helping me rescue the Princess and defeat Bowser.” Mario said. “Aw… it was nothing really.” I said scratching the back of my head with my right hand. Then all of a sudden the controller beeped three times and poof Melenda and I were turned into a cloud of smoke. When Melenda and I exited out Super Mario World I was lying on the floor with Melenda in between my legs staring into each other’s eyes.

As I stared at Melenda her eyes widen and her face turned red then she quickly jumped up. “I’m so sorry Shawn!” Melenda yelled as she covered her face with her hands. “Hey, no sweat Melenda, it was just the controller exiting us out weirdly that’s all.” I said getting off the floor. Melenda is always blushing when she’s either around me, touching me, or hears about me. I’m not sure but either she has a crush on me or she’s not use to being around guy’s that’s her age. “That was a kick ass adventure though maybe you and I should go into another game sometime.” I said.

“No way, getting captured by Bowser on my first time being in a game, you can count me out!” Melenda said waving her hands back and forth at me. “Plus I would of have married that over grown sized lizard if you hadn’t showed up.” “Aw… come on it wasn’t that bad, the next game we go in to I’ll make sure nothing happens to you ok?” I asked. “Forget about it I’ve made up my mind.” Melenda said as she headed out her bedroom door. “Oh please Melenda please!” I begged as I followed her out the door.

Chapter 13

Hm… yesterday was fun going into Mario, I wonder what game should I go in to next? I said thinking to myself. I was back at home laying on my bed trying figure out my next game adventure. “It’s a bummer Melenda doesn’t want to come into anymore games with me.” I said. With my eyes shut I thought long and hard then suddenly it hit me. “I know I’ll go into my favorite Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy Twelve!” I yelled as I got up from my bed. I headed over to my huge shelve of video game that’s hung up on the wall and grabbed Final Fantasy Twelve that was on the bottom shelf with all the other Playstation 2 games. After popping the game into the PS2 I sat in my chair and slid the switch to IG on my controller.

When the smoke cleared from around me I saw square buildings with round roof tops, brown cargo boxes with straps around them, normal humans, lizard men, and market tents. “Sweet Rabanstre! Now I need to find the Sandsea Bar.” I said as walked down the street. It’s hard to resist the merchants when they’re trying to sell so many awesome looking trinkets even though you know it’s all fake. “You there with the red hat on.” I looked around and spotted a green lizard man in his market tent waving his arm at me. I pointed at myself and said “Me?” “Yes you! Come here! Come here!”

I knew he was going to try to sell me something crappy but I went over to him anyway. “You look as if you’re not from around these parts am I right?” He asked in a hissing voice. “Yeah.” I said. “Well I have sssomething ssspecial I would like to ssshow you, and by the looksss of ye you will be very intrigued.” He said as he was pulling a large box from beneath a pile of smaller boxes. “Look, sir I’m really not here to buy anything, I’m just passing through trying to find the Sandsea Bar.” I explained. “Oh but ye will be wanting to buy this.” Lizard man said as he slowly opened the box.

I stared down into the box and couldn’t believe what I saw. Inside the box was a huge Chocobo Egg. “Th…that’s a Chocobo egg.” I said in shock. Ever since I learned about a Chocobo from the Final Fantasy games I’ve always wanted a Chocobo as a pet. “H…how much is it?” I asked. “Five-hundred gill.” The green lizard man said. “Aw… man! I don’t have any gold coins!” I yelled in disappointment. “Well then I’m sorry I guess you’re out of luck.” He said closing the box lid and setting it aside. “Don’t worry I’ll be back with five-hundred gold coins in no time!” I yelled as I ran to look for the Sandsea Bar.

Chapter 14

Once I find The Sandsea I can do a couple of bills to do off the Notice board. Five minutes of running around the town I finally managed to find The Sandsea. “Sweet! There it is!” I cheered as headed towards the door. When I was inside everything seemed the same as if looking at it playing the game. There were people sitting at the bar on stools, people playing poker at some of the tables, and others drinking beer. I walked to my right to were the notice board was and saw a few bills tacked to it. “Cool let’s see which one has exactly five-hundred gold coins as the reward.” I said grabbing each of the bills and looking at them.

“Hey, I hope you’re not thinking about doing any of my bills mister.” A voice said from behind me. I turned around to face Vaan with his arms crossed staring at me angrily. “Uh… yeah I was just looking for one that I could do to earn five-hundred coins so I could get me a Chocobo egg.” I said. “Well it’s too bad I’ve already claimed these bills.” He said grabbing the bills off the notice board. “Oh, well you think I could help you with any of them?” I asked. “Bills show up all the time on the notice board just wait so you can get your own.” Vaan said. “Just who are you anyway?” He asked.

“I’m Shawn the Game Master.” I said. “Oh sorry about getting on your case I didn’t know you were a Game Master, I thought you were just some kid in weird clothes trying to steal my bills.” Vaan said. “It’s ok, so do you think I can help you out on any of your bills?” I asked. “Uh… sure and I’ll even split what we earn.” He said. “Great! What bill do we do first?” I asked. “For two-hundred gil, we have to kill the Wild Saurian that’s been terrorizing people as they enter Rabanstre.” Vaan said. “Well let’s go kick some ass!” I yelled as I ran out The Sandsea.

Vaan and I were both outside of Rabanstre’s Westgate in Dalmasca Westersand heading down the sandy hill when we spotted the Wild Saurian. “Holy crap man that thing is huge in person!” I said as my eyes widen. “Yeah I know, now let’s go kill it so we can get paid.” Vann said as he headed toward the Wild Saurian. As Vaan and I got closer to the Wild Saurian suddenly it turned around and spotted us. It then let out a loud roar and charged after us with its large mouth opened exposing its sharp jagged teeth. “Alright Game Master you know what to do!” Yelled Vaan as he stood in front of me.

I controlled Vaan to cast fire, freeze, and thunder on the Wild Saurian which did a little damage but it pissed it off even more. Vaan then slashed at it with his Mythril Sword causing the Wild Saurian to roar in pain. The Wild Saurian swung its large tail at Vaan and knocked him to the ground making him lose grip of his Mythril Sword which flew thirty feet away. I quickly had Vaan summon Belias to keep the Wild Saurian distracted as Vaan went to reclaim his Mythril Sword. Once Belias disappeared the Wild Saurian was on its last bit of health, Vaan ran up its tail onto its back and sliced off the Wild Saurian’s head.

The Wild Saurian’s body and severed head fell to the ground spraying red blood everywhere on the sandy ground. “Alright! We did it!” Cheered Vaan with his right fist held high. The Wild Saurian then disappeared leaving behind a large bag of gil. “How much do you think is in it?” I asked. “Let’s find out.” Vaan said as he picked the large bag of gil off the ground. “Nice the Wild Saurian left eight-hundred gil behind.” “Sweet! That means we can split it then split the reward and I could have enough for the chocobo egg!” I yelled. “Yep, now let’s go collect our reward.” Vaan said as he headed toward Rabanstre.

Chapter 15

After Vaan and I returned to The Sandsea the client was waiting at the notice board. “We killed the Wild Saurian for you sir.” Vaan said to the client. “Ah… nicely done kid, now citizens can get in and out of Rabanstre through that gate without having to worry about that vicious Wild Saurian.” “As I promised here’s your reward.” Said the client as he handed Vaan the bag of two-hundred gil. “Catch you later.” He said as he headed toward the entrance. “Well Shawn thanks for helping me and here’s the gil I promised you.” Vaan said as he gave me the bag of five-hundred gil.

“Thanks man and it was no problem.” I said smiling as I grabbed the bag of gil. “Will I see you again?” Vaan asked as I was heading out The Sandsea entrance. “Sure” I said with my right thumb up. With the five-hundred gil in my front left pocket I headed back toward the lizard man merchant. “Ah… I sssee you have returned for the preciousss chocobo egg.” The lizard man said as I walked up to his market tent. “Yeah and I have exactly five-hundred gil.” I said pulling out the bag of gil. “Excellent! Excellent!” He said as he laid the box with the chocobo egg inside on the small square table he was using.

I handed him the bag of gil and he handed me the chocobo egg and once we had made our trade my controller beeped three times then poof I was back in my room sitting in my chair still holding the chocobo egg. “Awesome! I still have the chocobo egg!” I cheered. I wrapped the egg in my white t-shirt with Mario and Luigi on the front and placed it on one of my pillows on my King size mattress. Then I grabbed the Nintendo floor lamp that was in the corner of my room next to my large game shelf and shoved it as close to the egg as I can get it. “There you go little guy, now you’ll stay nice and warm.”

I picked up my Kirby cell phone that was lying on my dresser and dialed Melenda’s cell. “Hello Shawn.” Melenda said on the other end. “Hey Melenda, do you think you could come over? I want to show you something cool.” “Sure, I’ll be right over.” She said. About a minute later Melenda opened my door and said “Hey Shawn, what do you want to show me?” I gestured her to come over to my bed where I was laying and pointed at the chocobo egg. “Oh my gosh! Is that a chocobo egg?” she said with her hands over her mouth. “Yeah, I paid five-hundred gil for it in Final Fantasy twelve.” I said.

“Wow the egg is so big and pretty.” Melenda said as she laid on my bed beside me. “So what are you going to name it once it hatches?” she asked as she looked at me. “Hm… I’m not really sure.” I said looking at her. Melenda’s face turned bright red and quickly looked back at the chocobo egg. “How about I let you name it Melenda.” I said smiling at her. “Really!?” Melenda yelled in excitement as she looked at me again with a huge smile on her face and eyes sparkling like Christmas lights. “Sure, why not, I mean you are my best friend and all.” I said. “Oh thank you! Thank you!” Melenda yelled as she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me as hard as she could.

“You’re…Wel…come…now…stop…squeezing…me…please…” I said trying to gasp for air. Melenda stopped squeezing me, pulled away, and our faces met. For about one minute I stared deeply into Melenda’s bright green eyes and realized how beautiful they were. Melenda’s face turned as red as a tomato and she rolled off my bed hitting the floor with a loud thump. “Ow!” She yelled. “Are you okay?” I asked as she picked herself up from the floor. “Yeah I guess so.” She said rubbing her elbow. “I..I’m gonna go ok? I’ll see you later.” Melenda said as she headed towards my door. “See ya…” I said.

Chapter 16

The next day I browsed through my video game collection trying to decide on which game I would go into next when suddenly it hit me. I’ll just go into the first game I ever fell in love with and that would be Kirby 64. I grabbed the game off the shelf, plugged up my Nintendo 64, and started the game up. “Why didn’t I think of this before?” I asked myself. I slid the switch to IG and poof off I went into the Nintendo 64. When I arrived and the cloud around me faded all I could see for miles were missing colors from the sky, the trees, and the bushes as if it was erased with an eraser. “What the crap happened here?” I asked studying the tree trunks and bushes that were plain white.

Then from behind me I heard a familiar voice yell out “Yaaa!” and before you know it I was kicked in the back and on the ground eating the colorless dirt. “Ow!” I yelled in pain as I rubbed my back picking myself off the ground. I turned around to find myself staring at my all time favorite little pink marshmallow dude, Kirby. “Kirby man, what was that for?” I asked still rubbing my sore back. He just stared at me with an angry expression on his face. Next thing I know he’s back in the air screaming “Yaaa!” about to kick me straight in the crouch. “Dude! Stop! I’m not your enemy! I’m Shawn the Game Master!” I yelled holding my crouch area.

Kirby landed back on his feet and took a second glance at me. “I’m here to help you.” I said as I slowly moved my hands back to my side. Kirby then gave me a big smile and looked as if he was up to something. He then opened his mouth wide and like a black hole the suction began. My body slowly started sliding towards him and at that moment I knew I’d better start running. Before I could turn around to run I was already in the air shrinking smaller and smaller and then next thing I knew it was pitch black.

Inside of Kirby I was floating in what it looked like space and in all other directions I could see were apples, oranges, Waddle Dee’s, and tons of other fruit. Then in a flash I’m flying out of Kirby’s head and hitting my head on a colorless tree knocking me to the ground. “Damn that hurts!” I shrieked in pain as I rubbed my head. I got back on my feet and in shock Kirby had short blonde hair like mine and was wearing my hat over his hair like I do only it wasn’t really my hat. “K…Kirby y…you copied me?” I asked still in shock. Kirby then nodded and pulled out what I couldn’t believe he would have the GPX controller!

“No way! You have the GPX controller too!” “See if you can use it on me.” I said. Kirby moved the joystick around a little, pressed the A, B, and Start buttons but nothing happened. “I guess your controller doesn’t work on other Game Masters.” “Anyway, what happened to all the color in Dream Land?” I asked as I took another glance at the trees and bushes that were plain white. Kirby grabbed hold of my hand and jetted down the white trail dragging me on the ground him and I were on.

Chapter 17

An hour later of passing bright white trees, rocks, and bushes we came across an area half colored along with half white. I stood up from being dragged for an hour and brushed the white dirt off of me. Kirby poked me in the leg and pointed towards the area that was colored were I saw a familiar fat ass penguin. That’s right it was non-other than King Dedede himself one of the most pathetic bosses for Kirby but that’s just my opinion. He was using a machine that looked as if were a old fashion vacuum cleaner, with a cylinder body, and a long tube coming from the body to suck up all the color off of everything around him.

“Hey fat ass in the red king robe!” I yelled. King Dedede turned off the vacuum and turned his short blue head towards me. “You missed a spot!” I yelled pointing at Kirby and I. King Dedede’s yellow beak curled and pointed the end of the hose at the both of us. “Uh… Kirby we might want to move.” I said getting ready to run. But before Kirby could get away King Dedede had turned on the vacuum and was already draining the colors from his body. Once Kirby was completely white all his emotions went from anger, confidence, and determination to plain boring. He sat on the white ground with his head down looking plain and boring.

“C’mon Kirby get up! You need to kick his fat ass!” I screamed throwing my hands in the air. Kirby just sat there like a lump on a log still with his head down. King Dedede busted out laughing which almost made me busting out laughing from the way he laughed. While King Dedede was distracted with laughing at Kirby I brought out my controller and tried to make Kirby move but I totally forgot that he still had my Game Master ability so that was out of the question. I could pause everything and make things easier on kicking the King’s ass but pausing is for wimps who can’t handle tough situations.

I then picked up a large white rock and chunked it as hard as I could at the machine hoping to hit the reverse but instead I end up hitting King Dedede on his head leaving an enormous bump like you would see from cartoons. His face turned purple and aimed the sucking hose towards me. “Oh crap!” I yelled. It was too late the colors were slowly being sucked from my body and into the vacuum. I struggled my thumb to hit the start button on my controller but all the color had drained from my hand and dropped the controller.

Suddenly there was a flash and King Dedede’s hose was cut in two. Then all the color that had been drained from me had returned back to my body. The King stood in shock looking up in the white sky. I glanced up and saw one of the bad ass character’s in Dream Land, Meta Knight. Meta Knight swooped down with his purple cape flapping behind him and his yellow spiky sword in his right hand. Meta Knight is so bad ass because his white mask makes him mysterious along with his yellow glowing eyes and kick ass purple cape.

He flips the switch to reverse releasing all the colors King Dedede had stolen and the colors began to return to where they belonged. Kirby was back to his pink normal self and jumped into the air with joy. When he landed Kirby and I both brought out our controllers then controlled King Dedede to pick up the remaining half of the hose still connected to the vacuum. I made him flip the switch back to “suck” and Kirby controlled him to point the hose at him-self. The vacuum began to suck the color from his fat ass body.

Chapter 18

I said my your welcome’s and goodbye’s to Kirby then gave him a big hug because I always wanted to do that then my controller beeped three times and I was gone. I returned back to my room in my blue electronic game chair when all of a sudden Melenda barged into my room. “Shawn! Shawn! Guess what!?” Melenda cheered. “What?” I said standing up from my chair and walking towards her. “You know the pod you told me about that’s in the woods?” she asked with both her hands behind her back. “Yeah, what about it?” I asked. “Well… there was something else in the pod that you missed.” She said with a huge smile on her face.

“What is it Melenda?” I asked in curiosity. “This!” she said pulling out a thick hard back book that was titled “Guide to the Game Master’s controller” “Whoa! I seriously missed this from inside the pod?” I asked. “Yep.” Melenda said handing me the book. “Thanks Melenda.” I said taking the book from her hands with a warm smile on my face. “You’re welcome.” She said smiling back and her face turning red. “I wonder what other things this controller can do.” I said as I flipped through the book. Then something in the book caught my eye and I read out “The SD Controller.” “The SD Controller?” Melenda asked looking puzzled.

“Yeah, it says, Unlike the GPX Controller the SD Controller has a built in screen and allows you to do things the GPX Controller isn’t capable for.” “I wonder if I could get my hands on one of these controllers to see what it’s capable of doing?” I asked looking a Melenda. “Well maybe if you keep reading you’ll find out silly.” She said sticking out her tongue. “Right.” I said as I looked back in the book. “To obtain an SD Controller the Game Master must go into Super Smash Brothers Brawl and defeat Tabuu in Boss Battles on intense using Sonic the Hedgehog without losing any lives.”

“Crap…” I said reading the sentence again. “What’s wrong Shawn?” Melenda asked looking worried. “Sonic sucks in Brawl that’s what’s wrong!” I said with my face in my hands. “Sonic’s not that bad in Brawl.” Melenda said. “Well to me he sucks, they made him too weak as a playable character.” “Well if you want that controller you’re going to have to get over it.” Melenda said. “Yeah I know.” I said popping Brawl in my Wii. “Can I play too?” Melenda asked pulling up a rolling chair. “Sure.” I said handing her a controller.

Chapter 19

There’s only one thing I hate doing when my parents go out on a date and that’s baby-sitting my bratty little sister Terry for six hours. The next day at six o’clock PM that’s exactly what happened. “Mom! Dad! You know what happens when you have me baby sit Terry for six hours!” I yelled as my mom and dad were getting their dress shoes on. “I know and nothing’s going to happen once Melenda gets here got it?” Mom said as she grabbed her small red purse from off the kitchen table. “Yeah I got it.” I said crossing my arms and thinking which game I can go into while I have Melenda watch Terry. “Oh and Shawn don’t even think about leaving Melenda here to watch Terry just so you can go into one of your game adventures.” Dad said as if he was reading my mind.

“We’ll see you later tonight ok? Be nice to your sister.” Mom said as she and dad were heading out the front door. “Damn this freaking sucks.” I said as I headed towards the living room. I plopped myself down on the love seat right beside Terry who was mesmerized in the show she was watching. “You know you’re a brat right?” I said staring at her angrily. She looked up at me and stuck out her tongue then said “It’s not my fault that I’m only ten years old.” “Plus I’d rather just have Melenda watch me and not your stupid nerd self.” For some odd reason whenever someone calls me a nerd I lose it I don't know why.

“Don’t you dare call me a nerd!” I screamed in fury. I pulled out my controller and controlled her to start bashing herself in the head with her right fist. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” She cried in pain. “When are you ever going to learn not to call me a nerd!” I yelled. “You are a freaking nerd you jerk!” “Grrr! Stop calling me a nerd!” I shouted more madder than before. I then made Terry use both her fist to punch the hell out of her face. “Shawn! What are you doing to your little sister!?” Melenda screamed as she ran into the living room from hearing all the commotion.

“Stop it! Stop it right now!” She yelled trying to hold Terry’s fist from punching herself in the face. I put my controller back in my back pocket and watched as Melenda tried to comfort Terry. “Shawn why were you making her hit herself!?” Melenda yelled as she wiped the tears from Terry’s eyes. “She called me a nerd that’s why!” I shouted. “So! That doesn’t give you the right to start using your controller on your sister and have her beat her face like she was raw meat!” “Plus you are a nerd who plays a lot of video games.” She said sticking out her tongue.

“I am not a nerd!” I screamed and close to punching the wall. “Yes you are.” Terry said still crying. “Why you!” I yelled about to grab my controller again. “Ah! Don’t you dare!” Melenda said standing in front of Terry protecting her from not being controlled. I took my hand away from my controller and bit my lip. “C’mon Terry let’s play what you want to play to cheer you up.” Melenda said as she headed out the living room with Terry. “Yay! We can play dollies!” Terry screamed in joy. Just to let you know I’m not a mean brother who beats on his sister whenever I feel like it I actually can be very nice to her or used to be. When she was three her and I were like best friends going everywhere doing everything. When it was bed time she would cuddle up beside me and would be sucking on her thumb as she slept.

When she turned eight she started to get like she is now and everything between us just went downhill. On my four-tenth birthday my parents bought me a free pass to Queens Dominion and I could only take one person with me. Terry always wanted to go to Queens Dominion and when I told her that I was taking Melenda with me she went rampage tearing up everything in my room. When I got home hours later I saw what she had done and I wanted to kill her. Since that day we’ve grown further apart trying to get one another in trouble.

I plopped myself down on the couch and flipped it over to the gaming channel, Video Game Network, to see what new games were coming out. As I was watching the show I could hear Melenda and Terry upstairs giggling and laughing. “Girls….” I said as I kept my eyes glued to the T.V. screen. Five and a half hours later I awoke on the love seat from the jingling of my dad’s keys as he walked through the front door. I jumped up from the couch, ran to my parents at the door, and threw my hands in the air yelling “Finally!”

Melenda came down the stairs with Terry and greeted us with a smile. “So Melenda how were they?” My mom asked when Melenda and Terry came up to us. “Oh there was a little trouble with Shawn making Terry punch herself in the face, but other than that they were just fine, considering Terry was with me all day playing dollies and dress up.” Melenda explained. “Shawn?” Mom asked. “Yeah?” I asked back. “Is this true? Were you making your sister punch herself in the face?” She asked putting her hands on her hips. “Yeah” I said.

“Why would you make her do that?” She asked. “She called me a nerd again and you know how I get about being called a nerd mom.” I said. “Shawn, you need to get over it because you are a nerd. I mean you sit up in your room all day playing video games and that’s just what nerds do.” “Now I want you to apologize to your sister and give her a kiss on the head.” Mom said pointing to Terry. “Fine….” I said looking at Terry. “Terry I’m sorry I made you punch yourself in the head.” I said in disgust. Then I kissed her on the forehead. “Good, now you all may go. And Melenda thank you for watching Shawn and Terry while Toby and I were out.” Mom said giving Melenda a smile. “You’re welcome Mrs. Wilson.” Melenda said smiling back. I went to my room, sat in my blue gaming chair, and started playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl like the nerd I am.

Chapter 20

Two days went by and I was in the mood for some adventure with Link from “The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time” I searched all over my room but couldn’t find it anywhere. At first I thought Terry had it but then it hit me I let Melenda borrow it last week. I ran out the house, across the street, and knocked on the door. Melenda’s dad opened the door and said “Hey what’s up Shawn?” “Nothing much Mr. Casidy, just here to get my Legend of Zelda game back from Melenda.” I said as he let me in the house. “Well Melenda’s not here at the moment she’s gone shopping with her mother.” “But she should be home any minute.” He said

Billy Casidy is 6’2”, he has short spiky blonde hair, bright green eyes like Melenda, wears thin black framed glasses, and always wears either a blue or black suit with a orange tie. “Do you think I can go ahead and get my game from Melenda’s room sir?” I asked pointing up the stairs. “Sure go right ahead.” Billy said. “Thanks.” I said heading up the stairs. I walked down the hallway and entered into Melenda’s room. As I stood at the door I noticed something on Melenda’s bed that looked as if it was a book or something. When I got closer to the bed it turned out to be a hot pink book that said Melenda’s Diary with little red and purple hearts all over it. “Oh crap man its Melenda’s Diary.” I said to myself in shock.

I lifted it off the bed and skimmed through a couple of pages until a certain date caught my eye. It was the day that I took her into Mushroom Kingdom and she was captured by Bowser. I read out loud “Dear Diary, Today me and Shawn went to Mushroom Kingdom and then Bowser busted through the ceiling and captured me! I was so lucky when Shawn and Mario came and rescued me especially Shawn. I will never go into another video game with Shawn again!” “Oh that explains a lot….” I flipped forward a couple more pages and saw were Melenda wrote about the other night when I had to baby sit Terry.

“Dear Diary, Today I went to Shawn's house to help watch Terry and he was making her punch herself in the face! I didn't want to yell at my sweet Shawn, but I had to do something I hope I didn't hurt Shawn's feeling's when I told him he was a nerd I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.” “Well Melenda you did hurt my feelings when you called me a nerd.” I flipped over to Melenda’s last entry which was yesterday and read. “Dear Diary, I talked to Shawn tonight and we talked about games he wanted and how Terry aggravated him again today. I don’t know why they just can’t get along like they used to but oh well. I wanted to finally tell Shawn how I feel, but I became nervous like I always did and never told him that I’m so in love with him. One day I’ll get the courage to tell him and hopefully he’ll feel the same way.”

“I knew it! I knew she had a crush on me!” “I don’t know why she’s so afraid to tell me she loves me, it’s not like I’m going to reject her.” “Well I’ve had my fun, better put her diary back on her bed and find my game.” I placed her diary back on her bed found the game on top of her dresser and left her room. “Hi Shawn.” Melenda said when I came out of her room. “Hey Melenda, I’m just here to pick up my game so I can go on an adventure with Link.” “I said holding up the game. “Oh ok, I never got the chance to beat it yet.” She said. “Don’t worry Melenda once I’m finished with it I’ll bring it back over ok?” I said. “Ok.” Melenda said smiling. “Well, see you later.” I said heading down the stairs. Melenda walked into her room and noticed her diary had been opened. “Oh my god…Shawn read my diary!” Melenda screamed in shock.

Chapter 21

After I left Melenda’s I headed back to my house thinking to myself what it would be like if Melenda and I started dating until I had an idea. I remember Melenda’s birthday is coming in about two weeks and I have the perfect gift to give her. She’s going to love it when I give her a surprising kiss on the lips. I ran up to my room, pooped Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in my Nintendo 64, and slid the switch on my controller. Poof I’m in the game and I noticed the location of where I am. I was in the Market outside from Hyrule Castle. The Market was dim, gray, and creepy and I knew exactly why. “Crap I’m seven years in the future, so that means Link is all grown up carrying the Master Sword around.” Something in the corner of my eye moved and I turned towards its direction. “Link? Is that you?”

I moved towards it and all of sudden I was grabbed from behind. I looked down at the captures hands and realized what had me. “Crap it’s one of those damn zombie dudes!” Its shriek was loud in my ear and nearly busted my ear drums. Then one came from the direction where I had seen something move and now I had two on me shrieking. “This freaking sucks!” I struggled and squirmed trying to get free but it was no use. “Great now I’m going to die by two ugly ass shriveled up brown zombie turds!” Just as I was thinking my last thoughts about how I’ll never be able to tell Melenda that I was in love with her too a familiar voice yelling “Huuuut!” slashed both zombies in the back. They both hit the ground dead and I was relieved that I didn’t become zombie food.

“Link!” Said a voice over my head. I looked up and saw it was Navi, Link’s fairy. Then I saw him, the one and only Link. His green tunic, green hat, long blonde hair, and brown boot were just like you would see in the game. “Link! What’s up man?” I said holding up my right hand for a high five. He just stared at me in confusion. “Link, do you know who this is?” asked Navi still over my head. Link nodded. “What’s your name Game Master?” Navi asked. “My name is Shawn” I said looking up at Navi. Navi then flew back to Link. “It’s nice to meet you Shawn.” “Are you ok? Did the zombies hurt you?” Navi asked. “Yeah I’m ok.” “So where are you guys headed?” I asked.

“We’re heading to Ganondorf’s castle.” Navi explained. “Cool, mind if I tag along and help you guys kick his ass?” I asked. “Sure, but it’s really up to Link.” “Link?” Navi asked. Link smiled and nodded his head. “Awesome! Let’s go kick his ass!” I yelled all pumped up. Link, Navi, and I jotted towards Ganondorf’s castle. The sky was dark and the entire castle was floating in mid-air over top a crater full of molten hot lava just like in the game. When the three of us were at the ledge, Link heard from Rauru, the Sage about the six sages creating a bridge to Ganondorf’s castle. Then all of a sudden colorful looking dust sprinkled from Ganondorf’s door to where we were standing and a clear rainbow bridge was created. “Sweet!” I joyfully yelled. Link tapped the bridge with his foot to see if it were solid and the three of us began to cross over to Ganondorf’s castle.

Chapter 22

Once inside Link, Navi, and I headed down a short hallway that led to a little room with one door. When entered the door and we were now in a larger room with a huge pillar in the middle that was covered with a blue barrier field. “Oh crap we got to do the six trial to get through here don’t we?” I asked. Link nodded and Navi said “Yes.” I won’t bore you with the six trials and all but we completed all six in two hours. The barrier covering the large pillar had disappeared and we headed through the door then up the long swirling stair case to greet the ugly ass man himself Ganondorf.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Ganondorf laughed. “I see you’ve brought a Game Master to help you!” “Like that’s going to do you any good!” He said smiling. “You just wait until we kick your sorry ass!” I yelled holding up my right fist. “I’d like to see you try!” Ganondorf said as he started hovering in the air. If you’d ever played Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time then you know how the battle goes. The floor in front fell apart leaving a huge gap were we stood and were Ganondorf stood. Ganondorf then charged up a ball of yellow thunder. “Alright Link are you ready!?” I yelled pulling out my controller. Link nodded.

Ganondorf shot the yellow ball of thunder towards Link and I controlled Link to swipe at it with his Master Sword knocking it back at Ganondorf. Ganondorf didn’t hit it in time and the ball hit him knocking his ass to the floor. Link jumped over the gap to where Ganondorf was on his knee gasping for air and started to slice him with his sword causing blood to splatter everywhere. Ganondorf regained his strength and hovered back into the air charging up another thunder ball. Link jumped back over the gap to join me and got ready to swipe at the ball again. Ten minutes later of swiping the thunder ball and slicing the hell out of Ganondorf, Ganondorf, holding his chest said “Me? The great Ganondorf beatin by these kids?” “Link…!” he yelled. Then he started screaming in anger causing the room we were in to fall apart.

Ganondorf fell to his knees in defeat then landed face first on the floor. Link looked up and saw Zelda in a pink crystal prison slowly falling from the sky. When the crystal faded Zelda turned her head to Ganondorf and said ‘“Ganondorf… Pitiful man….” ‘“Without a strong, righteous mind, he could not control the power of the gods…and….”’ Then all of a sudden the whole castle began to shake. “Oh crap man we need to get out of here Ganondorf’s trying to crush us!” I yelled. Zelda then said ‘“Please follow me”’ Link, Navi, and I followed Zelda down the ramp on the side of the castle. When we got to the door it was closed. Zelda then lifted her hand up using her physic powers and opened the door.

We continued through the castle fighting skeleton monsters with swords and Zelda opening closed doors when we finally reached the exit. Once we were outside we watched as the castle completely caved in on itself leaving nothing but rubble. ‘“It’s over… It’s finally over….”’ Then Link, Zelda, Navi, and I heard a noise coming from under the rubble. Link gestured for us to stay here and he headed towards its direction. When he was close enough a ring of fire popped up between him and Zelda and I. Then busting out the rubble was Ganondorf who started hovering in the air with his eyes glowing yellow. He then transformed into his beast pig form Ganon swinging his large yellow sword. From Ganon hitting Link’s sword it caused Link’s Master Sword to fly out of his hand and land beside Zelda and I.

“Don’t worry Link we got this dude!” I yelled as I tried to pull Link’s sword out of the ground. But the sword didn’t budge an inch. “Crap man.” Link stared at Ganon as Ganon lifted his left sword in the air ready to cut him in half. “Link watch out!” Zelda screamed. I took control of Link and had him roll under Ganon’s legs. I had Link bring out his Megaton Hammer and started smacking Ganon’s tail. After a few hits Ganon fell to his knee trying to recover and the ring of fire disappeared . “Link! Dude! Get the Master Sword quick!” Link ran to his sword and pulled it from the ground. Link went back towards Ganon and the ring of fire re-appeared.

Link swiped at Ganon’s tail which made Ganon stand back up on his feet and started swinging at Link. With a couple more hits using the Master Sword to slash Ganon’s tail Ganon once again fell on one knee and then Zelda, using her physic powers, held Ganon in place. “Use your sword and deliver the final blow!” With that Link’s sword began to glow and he started to slash at Ganon’s face. He then jabs it into Ganon’s head and Ganon gets on his feet screaming in pain. “Six Sages…! Now!” Zelda yelled. She then lifts her arms in the air and a glow of light comes from her body sending Ganondorf yelling “You!” “Curse you… Zelda! Curse you… Sages!” “Curse you… Link!” into a white world spinning him around and around. Ganondorf’s last words were “Someday…when this seal is broken…” “That is when I will exterminate your descendants!” “As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand…” and then he disappeared.

After Ganondorf was gone Zelda thanked Link and I for rescuing her. “Aww… it was no problem Zelda.” “It was fun hanging out with Link and all.” I said wrapping my arm around Link’s neck. “Right Link?” I asked. Link smiled and nodded. “Well I know my controller is about to kick me out so before I go it was nice meeting you all in person.” I said pulling out my controller. “It was nice meeting you too Shawn.” Navi said. Then my controller beeped three times and poof I was back in my room sitting in my blue gaming chair. “What an awesome adventure.” I said turning off my Nintendo 64.

I walked away from my TV and noticed that the chocobo egg I had bought in Final Fantasy XI was hatching. “Oh snap! The chocobo is hatching!” I said running over to it. I sat on my bed as I watched the egg began to crack. “oh man Melenda should be here to see this!” I said excitedly. Then the egg shells fell off and underneath was a note. “What the?” is said confused. I picked the note up and it read ‘Thank you for purchasing a fake Chocobo egg in return you get nothing!’ I crumpled up the note and tossed it to the floor. “That damn merchant gave me a fake!” I gathered the egg shells and tossed them into the trash then stormed out of my room.

Chapter 23

Another day went by and I decided to train some more on Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Sonic on intense Boss Battles. “Ugg!! I hate playing as Sonic! He’s way to fast and doesn’t do the right enough damage!” I yelled. Then outside from the road I heard a car screech on brakes and all of a sudden a rock crashed through my window that ends up hitting me in the head. “Ow! What the hell!?” I yelled in pain. I noticed a note that was taped to the rock so I picked it up and opened the note which said. “Dear Game Master, you have something that belongs to me and I want it back! I have your girl friend Melenda and if you’d wish to see her alive I suggest you bring me the controller. Meet me in the woods were you first found the controller. You have until sunset. Signed The Wii King.”

“The Wii King?” “Never heard of him.” I said to myself still staring at the note. “But I’ve got to save Melenda!” I yelled dropping the note and running out my bedroom. I followed the same path in the woods that I took the night I found the controller and came across a large Wii that was on its side. “Oh man this thing looks so freaking cool.” I said in awe. I took a couple steps toward it, then the flap were an SD card would go opened and out slid a platform that came from the Wii to the ground. I then saw a smaller white Wii that was hovering, wearing a gold crown, and carrying a Wii Zapper gun come down the ramp towards me. Behind the hovering Wii was another hovering Wii carrying the same gun along with Melenda whose hands were tied and duck tape on her mouth.

“Ah… so you must be the Game Master I assume.” Said the hovering Wii. “Yes, yes I am.” I said studying the hovering Wii closer. He was up right like a normal Wii should, two red beady eyes over top his mouth which was the import for GameCube games or Wii games, a jetpack that was attached to his back, and on each side of his body were white arms along with white legs coming from the bottom of his body. “I am The Wii King.” “Now, were is the controller?” he asked in a deep voice almost like Darth Vader. I pulled it from my right back pocket and showed it to him. “Right here.” I said. “Excellent.” He said taking the controller from my right hand.

“Now that you’ve got the controller let Melenda go.” I said. “Alright let her free.” Said the Wii King hovering back towards the large Wii. The Wii minion pushed Melenda off the ramp and Melenda landed face first in the dirt. The ramp then slid back into the huge Wii and off the ship went back into space. “Melenda are you ok?” I asked picking her up from the ground. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and nodded. I untied her hands and peeled the duck tape off her mouth. She then threw her arms around me sobbing in my shoulder repeating “Thank you! Thank you!” I patted her on the back for comfort and told her everything would be ok.

Melenda then stepped back with her right hand on her left shoulder looking down at the ground and said “I’m sorry you had to give your controller away in order to save me.” “It’s ok.” I said. “Plus I’d rather have my best friend than a stupid controller anyway.” Melenda looked up and me and smiled warmly at me. I smiled back feeling a connection between us. “Come on I’ll walk you home ok?.” I asked putting my right arm over her left shoulder. “Ok.” Melenda said as we both headed towards our street.

Chapter 24

“Finally! I have the GPX controller!” the Wii King cheered in victory. With the controller in hand he then hovers over to his safe behind his portrait of himself in his bedroom. He took down the portrait, dialed in his code, and opened his safe door. Inside contained an SD controller that looked like an original Sega and Dreamcast controller combined. He placed the GPX controller inside and shut the safe door then placed the portrait of himself back on the wall. “Now that I have the SD controller and GPX controller I can now combine them to create the Game Master controller!.

“Minions for all your hard work let us celebrate!” cheered the Wii King. “Alright!” cheered all the Wii King’s minions. Then Party Hard by Andrew W.K. began to play out of two fifty feet speakers. The Wii King and his minions began rocking out to the loud music that they didn’t hear the sound of the GPX controller inside the safe banging around. The GPX controller then busted through the Wii King’s portrait and flew straight up ripping a hole in the roof were the controller flew through space towards Planet Raeth.

One of the Wii King’s minions saw the controller fly into space and mentioned it to the Wii King. “WHAT!?!?” the Wii King screamed in anger. “What do you mean it flew into space!?” he yelled. The Wii King turned to his portrait and saw the hole were the controller had busted through. “Nooooooooo!” the Wii King screamed. “I had forgotten about the controllers custom built returner when the controller get’s a certain distance from its owner!” he yelled hitting the top of his head. “Why don’t we hurry and catch up to it before it returns to the Game Master sir?” asked one of the Wii minions.

“There’s no point you idiot!” he screamed. “Besides even if we were to retrieve the controller no matter what we do to contain it from escaping it will always break free and return back to the Game Master!” “In order to make sure it stays with us we need to kill the Game Master.” the Wii King explained. “When shall we kill him sir?” asked another Wii minion. “Soon.” The Wii King said rubbing his hands. “Soon.” “In the mean time put the PS3 King on screen I need to tell him about this Game Master.” “Yes Sir!” The Wii minion at the terminal said.

Chapter 25

After I took Melenda back home she asked me at her door if I wanted to come in for awhile and play some Mario Kart Wii with her. “Sure.” I said smiling. We both entered the house and went up stairs to her room. She popped in Mario Kart Wii and cuddled in my arms still shook in from what just happened. We played a few rounds of racing then played online together with other people from around the world. After hours of Mario Kart Wii Melenda and I decided to watch any movie she wanted to watch. We began watching Air Bud and by the time we were in the middle of it Melenda had passed out in my arms.

I stared at her all cuddled up beside me holding my arm and thought to myself She’s so cute when she sleeps. I steadily kept watching her until my eye lids grew heavy and passed out myself. The next morning I awoke with Melenda still in my arms with her right hand on my chest. I slowly but quietly slipped out of bed without waking her and left out of her room. Once I was outside Melenda’s door the smell of bacon, sausage, and eggs filled my nose making my stomach growl. “Oh man that smells so good.” I said heading down the stairs. I then bumped into Melenda’s mom at the bottom of the stairs who asked if I would like any breakfast.

“Sure!” I said heading towards the kitchen. “Good morning Mr. Casidy.” I said as I came into the kitchen and sat down at the table. “Good morning Shawn.” He said laying a plate of bacon, sausage, and eggs in front of me. “Thank you.” I said grabbing my fork ready to chow down. “Shawn you wouldn’t of happen to accidently drop your controller on the steps have you?” Mr. Casidy asked. “Controller?” I asked with a mouth full of bacon. “Yeah this one right here.” He said as he pulled the GPX controller from his back pocket. “Oh that’s right I did! I didn’t even know it fell last night when I came in.” I said acting like I did drop it. “Well here you go.” He said handing me the controller.

“Thank you so much Mr. Casidy.” I said taking the controller from him. “You’re welcome.” He said back. I don’t know how the controller returned to me but however it happened I’m just glad I got it back. Melenda, walking like a zombie rubbing her eyes came into the kitchen and sat down at the table beside me. “Good morning sleepy head.” I said scooping up eggs on my fork. “Morning…” Melenda said sleepily. “Your dad found my controller on the front steps outside for me because I had dropped it last night.” I said holding up the controller. Melenda’s face went from sleepy to surprise in a heartbeat.

“Thank you so much daddy for finding his controller.” She said smiling. Mr. Casidy gave her an thumbs up and continued cooking. After breakfast Melenda and I went back up to her room to discuss how the controller came back. “So how do you suppose it came back?” Melenda asked. “I don’t know either it came back on its own or the Wii King wasn’t able to use it like the time you tried it on me.” I explained. “Maybe, but we could see if the controller really would return back to you on its own.” She said. “Sure let’s try it out.” I said. I handed Melenda the controller. “First well test how long you’ll hold it before it wants to return to me.” I said.

Melenda and I were sitting on the floor for one hour but nothing ever happened. “Ok I guess it’s not how long to hold it, so maybe it’s how far away you need to be away from me before it returns to me.” I said. I grabbed the pink walkie-talkie’s that were on Melenda’s dresser and we both went outside and stood on the side walk. “Ok we each get a walkie-talkie.” I said handing her a walkie-talkie. “You stay here while I slowly walk down the side walk.” “If I’m far away from you and the controller flies from your hands tell me on the walkie-talkie when it does ok?” I asked. “Ok.” Melenda said.

I began walking down the side walk passing house after house as I watched Melenda in the distance grow smaller and smaller. After two hours of walking and passing every house that was in my neighbor-hood I ended up in town in front of Dirble’s Game Store. “Let’s see from here to Melenda I have to say that’s about forty to forty five miles.” I said to myself. “Umm…Shawn your controller just flew from my hands and is now heading towards you.” Melenda said over the walkie-talkie. “Ok I’ll be ready for it.” I said back on the walkie-talkie. Before I could put my walkie-talkie in my left front pocket and get into position to catch the controller the controller flew so fast toward me that it hit me in the gut knocking me to the ground causing the wind to get knocked out of me as well.

“Holy crap…that thing…is fast….” I said trying to catch my breath. “Shawn did the controller ever reach you?” Melenda asked on the walkie-talkie. I pulled the walkie-talkie from my pocket and said “Oh yeah it reached me.” “So where are you?” she asked. “I’m in front of Dirble’s Game Store.” I said picking myself up from the ground and grabbing the controller. “Wow all the way in town?” Melenda asked in surprise. “Yeah that’s about forty to forty five miles between us.” I said. “Wow that’s really far.” She said. “You mind having your dad pick me up?” I asked. “Sure.” Melenda said. Thirty minutes later Melenda and her dad in her dad’s blue mustang pulled up in front of Dirble’s Game Store.

I was inside looking at all the games they had when I heard them outside honking the horn. I left the store with my new game Bioshock and got into the car. “Well we know that if the controller gets forty to forty five miles from me it will always return to me.” I explained. “So that’s probably what happened with the Wii King.” Melenda said. “Yep that’s what happened.” I said. “So while you were waiting on us what game did you get?” Melenda asked pointing at the Dirble’s Game Store bag that was in my hand. “Oh it’s Bioshock something new to play.” I said. “Is that another game your planning on going into?” Melenda asked. “Not until I beat first.” I explained. “Oh ok.” Melenda said.

Chapter 26

A whole week went by of training on Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Sonic and playing my new game, Bioshock. Bioshock’s pretty awesome so I can’t wait until I go into it after I beat it. I was in the middle of fighting Tabuu on intense when my cell phone began to ring playing my “Rock you like a hurricane” song by the Scorpions. I answered my phone and to my surprise was my Uncle, Bill. “Hey Uncle Bill how have you been?” I asked. “I’ve been fine how about you?” he asked on the other line. “I’ve been great! I’ve grown a lot stronger since the last time you saw me on Brawl.” I said acting tough. “Mm…Hm… I see.” Bill said. “Maybe you’d like to come visit for a couple of hours to show Bobby and I what you got.” He said intimidating me. “Oh hell yeah! I’ll definitely show you what I got with my new secret weapon!” I gloated. “Ooo… secret weapon huh? What would that be?” He curiously asked. “You’ll have to find out when I get the Uncle Bill.” I said smirking.

“Oh ok that’s fine, but no matter what you throw at Bobby and I we’ll always kick your butt in the end like we always do every time you come over to visit.” Bill said beginning to laugh. “Not this time Uncle Bill! I’ll make sure I come victorious in the end!” I said balling up my right fist. “We’ll see about that.” “Well, I guess I’ll let you go so you can head on over here.” “See you in a couple of hours.” He said. “Yeah see you Uncle Bill.” I said. I then shut my phone and stuck it in my pocket. “Dad!” I yelled as stood up from my blue gaming chair and headed towards my bedroom door.

Ten minutes later after I gathered all of my things Dad and I headed outside to the car. “Aww…why can’t I come?” Terry whined as Dad and I got into my dad’s black mustang. “Don’t worry sweetie you’ll be able to go next time ok? Besides you come into the house with me and we can bake some cookies.” My mom said going back into the house with Terry. “Ooo…cookies!” Terry cheered joyfully.” As Dad backed up onto the road I called Melenda and asked her if she wanted to come with us to Uncle Bill’s. “Sure!” She said on the other line. “Dad? You mind if Melenda comes with us?” I asked. “I don’t mind son.” He said. Melenda came running out her house, opened the car door, and slid in the back seat. “Thanks for letting me come along Mr. Wilson.” Melenda said smiling. “No problem.” My dad said as he drove down the road.

Uncle Bill lives two hours away from where we live so while we waited Melenda and I played I Spy. “I spy with my little eye something…blue!” Melenda said smiling. I looked around the car to see if there was anything blue and noticed the car mats were blue. “Is it the car mats?” I asked pointing at them. “Nope try again.” Melenda said giggling. “Hm…” I said looking around again. “The sky?” I said pointing up. “Nope wrong again.” Melenda said giggling again. I couldn’t think of anything else because there wasn’t that much blue around me except for blue signs and stuff passing by but they don’t count.

“I don’t know.” I said shrugging. “Your eyes silly!” she said as she busted out laughing. “Oh.” I said looking in the mirror then laughing with her. We finally pulled up into Uncle Bill’s driveway two hours later and got out the car. “Oh boy, I can’t wait to see the look on Bill and Bobby’s face when I kick their asses in Brawl.” I said smiling and rubbing my hands together like I was an evil villain or something. Uncle Bill’s one story house had white shingles around the entire house along with a black shingled roof, and flowers that were in the front yard. Melenda, Dad, and I stood at the front door for a split second then not given the chance to either knock or ring the door bell Aunt Amy opened the door.

Aunt Amy was as tall as my mom which was 5’1” she had long bright red hair that came down past her chest and light green eyes. She was wearing blue jeans, black Nike sneakers, and a pink T-shirt that said “Am I cute or what?” on the front. “Why hello there Melenda, Toby, and Shawn , come in come in make yourselves at home.” She said gesturing us to come in. “It nice to see you Aunt Amy.” I said giving her a hug. “It’s good to see you too Shawn.” She said as pulled apart. “Uncle Bill in the game room with Bobby?” I asked. “Yep.” She said. “Cool.” I said heading down the hallway.

“Hi Mrs. Wilson.” Melenda said to Amy. “Hi Melenda how are you?” Amy asked. “Good.” Melenda said smiling. “Ah Toby long time no see. How’s my big sis Samantha?” Amy asked as she gave Toby a hug. “She’s doing fine, sorry she and Terry couldn’t tag along though.” Toby said. “Aw…that’s ok.” Amy said. “Has my little brother Bill given you any trouble?” Toby asked. “Nah Bill’s been very sweet to me like always.” Amy said giggling. “That’s good to hear.” Toby said heading towards the living room that was the next room over.

Chapter 27

“Well well well.” I said walking into the game room at the end of the hallway. “I see you guys are already training for our big match huh?” I said grinning. Bill and Bobby stood up from the black leather couch they were sitting in and turned towards me. Uncle Bill has short spiky blonde hair with a long mullet that reaches his shoulders on the back of his neck, blue jeans, green shirt with Link on the front and, he wears thick black square framed glasses that cover his dark green eyes. Bobby looks almost like his dad but younger but he has short red hair, bright green eyes like Aunt Amy, blue jeans, and a light blue shirt with Sonic the Hedgehog holding up his thumb smiling.

“Yep you know it.” Bobby said grinning holding up his right fist. “You both ready to taste defeat for the first time?” I asked smirking with confidence. “Yeah let’s see what you got nephew.” Uncle Bill said sitting back on the couch with Bobby. “Gladly.” I said joining them. “Alright Shawn, just like last time we’ll have Bobby and I against you ok?” Bill asked. “Yeah yeah bring it.” I said picking Kirby, my best character in Brawl. I know I can kick their ass now in a heartbeat because of my controller but for now I’ll let them get the first win. After the first match was over Bill and Bobby had won and was dancing around yelling “We told you! We told you!” which was fine to me, until I truly kick their asses.

“What happened to your secret weapon?” Bill asked laughing. “Yeah I thought you were going to kick our butts.” Bobby said laughing with his dad. “This first match I let you win, next time I won’t be so easy.” I said grinning evilly. “Ok we’ll see about that.” Bobby and Bill said sitting back down beside me. The next match started and we were the same characters as before. I was Kirby, Bobby was Sonic, and Uncle Bill was Link. We each had three lives but in three minutes I brought them both down to one while I still had all three lives and no damage. “What the hell man!?” Bobby yelled in confusion. “I can’t hit you at all! It’s like you see my every move or something.” Bobby said. “Yeah what gives Shawn? How are you dodging our attacks so fast?”

“Tch…I told you I have a secret weapon.” I said smiling as I finished Bobby off. “Damn it!” Bobby yelled as he threw down his GameCube controller. True fully I don’t think it’s the controller that’s causing me to be so good at these games lately I think there was something inside of me that was locked up and couldn’t get free. Then once I got the controller it was like a switch that turned on and now I’m kicking ass left and right. I did one final blow to Bill and he flew off the map losing his last life. “Crap!” he said dropping his controller to the floor. “I told you I let you win the first match.” I said grinning. “I don’t know how you did it man but you totally whooped us.” Bobby said picking his controller back up.

“Yeah you surely did Shawn.” Bill said picking his controller up as well. “What is your secret weapon anyway?” Bill asked. “This.” I said holding up my controller. “It’s my lucky controller.” I said smiling. “It’s lucky alright.” Bobby said as he checked his controller to see if he broke it or not. “Want to play another match but you two not on teams and we have a level nine computer?” I asked switching it to free-for-all. “Sure.” Bill said. Then before we could even choose different characters a huge crash came from the roof behind us. I turned around to see believe it or not, Goku!

Chapter 28

Ok you’re probably wondering why the hell is Goku on Planet Raeth and all as well as how did he even get here. This Goku is from a Dragon Ball Z game that he came out of at the beginning of Planet Raeth’s time. The story goes that a Game Master went into Dragon Ball Z Sagas and brought Goku to Planet Raeth to help protect Planet Raeth whenever there’s trouble. Goku’s been living here on Planet Raeth for years since then and everyone has grown to be his friend especially Bill. “What’s up Goku! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you man!” I said standing up from the couch and heading towards him. “Hey Shawn it’s nice to see you again too.” Goku said giving me a high five. “Goku that’s the third time this week man!” Bill said pointing at the ceiling. “Oops…sorry.” “I keep forgetting.” Goku said rubbing the back of his head. “Please try to use the door next time ok?” Bill said.

“Will do Bill.” Goku said giving him a thumbs up. “So what you been up to Shawn?” Goku asked me. “The same old same old.” “Except for one thing.” I said showing him my controller. “Hey! I’ve seen one of those before! That’s a GPX controller!” Goku said surprised. “Yeah it came to me in a pod from space.” I explained. “Hm…” Goku said thinking to himself. “What?” I asked. “Nothing Shawn just having memories that’s all.” He said rubbing the back of his head again. “Oh ok.” “Want to play some brawl with Bill, Bobby, and I?” I asked. “Sure, why not.” He said heading towards the couch.

Melenda came into the room and sat down beside me watching me kick the crap out of Uncle Bill, Bobby, and Goku with Kirby. I could smell the sweet scent of cream peaches lingering from her which made me take a big whiff of it. I’ve always loved the cream peaches smell from her it always made me happy whenever I was either sad or upset about something. Melenda’s an awesome friend she’s always been there for me no matter what the situation was about or how bad it was she always had my back and I’ve always had hers. From the corner of my eye I could see her staring at me wishing I was hers but one day I will be hers and she’ll be mine forever.

Dinner time came and as soon as Aunt Amy yelled “Dinner’s ready!” down hallway everyone took off to the kitchen. Once Uncle Bill, Aunt Amy, Bobby, Goku, my dad, Melenda , and I were sitting at the table we sat there waiting for a minute until I spoke up. “Who are we waiting on?” I asked looking at Aunt Amy. “Were just waiting on Joe who should be here any minute now.” Aunt Amy said smiling. Joe is Uncle Bill’s best friend, they’ve been best friends ever since High school. Back then it was always Uncle Bill, Joe, and Aunt Amy who hung out together every day. Joe is very hilarious and fun to hang out with. He also has this obsession with penny’s and owns his own rare penny store.

Throughout Joe’s whole life he never married but he did at one point have a girl friend named Crystal. He also has this hatred towards Ki Ki Bird’s Planet Raeth’s power wielding birds who always steal his penny’s. Two minutes later Joe busted through the door yelling “I’m here guys! Sorry I’m late!” Joe’s hair is dark green with long hair on the sides and spiky hair at the top of his head. He has light brown eyes, always wears tan dress shoes, tan khaki’s with a white shirt under is tan jacket, and has a ring on his right ring finger with the first rare penny he had ever gotten. “Hey Joe.” Said everyone sitting at the table looking at Joe. “Now that I’m here let’s dig in!” Joe said sitting beside me at the table.

After dinner my dad, Melenda, and I said our goodbyes then headed out to the car. “It was nice seeing you all again!” my dad, Melenda, and I all said. “It was nice having you over.” Uncle Bill said waving goodbye to us. “Come back and visit sometime ok?” Aunt Amy asked. “We sure will.” My dad said opening his car door. “Next time dad and I are going to beat you!” Bobby said grinning and hold up his right fist. “We’ll see.” I said getting in the car. Then we backed up onto the road and drove off heading towards home.

Chapter 29

After the battle I had with Uncle Bill and Bobby yesterday I realized how ready I was to go into Brawl and obtain the SD controller. So I headed over to Melenda’s house to ask her if she’d want to watch me kick Tabuu’s ass with Sonic. I knocked on the front door, was greeted by Melenda’s mom, came in, and walked up the stairs to Melenda’s room. As I approached her door I heard Melenda humming “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys. “Melenda? Its Shawn, I’m coming in ok?” There was no answer. I took that as an ok and opened the door.

In Melenda’s room I saw Melenda in the oval mirror with headphones in her ears dancing with her eyes closed in her underwear! “Oh…my…god…” I said to myself as my cheeks turned bright red. I couldn’t believe it; I was seeing Melenda for the first time in her underwear. She was wearing pink undies with a picture of Hello Kitty’s face on her ass and a pink bra with Hello Kitty’s face on each side of her bra cups. My mouth dropped so far I felt like a cartoon character when his mouth hit the floor. I had to get out of there before she saw me or she would freak out and starting throwing things at me screaming “Get out!” like you see in movies. I slowly opened her bedroom door and slid through the crack when it was wide enough. Once I was outside her door I took a deep breath and exhaled trying to calm myself down from what I just saw.

“Damn Melenda’s so sexy in pink.” I said to myself remembering what she looked like in her pink underwear. Standing outside her door, I waited until she stopped humming and knocked on her door. “Come in!” she said. I came back into her room and saw Melenda brushing her hair in front of her mirror wearing blue jeans and a dark purple shirt. “What is it Shawn?” she asked looking at me in the mirror. “I…uh…came by to see if you wanted to watch me go into Brawl and kick the crap out of Tabuu with Sonic. I said thinking about her dancing in her pink Hello Kitty underwear.

“Sure, just let me finish brushing my hair ok?” Melenda said still brushing her long black hair. “Ok.” I said wishing I could run my fingers through her soft smooth hair. Once she was done, she put on her socks then her shoes, and we both left her room together. Crossing the street to my house, entering the front door, and heading upstairs to my room I explained to Melenda why I wanted her to watch me. The reason why is because just in case anything goes wrong with the fight against Tabuu I wanted her to be there.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl was already playing on my T.V. screen and already in Boss Battles with Sonic about to face Tabuu, so all I needed to do was to go into Brawl to greet him. “Alright Melenda I’m going in.” “Wish me luck.” I said sliding the switch. “Good luck.” Melenda said as my body turned to a cloud of smoke and was sucked into the Wii. Poof! I popped up in the waiting area with the patch on the ground shining light to the ceiling and the platforms with hearts on them. “Hey!” I heard Sonic say on the other side of the shining light. “Are you ready to face Tabuu with me?” he said smiling and rubbing his thumb under is long black nose.

“Yeah let’s go kick his ass!” I said with my right fist in the air. Then Sonic and I stepped on the patch on the ground that was shining light and we were teleported to where we would face Tabuu. Once we were on the stage that looked almost like Final Destination the fight between Tabuu, Sonic, and I began. I took control of Sonic with my controller and had him jumping in the air smacking the crap out of Tabuu. Then Tabuu used his whip move and tried to grab Sonic with hit but luckily I got Sonic out of the way in time.

Dodging every move Tabuu threw at us I constantly used Sonics’ Homing Attack and Spin Dash on him. Then Tabuu did the hardest attack to dodge the one where he’s in the background with wings and sends three rings shooting out from his body. “Damn I hate it when he does this move!” I yelled preparing Sonic and I to dodge all three rings. After dodging the third ring Tabuu popped back over the stage and I controlled Sonic to do the final blow. In defeat, Tabuu spun around slowly fading away and then completely disappeared.

“Oh yeah, we did it!” Sonic and I cheered in victory. Looking up where Tabuu had just disappeared I could see a small object slowly falling from the sky. “That’s the SD controller.” Sonic said pointing up at the SD controller. “Sweet!” I said getting ready to catch it. With my right hand in the air the controller gently landed in the palm of my hand. “Thanks for your help Sonic.” I said putting my arm down and turning to him. “Heh…no sweat.” He said smiling and giving me thumbs up. “Well, I’ll see you later Game Master!” He said as he was teleported away.

“You too.” I said waiting for my GPX controller to beep three times. I stood there waiting for ten minutes but nothing ever happened. “What in the hell is going on!?” “Why isn’t my controller beeping like it should!?” I screamed as I shook the hell out of my GPX controller. Melenda watching me checked in the “Guide to the Game Master’s controller” to find out why wasn’t I returning. She read in the index where to turn to and flipped through the book to its page. The page she was on that explains why a Game Master wasn’t returning was right after the whole SD controller explanation.

She read out loud “After obtaining the SD controller the GPX controller receives a signal from the closes un-owned SD controller and syncs with it. Once the two controllers are synced the GPX controller no longer kicks its owner out the game and in order for a Game Master to leave from now on he or she must use the SD controller. On the SD controller the Game Master must first press the start button and then the select button in order to leave.” Luckily I had my microphone for the Wii hooked up that I heard every word Melenda said. I did what it said to do and poof! I was out of the game and standing in front of my T.V.

“Sweet! It worked!” I said staring down at the SD controller. “How did you hear me?” Melenda asked. “I don’t know.” Still puzzled about it myself. “I guess with my microphone plugged in the Wii I was able to hear you.” I said looking at my microphone that was lying on the floor next to my Wii. “So that’s the SD controller?” Melenda asked pointing at the SD controller. “Yep, now I can go into games and come out whenever I want.” I said excited about it. “Cool.” Melenda said smiling warmly at me. I began to blush as the thought of Melenda in her undies came back in my head. “Uh…want to order some pizza or something in celebration?” I said trying to hide my face from her and grabbing my phone off my dresser. “Sure why not.” She said lying back in my blue gaming chair.

Chapter 30

Toying around with my SD controller for a week and one day, my phone began to ring as I was reading the “Guide to the Game Master’s controller” on my bed to find out more interesting things about my controller, as well as the SD controller. I pulled the phone out of my left front pocket and saw that Melenda was calling. “Oh yeah, it’s Melenda’s birthday today.” I said to myself. I opened up my phone and on the other end Melenda said “Hi Shawn, do you know what today is?” “Uh…nope.” I said messing with her.

“Yes you do! Your just trying to mess with me aren’t you!?” she asked in anger. “Yeah I’m just messing with you.” I said laughing. “You better be! You know how I get when you forget my birthday.” She said still sounding a little mad. “Yeah I know, but unlike last year I remembered this year ok?” I said. “Ok.” She said all calm now. “So…did you get me anything?” She asked curiously. This was the day that I give her the best birthday present she’ll never forget. Her present this year is a kiss from yours truly and to ask her if she would be my girlfriend.

“I sure do!” I said smiling. “Ooo…I see you didn’t forget my birthday or a present for me this year.” “You’re on a roll today.” Melenda said sounding giddy. “Yep it’s just this year I have a special surprise for you.” I said smiling to myself again. “I wonder what it might be.” She said. “You’ll find out later.” I said. “Ok I guess I’ll let you go.” She said. “I’ll see you in a minute.” I said putting on my socks and shoes. “Ok.” She said and then she hung up. I ran out my room, down the stairs, out the front door, and across the street to Melenda’s.

There wasn’t that many cars parked in the street so I assumed that not everyone was here. Melenda’s house was covered so much in pink, red, and purple party streamers and balloons that it reminded me of a party shop that went hay wire. I walked up to the front door and knocked three times until Melenda answered the door. “Hey Shawn come on in.” she said gesturing me to come in. “Hey Melenda.” I said as I walked in her house. I heard party music coming from the living room and the smell of a fresh baked caked that just came out the oven filled the air. There were pink, red, and purple streamers hanging all over the wall, as well as balloons that were tied to the stair case rail.

“So where’s my present Shawn?” Melenda asked noticing that my hands we empty. “Oh don’t worry.” I said “I have it, it’s just were you can’t see it.” “Oh so it’s in your hoodie pocket huh?” Melenda said grinning. “Uh…sure.” I said smiling. “Oh ok.” She said folding her arms and looking at me like I totally did forget her present. “Now that you’re here let’s play some of my favorite party games.” She said grabbing my hand and pulling me to the living room. When we came into the living room, the game Twister was lying on the floor with Weasel and Bobby around it ready to play. “Hey Weasel. Hey Bobby.” I said waving.

“Hey Shawn.” They both said at the same time. “Melenda forcing you guys to play Twister too?” I asked joking with Melenda and began laughing. “Yeah.” Bobby said acting like he hates it and started laughing with me. “I had no choice.” Weasel said busting out laughing. Melenda gave the three of us an evil look and we all stopped laughing. “Ok Weasel spin the wheel and see what you get.” Melenda told Weasel handing him the spinner. Weasel flicked the arrow and it landed on left foot green. “Nice green’s my favorite color.” Weasel said putting his foot on a green circle on the mat.

An hour later of twisting our bodies up with one another we were all tired of playing Twister and decided to dance. Melenda turned on the cha cha song by “Name” and we all started following the dance moves he had to say. Once the song ended Melenda’s mom Jessica yelled out “Cake time!” and the four of us ran to the kitchen. Uncle Bill, Aunt Amy, Joe, Terry, my mom, my dad, Melenda’s mom, Melenda’s dad, and Goku were all sitting at the table as we entered the room. I sat down beside Melenda who was sitting in front of her birthday cake. Her cake was the size of a normal rectangle birthday cake that you would buy at the store. It was covered in red icing, with pink swirls on the edges, and “Happy 18th Birthday Melenda!” written in purple icing in the middle of the cake.

Then Melenda’s mom stuck the 18 candle in the cake and lit the wick. “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Melenda. Happy Birthday to you.” Everyone at the table but Melenda began to sing. After we finished she closed her eyes to make a wish and blew out the candle. “Alright! Time for some cake!” Goku cheered holding up his plate. Once everyone had gotten a piece of cake it was time for Melenda to open presents. Uncle Bill, Aunt Amy, Joe, Terry, my mom, my dad, Melenda’s mom, Melenda’s dad, Melenda, Goku, and I all sat down in the living room with our slice of cake.

First for Melenda to open their gift was Bobby. Bobby handed the present from him to her and watched as she ripped the wrapping paper of the small square CD case. “Ooo…the new album of Nickleback!” she said in excitement. “Thank you so much Bobby.” Melenda said smiling at Bobby. “No problem Melenda.” Bobby said smiling back. Next up was Weasel who gave her a large box wrapped in Nintendo wrapping paper. Melenda tore the paper off, opened the box, and gasped. “Oh my god! Thank you so much Weasel!” she cheered holding up The Sims 2 and all of its expansion packs for computer. “You’re so welcome Melenda.” Weasel said feeling good about himself.

After Weasel, was my turn, but I asked Melenda if it would be ok with her to go last considering I wanted best for last. “That’s fine Shawn.” “You just better have my gift when we come back to you ok?” she said raising her right fist to me. “I do have it. I do have it.” I said smiling. “Good.” She said smiling back. When Melenda finished opening everyone else’s gift and I was the only one left I walked up to Melenda with my cheeks turning red trying to prepare the best gift ever for her. “So…where is it?” Melenda asked patting my pockets on my pants and red Hoodie.

“Just close your eyes and you’ll find out.” I said smiling. “Ok…” she said closing her eyes. As my face got closer to hers I could feel her warm breath against my face and the sweet smell of peaches and cream filled my nose. Gently I grabbed her chin and pulled her lips to mine. I could see her blushing when she figured out what her present was. When my lips touched hers I could feel the soft and smoothness coming from them along with the taste of sweet sugar. Kissing her felt like fireworks going off on the fourth of July. Everyone watching was all smiling thinking to themselves “It’s about time.”

As I pulled away from Melenda’s beautiful lips our eyes met and I could see the love pouring out of them. With our eyes still fixed on each other I grabbed both of Melenda’s hands and said “Melenda…will you do me the great honor of becoming my girlfriend?” Her eyes began to tear up and she yelled “Yes!” We then locked lips again feeling the fireworks flow through us. Everyone began clapping and cheering “Finally you two are together!” Six hours later of playing board games like Monopoly and Life everyone was ready to go home. After Uncle Bill, Aunt Amy, Bobby, Joe, Goku, my mom, my dad, Terry, and Weasel had left Melenda and I went up to her room holding hands. We popped in “theultimategift” the new movie Melenda had gotten for her birthday from Terry and cuddled under her soft pink covers feeling the love for one another. “I love you.” Melenda said looking up at me in my arms. “I love you too.” I said looking back at her and staring into her beautiful light green eyes. We both smiled warmly at each other and then kissed romantically.

Chapter 31

I awoke from Melenda’s arms the next morning, gave her a kiss on the lips as she slept, and quietly left her room. When I was back home in my room, I grabbed up the “Guide to the Game Master’s controller” and began reading where I was yesterday. As I read on and flipped to the next page, I read at the top of the page “Fusion”. “Fusion?” I said as I saw a picture of the GPX controller and SD controller fusing. “In order to fuse the GPX controller and SD controller you must hold the designated buttons on both controllers. The buttons on the GPX button that must be held down are the X and Y buttons. The button that must be held down on the SD controller is the fusion button located on the back of the controller.” I read out loud to myself as I looked at the picture that showed were the fusion button was on the back of the controller and took out my SD controller flipping it to show its back. “There it is.” I said pressing and holding it. Then I brought out my GPX controller and held down the X and Y buttons.

“Once all three buttons are held have both controllers touching, thus causing them to fuse.” I read still holding all three buttons on the controllers. When I made both controllers touch they began glowing in bright light and hovering slowly in the air. One…two…three the controller turned to a cloud of smoke. As the smoke cleared I could see falling was not two but one controller. “Awesome…” I said to myself. The controller landed in my right hand and it felt a lot bigger than it used to. “This thing looks badass” I said studying it.

On the left side of the controller was the PS2’s D-pad, X-Box’s L1 and 2 buttons, Copy button, Paste button, Delete button and two different joys sticks that were X-Box’s as well as GameCube’s. On the right side was GameCube’s R button, PS2’s R2 button, GameCube’s X,Y,A and B buttons, GameCube’s C-stick as well as PS2’s joystick, and Sega Genesis’s A, B, and C buttons. In the center along with the top end of the controller were PS2’s select button, GameCube’s start button, the switch under both select and start button, and last but not least a screen that displayed a message saying “Congratulations! You fused your controller!”

“I wonder what this thing can do now.” I said to myself admiring the controller. The message faded away on the screen and flipped over to two icons that I could choose from. One said “Character’s Copied” and the other said “Game’s gone into” I knew what games I’ve been into so I decided to choose “Character’s Copied.” When it opened the icon the first character I saw marked number one was Terry. Right next to Terry was Mario marked number two. “Oh snap…” I said going back and forth between the two with the D-pad. On Terry I hit the A button and it showed a list of three things I could do with her. The three things were Paste, Delete, and Play as in any game. When I saw that I could play as her in any game a cool but evil thought in my mind popped up that made my lips curl.

I turned on my Nintendo Wii, started up Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and chose Brawl on the menu. Then on my controller I selected on Terry’s options “Play as in any game” On my T.V. I saw were the question mark had been before was now Terry’s angry face. “Oh hell yeah! I’m going to have fun with this!” I yelled. I chose Bowser as an NPC and set him to level nine. I pressed start and chose the stage Final Destination. When the match began Bowser immediately ran towards Terry and started beating the crap out of her. I busted out laughing when I watched Bowser grab Terry and do a body slam on her.

Terry then came into the room asking angrily “What are you laughing about in here!? I’m trying to play tea party!” Coming up from behind Shawn she noticed herself in the game getting the crap beat out her by Bowser. “Mom! Shawn has a copy of me in a video game being beat up by one of the characters!” Terry yelled as she ran out of my room. “I’m starting to love this controller more and more.” I said laughing as Bowser used the smash ball to turn himself into Giga Bowser and punched Terry clean off the stage causing her to lose her last life.

Chapter 32

Have you ever played Sonic Drift? If you have don’t ever play it again it sucks. Sonic in a car is just not right, but sonic on a hovering board is awesome! One of my personal favorite Sonic racing games is Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. The next day I pulled it down from my shelf of games, popped it in the Wii, and poofed into the game at Megalo Station. “Whoa…” I said looking up at the tall buildings all around me. “Now where can I find Sonic?” I said beginning to walk down the sidewalk. “…Hyper Form!” said a voice from behind me and at the same time my controller made a weird beeping noise I never heard before. Wham! I fell forward hitting my face on the sidewalk and yelled “Yeouch!” Whoever hit me also yelled “Ow! What in the hell!?” I quickly stood up rubbing my scratched up face and saw the person who hit me.

He was wearing a blue jean jacket that was unzipped with a white T-shirt underneath, blue jeans, and shoes that looked almost like Sonic’s. Also looking the same age as me he had Sonic’s blue hair style and Sonic’s green eyes. “S…Sonic? Is that you?” I said examining him. “Of course not you idiot! My name’s Monroe!” “Now who the hell are you and where did you come from!?” Monroe demanded. “Oh uh…my name’s Shawn, Shawn the Game Master and I’m from Planet Raeth.” “Oh really? This is my first time getting to meet a Game Master face to face.” Monroe said. “Sonic’s also mentioned he helped you get the SD controller not that long ago right?”

“Uh…yeah he did, but how did he tell you when he’s in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?” I asked confused. “I don’t know, but maybe he might.” “I’ll take you to him since I’m already heading to see him.” Monroe said leading the way. “Cool.” I said following him. Thirty minutes later Monroe and I could see a starting line in the distance as well as Sonic. “Sonic’s going to race someone?” I said looking at Monroe. “Yep, he’s going to race me.” Monroe said. “There you are Monroe!” Sonic said as Monroe and I came up to him. “Hey Sonic.” Monroe said. “You remember Shawn right?” “Sure do.” “So what brings you here?” Sonic asked. “I came to race you.” I said grinning.

“Ah you want to race huh?” “Sure why not.” Sonic said laying down his board. “Hey! What about me!?” Monroe complained. “Don’t worry buddy I’ll race you later ok? I mean we race like everyday anyway.” Sonic said. “Grrr…” Monroe growled. “Before we race Sonic can you tell me how you told Monroe about meeting me in Brawl?” “Isn’t the Brawl you and the you here now supposed to be different since its two different games?” I asked. “You’re a Game Master you should already know how Shawn.” Sonic said scratching the back of his head. “Well I don’t” I said.

“Well yes Brawl and the game you’re in now are different and all, but it’s not different in the game world.” Sonic said. “Huh?” I asked confused. “Super Smash Bros. Brawl is its own world just as the world we’re on now, but both worlds are connected to one another.” “So I can come from Brawl and go back here to where we are now.” Sonic explained. “So if you wanted to go back to Brawl right now you can?” I asked. “Yes.” Sonic said. “Any games that I am in are all connected to one another.” “So…how do you go back and forth between the worlds?” I asked. “After our race I’ll show you ok?” Sonic said.

“Sure.” I said smirking. “One problem though Sonic.” Monroe said. “What?” Sonic asked looking at Monroe. “Shawn has no board so I guess he can’t race you, so that means you get to race me instead.” Monroe said cheering to himself. “No worries I can just let Shawn use yours.” Sonic said taking Monroe’s board from him. “Hey not fair!” Monroe yelled. “Here you are Shawn.” Sonic said handing me Monroe’s blue hovering board. “Thanks.” I said giving Sonic a thumbs up. “Ready…” Sonic said as we took a few steps back. “Go!” Sonic and I ran towards the starting line and hopped onto the board.

Riding on a hover board is not that easy as you think it would be. As soon as I was on it I was already losing my balance and leaning back and forth trying to stay on. Sonic, who looked like an ant, was way ahead of me. I finally got the hang of it on the second lap and caught up with Sonic. “Hey Sonic!” I said coming up from behind him. “I see your getting the hang of it huh?” Sonic said looking back at me. “Oh yeah!” “Now I’m going to try and beat you!” I said grinning and pointing at the finish line. “I don’t think so!” Sonic yelled. Then all of a sudden Sonic changed gears and he began to go faster leaving me in the dust.

“Damn it!” I yelled. My controller then made the same beeping noise from earlier. “Oh yeah I never did check why it made that weird beeping noise.” I said taking the controller from my back pocket. On the screen it read ‘New Ability Learned: Hyper Form’ and underneath was a picture of Sonic demonstrating Hyper Form by changing different colors really fast. “Huh? I learned Hyper Form?” I said staring at my screen. As soon as I said ‘Hyper Form’ I felt this burst of energy forming inside of me then suddenly exploiting itself throughout my body. Looking down at my hands I saw that I was changing colors rapidly like Sonic was on my controllers screen. “Holy crap man! I can do Hyper Form!” I screamed in excitement. I then notice that I was coming up behind Sonic fast. “Hey what’s up Sonic?” I said as I flew right by him watching his face turn from happy to shocked in an instance. At high speed I crossed the finish line, but couldn’t stop myself from slamming into the light pole.

“Ow…” I said as I slowly slid down the pole and landed on back. Monroe was laughing his ass off and pointing at me yelling “Way to go man!” “Are you ok Shawn?” Sonic asked coming towards me. “Yeah…I’ll be fine.” I said picking myself off the ground. Brushing the dirt off my hoodie I noticed that my hands were back to normal and that I wasn’t changing colors. “You know how to use Hyper Form?” Sonic asked. “I guess so.” I said. “Where did you learn it from?” He asked. “I don’t know really.” “Earlier when I arrived here Monroe had yelled something and made my controller make a beeping noise I’ve never heard it do before, then just before I passed you it made the same sound as it did before.” I explained.

“Hmm….” Sonic said scratching the back of his head with his eyes closed. “Hey Monroe come here.” Sonic said gesturing to Monroe. Monroe stopped laughing and walked over to where Sonic and I were standing and said “What is it?” “What did you yell before you crashed into Shawn earlier?” Sonic asked. “Oh you mean when was in a hurry using Hyper Form and I yelled out ‘I love Hyper Form!’ because I love how fast I was able to fly?” Monroe asked. “Yep that’s what happened.” Sonic said snapping his fingers. “What? What happened?” I asked. “When Monroe was in Hyper Form your controller picked up its energy and automatically copied it allowing you to learn Hyper Form.” Sonic explained.

“Seriously!?” I said in shock. “So you mean I can learn moves from different people?” “Yep.” Sonic said smiling. “How do you know so much about Game Master dude?” I asked Sonic. “Well you’re not the only Game Master I’ve met you know, so I’ve learned quite a bit about them.” Sonic said. “Heh.” Monroe sneered. “You must feel dumb having Sonic teach you about stuff your own kind knows.” “Hey I can’t help it I’m just a beginner ok?” I said turning towards him. “So Sonic are you still going to show me how you can go back and forth between Brawl and this world?” I asked turning back to Sonic.

“Oh yeah sure! Follow me!” he said hopping back on his board and taking off. “Monroe, since Shawn still has your board I guess you’ll have to stay here ok?” Sonic said looking back. “Yeah whatever.” Monroe said crossing his arms. I hopped back on Monroe’s board and took off following Sonic. Ten minutes later Sonic and I came up to a pad in the middle of the woods that almost looked like the pad from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Connected to it was a large gray machine that had a small screen and a knob underneath of it as well as a red button next to the knob. “Well here it is.” Sonic said. “Whoa…” I said in awe. “Think we can take a trip to Brawl?” I asked. “Yeah just let me turn the knob to have Super Smash Bros. Brawl appear on screen.” Sonic said turning the knob. “Ok now step on the pad.” Once I was on the pad Sonic pressed the red button and stepped on the pad with me. A voice began counting down from ten and once it reached zero Sonic and I poofed and ended up on the pad in the waiting room where I had met Sonic once before.

“Well here we are.” Sonic said stepping off the pad. “Sweet!” I said stepping off the pad as well. “So if we wanted to get back how would we since the machine isn’t here?” I asked looking for the machine. “Well unlike the last time we met the pad was set to go straight to Tabuu, but since we’re not the pad we just stepped off of will take us back to where we just came from.” Sonic explained. “Ah.” I said understanding it all. “Well let’s head back now” Sonic said stepping back on the pad then poofing. “Ok.” I said doing the same. Once we were back in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity I shook Sonic’s hand goodbye and said “Tell Monroe I’ll come back to visit ok?” “Sure,” Sonic said giving me the thumbs up. I pressed start and select and poof I was back in my room in my blue game chair. Tell you the truth Monroe doesn’t look like he’s from Sonic’s world. I said thinking to myself. “Oh well, it was fun hanging out with him anyway.”

Chapter 33

“Oh Shawn….” Melenda said. “How you’re the most sexiest guy I’ve ever met….” I smiled warmly at her and said “And you’re the hottest chick I’ve ever met.” Melenda pushes me to the ground causing me to land on a patch of pink and red flowers and sits on top of my waist. She bends over to where our faces were close enough to feel each other breathing. “I love you Shawn….” She said gently grabbing my face and pulling it towards hers. “I love you too babe….” I said grabbing her face and pressing my lips against hers. All of a sudden I heard a crash and woke up.

“What the hell!?” I screamed as I jolted up right in my bed. “Oh it’s you again.” I said looking up at the Wii King who was hovering over my bed pointing his Wii Zapper gun at me. “Mu ha ha ha ha! We meet again Game Master.” The Wii King said. “What the hell do you want!?” I demanded. “To kill you and take back the controller!” The Wii King yelled. I pulled out my controller ready to pause and kick his ass. “Man screw y…” Before I could finish my sentence the Wii King shot me in the head, grabbed the controller from my hand, and took off cheering “Yes! The controller is mine!”

“Holy crap!” I screamed flying up from my bed. “Whew…” I said wiping the sweat from my forehead. “Was that a dream?” I said to myself. I heard a beeping noise from under my hand and saw that I was holding down a button on my controller. “Huh?” I said picking up the controller. “I wonder what this button does.” I grabbed the ‘Guide to the Game Master’s controller’ off my table beside my bed and opened it up. I flipped through the pages and found the chapter that explained what each button does on the controller I have now. “Hmm….” I said reading what the button I held down does.

“This button allows me to see ten minutes into the future?” I said placing the book back down on my table. “That’s pretty awesome.” I said smiling. “Well if I don’t want my brains to be splattered all over my bed, I might as well hide in my closet and wait for the Wii King to show up and surprise him.” I ran over to my closet, picked up my baseball bat, and cracked the door to get a good view of my bed. Minutes later the Wii King crashed into my bedroom aiming his Wii Zapper gun at my empty bed. “Where are you Game Master!?” he shouted looking around my room. I slowly opened my closet door, crept up from behind him, and swung as hard as I could knocking the Wii King and his Wii Zapper to the ground.

As he was knocked unconscious I grabbed my see through dirty clothes hamper and placed it over top of him. Then I grabbed one of my Super Smash Bros. Brawl championship cups off the shelf over top of my T.V. and placed it on the hamper. I saw the Wii King’s Wii Zapper gun on the floor and picked it up. Four minutes went by and the Wii King awoke rubbing the side of his head. “You’re going to pay for that Game Master.” He said as he stood up and pointed at me. Aiming his Wii Zapper gun at him and said “Why are you trying to kill me and take my controller!?” “So I can fuse it with my SD controller that’s in my ship!” he yelled. “Well you’re too late I’ve already fused it with another SD controller I earned from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” I said holding up my controller.

“Gasp!” “The Game Master controller!” the Wii King said in shock. “You will give me the controller!” the Wii King demanded. “No way, plus why do you want my so badly can’t you just find or make your own?” I asked. “I would but I don’t know where another GPX controller is and the plans to make it were stolen.” The Wii King explained. “Stolen? By who?” I asked. “By the X-box 360 King.” The Wii King said clenching his fist. “The X-box 360 King?” “Isn’t he suppose to be allies with you?” I asked. “Tch yeah right, he a goodie two shoes who the PS3 King and I cannot stand.” The Wii King said crossing his arms. “There’s a PS3 King too?” I asked. “I’ve said to much.” The Wii King said. “Now if you’ll kindly let me out and hand over the Game Master controller I promise I’ll make your death fast and less painful.”

“Let’s get something straight.” “There’s no way you’re ever getting your hands on my controller and the only way I’ll set you free is if you leave in peace got it?” I said. “Grr…” the Wii King growled. “Fine! I’ll leave in peace. “Good now when I lift this hamper and set you free I’ll keep this Wii Zapper gun on you until you are out of my house understand?” I asked lifting my trophy from off the hamper. “Whatever.” The Wii King grumbled. Pointing the Wii Zapper gun at the Wii King I lifted the hamper from around him and threw it on my bed. “Ok now get going.” I said pointing at the hole he made in my ceiling. The Wii King’s jetpack turned on and he began hovering in the air.

Still aiming the gun at the Wii King I watched him hover up to the hole and then he stopped turning back to me. “Know this Game Master.” “I will return to kill you and retrieve the controller from your grasp no matter how many times my plans fail.” The Wii King said smiling. “Not if I kill you first!” I yelled as I began to pull the trigger on the Wii Zapper gun. The gun went off and shot another hole in my ceiling where the Wii King had been. “Ha! You missed me Game Master!” screamed the Wii King now outside of my house. “Damn it!” I yelled throwing the gun to the floor. “Mu ha ha ha ha!” the Wii King laughed. Now I’m going to have to watch my ass and make sure the Wii King doesn’t kill me.

Chapter 34

Today is August 14, 2025 and after what had happened yesterday morning I needed a little company so I called Melenda and asked if she would come over. While I was waiting for her to arrive I popped Super Smash Bros. Brawl in my Wii and had fun beating the crap out of Terry with Mario. “Terry in Brawl is so pathetic.” I said grinning. I wonder what Terry’s smash move is. I said thinking to myself. Before I could press start and end the match there was a knock at my door. “Come on in Melenda.” I said standing up from my game chair. Melenda came into my room wearing a T-shirt her and I made with a picture of us kissing on the front. “Does it look cute on me?” she asked giving a cute pose. “Sure does.” I said smiling at her.

“But I know something a lot cuter.” I said walking up to her. “Oh? What’s that?” she asked giving me a cute curious smile. “You!” I said grabbing her up and holding her in my arms. Melenda began to blush and giggle then looked up at me smiling warmly. I pulled her face to mine and pressed my lips against hers. Then we fell back onto my bed and began making out. I love when I kiss her I feel fireworks every time and taste cotton candy from her lip balm. As we held a long kiss we looked deeply into each other’s eyes and felt the love between us. Melenda then cuddled her head into my chest and softly said “I love you so much….” Smiling I stroked her hair just the way she loves it, kissed her on the forehead, and said “I love you so much too Melenda….”

Then my T.V. screen began to glow bright filling my room with white light and a dark figure began to form. When the light cleared I could make out Mario standing in front of my T.V. “Mario?” “Why and how did you get here?” I asked as Melenda and I sat up. “Well, since you left a human copy in the game it opens a portal from our world to your world.” “I’m also here to tell you that now that you have the SD controller fused with the GPX controller, and you have learned your first ability with it it is time for you to come into Brawl and train for a year in a half.” “Say wha…” Melenda and I said with our jaw dropped open. “Why that long man?” I asked. “Because of all the abilities you will be learning from everyone and then mastering.” Mario explained.

“What about my family? What about Melenda?” I asked. “Well you can tell your family that you’ll be training in Brawl and see what they say.” Mario said. “As for Melenda she can come along with you and watch you train.” “Hmm….” I said thinking to myself. “Melenda, will you go with me?” I asked looking at Melenda. “Well…I don’t know Shawn…last time I went with you I was captured.” Melenda said holding her left arm. “Don’t worry we’ll make sure that you’ll be safe and sound.” Mario said giving her a thumbs up. “Well…ok sure!” Melenda said puffing up her chest. “Sweet!” I said hugging her.

“Now let me go ask my mom and dad if it’s ok.” I said heading to the door. “Make sure you tell them to keep the Wii running as well!” Mario yelled after me. “Will do!” I yelled back. I ran down the stairs and entered the living room. Mom and Dad we’re laying on the love seat together watching Titanic. “Umm…Mom, Dad?” I said standing behind the love seat. Dad paused the movie and they both looked up at me. “What is it sweetie?” Mom said. “Mario came from out of Brawl and asked me to come with him to train in Brawl for a year in a half, is it ok with you two if I go?” I asked. “Yeah go right ahead son.” Dad said smiling. “Sure sweetie, but be careful ok?” Mom said smiling as well. “Ok!” I said feeling a rush of joy go through my body. “Oh and make sure you keep the Wii running ok?” I said. “Sure.” Mom and Dad both said. I then ran back upstairs to my room.

“They said I can go.” I said coming into my room. “Yahoo!” Mario cheered. “Yay!” Melenda cheered as well. “But Melenda don’t you have to make sure it’s ok with your parents if you could go with me too?” I asked. “I did, I called them when you left the room and they said it was no problem just as long as I’m safe.” She said smiling warmly. “Oh.” I said. “Well what are we waiting for let’s go!” I yelled. Melenda grabbed hold of my arm, I slid the switch, and poof we were both in Brawl. Mario poofed up beside us and said “Welcome to the training room!” The training room is pretty much the white room with the sand-bag in it where you have to wait for other players online to connect.

Chapter 35

“So…who will I be training with first?” I asked looking at Mario. “You’ll be training with me first.” Mario said grinning. “Awesome.” I said grinning back. “Now I need to know what moves you would like to learn, but it has to be only one of the B button moves.” He explained. “Hmm….” I said trying to think of Mario’s B moves. “I think I’ll go with Fireball.” I said. “Are you sure?” Mario asked. “Once you learn this you cannot learn another B move from me until you grow stronger with your controller.” “I’m sure!” I said. “Ok.” Mario said as he shot out a fireball from his left hand. As soon as Mario shot out a fireball my controller made the same beeping noise when I learned Hyper Form.

I looked at the screen on my controller and it said ‘New Ability Learned: Fire ball’ and under it was a picture of Mario shooting out a fireball from his hand. “Cool it worked!” I yelled in excitement. “Excellent.” Mario said. “Now shoot a fireball from your hand.” I held out my left hand and nothing happened. “Why isn’t it working?” I asked. “Are you sure you learned it?” Melenda asked. “Yeah.” I said taking another look at my controller. “Like I said before….” Mario began. “Once you learn it you then have to master it.” “Well how come when I learned ‘Hyper Form’ I instantly went ‘Hyper Form’ and won the race?” I asked confused. “Because there are some abilities that you can say out loud and it will work and some that take time to control.” Mario explained.

“Well that sucks.” I said disappointed. “Now try and focus on having a fireball shoot out from your hand.” Mario said. I held out my left hand again and imagined a fireball to shoot out, but instead a flame began to form and then went out. “Aww…man I almost had it!” I yelled in anger. Melenda began to giggle. I angrily looked her way and she instantly stopped laughing and began whistling. “Just keep trying Shawn, I’ll be back with Luigi so he can teach you one of his B moves.” Mario said. He then stepped on the pad that was in the middle of the floor and disappeared. “Crap…now I have to master two moves at one time.” I said to myself. “Aww…it’s ok baby.” Melenda said giving me a warm hug then kissing me on the lips. “Thanks babe.” I said smiling. I held out my left hand and focused on shooting out a fireball. Once again a flame formed and then went out.

Fifth teen minutes later I finally was able to shoot out a small version of the fireball. “Well at least I’m getting better.” I said looking at Melenda. Then Mario and Luigi appeared on the pad and came over to Melenda and I. “It’s nice to meet you Game Master.” Luigi said. “It’s nice to meet you too Luigi.” I said. “So bro you want me to teach him any moves he wants to learn from me?” Luigi said looking at Mario. “Mmmhmm.” Mario said nodding his head. “Ok,” “So what B move do you want to learn from me?” Luigi asked. “Well…since I already learned Fireball from Mario how about I learn Green Missile from you.” I said.

Luigi nodded his head, looked at the sand bag in the distance, squatted down, charged up his body, and shot himself towards the sand bad. My controller beeped and on the screen it read ‘New Ability Learned: Green Missile’ underneath was a picture of Luigi squatting down charging and shooting himself through the air. “Nice.” I said looking up from my controller. “There’s just one problem.” Luigi said. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s called Green Missile and you’re not exactly wearing any green.” Luigi pointed out. I looked down at my Red hoodie and thought from a minute. “Well for me, it can be called the Red Missile.” I said. “Sure,” Luigi said. “Now let’s see you hit this sand bag.” He said pointing at the sand bag.

I squatted down and held that position for thirty seconds and nothing happened. “Nothing’s happening.” I said standing up. “Keep practicing.” Luigi said. “You only have a month to master both moves.” Mario said. “Seriously!?” I yelled. “Yep.” Luigi said. “How come!?” I said squatting and trying to charge again. “Because by this time next month you should have both moves mastered and ready to learn the next two.” Mario said. “Damn that sucks!” I said feeling bummed out. So for the rest of August until September 13th I practiced doing both moves until I could master them. Melenda would be right by my side watching me everyday making sure I wouldn’t pass out or anything. “Well Game Master I see you have mastered both moves so now I’ll let you take a break until tomorrow.” Mario said. “Who will I be training with tomorrow?” I asked. “Peach and Bowser,” Luigi said. “Great….” I said.

Chapter 36

“Well I can’t wait until I train with Bowser.” I said looking at Melenda who was worried about Bowser capturing her again. “Hey it’s ok Melenda.” I said calmly. “Bowser knows that if he messes with you or me in a bad way, that every character in this game would kick his scaly ass. “I guess your right Shawn.” Melenda said relaxing. After a nice long break making out with Melenda and filling up on a nice dinner last night I’m charged and ready to train with Peach and Bowser. Peach and Bowser then appeared on the pad and came up to Melenda and I. “Well well well it’s nice seeing you to again.” Bowser grunted. “Yeah, nice seeing you too Bowser.” I said grinning. “So moves do you want to learn from us Shawn?” Peach asked sweetly. “Well from you Peach I’d like to learn Toad.” I said. “Oh? So you want to pull Toad out and use him as a counter?” Peach asked putting a finger to her bottom lip. “Yeah because not only he’ll counter but he’ll inflict damage as well.” I said.

“Wonderful!” Peach happily yelled smacking her hands together. “Oh brother.” Bowser said rolling his eyes. “As for you Bowser I want to learn Fire Breath.” I said looking at him. Bowser began to chuckle then said “Now that’s what I’m talking about Game Master!” They both demonstrated their moves and I learned both abilities. I don’t want to slowly go through each moves from every character, so what I’ll do is tell you what month I’m on and what move I learned from each character in those months. After I mastered ‘Toad’ and ‘Fire Breath’ it was October 13th and I took another break. The next day the two character I had to learn moves from were Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

I learned ‘Head Butt’ from Donkey Kong and ‘Banana Peel’ from Diddy Kong. When I finished mastering their moves, it was November 13th and I took another break before I learned the next two moves tomorrow. I learned and mastered ‘Egg Roll’ from Yoshi and ‘Wario Waft’ from Wario. But instead of ‘Wario Waft’ it’s ‘Shawn Waft’ since apparently I’m not Wario. Wario was cool to hang out with and all but don’t ever get near him when he’s eaten garlic man does it reek. Melenda and I nearly passed out. This is probably still taking too long so I’ll cut to the chase and you can read off what I wrote down in my journal.

Aug-Sep: I learned ‘Fireball’ and ‘Red Missile’ from Mario and Luigi.

Sep-Oct: I learned ‘Toad’ and ‘Fire Breath’ from Peach and Bowser.

Oct-Nov: I learned ‘Head Butt’ and ‘Banana Peel’ from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

Nov-Dec: I learned ‘Egg Roll’ and ‘Shawn Waft’ from Yoshi and Wario.

Dec-Jan: I learned ‘Spin Attack’ and ‘Din’s Fire’ from Link and Zelda.

Jan-Feb: I learned ‘Wizard’s Foot’ and ‘Bomb’ from Ganondorf and Toon Link.

Feb-Mar: I learned ‘Mirror Shield’ and ‘Flip Jump’ from Pit and Samus.

Mar-Apr: I learned ‘Blizzard’ and ‘Robo Beam’ from Ice Climbers and R.O.B.

Apr-May: I learned ‘Stone’ and ‘Mach Tornado’ from Kirby and Meta Knight.

May-Jun: I learned ‘Waddle Dee Throw’ and ‘Pikmin Pluck and Throw’ from King Dedede and Olimar.

Jun-Jul: I learned ‘Reflector’ and ‘Shawn Phantasm’ from Fox and Falco.

Jul-Aug: I learned ‘Fire Shawn’ and ‘Falcon Punch’ from Wolf and Captain Falcon.

Aug-Sep: I learned ‘Skull Bash’ and ‘Rock Smash’ from Pikachu and Pokémon Trainer.

Sep-Oct: I learned ‘Aura Sphere’ and ‘Pound’ from Lucario and Jigglypuff.

Oct-Nov: I learned ‘Dolphin Slash’ and ‘Eruption’ from Marth and Ike.

Nov-Dec: I learned ‘PK Flash’ and ‘PK Thunder’ from Ness and Lucas.

Dec-Jan: I learned ‘Judge’ and ‘C4’ from Mr. Game & Watch and Snake.

From all this training and not paying much attention to my hair, my blonde hair had grown long enough to touch my shoulder, and I kind of like it so does Melenda. I was nineteen now and so was Melenda. Melenda’s hair also grew longer and her breast as well but I’m not going to go there. I feel that I have grown a lot stronger over the past year in a half and it feels amazing. I have one more character to learn a move from and that was Sonic, but the part I didn’t understand was why for one character would it take a month for? “Woo! I feel pumped and ready to learn my last move and then go home!” I said swinging my fist in the air. “What move are you going to learn from Sonic?” Melenda asked.

“Hmm…I think I’ll go for ‘Homing Attack’” I said. Then from where the pad was I heard a familiar voice that said “Hey it’s nice seeing you again!” I turned to see Sonic stepping off of the pad and to my surprise was Monroe behind him. “Hey Shawn!” Monroe said waving. “Whoa…Monroe what are you doing here?” I asked as Monroe and Sonic came up to Melenda and I. “I’m here with Sonic to watch you train.” “And to fight you to test out your skills.” He said grinning. “Oh really?” “Well I hope you’re in for a fight for a life time.” I said grinning back. “Um…Shawn? Who’s this?” Melenda asked studying Monroe. “Oh! Uh this is Monroe I met him a while back when I went into Sonic Riders.” “He’s the one I mentioned to you about.”

“Ooh…ok.” Melenda said. “So Shawn are you ready to learn whatever move you want from me?” Sonic asked. “Yep, I want to learn ‘Homing Attack’” I said. “Well ok.” He said. Sonic balled up into a ball and smacked the sand bag as hard as he could. My controller beeped and already knowing what it would say I focused myself to form a ball. Over the year in a half of training I was able to learn moves faster than when I started out. My body took shape of a red ball and then flew towards the sand bad knocking it high into the air. Then my body went back to normal and instead of landing on my feet like Sonic does I fell face first on the floor. “Oww...” I said picking myself up off the floor.

Monroe fell on his back busting out laughing as hard as he could. “Yeah keep laughing.” I said “But you won’t be laughing when I kick the crap out of you in our match.” Monroe jumped up with his fist balled up and yelled “Oh yeah! You just wait Game Master!” “I’m going to prove to everyone that I can kick a Game Master’s ass and then make him cry like a baby!” “We’ll see.” I said. I spent half of the month practicing the ‘Homing Attack’ and watching Monroe and Melenda have a talk fest between each other. In a way it kind of made me jealous. After I had mastered the ‘Homing Attack’ Sonic came up to me and said “Well Shawn usually we would have you go up against everyone in Brawl, but since you and Monroe want to go at it we’ve all agreed to let the both of you fight.

“What makes Monroe so special to fight me instead of everyone in Brawl?” I asked. “Well, Monroe is not exactly from Mobious.” Sonic said. “Where’s he from?” I asked. “From some other planet or something, I don’t exactly know the details.” Sonic explained. “All I know is that he’s a Soul Master.” “A Soul Master…?” I said to myself. “What’s that?” “Well….” Sonic started. “Hey!” Monroe butted in. “Are you ready to get your ass whooped Shawn?” he said coming up to Sonic and I. “Yeah! I’m ready to whoop your ass!” I said. Monroe and I stepped on the pad and was teleported to Pokémon Stadium 2. “Whoa….” I said looking all around me at the crowd of people in the stadium. From where Monroe and I were standing everyone in the crowd looked like colorful dots. “You ready?” Monroe said cracking his neck with his hands. “Yeah bring it on!” I said getting into my fighting position.

Chapter 37

The fight began by Monroe balling up into a ball and coming at me, but there was more to it, his hair turned to spikes and started poking holes in the ground as he came flying at me. I quickly did Samus’s Flip Jump move and landed on the other side of Monroe. “Ha! You missed!” I then did Wizard’s Foot kicking Monroe across the stage. “Grr…” Monroe growled. Monroe balled up again and flew into the air then came at me. “Oh crap!” I quickly dodged Monroe and turned to see Monroe still following me. “What the!?” Wham! I Monroe hit me square in the face knocking me on my ass. “Ow…” I groaned rubbing my face. “Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!” Monroe laughed. “Heh…lucky shot” I said grinning. “Really? Come on then show me what you’re made of!” “Glady!” I sprung up from off the ground and began running towards him.

I then curled into a ball and Yoshi’s egg formed around me. “Whoa!” Monroe yelled jumping back and forth as I tried to ram him. After about a minute in a half Yoshi’s egg disappeared and I was back on my feet. Monroe jumped high into the air readying spin dash with electricity surrounding him and then launched himself at the ground close by me. When he hit the ground a wave of electricity flew from him towards me shocking and stunning me at the same time. “Gaahhh!” I screamed as the sharp pains of electricity coursed throughout my body. “Ha! Ha! Now you can’t move!” Monroe cheered. Monroe ran up to me and began whaling on me with the same attack moves Sonic has as if I were a sand bag. “Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof!” I wheezed as each blow hit me deep in my chest and face.

The stun effect wore off and I was able to move again so as he was beating me to a pulp I held back my right arm with my fist balled up and yelled “Falcon!” I drew my fist forward then yelling “Punch!” and bam I punched Monroe so hard in the stomach that he was knocked clean across the stage. For a minute Monroe just laid on the ground looking defeated but then he jumped back up and landed on his feet holding his stomach. “Damn…” Monroe couched. “That freaking hurt!” “I know it did! You want another one on top of that!?” I yelled flexing my muscles. Monroe straightened up his hair and began doing spin dash again with his hair turning into spikes. “Not this again…” I said shaking my head with my hand on my forehead. “Chaos Control!” All of a sudden everything around me began slowing down and the only one moving faster than me was Monroe. “Oh…crap…” I said in slow motion as I watched Monroe dash at me and then jumping into the air cutting the side of my face.

I watched as the blood from my cheek gush out in a slow pace. Monroe then came from behind me and cut a huge gash in my back. “Yeeeouch!” I said slowly. I slowly thought of a way of freeing myself from this slow motion horror. Then it hit me, I can just use my controller to pause everything. Reaching into my back pocket, Monroe again came by me cutting me deep into my legs. I tried to ignore the agonizing pain and focused on reaching my controller. It felt like forever trying to reach into my back pocket but I finally got a grip on it. Before I began to bring to the front of my chest, Monroe cut me in the side which nearly made me drop my controller. Finally I brought it in front of my chest and pressed the pause button. All of a sudden everything and everyone as well as Monroe were frozen in place. “Whew…” I said whipping the blood from my cheek.

I walked up to Monroe curled into a ball and who ready to strike again. “Man those spikes are sharp.” I said feeling the point of Monroe’s hair. Then in a flash Monroe become unfrozen and dashed past the spot where I was standing. “How in the hell!?” I screamed as I watched Monroe unravel himself. “What?” Monroe asked. “H…how did you un-freeze yourself!? I paused you!” “Yeah but because I can kind of control time I’m able to break free from someone else’s time freeze or pause.” Monroe explained. “Damn…” I said. “Now let’s get back to fighting!” He yelled. I pressed the pause button on my controller and everything around Monroe and I began to move again.

The fight lasted for about twenty more minutes with Monroe trying to cut me with Spin Dash and pounding me with Homing Attack. Luckily I was fast enough to dodge everything he threw at me. “Heh...I think we should kick this fight up a notch.” Monroe said grinning. “What do you mean by that?” I asked. “Hyper Form!” Monroe yelled with arms bent and elbows above his chest along with his fist balled. Monroe then began to change colors extremely fast. “Oh yeah!?” I yelled “Hyper Form!” My body started flashing colors like Monroe’s. We both flew into the air and rammed into one another throwing punches back and forth like you would see on Dragon Ball Z.

Then when there was an opening I bashed Monroe in the head with Donkey Kong’s ‘Head Butt’ causing him to fall towards the ground, but he quickly recovered then flew back up to me punching me square in the face. I shook my head from side to side to stop everything around me looking as if it was spinning. Monroe then came at me punching me repeatedly in the gut and finished with an uppercut to the jaw. I flew back spinning in a vertical circle and then caught myself. “Tch! Nice shot.” I said rubbing my jaw. “Thanks” Monroe said smiling. Then in a flash I used Falco Phantasm aka Shawn Phantasm and charged up a Falcon Punch. “Falcon!” “Punch!” Monroe flew straight to the stage and crashed into the ground causing a crater the size of a kiddie swimming pool to form around him. I flew down after him sending out a PK thunder and then hitting myself with it which made my body like a missile crashing into his. When I hit, the stage around us broke in half and started crumbling underneath our feet.

Monroe was knocked unconscious so I picked him up and placed him on the part of the stage that was still intact. All around me the crowd cheered and roared yelling “Game Master! Game Master! Game Master!” I took it upon myself and shook my fists in the air for victory. Monroe slowly opened his eyes and said “Nice match Game Master…” and then was unconscious again. “Nice match too dude….” Ten minutes later Monroe and I were in the recovery room with bandages on our wounds and ice on our heads. Melenda walked into the room and ran up to me throwing her arms around my neck yelling “Shawn I was so worried about you!” “Heh it’s ok babe I’m fine.” I said then giving her a kiss.

“So how’s Monroe?” Melenda asked. “Aw…he’ll be fine, I didn’t hurt him to bad.” “That’s good.” Melenda said smiling. “So how’s the cut on you cheek?” “Oh well here let me show you.” I pulled the bandage off my cheek and Melenda gasped. “What? What’s wrong?” I asked wondering if my cheek had become infected or something. “Y…You’re cut on your cheek has vanished…” she said stunned. “Vanished?” I said rubbing the side of my cheek where my cut had been. “That’s impossible.” “Take the bandage of my back and see if it’s vanished too.” Melenda peeled the bandage off my back to reveal the cut that was still there.

“It’s still…” but before she could finish she watched as the cut began to heal right before her eyes. “It’s still what?” I asked. “It’s healed…” she then said and fainted. I quickly caught Melenda in my arms and placed her on the bed I was sitting on. Mario, wearing his doctor costume, came towards us and noticed the cut on my back had vanished. “Hm…you’re cut has completely healed all on its own in a short amount of time.” “Yeah I know but how?” I asked. “Well...since I know you haven’t learned fast healing here in Brawl you either already had it or learned it somewhere else.” “Can’t be from somewhere else because the first and only move I learned before coming to Brawl was Hyper Form.” I explained. “Then you must have already knew it but never knew you had it.” “What other moves do I already know?” I asked.

“Well…every Game Master has three moves that they already knew when they’re just beginners.” “What are the three moves?” “One is super speed another is super strength and the last one is a secret move” “Secret move?” I said placing my fingers over my mouth and thinking. “Yes, every Game Master has their own unique special power and it appears that you have the power to heal yourself incredibly fast.” Mario explained “If I can heal fast why did I get cut about an hour ago and all of a sudden it now heals?” “That I don’t know but you should keep practicing that power to learn more about it.” “Will do.”

Melenda slowly opens her eyes. “Uh…what happened?” she asked. “Well babe you fainted from the sight of my cut on my back healing right before your eyes.” “Oh…” Then Melenda fainted again and I sighed. The next day Monroe was fully recovered and out the recovery room. Melenda and I had packed our things and was ready to leave everyone in Brawl. “Well Shawn the Game Master it was nice training with you.” Mario said shaking my hand. “Yeah it was nice training with you and everyone else too.” I said smiling. Monroe came up beside me and held out his hand then said “I want you to know that you’re a pretty awesome guy for a Game Master and I want to be friends.”

“Sure.” I said grabbing his hand. “Sorry for all the mean stuff I said and did it’s just you’re the first Game Master I have ever met and I wanted to see how tough you were.” “Hey don’t worry about it.” I said smiling. “Maybe next time we meet when we’ve grown a lot stronger we could battle again to see who can win next time.” Monroe said grinning. “Sure I’d like that buddy.” I said grinning back. “Well everyone I’ll see you later!” I said waving goodbye. “Bye everyone!” Melenda said waving goodbye as well. “Cya Game Master!” Everyone said. “Oh and Shawn be sure to drop by in Zero Gravity sometime so we can race!” Monroe said. “Will do!” I pressed the start button and then the select button then poof! I was back in my room where everything hadn’t changed a bit since I left. “It feel great to be back home!” I said wrapping my arms around Melenda’s waist. “It sure does.” Melenda said puckering up her lips to kiss me.

Chapter 38

“Sir!” The Wii minion said as he came up to the Wii King. “What is it minion?” The Wii King asked. “Sir, it appears that Shawn the Game Master has returned from Brawl.” “Finally! After a year and a half I can finally get my chance to kill him again!” “Set course for Shawn’s house!” “Sir! Yes sir!” From a distance a huge X-Box 360 ship watches the Wii Ship head towards Planet Raeth. “X-Box 360 sir!” “What is it my first mate?” “Sir the Wii people are heading towards Planet Raeth to try and kill the Game Master known as Shawn again” “Then we must go and stop them at once!” “I’m on it sir!” The first mate hops in his terminal control system and flies the ship towards the Wii ship.

“Pull down the screen and call the Wii King.” The X-Box 360 King ordered. “Yes sir!” The first mate said. The screen came down and began ringing. The Wii King then showed up on the other line. “What do you want brother…?” The Wii King asked. “I know that you’re after Shawn the Game Master to try and steal his controller so I’m going to only tell you this once, either stay away from him or my crew and I will begin to fire, your choice.” “I don’t have to listen to the likes of you! I want that controller and whoever stands in my way will be destroyed!” “So be it brother…” “Begin to fire!” The X-Box 360 King ordered. “Yes sir!” Inside of the disc drive a green ball of laser began to form on the X-Box 360 ship.

“Sir! They are about to fire, shall we fire back?” The Wii minion asked. “Of course you idiot fire at once!” The Wii King barked. In the Wii ships disc drive a red ball of laser began to form. Both lasers were shot out hitting one another and causing an explosion between the two. “Fire again!” The Wii King and X-Box 360 King both said. Another laser both formed and was shot out again causing another explosion between one another. “This is getting nowhere! Fire the missiles!” The Wii King commanded. All of a sudden the panel where the GameCube controllers would go opened up and shot out four gray missiles with purple heads. “Sir they fired four missiles and they’re heading straight for us!” The first mate said. “Fire our missiles back!” The X-Box 360 King ordered. “Yes sir!”

The flap at the bottom of the X-Box 360’s ship, where two USB X-Box controller imports were, opened up and fired off four green rectangle missiles. “Mu !ha! ha! ha! ha! Nice try brother but I have remote control!” The Wii King said. The Wii minion controlling the missiles dodged the X-Box 360 King’s missiles and crashed into their ship. The 360 ship was knocked backwards with only scratches on the side where the missiles hit. “Sir! Shall we keep firing?” asked the first mate. “Yes! Let’s give them everything we’ve got!” The 360 King said. “Yes Sir!”

Chapter 39

After Melenda and I arrived back at home Mom, Dad, and Terry who were all in the kitchen all gave us a big hug and told us how much they missed us. The weirdest thing between the three of them was Terry who missed me the most. “I was worried to death that I had lost you!” Terry said still hugging me and crying. “I…uh…missed you too…” I said hugging her back. “Shawn let me make you a welcome back cake ok?” my mom said. “Sure” I said. “Can we also order some tacos?” “Of sweetie” mom said. “So what did you learn while you were in there?” my dad said. “I learned a lot of cool moves.” I said. “Nice” dad said. “Shawn?” Terry said. “What is it?” I asked. “Well…I know I’ve been kinda mean over the years to you and when you left for a year in a half I realized something.” Terry said. “What’s that?” I asked. “How much I would miss you if you were really gone!” Terry cried as she wrapped her arms around me. I never thought Terry would miss me this much, I thought she wouldn’t care if I was really gone but hearing her say that warmed my heart a little.

Aw…it’s ok sweetie…” Melenda said. “Shawn’s back now so everything will be ok.” “I know, it’s just if he were to die or something I didn’t want the last thing to go through his mind was how mean his little sister was to him.” Terry said. “Hey don’t sweat it.” I said. “Come on let’s go play some video games or something.” Terry looked up at me with sparkles in her eyes and said “Ok!”Terry, Melenda, and I went back up to my room to play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl. An hour later the cake was ready and dad had brought home tacos from Burrito Bell. “Dinner’s here!” my dad yelled from the bottom of the stairs. The three of us ran downstairs, into the kitchen, and sat at the table. “Oh boy I love tacos from Burrito Bell!” I said as I dug in. “Me too!” Terry said. After dinner we all had a piece of my welcome home Shawn cake. After cake Melenda and I went up to my room to make out.

Fully clothed I was on my bed lying on my back while Melenda was on top of me kissing and exchanging tongue. Melenda stopped for a second and began to smile. She then whispered in my ear and what she asked surprised me. “You really want to do that?” I asked. “Uh-huh” Melenda said. I watched as Melenda took her shirt off to where she was only in her bra. I knew she wasn’t kidding so I took my shirt off as well. She then unzipped her pants and tossed them to the floor. My heart began beating fast as I watched her unzipped my pants. Together we were both lying in bed in our underwear. “Damn Melenda…you look beautiful…” I said. Melenda turned her head placing her hand over her face and blushed. I then grabbed her cheeks and kissed her softly on the lips.

Later that night after we were done making love, Melenda and I layed in bed side by side and stared into each other’s eyes. “I love you…” Melenda said smiling warmly at me. “I love you too…” I said smiling back. She then kissed me on the lips again and snuggled in my arms. As Melenda and I were both falling asleep all of a sudden there was a loud crash that came through my ceiling. Melenda I shot up from bed and yelled. “What the!?” my eyes adjusted in the dark and I saw a rectangular figure hovering in the air. “Wii King…” I said. “Wii King!?” Melenda screamed trying to keep the covers around her chest. “Sorry Game Master” the figure said. “But I am not the Wii King.” I turned on my light and saw that it was a hovering X Box 360 at the foot of my bed. “Then who are you?” I asked.

“I am the X Box 360 King.” The X Box 360 King said. “Oh, so another King huh? Let me guess you’re here to steal my controller from me too?” I asked preparing myself in fighting position. “No” he said. “I’m here to let you know that my crew and I will be protecting you two from the Wii King and the PS3 King from now on.” “PS3 King? Is he working with the Wii King?” I asked. “Yes,” the 360 King said. “Mm…hm…one question,” I said. “What is it?” he asked. “A year in a half ago where were you when I first encountered the Wii King?” I asked. “I was miles away from Raeth on an important mission from the president, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you.” He said. “Oh ok, that’s cool” I said.

“Well Game Master I better get back to my ship, I was lucky enough to grab a small ship and fly down here because in space my crew and I are still fighting against the Wii King as we speak.” The 360 King said. “It’s just you and your crew? I asked. “Don’t you have anyone else to help you?” “Well I did have a partner, but him and his crew was killed by the Wii people while I was gone.” He said. “I’m sorry for your lost.” I said. “Thanks, now I must return to my crew they may need me.” He said as he hovered up through the hole in the ceiling he made. “It was nice meeting you!” I said waving goodbye. “I’m glad we have someone protecting us from the Wii and PS3 King” Melenda said. “Yeah I know” I said smiling. I climbed back in bed with Melenda and she snuggled in my arms. “Good night babe.” I said. “Good night…” She said dowsing off.

Chapter 40

I awoke the next morning in Melenda’s arms and watched her sleep for two minutes. I then slowly got out of bed trying not to wake her and headed to the bathroom. I did my business and went over to the sink to wash my hands. Looking out the window the sun was shining bright, trees blowing in the wind, and Ki Ki birds chirping in the tree next to my window. I then spot a moving truck down the street and two guys taking furniture out the back to put in the house. “Well well we have new neighbors.” I said drying my hands on the towel next to my window. I left my bathroom and tickled Melenda on her side to wake up. “He he he he he!” she laughed trying to smack my hands away. “Stop...Shawn…” She said still giggling and trying to get away from me. I finally stopped. “Guess what” I said. “What?” she said kissing me on the lips. “We have new neighbors” I said. “Really?” “Yeah” “They’re down the street from us.” “Ooo…let’s go say hi” Melenda said putting on her shirt and pants. After we got dressed Melenda and I headed over to the new neighbors house.

As we got near the house we could see a slim girl with pink hair wearing a red t-shirt and pink skirt yelling at one of the movers to be careful with her box of glass dolls. “Hi.” I said. The girl quickly turned around. I watched as her pink eyes went back and forth between Melenda and I. She then kept her eyes on me and began blushing. “H…Hi…” she said still focused on me. “My name’s Shawn Wilson.” I said holding out my hand. “And my name’s Melenda Casidy” Melenda said doing the same. “M…My name’s…uh…Cindy…” Cindy said shaking my hand but not Melenda’s. Melenda put her hand down confused why Cindy didn’t shake her hand and only Shawn’s. “So Cindy I see you like collecting glass dolls.” Melenda said. “Yeah…I do…” Cindy said not taking her eyes off me. “So where did you move from?” I asked. “Oh…from a little island in the middle of the Picafic Ocean called Calahala.” She said. “Wow that’s pretty far.” I said.

“So what’s it like there?” Melenda asked. Cindy didn’t answer her and just kept her eyes locked on mine. “Hey Shawn…?” Cindy asked holding her left arm with her right. “I was wondering if you could ditch your friend here so you and I could go watch a movie in my room.” Melenda and I dropped jaws in shock. I was about to tell Cindy that I can’t because Melenda was my girlfriend but Melenda beat me to it. “He will not!” Melenda screamed. “Shawn is my boyfriend not my friend, so it’s best you stay away from my man you boyfriend stealing whore!” Melenda grabbed me by the collar and began dragging me back to my house. I watched Cindy’s face turn red with anger and stomp her feet screaming “I’m not a whore!”

Chapter 41

“Goodbye Shawn” Melenda said walking towards my door. “Bye babe” I said. After meeting Cindy Melenda and I came back to my house for three hours and played some Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 with me. Now that she was going back home to see her Mom and Dad I decided to go into Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 and learn a move from him maybe even help him out. I sat in my blue gaming chair, slid the switch, and poof! I was sucked into my Wii and inside of the game. “Sweet I’m in the Hidden Leaf Village.” I said looking around at the buildings surrounding me. I noticed the Ramen Shop that Naruto always went into to eat ramen and walked towards it. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” I heard Naruto say from behind me. At that moment my controller beeped and I knew what was about to happen. I spun around in time to see Naruto and one of his clones flying at me so I did a back flip and kicked his clones in the face making him disappear. I pulled back my right arm and yelled “Falcon!” “Punch!” my fist hit him square in the face knocking him back to where he hit the side of a building.

I watched as Naruto picked himself up off the ground. “Heh…lucky shot” he said rubbing the dirt off his orange jumpsuit. He then ran full speed towards me with his fist held high screaming “Yaahhh!” I grinned at him and threw out a banana peel. He slipped up and bashed his face on the ground. I reached out my hand to help him up but instead he pulled me down and punched me in gut knocking the wind out of me. He jumped back on his feet and prepared to attack again. “S…Stop!” I wheezed holding my stomach and trying to catch my breath. “I’m Shawn the Game Master…!” Naruto stopped dead in his tracks. I finally caught my breath and said “Thanks for stopping” “Yeah whatever, so what do you want?” Naruto said with his arms crossed. “I’m here to see if you need any help fighting any of your enemies.” “Well I’m not on any missions at the moment so I don’t need any help.” He said. “Ok…so what can I help you with?” I asked.

“Hm…” “You could fight me that way I can get some training in before my next mission.” Naruto said. “Sure” I said. “Ok follow me I know the perfect place.” Five minutes later Naruto and I were in the woods with a huge opening. “Alright I want a good fight and not like the one we had in town.” Naruto said. “Oh I’ll give you a good fight.” I said grinning. My controller then beeped again. I looked down and the screen said that I had learned Shadow Clone Jutsu. I put away my controller and said “You ready?” “Yeah!” Naruto yelled. At the same time Naruto and I both did Shadow Clone Jutsu. He had two other clones plus himself and I had two other clones plus myself. The six of us all ran at each other with our fist in the air.

We each hit each other in the face and both our clones had disappeared. I took in a deep breath and spewed out fire. Naruto quickly dodged it and threw exploding shuriken at my feet. It blew away and knocked me on my ass. I got back on my feet and held my hands together on my side. A blue ball formed and when it was large enough I shot it out at Naruto yelling “Aura Sphere!” The blue ball was too fast for Naruto that it hit him in the chest and knocked him to the ground. I then charge up Skull Bash and waited for Naruto to stand back up. When he got back on his feet I shot towards him. As I drew closer he just stood there smiling at me. Then one of his shadows came from out of the ground as I was flying over him and punched me in the jaw knocking me high into the air.

“Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Naruto yelled as three of his clones popped up around him. Naruto and one of his clones began forming the rasegan while the other two got into position to throw the rasegan wielding Naruto in the air at me. Once Naruto was finished he ran towards his two clones and was thrusted up towards me yelling “Rasegan!” I didn’t have a chance to move so when I was hit my shirt began to tear and his rasegan was cutting into my skin. “Ahhh!!!” I screamed in pain. Naruto landed on his feet while I landed on my back and coughed up blood. “You’re not much of a challenge Game Master!” Naruto said. Slowly getting up off the ground and spitting out blood I said “I’m just warming up.”

I shook away the pain trying to ignore it and focused on what I was about to do next. Naruto then threw more exploding shuriken at me so I reflected them back to him using Fox’s reflector. Naruto panicked and threw regular shuriken at it stopping it in its place causing a cloud of smoke to come between us. I took the opportunity and ran towards him kicking him in the gut with Wizard’s Foot. Believe me when I say this but getting kicked by Ganondorf’s Wizard Foot hurts like hell. Naruto, still on his feet, slid back and hit a tree breaking it in half. “Did you get a kick out of that!?” I yelled trying to be funny. “Ok…you win…” he said picking himself up off the ground and whipping blood from his mouth. “That’s enough training for today” Naruto said. “Yeah, you look rough” I said. “Want to go to the hospital?” “Nah…all I need is ramen and I’ll be fine.” He said walking by my side towards town. “Cool I am pretty hungry” I said rubbing my growling stomach.

Naruto and I walked into the Ramen Shop and ordered some beef ramen. “So who’s paying for the ramen?” I asked. “It’s on me” Naruto said smiling then picking up his bowl of ramen and chowing down. “Cool” I said trying to pick up my ramen noodles with my chopsticks. “There you are!” Sakura said as she entered the Ramen Shop. “Where have you been? Kakashi’s wants you so you can start your next mission!” Sakura then noticed me staring at her. Her face began to blush and she asked “Hi! What’s your name?” “Shawn, Shawn the Game Master” I said. Naruto cut in and said “Uh…Sakura-chan shouldn’t we be going now?” Sakura gave him a dark look that shut him up and then looked back in my direction to see that I had disappeared. I poofed back in my gaming chair and whipped the sweat from my head. “Man, I sure am a ladies’ man” I said smiling.

Chapter 42

Three days later on a stormy night I decided to go into Devil May Cry 3. “This is going to be awesome fighting side by side with Dante.” I said standing in front of my T.V. holding my controller. Melenda then came into my room and said “Hey baby what you up to?” I turned around and said “Hey sexy, I’m just about to go into Devil May Cry 3 and help Dante.” “Um…you do know its storming outside right?” Melenda asked. “Yeah…” I said. “I think it’s a bad idea going into Devil May Cry 3 right now, maybe you should just wait until tomorrow ok?” Melenda asked “Nah….” “I’ll be fine Melenda.” “Please…” Melenda begged. “Sorry babe.” I said as a slid the switch. “I’ll be back later ok? I love you!” My body turned to a cloud of smoke and I was sucked into the PS2.

At that very same moment the lightning outside struck the power line and cut the power off to my house. Melenda was then surrounded in pitch black and saw that my T.V. as well as my PS2 were cut off. “Oh no….” Melenda said with her hands over her mouth. The next thing I knew I was floating in a area surrounded by darkness unable to see a thing. “Hello?” I said out loud. My voice echoed throughout the dark area. “What the hell is this?” I asked myself. I looked around and still I saw darkness everywhere. “Where in the hell am I!?” I screamed. I then pulled out my controller and hit the start and select buttons. Nothing. I hit them again. Nothing. I began bashing my controller against my head trying to see if that would work but yet again. Nothing.

“Crap….” I said glumly. “I guess I’m stuck here forever….” Back outside in my room Melenda had plugged up my T.V. and PS2 to a miniature generator that was in my closet. Devil May Cry 3 started up but she didn’t see me in it. “Shawn…where are you…?” she said staring at the screen. Melenda then remembered when I was stuck in brawl and the only way I heard her on how to get out was the Wii’s microphone. Melenda went to my game shelf and grabbed the PS2 microphone. She plugged it up and said “Shawn? Can you hear me?” “If you can go ahead and try to exit the game.” Melenda watched and waited for a minute. “Shawn if you can hear me exit out the game!” Another minute went by and Melenda began to tear up. “Shawn! Please! Exit the game!” Still nothing happened. Melenda angrily threw the microphone at the PS2 and fell to her knees crying.

All of a sudden a cloud of smoke appeared in front of the PS2 and formed me. “Whoa…what happened?” I said confused and holding my dizzy head. Melenda, in tears, shot up from the floor and wrapped her arms around my neck joyfully yelling “Shawn! You’re ok!” I hugged her back and said “Of course babe, I told you I’ll be fine.” Melenda paused for a moment and then slapped the crap out of my left cheek. “Ow! What was that for!?” I cried rubbing my red cheek. “For going into the game in the first place when I told you that it was storming outside!” Melenda yelled with her back turned to me and arms crossed. “I was really worried that I might never see you again….” She then said starting to cry again. “I’m sorry babe….” I said grabbing her right shoulder. “…please forgive me…” Melenda sighed and turned around to kiss me. “Just promise me that you won’t do that again okay?” “I promise,” I said pulling Melenda’s lips to mine.

Chapter 43

Thanks to the thunder storm I decided to go into Devil May Cry 3 some other time. So three days later after beating Bioshock on its hardest difficulty, I chose to go into the game and see what ability I could learn next while helping Jack of course. Standing in front of my T.V., I slid the switch and poof, I was in the game. In an instance as I arrived I saw a Big Daddy, some guy inside of a diving suit, carrying around a little girl with a large needle full of adom in her hand. The two of them walk up to a platform where the word “Test subject #1” is on the sign above it and a dead body of a man is lying at. “Hey, I remember this part in the game.” I said to myself. “And that must be Jack!” The girl shoves the needle inside the dead guy’s neck and begins to extract adom from him. As soon as she began screams and laughs began to surround the three of us.

“Oh crap…not splicers…” I said scanning the area. A girl Spider Splicer fell from the ceiling with hooks as hands and ran at the little girl. Before she could get any closer, Jack, using his electric plasmid, shocked the hell out of her and then shot her in the head with his shotgun splattering her brains all over the wall. My controller then beeped, but I ignored it because from behind me a Thuggish Splicer holding a machine gun started yelling “Die! Die! Die!” I quickly turned around and used Fox’s reflector reflecting every bullet he sent at me. The bullets pierced him in the chest, legs, arms, heart, and then head. “Nice try buddy” I said turning off the reflector. All of a sudden a scream came from above me. I looked up to see a man Spider Splicer coming down at me preparing to strike. “Crap! I don’t have time to block or dodge!” I closed my eyes and heard a loud bang that was a few feet away.

I opened my eyes and saw the splicer that was attacking me on the ground beside me dead. I turned to where the gun was fired and saw Jack’s shotgun in his hand smoking. “Whew…thanks man” I said giving him thumbs up. He nodded and started shooting at more Spider, Thuggish, and Leadhead Splicers that appeared. I threw C4’s on the ground so when they came near I’d blow them up. After two more minutes of fighting, the little girl finally finished gathering adom. “Man that was a pain.” I said. “It’s only going to get worse kid.” Jack said heading down the hallway.

“I know what you mean.” I said. I then checked my controller and on the screen it said that I had learned electric plasmid. “Sweet” I said focusing the electricity in my left hand. We headed further down the hallway the little girl on Jack’s shoulder said “Who are you?” “I’m Shawn the Game Master” I said smiling. Jack’s diving helmet turned towards me and he said “Game Master? What’s that?” “Well…Game Master’s are able to go into different video games like I’m in your game right now,” I explained. “Oh well I guess you’re the first one ever to come to Rapture,” he said. “Hey look!” I said pointing at the next platform with a dead body on it and “Test Subject #2” written above it. “Once I’m finished gathering adom from the three Test Subject’s, I can finally kill Frank Fontaine.” Jack said placing the little girl down beside the dead body. “Yeah and I’m here to help.” I said.

The little girl stuck the dead body in the neck with the needle and round two of killing splicers came. After the three minute battle with the splicers, Jack the little girl, and I continue down the hallway until we reached a red door. We opened the door and behind it was a large room with a huge skeleton of some sea creature lying on the floor. “What is that thing?” I asked. “I don’t know” Jack said. Still staring at it, we go around it and enter into another door on the other side of the room. Once we entered the door we came to a small hallway that turned to the right. When we turned right we had to cross a section of the hallway with water on the floor and in the middle of the large room was a huge shark statue. “That’s a big ass shark.” I said examining it. The room lead to another hallway on the other side of the shark and we continued on down it.

A Thuggish Splicer and Spider Splicer were standing in the middle of the hallway so Jack brought out his rocket launcher and blew the two of them up. We then came across another platform with “Test Subject #3” written above it. The little girl did the same as the other two and here came the splicers. Three minutes later we kicked all their asses and Jack picked up the little girl. “Now we must find a hidey hole.” Jack said. As we headed down the hallway some more we came across a brown bear statue, a torrent that nearly shot my face off, and four splicers. Then we entered another door that brought us to the same room with the large skeleton of the sea creature, but on the second floor and spotted a hidey hole near another red door.

Jack placed the little girl on the ground and she ran up to the hidey hole jumping and catching the edge of the hole. She lifted herself from off the ground and crawled into the hole then turned around and threw the needle to Jack. “Stab the mean man with it Mr. Bubble’s” she said. “I will” Jack said. “Let’s go kick Frank’s ass” I said heading through the other red door with Jack. The room Jack and I entered into next had a Gatherer’s Garden up against the wall in front of us, U-invent and Gene Bank to the left of us, and a Circus of Values as well as a Ammo vending machine to the right of us. We went around the wall in the middle of the room and on the other side of it was an elevator. “Well there’s were we go to get to Frank Fontaine” I said. “Yep” Jack said still holding onto the needle.

The two of us step into the elevator and pressed the button to go up. When we reached the top floor we spotted Frank strapped in a large machine. Jack runs up to him and stabs him in the chest with the needle. Frank yells and then disappears from behind Jack all black and fiery. He runs at Jack and began shooting out fire balls from his hand. Jack dodges the fire balls and starts shooting him with his machine gun. I run up from behind Frank and Falcon Punched him in the back. He then disappears back to the machine strapped in again. Jack again runs up to him and stabs him in the chest with the needle. Frank yells again and disappears again behind Jack but this time he’s black and blue.

Frank smirks and starts pounding the ground causing a trail of ice to come towards Jack and me. Jack couldn’t dodge it in time and his legs became frozen to the ground. “Damn!” Jack yelled. Even though Jack’s legs were frozen Jack pulled out his rocket launcher and began firing at Frank. I grabbed Frank’s arms and held them behind his back. He struggled back I held him long enough for the missiles to blow up in his face. He then disappeared back to the machine. “Hey kid take this and stab him in the chest!” Jack through the needle to me and I caught it. I ran up to Frank and shoved the needle deep into his chest. He yelled and disappeared again. He stayed black and blue but he began throwing large purple electric balls at us. Jack finally broke free by using his fire ability to melt the ice at his feet and dodged the balls. When Jack dodged it the balls came straight at me and knocked me to the ground while it shocked me and stunned me in place.

“Don’t worry kid I got this!” Jack yelled as he shot Frank with his machine gun. I struggled to get up but my body didn’t even nudge. Jack shot Frank with everything he’s got until Frank disappeared back to the machine. “This is it!” Jack yelled as he ran towards Frank and stabbing him one last time in the chest. Frank yelled in pain and smacked Jack across the room causing him to go dizzy. Frank then walked to were Jack was laying and pulls out the needle from his chest tossing it in front of Jack’s face. Before Frank could get any closer a little sister jumps onto Franks back and stabs him in the neck with another needle. Then a bunch of other little sisters began stabbing him all over his body causing him to fall to the ground.

Jack, watching them stab Frank, slowly passes out. I was able to move my body again and stood up. I walked over to Jack and lifted him up on my shoulder. A little sister grabbed my hand and said “Follow me,” Thirty minutes later as I’m sitting in a room with a women named Tenenbaum, all the little sisters, and Jack who’s lying in bed, Jack finally wakes up and the first thing he see’s is a little sister beside his bed holding out the key to Rapture City. He sits up, takes the key, and smiles. “Thank you” He said to the little sister. “Hey man it’s nice to see you awake,” I said walking up to him. “Yeah, I want to thank you for helping me defeat Frank” He said giving me a thumbs up. “No problem, also congratulations on getting the key to Rapture City.” I said. “So what are you going to do next?” “I’m going to leave this place so I can go out and start a new life.” Jack said. “Cool, well it was nice meeting you, but I’m going to go now.” I said pulling out my controller. “It was nice meeting you too.” Jack said. I pressed the pause and select buttons and poof, I was back in my room. “That was awesome!”

Chapter 44

“So what game are you going to go in next?” Melenda asked. “I don’t know yet.” I said looking through my games. “Do you think I can choose one for you and then maybe go in it with you?” “Sure babe,” Melenda began looking through the games and in ten seconds she pulls out Animal Crossing City Folk. “Can we go in here? Pleeease baby?” Melenda begged. “I guess so” I said grabbing the game from her hand. “Besides, I had my fun yesterday when I went into Bioshock” I put the game into the Wii, grabbed Melenda’s ass, and slid the switch. Poof, Melenda and I turned to a cloud of smoke and were sucked into the Wii. “Oh my gosh it’s Smashville!” Melenda joyfully yelled. “Yeah, and look there’s Bunnie and Anchovy over there talking.” I said pointing at them through the trees. Melenda gasped and yelled “Bunnie’s my favorite animal in Animal Crossing!” She began running towards Bunnie and Anchovy. Bunnie notices her and both her and Anchovy run away screaming in horror.

Melenda stopped in her tracks confused. “Where you guy’s going? I just want to say hi!” Melenda said. “It’s ok Melenda” I said coming up to her. “They’re probably not use to having people like us around.” “Yeah…I guess so…” “Can we go to Tom Nook’s store?” Melenda asked. “Sure” I said. We headed through the tree and pass a couple of houses until we reached Tom Nook’s store. His store was fully upgraded to Nookington, it was two stories high, and it had huge windows that we could see clearly through. I walked up to the buildings sliding door but it didn’t open. I peeked through the glass on the door and saw Tom Nook hiding behind his counter shaking like a leaf. “Yo Tom Nook! I thought you would be open at this time considering it’s still light outside.” Tom Nook didn’t budge to do or say anything.

“Man what’s up with him?” I asked looking at Melenda. “I don’t know…maybe we should go find the Animal Crossing boy and ask what’s going on.” Melenda said. “Yeah, you’re right” “I bet he’s at home” I said. Melenda and I head east passing through more trees and houses then heading over a little bridge. “Where is everyone?” I asked. “We haven’t seen a single soul since Bunnie and Anchovy.” “I don’t know, but it’s kind of spooky” Melenda said. “Look! There’s the Animal Crossing boy’s house!” I said pointing at it in the distance. Melenda and I begin running towards his house. Then all of a sudden the ground caved in beneath us and only our heads were sticking out. “Crap! We fell into a pitfall!” I yelled struggling to get out. “I always hated these things when I was playing Animal Crossing.” Melenda said trying to break free as well.

“Ha! Serves you right!” a voice yelled coming from the Animal Crossing boy’s house. Melenda and I look up to see the boy peeking from his door. “What do you mean serves you right!? We didn’t do anything to you!” I yelled. “Not yet that is!” He yelled as he walked towards us. “What are you talking about!?” I asked angrily. “You Game Masters are all the same, coming into my town looking for things to buy, chopping down the entire town’s trees just so you could get Bells from them, and once you’re done sucking us dry you destroy our precious town and leave!” The Animal Crossing boy yelled. “Seriously I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! This is our first being here in Smashville!” I screamed as I still tried to free myself from the pitfall.

“So you don’t know about the last Game Master who came to Smashville and destroyed out town?” he asked rubbing his chin. “No, now can you set us free?” I asked. “No way! I still don’t trust you!” he yelled as he pointed at us. “What did this other Game Master do?” Melenda asked kindly. The boy sighed and said “About three years ago when I had first moved here and was helping Tom Nook out so I can pay off some of my loan for my house, a Game Master like you appeared.” “Everyone in Smashville wanted to meet this Game Master, including me.” “At first we thought he was a nice guy, but the longer he stayed the more he wanted to destroy our town.” “Twenty five minutes later after he had killed majority of the towns people, stole everything from Tom Nook’s store, and destroyed everything in sight he then disappeared.”

“That’s horrible!” Melenda said tearing up. “Listen, that might have been a different Game Master, but I’m not like that.” I said. “Yeah right, like I’m going to believe that” the boy said crossing his arms. “Really I’m not! I’ve actually been going to game to game helping out others on what they need help with.” “It’s true, Shawn’s a good Game Master” Melenda said. “Let them go sonny” Tortimer said from behind us. “But Mr. Mayor…” the Animal Crossing boy started. “Let them go” “Yes sir,” The boy brought out his shovel and dug Melenda and I out of the ground. “Sweet freedom!” I said brushing the dirt off my hoodie and pants. “By the looks of the two of you, I’d say you both look like your telling the truth.” Tortimer said smiling. “We are sir, and thank you for setting us free” I said.

“So who was this other Game Master you speak of?” Melenda asked as she finished brushing the dirt off her arms. “He never gave us his name, but he did drop this.” Tortimer said handing me a sheet of paper. I opened it up and what written on it was ‘I had a nice time in your town. Sincerely, JCW’ “JCW?” I asked. “My guess is that JCW is the Game Master’s initials” The Animal Crossing boy said. “I know or I used to know someone who had the initials JCW” I said. “Oh?” Tortimer said. “Who might that be?” “My great great grandpa, but there’s no way that’s the same JCW who wrote this note.” I explained. “What happened to your grandpa?” Animal Crossing boy asked. “My mom and dad told me that he died when I was only two.” “Can you remember what this guy looked like?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not” Tortimer said. “My memory isn’t what it used to be” “How about you?” I asked turning to the Animal Crossing boy. “All I remember is that he wore a green cap, that’s it” the boy said. “Damn…” “You mind if I keep this note then?” I asked turning back to Tortimer. “Of course you can” He said smiling. “Thanks” I said. “Now let me gather everyone in town to let them know that you are not here to hurt us” Tortimer said. Ten minutes later me, Tortimer, Melenda, the Animal Crossing boy, and everyone in town are in front of the town hall. “Everyone listen up” “I know that we had a Game Master in the past destroy our town, but the Game Master that stands before you says that he is good and I as mayor believe him.” Tortimer said. “So I want everyone to go through their normal days and treat our guest with care.” “How do we know he won’t back stab us when we’re not looking?” asked Wolfgang. “Yeah!?” screamed everyone else.

“Look I know you don’t trust Game Masters, but you should at least give them a second chance.” I said. Everyone paused for a moment to think. Wolfgang then said “Fine we’ll give Game Masters a second chance, but if you try anything funny…” “I won’t, I promise” “We’ve got our eyes on you Game Master” Wolfgang said. The towns’ people began to part in their own direction. “Thanks Tortimer” I said smiling. “You’re welcome lad, now go on and enjoy yourselves in my fine town” he said shooing us away. “Shawn, now can we go to Tom Nook’s store to see what he’s selling?” Melenda asked as her and I walk away from the town hall. “Sure babe” I said wrapping my arm around her waist as we walked.

We came to Tom Nook’s store again and entered through the sliding door. “Welcome! Welcome! What can I do for the two of you?” Tom Nook said as he greeted us at the door. “We’re just looking” I said. On the counters were everything you would normally find when playing Animal Crossing. Tools were laid out in one section, tree saplings and flower seed in another section, and notepads and a bag of medicine on the last section. Nothing interested us so we headed upstairs where all the furniture and paint as well as wallpaper and carpet would be. When we reached the second floor Melenda and I were greeted by Tom Nook’s two sons, Timmy and Tommy. “How may we help you?” “…you?” the two of them said. “We’re fine we just want to look around a bit ok?” I said. “Shawn look at this!” Melenda said running up to a large Teddy bear. “Oh…can I have it? Pleeease!” Melenda begged. “Sure babe” “How much is it?” I asked looking at Timmy. “The Teddy Bear is exactly 450 bells” “…bells” Timmy and Tommy both said.

“What!? 450 bells?” “I don’t even have any money,” I said. “I can give you some bells” the Animal Crossing boy said as he came up the stairs. “You’d really do that?” I asked. “Sure, plus I’m starting to think you really are a nice Game Master considering you haven’t done anything bad yet.” He said taking out a bag of bells and throwing it to me. “Thank you” I said. “You’re welcome” The Animal Crossing boy then headed back down stairs. “Would you like the Teddy Bear?” “…Bear?” asked Timmy and Tommy. “Yes please,” I said counting out 450 bells and handing them to Timmy. “Thank you, is there anything else you need?” “…need?” I looked around the room and spotted the Triforce in corner. “Yeah how much is that Triforce?” I asked pointing at it. “Good eye, that is our spotlight item it cost 1,500 bells.” “…bells.” I looked down in the bag of bells and counted out 1,500 bells then handed them to Timmy. “Thank you, is there anything else you need?” “…need?” Timmy and Tommy both said.

“No thank you, we’ll be leaving now.” I said. I grabbed up the large teddy bear and the Triforce and headed down the stairs. “Aw…thank you so much Shawn for getting me the teddy bear.” Melenda said kissing the side of my cheek. “You’re welcome babe, now let’s head home.” I said heading towards the front of the store. “Ok” Melenda said. “Thank you, please come again” Tom Nook said as we headed out the store. Once outside I pulled out my controller and pressed the start and select buttons. Poof, we left Animal Crossing, with the things we bought, and poofed back in my room. “Now that we’re home, let’s go to the library and look up this JCW guy is.” I said. “Sure, but let me take my teddy bear home and I’ll meet you there ok?” Melenda said. “Ok,” I said giving her a kiss on the lips.

Chapter 45

Twenty minutes later I stood in front of the library waiting for Melenda, as I was waiting I was playing God of War Chains of Olympus for the PSP. I know what you’re thinking, why haven’t I gone into any God of War games like the one I’m playing right now? Well I’ve already tried to go into to the PSP’s version, but for some odd reason it won’t let me. As for any other God of War games on the major consoles, I decided not to go into any because I know Kratos don’t take to kindly to strangers and I want to be strong enough to kick his ass before I go into it. “Hey baby I’m here now” Melenda said walking up to me. “Cool, let’s go search up this JCW guy” I said shoving my PSP into my hoodie pocket. Melenda and I head in through the front door of the library. We walk up to the female librarian who’s behind the desk sorting out books that were just brought in by somebody.

“Excuse me ma’am do you know where I can find people whose initials are JCW?” I asked. “Why yes it’s over there in the back” she said pointing in its direction. “Thank you” I said. Melenda and I walk down the isle of books searching each book for anything we could find on JCW. “Found it” Melenda said pulling a book off the shelf. “Sweet let me see it” I said holding out my hand. I read the front cover which said “The biography of Jimmy Crip Wilson” “I knew it…” “Knew what?” Melenda asked. “This is the only book of a JCW right?” I asked looking at Melenda. “Yep, it was the only one” “Well the JCW guy we’re looking for is my grandpa, because his name was Jimmy Crip Wilson.” I flipped opened the book and the first page that was in the book was a picture of my grandpa wearing a green cap, with short brown hair, and light blue eyes. “Oh yeah that’s him alright.” “Well what does it say about him?” Melenda asked.

“Jimmy Crip Wilson was born June 15, 1986 and died unknown” I began to read. “Died unknown? I thought you said that your mom and dad told you he died when you were only three?” “They did, but I don’t know why they lied about his death.” I said. “What else does it say?” Melenda asked. I flipped to the next page and read “Jimmy and his wife Megan both had a little girl named Crystal” “Jimmy worked for Mr. Durble at the Durble Game Store as a shelf stocker. One day when the store had closed, Jimmy decided to sneak back into the store to steal every game and gaming console that Mr. Durble had as well as all the cash in the cash register.” “When Jimmy’s bag was full of games and consoles he headed into the storage room, where he was not allowed to go into, and opened up the stores safe.” “Jimmy grabbed all the money that was inside of the safe and then came across a Game Master controller that resembled a Nintendo DS and PSP mixed. Once he had everything he wanted, Jimmy left out of the store and headed back home and kept everything he stole from his wife.”

“Testing out the controller Jimmy figured out how to use it and began causing trouble on Planet Raeth. When his father, Thomas Wilson, found out about this, he confronted his son.” “Jimmy denied his evil deeds and fled leaving no trace of him behind. Till this day Jimmy’s whereabouts are still unknown” “What about his family?” Melenda asked. “Hang on, I’m getting there” I said. “Jimmy’s wife was so horrified of Jimmy’s evil deeds that she hung herself leaving her daughter Crystal to Thomas to care for.” “That’s horrible!” Melenda said tearing up. “Why would he do that?” “I don’t know babe, but I think I’d like to know why Mr. Durble had a Game Master controller.” “Let’s head over the Durable’s Game Store and ask Weasel.” I said putting the book back where we found it. “Ok,” Melenda said.

We arrived at Durable’s Game Store ten minutes later and headed through the front door. Once inside, I spotted Weasel stocking Playstation games on the shelf where all the other Playstation games were. “Hey Weasel, you got a minute?” I asked walking up behind him. “Sure, just let me finish real quick and I’ll be with you in a minute ok?” “Ok,” Weasel stuck the last game he had on the shelf and turned to me. “What can I do for you Shawn?” Weasel asked. “While I was at the library, I read in a book that was about my grandpa, Jimmy Wilson, on how your grandpa at the time had a Game Master controller in his safe.”Is that true?” I asked. “Yeah, my grandpa had a Game Master controller, until your grandpa came in here and stole it.” He said. “I was wondering how your grandpa came in possession of it before it was stolen.” “Sure, but can we talk about this in private?” Weasel asked. “Uh…sure” I said. “Follow me please” Weasel said heading to the back of the store. Melenda and I looked at one another and shrugged our shoulders then followed Weasel.

Weasel unlocked the door that said ‘Storage room’ and went through the door. “The controller Jimmy stole was passed down to my family for generations, and the only reason my grandpa kept it in his safe was so that he could give the controller to a Game Master that was born in our family.” “Since the controller had no owner and Jimmy was a Game Master, the controller became his owner instead.” “That’s messed up” I said. “Yeah, I know” Weasel said. “So how do you know so much about Game Masters?” I asked. “Well for one my grandpa told me all about them, and…” Weasel began as he opened the safe. “…in my family tree there were Game Masters dating back when Planet Raeth was first created.” Weasel pulled out a half a piece of paper and handed it to me.

At the top showed a women’s face with light brown hair and dark green eyes. Under her face was the name ‘Elizabeth Durble’ and below that showed several other face’s from Weasel’s family tree. “Elizabeth huh?” I asked remembering my grandma’s name that was also named Elizabeth. “Yeah? What about her?” Weasel asked. “The rips on this paper looks awfully familiar…” I said studying the page where it had been torn. Then it hit me on my family tree had the same rip but was on the other side. “I know this sounds crazy, but I think I might know where the other half is” I said looking up at Weasel. “You do?” Weasel asked surprised. “Yeah let me go home and get it ok?” I said. I gave the paper back to Weasel and ran full speed back to my house. A minute later I came back with my family tree in hand and gave it to Weasel. Oh, I forgot to mention that while I was in Brawl I discovered that I was already super strong and super fast. Weasel studied my family tree and the rip that was on it and said “Yeah…this does look like the rip on my family tree.” “That’s my great great great grandpa Thomas Wilson.” I said pointing at his picture. My great great great grandpa wore a blue cap, had light brown hair that on one side nearly covered his eye, and light green eyes.

“And look, right next to his face is the rip just like the rip next to Elizabeth’s face on your family tree.” I said. “Want to see if the rips fit together?” Weasel asked. “Yeah let’s see” I said. Weasel handed my family tree back to me and we slowly put them together. “Oh my god…” Weasel said. “T…They fit perfectly.” “So does this mean we’re actually related?” I asked. “I think so,” Weasel said. “So if we are related then what are you to me?” I asked. “Well…by looks of it I’d say we’re…cousins.” “That’s so cool!” Melenda cheered. “Yeah it is, this whole time instead of you being my friend you were actually my cousin.” I said. “Weird…” Weasel said. “So what now?” “Well if you’d like we could head back to my house and play some Brawl” I said. “Sure, just let me close up the store and I’ll meet you there…cousin.” Weasel said smiling. “Cool, I’ll see you there…cousin.” I said smiling back.

Chapter 46

“Captain we’ve run out of ammo and the ships laser is over heated what shall we do?” the 360’s first mate said. “Keep a close eye on the Wii King’s ship, we don’t want him getting to the Game Master” the 360 King said. “Yes sir!” the first mate said. “Sir!” one of the Wii King’s minions said. “The X Box King has ceased firing.” “Excellent! We must take this opportunity and hide our ship at once!” “Turn on the ships camouflage!” The Wii King ordered. “Yes Sir!” the minion at the terminal said. He pressed a button on the terminal and the ship vanished. “Captain it appears that the Wii King has turned on their camouflage to hide their ship” the first mate said. “Scan the area with the ship’s heat detector; we don’t want the Wii King to escape us.” “I’m on it sir!” the first mate said. “Wii minion front and center!” the Wii King ordered. “Yes sir?” the Wii minion said.

“I want you to go to Raeth and use the disguiser to take upon a Raeth citizen using the name Zach.” The Wii King said. “Then I want you to become the Game Master’s sister’s boyfriend and when you have the chance kill the Game Master as best as you can.” “Yes sir,” the Wii minion said. “Now go, and don’t come back until you have killed the Game Master and obtained his controller!” the Wii King ordered. “I will not fail you my King” the Wii minion said bowing his head. “Once I have that controller no one, not even the 360 King can stop me!” the Wii King said smirking. “Mwa HaHaHaHa!”

Chapter 47

“Hey mommy?” I asked. “What is it sweetie?” mom asked back as she turned her head from the T.V. “I heard Shawn say earlier today that Weasel was our cousin, is that true?” “Why yes sweetie, Weasel had a half family tree like we did and put his together with ours.” Mom said. “Oh ok,” “So where’s Shawn at now?” “Oh I think he left with Weasel and Melenda to go get some pizza or something” “Ok, well I’m going to be in my room playing with dollies” I headed over to the stairs. Before I could get upstairs, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it mommy!” I said heading to the front door. I opened the door to find a boy the same age as me with short gray hair, and light green eyes, wearing a black shirt with a picture of the Nintendo Wii on the front, and blue jeans. “Hi, my name is Zach, I just moved here.” Zach said holding out his hand.

Staring into Zach’s eyes, I began to blush. “Hi, T…Terry name’s my…” “Oops…I mean my name’s Terry” I said shaking Zach’s hand. “Who’s at the door Terry?” mom asked coming from behind me. “T…This is Zach, he just moved here.” I said. “Oh? Well it’s nice to meet you Zach.” “Please, do come in.” mom said gesturing Zach to come in. “Thank you ma’am,” Zach said heading through the front door. “So where did you move from?” mom asked. “Uh…” Zach began to panic. “I’m from…Calahala!” Zach said. “The island in the Picafic Ocean?” mom asked. “Y…Yes ma’am” Zach said as he thought to himself to make sure that was correct. “What’s it like there?” I asked. “Oh it’s uh…beautiful and tropical” Zach said as he hoped that they would stop asking questions. “Oh wow…” I said.

“Mommy?” I asked. “Yes sweetie?” mom asked. “Do you think I can show Zach my room?” “Of course sweetie, but make sure that Zach wants to go see your room before you start pulling him up the stairs.” “Ok mommy” I said. “Zach, would you like to see my room?” I asked. “Sure,” Zach said with a smile. “Oh yay!” I cheered as I pulled Zach up to my room. “Here it is!” I said smiling. “My room!” “Cool,” Zach said. “Hey Terry?” Zach asked. “Yeah?” “I know we just met and all, but do you believe in love at first sight?” My face turned red as a beat so I quickly turned around covering my face with my hands so Zach couldn’t see me. “I…uh…um…I do...” “W…Why do you ask?” “Because from the moment I first saw you I felt something in my heart that told me we were meant to be,” Zach said. My heart was beating so fast it felt as if it was about to explode. There was a pause between us that lasted for about a minute and then Zach said “It’s okay, I understand Terry I’m going to far…” “I just couldn’t help myself because you’re so beautiful.” “I’ll see myself out, it was nice meeting you and your mom,” Zach said as he was heading out of my door.

“Wait!” I said grabbing his hand. “You really think I’m beautiful?” “Yeah, you’re the most beautiful lest girl I’ve ever met,” Zach said and coming towards me. My face turned redder than it already was when Zach pulled back my hair, lightly grabbed my chin, and kissed me softly on my lips. The feeling of fireworks shot through my body and I felt as if I were under his control. When our lips detached, Zach and I stared deeply into one another’s eyes feeling a connection between us. “Well,” Zach said. “I might want to head home; my parents are probably wondering where I am.” “Yeah they probably are.” I said smiling. “Well I’ll catch you later.” Zach said smiling back. He then left out of my room and headed down the stairs.

Chapter 48

Finally getting out of the wretched home, I exited the front door of Terry’s house and walked towards the street. Heading right from the house I just left, I walked five houses down and went across the street. On the other side of the street I walked up to a white house that looked like every other house on the block and stopped at the front door. I looked left and right making sure no one was around and placed my hand on the door. A keypad popped out and I entered in a four digit code. The door then slid open, and I walked inside. My fellow Wii companions were all across the walls on computers typing on their keyboards.

In the middle of the room was an elevator that leads up to my King, The Wii King. I stepped into the elevator pressed the button with the up arrow on it and began moving up. When I reached the second floor, the Wii King was talking to his brother, the PS3 King, on his flat screen monitor that hangs from the ceiling. As soon as the Wii King noticed me he said to his brother “I got to go!” and turned off the monitor. “What is it minion?” he asked. “Well sir, I have infiltrated Shawn’s house and gained the trust of his little sister, Terry.” I said. “Excellent minion excellent!” he chuckled. “Tomorrow you will complete your mission by killing Shawn in any way you can and steal his controller!” “Yes sir!” I said. “I will not let you down!” “You better not, or so help me if you fail this mission I will banish you from my ship forever!” He shouted. “Now go to you recharge room and get some sleep, you’re going to need it when you kill the Game Master tomorrow. “Yes sir!” I said turning around and heading back into the elevator.

Chapter 49

Yesterday was so amazing, I got to meet someone new and found my first love at the same time! I was bouncing for joy on my bed yelling “I have a boyfriend! I have a boyfriend!” until Melenda came into my room with a curious look on her face. “So you have a boyfriend?” she asked. “Yep! Yep! Yep!” I cheered. “Oh that’s wonderful!” she said clapping her hands to congratulate me. “Thank you” I said smiling. “So what’s his name?” Melenda asked sitting next to me on my bed. “Zach!” I said excitedly. “Zach?” she asked. “Yeah, he just moved here yesterday.” I said. “Hmm…I never saw a moving van, but oh well.” Melenda said shrugging. “Well I’m going to pick something up from Shawn then I’ll be heading back home ok?” Melenda said heading out my room. “Ok!” I said still giddy about having a boyfriend.

Fifth-teen minutes later after Melenda had left the doorbell rang. “I wonder who that might be.” I asked myself. I ran downstairs and opened the front door. Zach was on the other side and when he saw me, he smiled warmly. “H…hey Zach…” I said feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. “Hey,” he said kissing my cheek. My face turned as a red as a tomato and my body felt like it was about to melt. “So may I come in?” he asked sweetly. “Sure! Sure!” I said moving happily to the side. Once Zach was inside he said “My mom said that it was ok to come over and hang out.” “Oh really?” “Cool” I said smiling. “So what do you want to do?” Zach asked. “We could go to my room and play some Mario Kart for the Wii if you’d like” I said. “Sure” Zach said heading up the stairs.

We reached the top of the stairs and entered into my room. “I’m pretty good at Mario Kart so I hope you’re ready to get your butt whooped.” I said grinning. “I’m pretty good at it too, so maybe we’ll give each other a challenge.” Zach said grinning back. I turned on my Wii, gave Zach a Wii remote, and started Mario Kart. Sitting beside Zach, Zach turned to me and kissed me romantically on the lips. My heart began to race as I kissed him back. Then we turned back to the game. One hour later after Zach and I had beaten one another at least three times Zach put down his Wii remote. “I’ve got to use the bathroom can you tell me where it is?” Zach asked. “It’s down the hall and to your left.” I said. “Cool, thanks” “I’ll be right back ok?” Zach said kissing me on the lips again. “Ok…” I said about to faint. Zach then left out of my room.

“Ok now that I’m away from that girl, I can now kill Shawn and take his controller.” Zach said heading down the hallway towards Shawn’s room. Zach cracked Shawn’s door open and slid in. He then pulled out his switch blade that looked like a Wii remote from his back pocket. Crouching, Zach slowly crept towards the back of Shawn’s game chair. He could hear Shawn playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl as he got closer. When he was directly behind Shawn’s chair he readied himself with the switch blade and stood up. Zach quickly sliced Shawn’s neck and ran around the chair to grab his controller. Shawn stood up grabbing his neck and then fell to the floor bleeding to death.

“Oh yeah!” Zach cheered holding Shawn’s controller in the air. Zach then busted out of Shawn’s room and ran down the hallway. “I think I’ll get a glass of soda for me and Zach.” I said walking out of my room. All of a sudden Zach ran passed me and went down the stairs. “Zach where are you going?” I yelled after him. Before I could say anything else Zach had went out the front door. “Hmm…I wonder what spooked Zach.” I said. Thinking that it was maybe Shawn who spooked him I went to towards Shawn’s room and noticed his door was wide open. “Shawn just wouldn’t have his door wide open like that.” I said. I went into his room, walked up to Shawn’s chair, and saw Shawn lying on the floor with a pool of blood around him.

“Eeeeeek!” I shrieked when I saw Shawn’s body on the floor. I ran out of Shawn’s room yelling “Mommy! Daddy! Shawn’s dead!” When I was downstairs and in the kitchen, Mom was cooking Mac and cheese and Dad was reading the newspaper at the kitche table. “Mommy! Daddy!” I cried. “Shawn’s dead!” “What!?” Mom yelled in shock. “What do you mean he’s dead?” Dad asked placing his newspaper on the table. “I mean he’s lying on the floor dead!” I said whipping tears from my eyes. “She’s serious.” Dad said looking at my mom. The three of us rushed upstairs to Shawn’s room. “Where is he?” Dad asked once we were in Shawn’s room. “Over there” I said pointing at Shawn’s chair. Mom and Dad walked towards Shawn’s chair and gasped.

“Oh my god!” my mom yelled when she saw Shawn’s body. Mom got down on her knees beside Shawn and held him in her arms. “My baby!” she yelled as tears started flowing down her face. Dad was on the other side of Shawn and fell to his knees as well. “Who could have done this to my son!?” he said brushing Shawn’s blonde hair. “I…I think it was Zach.” I said in shock of what I just said. “Zach?” my Dad asked. “He just moved here yesterday.” I said still crying. “Before I found Shawn’s body, Zach ran passed me and out the front door when I was heading to the kitchen to get him and I some soda. “That bastard!” Dad yelled. “I’m calling the cops to head over to his house and arrest him!” Dad said standing up and heading out of Shawn’s room.

Chapter 50

Finally back at my head quarters, I rode the elevator up to the second floor with the controller in hand and presented it to the Wii King. “Ahh…Shawn’s controller” the Wii King said taking the controller from my hands. “You’ve done an excellent job minion” he said admiring the controller. “Thank you sir.” I said. “You are sure the Game Master is dead?” the Wii King asked turning to me. “Yes sir.” I said showing him the Wii remote switch blade that was covered in blood. “Fantastic!” the Wii King cheered. “Now that I have what’s rightfully mine, let’s get off of this cursed rock” the Wii King said. “As you wish sir.” I said. The house we were in transformed back into the Wii Ship and took off back into space.

“For retrieving the controller and killing the Game Master I now promote you minion as my right hand man.” the Wii King said feeling proud for my completed mission. “Thank you sir” I said happily. “And you will no longer sleep in the crappy rooms in the bottom of the ships, instead you may sleep in the fancy room right next to mine.” He said handing me the key to the fancy room. My face lit up and I said “Oh thank you sir! Thank you!” All of my brothering in the same room with the Wii King and I began clapping and cheering. “Ok! Let’s have a party!” the Wii King said. The Wii King then went over to the stereo and clicked it on. ‘Party Hard’ by Andrew W.K. began playing through the ship. The Wii King then flew up to the portrait of himself and opened his safe placing the controller inside again. “Let’s boogie!” the Wii King shouted.

Chapter 51

When the cops showed up so did Melenda who was worried to death. “What happened!?” Melenda asked busting through the front door. I was sitting on the bottom stair of the stair case with my head down crying and said. “S…Shawn’s dead…” Melenda stood in place shocked and her mouth wide open. “H…He’s dead…?” Melenda asked trying not to believe it. “Yes…” I said whipping tears from my eyes. Then two paramedics came down the stairs with Shawn’s body on a table with wheels. Melenda’s eyes grew wide and began tearing up. “No…” “This, this can’t be…” Melenda said as Shawn’s body was rolled out the door. “Who did this to him?” she asked now crying. “Zach…” I said bitterly.

“Zach?” “Your boyfriend?” she asked. “Ex…” I said staring at the floor. Melenda dropped to her knees and began to bawl. “My love of my life!” “How could this happen to you!” she yelled. I stood up from where I was sitting and walked over to Melenda. I got down on my knees, hugged her, and began crying as well. Melenda then suddenly stopped crying and slowly turned to me. “Where’s Shawn’s controller?” she asked. “I don’t know” I said “I didn’t see it anywhere near him” “Hmm…” Melenda said in thought. “I think I may know who really did this.” “Who is it?” I asked. “The Wii King!” she said. Then she thought for a moment. “I just remembered something!” She said smiling.

I was puzzled at what she was talking about so I just let her keep going. “Shawn has a healing ability!” I stared at Melenda as if she was crazy but I still didn’t say anything. “Before we left Brawl, Shawn had a large cut on his back from his last fight.” “Then when an hour had passed the cut magically healed itself right before my eyes” Melenda said excitedly. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes!” “We must go to the hospital and wait for the cut to heal itself!” She said jumping from off the floor. “Well let’s tell my Mom and Dad!” I said getting off the floor as well. We watched as the police officers who were talking to my Mom and Dad leave out of the front door. With smiling faces, Melenda and I walked up to my parents.

“Mommy, Daddy” I said. “Melenda just told me that Shawn has the ability to heal himself” “Yeah, and I think in about an hour Shawn’s cut would be fully healed and he’ll be good as new” Melenda said right after me. Mom and Dad stopped crying and looked at each other. “And how do you know this?” Dad asked turning to Melenda. Melenda explained the whole story. “Are you sure?” Dad asked. “I’m one hundred percent positive” Melenda said smiling. “Well let’s head on over to the hospital!” Mom said running out the front door. We all left the house, got into Dad’s car, and drove off towards the hospital. It was a fifth teen minute drive from my house to the hospital, but we finally arrived. I was hoping Melenda was right about this, if not I would be devastated.

Once inside the hospital we walked up to the lady behind the counter when you first walked in, and she pointed us in the direction where Shawn’s body was being held. We walked down the hall and came across a room with a sign next to it that said ‘Morgue’. Crossing her fingers, Melenda kept saying “Please be right. Please be right” A doctor greeted us when we came into the room and asked who we were here to see. “Were here to see Shawn Wilson’s body” my Dad said. “I was his father.” The doctor led us through dozens of bodies and stopped at the last one in the back of the room. “Well here he is” he said pulling the sheet from off Shawn’s face. “Take as much time as you need” the doctor said walking away.

The four of us stood there staring at Shawn’s body hoping he would hop up from the table and give us a big hug, but nothing happened. “The cut’s still there” Dad said looking at Melenda. “Well…it really hasn’t been an hour yet” she said. “Oh ok” Dad said looking back at Shawn’s body. Sitting in soft blue chairs we sat around Shawn’s body for about thirty five minutes until Mom began crying. “It been almost an hour and his cut is still there.” Mom said. “I don’t get it” Melenda said. “I was sure it would work.” “Well I guess a cut on the back and a cut to the throat is a little different so maybe Shawn’s really gone.” Dad said beginning to cry. “No…it…it can’t happen like this…” I said starting to cry. “I’m sorry everyone” Melenda said already crying. “It’s ok,” Dad said gathering us all up and crying in a circle.

“We might as well kiss Shawn goodbye” My Mom said. Mom left our circle and kissed Shawn on the forehead. As soon as her lips touched his skin her eyes nearly shot out of her head. “Oh my god!” Mom screamed. “H…His forehead is warm!” Surprised, Dad went over to Shawn and placed his hand on Shawn’s forehead. “She’s right!” Dad said looking at the three of us. We all gathered around Shawn’s body and watched as his cut at his neck began to heal right before our eyes. “Shawn’s going to be ok!” Melenda cheered. Melenda and I joyfully began bouncing up and down. The cut fully healed and Shawn’s eyes began to slowly open. “Wha…What happened?” “Where am I?” Shawn said looking around.

“Oh Shawn! You’re ok!” Melenda yelled hugging Shawn. “I’m ok?” “What do you mean?” Shawn asked. Shawn took a second to think about it and then it clicked. “Where is he!?” Shawn said lifting his body up from off the table. “Who?” I asked. “Zach, the one who cut my throat.” Shawn said. “So Zach did do this” My Dad said. “Yeah, so where is his ass” “I want to give him the beating of a life time!” Shawn said balling up his right fist. “Zach left after he killed you” I said remembering Zach rushing pass me. “He also took your controller” Melenda said. “Yeah, and I know why too.” Shawn said. “He’s either working for the Wii King or he’s one of the Wii King’s minions.” “I wonder why your controller hasn’t returned back to you yet” Melenda said. “Maybe because I was dead for a little while or something, I don’t know.” “Now that I’m alive again it should be coming back to me soon.” Shawn said grinning. “I’m so happy that you’re ok Shawn” Mom said crying again and giving him a big hug. “I don’t know what I’ll do if I really had lost you” “It’s ok Mom I’m not going anywhere” Shawn said hugging her back.

“Don’t ever do that to us again” Dad said laughing. Then the rest of us started laughing. “Let’s go home” Shawn said. “I’m really hungry for some reason.” Shawn hopped off the table and we all began walking out the morgue. “I don’t ever want you to leave me again.” I said hugging him as the five of us made our way down the hallway. “Don’t worry Terry, I won’t” Shawn said smiling. I smiled back and hugged him tighter. “I knew you would come back” Melenda said grabbing Shawn’s right hand. “Yeah, you can never put me down” he said proudly. “I’ll be the only one to put you down” Melenda said winking at Shawn. I decided that I heard too much so I caught up with my mom and dad. We finally were outside of the hospital and all got into the car. “How about we get some taco’s to celebrate Shawn’s revival” Dad said smiling in the rearview mirror. “Awesome!” Shawn said giving two thumbs up. Dad started the car and drove off.

Chapter 52

The party was amazing, but an hour later the Wii King, all my other companions, and I were in our rooms on sleep mode charging. Then loud thudding noises in the room next to me woke me up. “That’s coming from the king’s room!” I said. I unplugged myself and dashed out my bedroom door. “Sir! Are you ok!?” I said knocking on his door. Hearing no reply I opened his door and charged in. “Sir!?” I said looking around in the king’s dark room which was also his control room. I saw the king’s figure on the other side of the room. As I drew close to him I noticed him staring at the portrait of himself. “The Game Master is still alive!” the Wii King angrily yelled. “I thought you said he was dead!” he said turning to me.

“I…I did” “H…He was” I stuttered. “Then why is this hole in the portrait of me the shape of his controller!?” He screamed poiting at his picture. “I…I don’t know sir” I said confused. “Grr…you know what I must do minion…” the Wii King said turning his back to me. Banishment from the ship. I thought. “Guards!” the Wii King yelled still with his back turned. Two Wii guards rushed in. “Yes sir!” they both said saluting. “Remove this failer from my ship at once!” the Wii King ordered. “As you wish sir” said one of the guards. “P…Please sir! Give me another chance!” I said as both guards grabbed me from under my arms and began dragging me away. “Give me another chance!” The guards tossed me into an escape pod, set the coordinates for Planet Raeth, and launched me towards Raeth. “Noooo!” I cried. As the Wii Ship began to grow out of distance.

I sat inside the escape pod rocking back and forth wondering what am I going to do now that I’m no longer under the command of the Wii King. Then the thought hit me. “I could go to Shawn’s house and apologize for what I had done, but he might kill me before I get the chance.” I said. I looked out of the escape pod’s window to see how close I was to Planet Raeth. “Well…since I’ve got nothing to lose I might as well do it anyway.” The escape pod was now entering into Planet Raeth’s atmosphere. “Here goes nothing…” I said shaking. The pod hit smack dab in the middle of the woods causing a large crater in the ground. I hit the ‘Open hatch’ button and the door slid open.

“I just know I’m going to die” I said flying out of the escape pod and through the woods. Five minutes later I finally came upon Shawn’s house. There were two cars parked out front and the kitchen light was on. I flew across the road and looked through the kitchen window. Inside I could see Shawn, Terry, Shawn’s girlfriend, and both of Shawn’s parents eating taco’s at the table. Also on the table I spotted the controller right next to Shawn. I took a deep breath and flew over to the front door. Before ringing the doorbell I used the disguiser to make myself look like Zach again. After ringing the doorbell I heard Terry’s voice coming towards the door say “I got it!”. My human form heart began to beat so fast that I swore it was going to explode.

When the door opened Terry let out a horrifying gasp. “Mommy! Daddy! Shawn! Melenda! Zach’s here to kill us all now!” she screamed running back to the kitchen. “What!?” I heard Shawn yell and scooting his chair back that it knocked it over. I began to freak out and wanted to run for it, but I knew if I ran now Shawn would be able to catch me and kill me anyway. Shawn came out of the kitchen door with his controller in hand and started to do a Falcon Punch. “Wait! Wait! Wait!” I cried in fear and dropped to my knees. Shawn then stopped. “You have a lot of nerve showing your face around here again Wii henchmen!” he yelled. “Give me one good reason why I should pound your face in!” I slowly looked up at him and said “B…Before you kill me I just want to say…I’m sorry…” Shawn became even more angrier and yelled “Sorry!? Sorry!? You’re going to wish you were sorry for showing your face around here after what you did!” He readied his Falcon Punch again. Still crying I covered my head hoping that when he hits me it’ll be less painful. “Wait!” Shawn’s girlfriend said behind Shawn.

Shawn stopped again and turned towards his girlfriend. “Melenda why are you stopping me!? He cut my throat, stole my controller, and probably celebrated with his Wii King as well as his other companions!” Shawn yelled. “I know, but let’s just see what he has to say before you knock his lights out please?” Melenda said. Shawn sighed and said “Fine.” He then turned back to me and said “You have five minutes.” I slowly stood back up thinking Shawn was going to hit me with a sneak attack. “Like I said before…I’m sorry.” “I was only following the king’s orders.” I began. “If I didn’t do what the king ordered me to do he was going to kill me, but the reason I’m here is because after the controller returned to you, the Wii King banished me from his ship forever and sent me here on Raeth to rot.” “I’m truly truly sorry” I said bawling.

Shawn closed his eyes and with his hand on his chin began to nod. “Well ‘Zach’ I think its complete bull crap and you’re going to die anyway!” He yelled preparing the Falcon Punch again. “Any last words before I turn you into a pile of Wii scraps!?” I fell to my knees again and began screaming for mercy. Shawn paused for a minute watching me beg for mercy and then lowered his fist. “If you’re really telling the truth then show me your true form” Shawn said. Surprised, I quickly got to my feet and turned off the disguiser. My body began to transform back into its original state. “See” I said. “Ok…any weapons you have on you drop them now” He said. I opened the compartment on the left side of my body and felt inside. “I don’t have anything” I said showing Shawn.

“One last thing to see if you’re really telling the truth.” Shawn said balling up his fist. He then punched me in the face as hard as he could. “Ow!” I yelled flying backwards. “How does that prove that I was telling the truth?” I said rubbing my face. “It doesn’t, I just wanted to punch you anyway for trying to kill me anyway.” He said laughing. “Oh,” I said. “I know you’re telling the truth because the Wii King would have been here by now to try and kill me or any of my family members that’s in my house.” “I’ll let you in, but I’ve got my eye on you like a hawk” Shawn said pointing to his left eye with the other eye closed. “Now get the hell in here” he said moving aside so he could let me in. “Thank you” I said smiling. I then flew into the house and Shawn shut the front door.

Chapter 53

I decided to let ‘Zach’ live at my house as long as he behaved and didn’t cause any trouble. ‘Zach’ spent most of his time trying to gain Terry’s trust again, which might be awhile. As for me the next day I had just finished beating three level twelve computers on Super Smash Bros Brawl. If you’re wondering how they were able to even reach that level well if you had forgotten I’m a Game Master, I’m able to do those kind of things. Anyway after defeating them I decided to get something to eat downstairs when all of a sudden Goku busted through my ceiling. “Holy crap man!” I yelled falling on my ass. “Don’t scare me like that dude!” I said getting back on my feet. “Sorry Shawn” Goku said. “I thought you were the Wii King or one of his minions busting in to kill me.” I said calming down. “So what brings you here?” I asked. “Well the last time we saw each other was two years ago, so I decided to drop in and say hi,” “Plus I heard that while you were gone those two years you trained in Brawl so I figured that maybe I could see some of your moves in battle” He said grinning.

“Oh really?” I said grinning back. “Well how about we head out to the back yard and give it a go?” “Sounds good to me,” he said. We both then headed outside to the back yard. Goku and I stood our ground for a minute or two and then we both came at each other at the same time. Using Samus’s Flip Jump I jumped over Goku’s head and landed on the other side of him. Before Goku could dodge I hit him in the back with Falcon Punch knocking him thirty feet away from me. “Lucky shot” Goku said smirking. Goku then flew at me instant teleporting himself in the process and punched me in the gut. The punch was so strong that I swore I felt them almost come out of my mouth.

“Damn that hurt!” I cried in pain. I shook the pain off and made clones of myself using shadow clone jutsu. “Which one is the real me?” my clones and I all said. As my clones and I laughed Goku then began punching each clone making them disappear. When it was down to two of me, Goku hit both of me which they disappeared too. Coming from over top of Goku’s head I used Ganondorf’s Wizard Foot and smashed his whole body into the ground. “Didn’t see that one coming did you?” I said smiling. Goku picked himself up off the ground and smiled back at me. “You’re pretty tough” Goku said balling up his fists. “But let’s see if you can handle me while I’m Super Sayian.” Goku began to charge up causing rocks and chunks of dirt to hover around him.

My controller began to beep so I looked down at it and saw that I had learned Super Sayian. “Sweet!” I said. I then balled up my fist and tried to charge myself up like Goku but nothing happened. “What the?” I said trying again. Before I could try once more Goku was already in his Super Sayian form and punched me high into the air. The pain shot through my body like a thousand knives going in at once. I opened my eyes and saw Goku over top of me getting ready to bash my head in with both his hands over his head. “Oh crap…” I said knowing this is going to hurt like hell. Bam! Goku hit me causing my body to fly towards the ground like a rocket. Then from underneath me Goku kicked me in the back which made me fly in the air again. He repeated this three more times and prepared a Ka-me-ha-me-ha. Flying towards him I prepared myself with Lucario’s Aura Sphere. We both shot at each other at the same time causing both moves to hit one another and blowing up in our faces.

Goku began to fall towards the ground so I quickly said “Hyper form!” My body began changing colors and I was able to fly into the air. Goku caught himself when he was just about to hit the dirt and came at me. I shot my body down towards him and had another Falcon Punch ready for him. When we were about ten feet away from each other I yelled “Falcon!” “Punch!” It hit him dead square in the face and caused his Super Sayian form to disappear. He smashed into the ground causing a huge crater around him. I slowly flew down and landed right beside him. “You ok?” I asked. “Yeah, that punch was a lot stronger than it was the first time you hit me.” He said getting up from off the ground. “That’s because of my Hyper Form.” I said smiling. All of a sudden I felt my stomach rumble and saw it glowing. “Oh crap…!” I said letting loose a huge fart in Goku’s face.

“Oh my god!” Goku said covering his nose. The fart caused me to go flying into the air. “Sorry,” I said flying slowly back to the ground. “That was the Wario Waft.” “Man that stench is horrible!” Goku said with tears in his eyes stepping back. “It doesn’t bother me,” I said laughing. “So, I saw you trying to go Super Sayian earlier.” “Does that mean you learned it?” Goku asked. “Yeah, but when I was trying nothing happened.” I said. “Hmm hmm…” Goku said. “Well it’s pretty simple to go Super Sayian so let me show you how.” Goku spread his legs apart and had both arms at his side with his fist balled up. “First get into position like I am.” He said. So I spread my legs apart exactly like he did with both arms at my side and fist balled up. “Then focus on all of your energy inside of you to cover your body and…” “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Goku yelled.

Goku’s black hair turned to the color of gold spiked up, eyes turned light blue, and you could see yellow energy flowing around him. “Now you try.” He said. I closed my eyes and focused on the energy inside me to cover my body. “Haaaaaaaaaaa!” I yelled. Even though I already have blonde hair it still changes a little. Were you could see part of my hair through the hole on the back of my cap had grown out and had turned a darker yellow color. My eyes that were already light blue had turned to a normal blue and covering my whole body was yellow energy. “Oh yeah!” I cheered. “I’m a Super Sayian now!” “Awesome!” Goku said. “Now that I’m Super Sayian want to go for round two?” I asked balling up my fist and smiling. “Nah, I think I’m going to head home now,” “I’m starving, but maybe next time ok?” Goku said. “Sure,” I said giving him thumbs up. “Well it was a fun fight, but I’ll see you again sometime” Goku said flying off. “See ya Goku and thanks for teaching me how to use Super Sayian!” I said waving goodbye.

Chapter 54

“Please Terry! Please forgive me!” Zach said on his knees begging Terry. “Humph!” Terry said with her arms crossed and back towards Zach. A day had passed and I was at Terry’s door watching the whole scene and man was it funny. “What do I have to do for you to forgive me?” Zach asked. Terry thought for a moment and then an evil grin crossed her face. Knowing Terry’s evil grin I knew that what she was about to have Zach do was horrible so I decided to book it back to my room. Back in my room I felt like going into a game so I walked over to my shelf holding all of my games. “Hmm…” I said reading each game label. Then my eyes stopped on Devil May Cry 3. “I think I’ll give it another shot” I said taking it down from off the shelf. I looked out my window to make sure it wasn’t storming then I headed over to my chair. With the game in my PS2, I slid the switch, and poof I was sucked into the game.

I ended up on the top of the tower that Vergil had appeared in the middle of the street. There were statues all around me and a portal on the floor in the middle of the tower. “That must be the portal to the demonic realm” I said looking down at it. “Hey!” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around to see the demon hunter himself, Dante. “Who the hell are you and what are you doing up here!?” he asked pointing Ebony and Ivory at me. “M…My name’s Shawn, Shawn the Game Master” I said nervously. “A Game Master huh?” “Well you can head back to where you came from because I don’t need your help.” He said walking towards the portal. I was surprised that he knew what I was here for but I still wanted to help him and maybe learn Devil Trigger.

“Well if I can’t help you at least let me come with you just in case you do need some help” I said. Dante thought about it for a moment and said “Nope,” I then remembered in Devil May Cry 2 where he flipped a coin to see if Lucia could help him or not. “Ok, how about you flip your coin to see if I could help you or not.” “If it lands on heads I’ll leave, but if it lands on tails you let me help you deal?” Dante frowned and said “Fine” He pulled out his coin, tossed it in the air, and caught it. I looked in his hand and saw that it had landed on tails. “Sweet I get to help you!” I cheered. “Yeah yeah yeah don’t rub it in.” Dante said putting his coin away. “Alright let’s go kick my brother’s ass” he said jumping into the portal. I then jumped in after him.

When we came out of the other end we fell towards an area where rocks were all around us and a stream that flowed in the middle of it. When Dante and I landed on our feet Vergil was already here waiting for us. In Dante’s left hand I could see that he was holding his mother’s amulet. I then knew what was about to happen. “Give that to me.” Vergil said pointing at the amulet. “No way, you've got your own.” Dante said. “But I want yours, too.” Vergil said. “What are you going to do with all that power huh? No matter how hard you try, you're never gonna be like father.” Dante said. “You're wasting time!” Vergil yelled as he came at Dante with his sword.

Dante smirked and then locked blades with Vergil. “We are the sons of Sparda. Within each of us flows his blood. But more important, his soul!” Dante said jumping back. “Hahahaha... unfortunately our souls are at odd, brother.” “I need more power.” Vergil said with his fist in front of his face then balling it up. “And we're supposed to be twins...” Dante said. “Twins... riiiight.” Vergil said preparing his sword to attack. They then went at one another slicing and dicing and dodging each other’s attacks. Dante began shooting at Vergil; but Vergil, using his Devil Trigger, dodged ever bullet. Vergil then used his sword’s special ability towards Dante and I. Dante moved just in time and I got cut on the right arm in the process.

“Damn that hurt!” I cried in pain. Holding my right arm I watched as Dante went Devil Trigger and began slashing at Vergil. My controller beeped and I knew what I just learned so there was no point at looking at it right now. Vergil finally stabbed Dante in the chest which caused Dante to fall to his knees. “Any last words before I kill you for good brother?” Vergil asked. Dante coughed up some blood, smiled, and said “Yeah…” “Shawn get your ass over here and finish him!” I smiled and ran over to them. “Hahahaha!” Vergil laughed. “You think he could finish me off!?” Before I go and own Vergil’s ass there’s something I need to tell you that you didn’t see me learn in Super Smash Bros Brawl. After I had learned all of the character moves in Brawl, Mario brought out the smash ball and my controller added a new feature to my controller called “Final Smashes.”

Mario explained that with the “Final Smashes” feature I could learn all of the characters smash moves in Brawl as well as characters that I copy from other games. I decided not to beat the crud out of Vergil myself but to beat the crud out of him with a smash move. I opened up the “Final Smashes” feature on my controller and chose Link. “Come on out Link!” I yelled. Link poofed out of my controller covered in a colorful energy surrounding him, shot out a yellow line towards Vergil, flew towards him striking him repeatedly with his Master Sword in a triforce, and did his final blow sending Vergil flying in midair. “Oh yeah!” I cheered. Link then poofed back into my controller. “Nice going kid…” Dante said standing up pulling Vergil’s sword from his chest. “I guess I needed your help after all” he said grinning.

I grinned back. “You know, you’re the second Game Master I’ve met” Dante said. “Second?” I asked. “Yeah, second” he said. Could the second Game Master he met be Jimmy my grandpa? I said thinking to myself. “He’s actually my…” Dante began. “Well Dante I better be going, I believe you have some unfinished business with Vergil” I said cutting him off. I quickly pressed start and select and poof I was back in my room. “Could the second Game Master he met be Jimmy?” I said again to myself.

Chapter 55

“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world” I sang as I flipped through a “Raeth’s Teen” magazine. I flipped a few more pages and then something caught my eye. “Teenagers and Their Babies” the article read. Below it was pictures of teenage girls with their babies in their arms and the father right next to her. “Awww!!” “They’re so cute!” I said all giddy from the pictured of the babies. Then I suddenly got sad. “I wish I could have a baby…” I said putting my hand on my cheek and frowning. I thought for a moment. “Wait a minute! I can have a baby! I can just ask Shawn if we could have a baby together!” I said excitedly. I closed up the magazine and headed out of my room.

I happily skipped across the street to Shawn’s house. What if Shawn doesn’t want to have a baby? I said thinking to myself. I began to get nervous and wanted to head back home, but something in me knocked anyway. A few seconds later Shawn opened the door holding a ham and cheese sandwich and I leaped into his arm causing him to drop it. “Hello my sweet teddy bear!” I said joyfully. “Hey Melenda, what’s up?” Shawn said then kissed me. “I just wanted to come by and see what you were doing that’s all” I said as he put me down. “Well I was about to eat my sandwich, but I guess I’m not anymore” he said picking his sandwich from off the floor. “Sorry about that” I said feeling guilty. “Eh…it’s ok” “So do you want to go to my room and have some fun?” He asked hint fully as he tossed his sandwich. “Sure!” I said happily as I pulled him up to his room.

Once we were in Shawn’s room Shawn locked his door and took off all his clothes except for his boxers. “Before we start…” I said slowly. “There’s something I want to ask you…” “What is it babe?” he asked curiously. “Well…before I came here I was looking through my ‘Raeth’s Teen’ magazine and…” “…I saw pictures of teenage girls holding their babies, which made me want to have a baby too.” Shawn stared at me blankly. “So I was wondering…if…we could make a baby together?” I said blushing and rubbing my left arm. Shawn’s eyes widen and jaw dropped. “You’re joking right?” he asked beginning to laugh. “No…” I said knowing what he was going to say next. Shawn stopped laughing and stared at me. “I…I don’t know Melenda…” “Do you honestly believe that we’re ready to have a baby?” he asked.

“I mean I’ll have to get a job so I could support you and the baby, not to mention how much it’ll cost for diapers and formula as well as other things for the baby.” Shawn also said. “I know I know” I said. “But please my love I would love to have a baby with you, it’s the one thing I really really want.” Shawn sat down on his bed and started thinking about it. “Plus you wouldn’t have to get me anything for Christmas this year” I said smiling. “Just give me ten minutes to think about it ok?” Shawn asked. “Ok” I said giving him some space. Sitting in Shawn’s game chair while Shawn laid on his bed thinking about the whole baby issue ten minutes went by. “Ok I’ve made my decision” Shawn said. “You have…? What is it?” I asked. “Well after thinking about it I decided to have a baby with you…” Shawn said. “Yay!” I cheered jumping for joy. “…But! I get to our baby.” Shawn said smiling. “Sure whatever you want!” I said happily and started crying.

“Well let’s get started” Shawn said pushing me to the bed. I fell on my back, took off all of my clothes besides my panties and bra, and began making out with Shawn. After we had made love the two of us laid in each other’s arms rubbing our hands down one another’s faces. “Thank you so much my sweet lovable teddy bear,” I said softly. Shawn smiled back. “You’re welcome my cute lovable care bear.” He said then kissing me romantically on the lips. A week and a half went by after I had missed my period and I bought myself a pregnancy test. I ran to Shawn’s house from the store and headed up to his room. “Hey Melenda” Shawn said. “Hey my love” I said. “I just bought a pregnancy test to see if I was pregnant or not.” “Did you take it yet?” Shawn asked. “No, but I’m about to” I said heading to the bathroom in the hallway.

Three minutes later after I was finish with my business I held the pregnancy test in my hand waiting to see what the results were. Then it finally appeared and to my surprise it was what I was hoping for. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” I joyfully screamed. “What it say?” Shawn asked on the other side of the bathroom door. I opened the door and wrapped my arms around Shawn. “It says positive!” I cheered. Shawn took the pregnancy test from me and saw the plus symbol. “Oh right!” Shawn began cheering. I grabbed both his cheeks and kissed him as best I could. Shawn began kissing me back. Tears were running down my face and Shawn whipped them away. “I love you,” I said smiling. “I love you too,” Shawn said smiling back. We then kissed again.

Chapter 56

The next step was for Melenda and I to tell our parents, hopefully they’ll be somewhat ok with it and tell me everything that I already knew like getting a job. After Melenda and I found out, Melenda left home so she could tell her mom and dad. As for me I’m already in the living room heading over towards my parents who were sitting on the couch watching a survival show. “Hey mom? Dad?” I said. Dad paused their show and both mom and dad looked up at me. “What is it sweetie?” Mom asked. I took a deep breath. “Don’t get mad or upset or anything but…” Dad raised his left eyebrow as to saying ‘What did you do?’ “You know how you always wanted grand kids?” I asked.

Mom and dad both looked at each other than back at me “Yeah…” they both said. “I got Melenda pregnant…” I said slowly. Dad’s expression turned from his normal face to very angry in a second. Mom and dad then stood up and dad said “Shawn!” Oh crap here comes the yelling I thought to myself. They both walked over to me and gave me a big hug. “We’re so proud of you!” my dad said patting me on the back. “Say wha…?” I said confused. Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “That’s wonderful news!” “Wait, so you’re not mad at me?” I asked still confused. “Of course not” Dad said happily. “How come?” I asked. “Because now we can finally have a grandchild!” Mom said joyfully. “Now you do know what you need to do before having this child right Shawn?” Dad asked.

“Yep, get a job” I said. “And…?” Dad said. “And…” I said thinking to myself. “Baby stuff?” I asked. “That but a place to live as well.” Dad said. “Oh that’ll be no problem” I said. “Oh good so you have somewhere you and Melenda are going to live at?” Dad asked. “Yep, I’m going to live in this house” I said smiling. Dad shook his head. “I mean your own house not this one.” Dad said. “I will have my own house, It’ll be this one when I copy and paste it wherever I want to put it” I said grinning. “Copy this house with your controller?” Dad asked. “Is your controller capable of doing that?” “Only one way to find out” I said heading to the front door with mom and dad following. Once were outside and in view of the entire front of the house I pulled out my controller.

“Terry’s not in there is she?” I asked. “Nope, she and Zach went out to go see a movie” Mom said. “Ok cool” “Let’s see what happens” I said. I then pointed the controller at the house and hit copy. On the controller it read ‘Loading…’ and then a few seconds later it read ‘Copy complete.’ “Sweet it actually did it!” I joyfully yelled. “So where are you planning on putting it?” Dad asked. “I don’t know yet, but I’ll look around for a spot.” I said tucking my controller back in my back pocket. “So why do you want to live in this house?” Mom asked. “Well because I’m familiar with this house not with any other house” I said. “Oh ok.” Mom said. “Well time to call Melenda to see how it went with her parents” I said heading back into the house. When I was back in my room I sat down in my game chair and called Melenda’s cell.

“Hello?” Melenda said answering the phone. “Hey Melenda, so how did it go?” I asked. “Well…my mom went nuts and my dad was ok with it” “How’d your parents take it?” She asked. “They were both proud of me and told me that I need our own place to live.” “So I copied my house with the controller and now I just need a job as well as a spot to put our new home.” I said smiling. “Wow that’s great, so where do you plan on putting our new home?” Melenda asked. “Like I told my mom and dad, I don’t know yet but I’ll look for a spot.” I said. “I know a spot!” Melenda said. “Where?” I asked. “Meet me outside of my house and I’ll take you there.” “Alright” I said. I hung up the phone and dashed out of my room. Melenda came running out of her house and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“So where to?” I asked after Melenda was done hugging me. “This way,” Melenda said heading towards town. We walked for about six minutes and stopped in front of a empty lot on the right side of the street. “See, here it is!” Melenda said pointing in its direction. It was a little bigger than the lot my parents house lived on. “Oh man this is perfect!” I said happily. “So can we put the house here?” Melenda asked. “Definitely” I said pulling out my controller again. I pointed the controller at the empty lot and hit paste. A huge cloud of smoke came out of the controller in the shape of my parents house and poof it was right before our eyes. “Awesome!” I yelled. “Let’s go check it out!” Melenda said running towards the front door. I ran after her.

Once inside I looked around and said “Everything looks exactly the same from my parent’s house.” “I know! This is so cool!” Melenda said studying the front door and everything else. “Let’s go check out my room” I said heading up the stairs. “Yeah, I wonder if all of your things are in there.” Melenda said following me up the stairs. When reached the door to my room I slowly turned the doorknob. Peering into my room I saw everything that was in my original room in this room as well. “Sweet! It even copied all of the furniture inside my parent’s house!” I said heading over to my game chair. I sat down and tried to turn on the T.V., but it didn’t cut on. “I guess it’s because there’s no power lines that are hooked up to the house.” Melenda said. “Yeah I guess so, that means there’s no running water either.” I said standing up from my game chair. “I’ll have to get the electric company and plumber as well as anyone else to come here and get us straight.”

“So where are you planning on working?” Melenda asked. “I was thinking about working at Dirble’s Game Store.” I said. “Weasel and his dad wouldn’t mind me having a job there.” Melenda slowly walked towards me and kissed me softly on the lips. I knew what she wanted so I took off all of my clothes except my boxers. “You know me to well.” Melenda said warmly as she took off all her clothes besides her panties. We began making out. Hours later we were snuggled close together in my bed asleep.

Chapter 57

Melenda and I awoke four hours later. I looked outside of my window and it appeared to be as if it was about six or seven o’clock. “Well, I might as well head on over to Dirble’s Game Store and ask Weasel if I could have a job” I said getting up from the bed and throwing on my clothes. “Do you mind if I stay here and redecorate the house?” Melenda asked. “Since we’ll be living here sure.” I said then kissing her on the lips. I then headed out my bedroom door and down the stairs. “Good luck!” Melenda yelled after to me. Using super speed I sped down the sidewalk until I reached Dirble’s Game Store. On the two front doors was the hours that the store was open, it read Open Mon-Sun ~ 9:00AM-9:00PM.

“Sweet they’re still open!” I said heading in. “What’s up Weasel?” I said walking toward him behind the counter. “Oh hey Shawn, nothing much” he said in his nerdy voice. “Are you here to buy another game?” “Nope, not today” I said smiling. “I’m actually here to see if I could get a job here,” Weasel looked surprised. “Really?” he asked excitedly. “Yeah, I need a job because Melenda and I are going to have our own place to live plus we have a baby coming.” I said. “Well congratulations,” Weasel said giving me thumbs up. “Thanks, so can I get a application to fill out?” I asked. “Sure, but you won’t be needing a application” “come in tomorrow at 8:30AM because you’re hired.” Weasel said. “Seriously!?” I said shocked. “Yep,” he said smiling. “Dude you’re the best cousin ever!” I said giving him a high five. “I know,” Weasel said proudly adjusting his glasses. “I’ll see you tomorrow then” I said heading out the store.

I rushed back to mine and Melenda’s house and entered the front door. “Wow that was quick.” Melenda said coming from the kitchen. “Yeah, that’s because Weasel gave me a job like that.” I said snapping my fingers. “Really!?” Melenda joyfully said. “Yeah,” I said smiling. “Oh yay!” Melenda cheered then kissing me on the lips. “I start work tomorrow” I said after we were done kissing. “That’s wonderful!” “Now we can really start building a family together!” Melenda said happily. “Yep together.” I said hugging her. Later that night I helped Melenda redecorate the house. Everything that was in my room upstairs went into my use to be parent’s room. All the other rooms like Terry’s room and the stuff that was in my parent’s use to be room went to the dump. “So what are you going to do about the stuff in your room at you parents house?” Melenda asked when we were finished decorating.

“I decided that I’ll let Terry keep whatever she wants from it and sell the rest.” I said. “Aww…that’s sweet” Melenda said smiling warmly at me. The next day I got dressed, kissed Melenda goodbye, and headed to work. I came through the front doors of Dirble’s Game Store. “Good to see you Shawn.” Weasel said when I came in. “Hey Weasel, so what do I have to do?” I asked. “Easy, all you have to do is restock the shelves with these video games.” Weasel said pointing at the boxes of video games in the corner. “I can get that done in a flash,” I said snapping my fingers. In seven seconds I had every single game in the boxes were they needed to be. “Done” I said smiling. “Wow you got every game in their exact spot.” Weasel said amazed and looking over my work. “So what’s next?” I asked pumped and ready to go. “Well usually that would take an hour or so to do, but now we stand around and wait for customers to come in to buy our games.” Weasel said heading behind the counter.

“If they need help go on over and help them, that’s pretty much it” Weasel said. “Oh and when we don’t have any customers we can grab whatever game we want to play off the shelves and play them.” “That’s awesome!” I said looking around for a game to play. Hours later when it came to my lunch break I was heading out of the store when some guy wearing a green hoodie over their head came in. I watched as he headed over to Weasel. “I’d like to pick up my Dante’s Inferno for the PSP that I preordered.” The man said. “Ok” Weasel said opening the ‘Preordered Games’ draw and pulling out Dante’s Inferno. “Here you are sir” Weasel said handing him the game. The man took the game, turned around, and began walking to the front door. He then looked at me and quickly turned away. When I saw his face for a split second he looked so familiar like I had seen him from somewhere.

The man left out of the store and turned left. “Who was that?” I asked looking at Weasel. “Trufully I don’t know” “He comes in every once in awhile to preorder a game and then leaves.” Weasel said. “He looked kind of familiar” I said looking at the front door. “I’ll be back later after my lunch break ok?” I said. “Ok” Weasel said. I ran outside of the store and spotted the man walking down the sidewalk. “Excuse me sir!” I yelled after him. The man heard me and began walking faster. I ran after him. He then began running as well trying to get away from me. I followed him for about four minutes and we ended up in the woods. I stopped running when the man stopped. “Excuse me, but do I know you?” I asked. The man just stood there with his game in his hand. I walked a little closer. I stopped again when the man took his hoodie from off his head. He was wearing a green cap underneath with the symbols KH which meant Kingdom Hearts. Under his green cap I could see his short brown hair. “It’s nice to finally meet you…” “…grandson” The man said turning around exposing his face.

Chapter 58

My heart began to race, jaw dropped, and eyes nearly popped out of their eye sockets when I saw his twenty year old face. “You…You’re Jimmy my grandpa…” I said in shock. Jimmy had green eyes, short brown hair that covered his forehead, and a green cap covering his hair. He wore a green hoodie, blue jeans, and black sneakers. “I sure am,” he said smiling. I began to remember all of the terrible things that he had done and I became angry. “You killed all of those villagers in animal crossing!” I said pointing at him. “Yeah, I was in the mood for killing that day” he said chuckling. I clenched my teeth and balled up my fists. “I was hoping I would run into you one day so I could kick your ass for all the things you’ve done!” I yelled angrily. “Oh really?” Jimmy said grinning. “I’d like to see that” he said placing down his game.

I ran full force at Jimmy preparing a Falcon Punch. Jimmy just stood in place with his hands behind his back grinning at me. The when I was five feet away from him my body suddenly stopped in place. “What the!?” I said looking at my feet that were constantly running in place. I looked back at Jimmy who was laughing like a hyena. “What are you laughing at!?” I snarled. “You can’t touch me,” he said smirking. Jimmy then tilted his head towards the tree which made my body fly towards it. Bam! I smacked the tree so hard I split it to. “Wh…What was that?” I said in pain as picked myself up off the ground. “That would be my phycic powers that I used on you.” He said walking towards me. Jimmy then pulled his right hand from behind his back and aimed it at me causing me to be lifted up into the air. “Pretty awesome for my special ability right?” he said grinning.

I swung at him in the air when he came closer. “How about you stop using that cheap move and fight me man to man!” I said angrily. “I’m afraid I can’t do that” Jimmy said preparing to launch me into another tree. I quickly used Kirby’s Stone move and Jimmy shot me at the tree behind me. I slammed into the tree which knocked it over and fell to the ground. Releasing myself from stone I then used Falco’s Phantasm and Falcon Punched Jimmy in the face. Jimmy’s body began flying towards a huge boulder but he caught himself in mid air. “Lucky shot” he said rubbing his face were I had punched him. Jimmy used both his hands and picked up two large boulder using his phycic powers. “I hope you know how to dodge.” Jimmy said tossing the boulders at me.

Punching both boulders with Falcon Punch they broke into a thousand little rocks and I began kicking each one at Jimmy. Jimmy stopped all of the rocks and made them fall to the ground. “Well if you can stop one of me with your phycic powers let’s see if you can stop twenty of me!” “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” I yelled. Nineteen more of me popped up all around me. We all then scattered around Jimmy all using either Falcon Punch or Wizard’s Foot. Jimmy picked the rocks that he dropped back up and tossed one at each of my clones. They all vanished except for the real me who was coming behind him. Jimmy used Flip Jump and jumped on the other side of me kicking me in the back of the head. I hit the ground sliding in the dirt and then ran right into a thorn bush.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” I cried quickly getting out of the bush. Jimmy busted out laughing. “Grr…” “You think that’s so funny!?” I screamed. “Then try this on for size!” I spread my legs and began powering up. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!” “Ha!” I was Super Sayian again and ready to kick some ass. Jimmy chuckled. I flew at him at super speed and punched him in the gut before he could do a phycic move on me. “Goh!” Jimmy said in pain. “Why aren’t you using your phycic powers on me!?” I yelled as I wailed on his face. Jimmy gave me a evil grin and said “To see if you’re a worthy opponent.” My rage increased and I began hitting him harder in the face. Jimmy had enough and had a serious look on his face then he did this phycic ringing noise that went through my head. “Aaarrh!” I yelled grabbing my head. Jimmy then punched me under my chin and I flew high into the air. I looked down to see Jimmy reach out his right hand at me and then at the ground.

I began to fall really fast and crashed into the dirt. Jimmy walked towards me and placed his foot on my head. “I could kill you right now, but I have a game to play and I don’t feel like getting blood on my shoes.” He said pressing hard on my head. Jimmy took his foot off of my head and started walking towards his game. “I had a nice time getting to know you…grandson…” Jimmy picked up his game, threw his hoodie over his head, and walked off into the distance. “Next time I see you…you’re dead…” I said watching him and then passing out. Fifty minutes later I awoke and picked myself up off the ground. “Jimmy you bastard…” I said clenching my fists. I brushed the dirt off of my clothes and then realized that my lunch break was over. “Oh crap! I need to get back to Dirble’s Game Store!” I said running towards town.

I made it back into town, stopped in front of Dirble’s Game Store, and went inside. “I’m so sorry I’m late Weasel…” I began as I walked through the door. Weasel stopped me and said “It’s ok Shawn, just try not making a habbit of it ok?” “Sure,” I said. “So why are you late?” Weasel asked. I thought about Jimmy and said “You know the guy who came in here wearing a green hoodie?” “Yeah,” Weasel said. “Well after he left I followed him into the woods and it turned out to be Jimmy my grandpa.” Weasel gasped. “So what you mean is that I’ve been selling games to the man who robbed our store?” Weasel asked. “Yep, the reason I’m late is because me and him got into a fight and he ended up kicking my ass.” I explained. “Well because you fought the man who robbed us I’ll let you being late go deal?” Weasel asked. “Deal,” I said smiling. “Now let’s get back to work” Weasel said throwing me a broom. “The place needs sweeping.”

Chapter 59

A week later we managed to get electricity and plumbing installed. Both crews that came by were surprised to see my parent’s house on a different lot which was pretty funny , but I explained why. I also told Melenda about the fight I had with Jimmy and if she were to see anything suspicious she were to call me immediately. I was in bed with Melenda asleep when all of a sudden my controller began beeping. Tiredly I grabbed my controller off of the night stand beside our bed and brought the controller to my face. On the screen it read ‘Controller upgrading in progress…’ “Controller upgrading in progress?” I asked myself. I got up from the bed and walked over to the bookshelf were I kept the “Guide to the Game Master’s controller.”

I pulled it off the shelf, opened it up to the index, and found the page number to controller upgrading. I flipped through the pages until I got to the page that read “Controller Upgrades” “What are you doing?” Melenda asked sleepily still in bed. “My controller was beeping and it woke me up” “Then on the screen it said it was upgrading, so now I’m reading up on it.” I said turning to her. “Oh ok,” she said falling back to sleep. I looked back into the book and read ‘Every now and then a Game Master’s controller will automatically upgrade whether it’s the controller’s time to upgrade or it doesn’t have enough memory to hold everything the Game Master copies or abilities they learned.’ ‘Another way to upgrade a Game Masters controller is to take the controller to its creator or someone who’s good at building.’

I flipped to the next page and kept reading. ‘Once the controller is upgraded it is able to do more than it could before. There are three things you obtain when your controller is upgraded and the three are: 1. More memory 2. It allows you to learn one or two more moves from the same character or person 3. Speed or strength increases.’ “I wonder what I’m getting” I said looking down at my controller. When I was done reading I put the book back on the shelf, slid back in bed with Melenda, and waited for my controller to finishing upgrading. Five minutes later my controller beeped and on the screen it said ‘Upgrade complete’ and under it, it said ‘You may now learn two more moves from the same character or person.’ “Sweet!” I cheered. I then placed my controller back on my nightstand and snuggled up with Melenda wrapping my arm around her side.

Chapter 60

Shawn and I got up the next morning, fixed breakfast together, and waved goodbye at each other as he headed to work. I was in the kitchen washing the dishes that Shawn and I dirtied up from breakfast when a knock at the door stopped me. “Who could that be?” I said walking out of the kitchen to the front door. I opened the door and on the other side was a slim man wearing a black dress coat, dress pants, shiny shoes, white shirt underneath, and a red tie. His neatly combed hair was black and he wore black framed glasses over his brown eyes. “Excuse me ma’am but my car broke down” he said pointing at his car which was steaming. “Do you think I can come in and use your phone to call a tow truck?” the man asked nicely. “Sure,” I said inviting the man in. “Oh thank you thank you” the man said walking into the house. I shut the door behind him and handed him the house phone. The man took the phone and I went back into the kitchen to finish the dishes.

Before I could get to the sink, my body stopped moving forward and I was frozen in place. “What the!?” I yelled. I was then turned around by the man I invited in; he held his hand up at me from across the kitchen as if he was holding me in place. “Who are you!?” I demanded. The man began to laugh and then he turned into a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared I was shocked to see who it was. “You…You’re Jimmy!” I shrieked. “I sure am,” he said walking up to me. “What are you going to do to me?” I asked nervously. “Well…” he began. “I could kill you…but I’d rather have some fun since I hadn’t had any fun for a long time” Jimmy rubbed his hand against my cheek. I tried to squirm away but couldn’t. “You have a nice pair here” Jimmy said grabbing my breast. “Shawn help me!” I screamed. “Scream all you’d like because no one will come to your rescue.”

Jimmy lowered me to the ground on my hands and knees, ripped all my clothes off except my underwear, and stuffed a gag in my mouth. Tears trickled down my cheeks as Jimmy undressed himself. I tried to move my body again to get up and run but couldn’t. Two hours later after Jimmy was finished with me, he got dressed, and headed to the front door. “Be sure to tell Shawn that I said ‘Thanks for the fun’” Jimmy said with the front door open and grinning. As soon as he left the house my body collapsed on the floor and I was grabbing my legs crying. Hours had past and it was time for Shawn to come home. I was sitting at the kitchen table still crying when he walked through the door. “Hey babe” he said coming over to me and kissing me on the cheek. I sat in silence staring at the kitchen table.

“What’s wrong babe?” Shawn said when he noticed tears coming from my eyes. I stood up, wrapped my arms around him, and said “Jimmy came by and…and…raped me!” Shawn’s face expression turned from happy, to shocked, then to anger. “He did what!?” Shawn yelled pulling me off of him and checking if I was hurt or not. “After you left, Jimmy showed up in a disguise, and raped me” I said bawling. “That bastard!” Shawn yelled with both fist balled up. “Are you and the baby ok?” Shawn asked calming down. “We’re fine” I said rubbing my stomach. “Jimmy wanted me to tell you ‘Thanks for the fun’” I said which made Shawn furious. “I’ll kill that bastard for what he’s done!” Shawn yelled in anger. I hugged Shawn again and cried. “It’s ok babe, it’s ok” “I’ll make sure Jimmy pays the next time I see his ass.” Later that night Shawn cuddled with me in bed to comfort me. I smiled and fell asleep in his arms knowing that I’m safe as long as he’s here with me.

Chapter 61

Two months had past after that incident with Jimmy raping Melenda and I was in the bedroom looking through my Nintendo 64 games in the bottom draw of our dresser. “What are you looking for Shawn?” Melenda asked coming in the bedroom. “I’m looking for my favorite childhood game that I use to play twenty four seven” I said still looking. “Mind if I help?” Melenda asked crouching down beside me. “Sure,” I said. “What game is it?” Melenda asked looking through the games with me. “Pokémon Stadium” I said. Melenda spotted it in the pile next to the one I was looking in and said “Found it” She then handed me the game. “Thanks babe” I said kissing her on the lips. Melenda blushed and said “No problem baby,” I stood up and went over to my Nintendo 64 that I had already hooked up to our T.V. “So are you planning on going into Pokémon Stadium?” Melenda asked coming over to me sitting in my game chair. “Yep, I’m going to battle Ash to see how tough he really is” I said grinning. “Oh ok” Melenda said. She then kissed me on the lips and said “Be careful ok?” “I will babe” I said smiling.

I then slid the switch and poof I was sucked into the game. When I appeared in the game I was in front of the Stadium that was a large metal dome. “Man this place is huge” I said looking up at it. I then decided to head into the front door when behind me I heard a familiar voice. “Come on Pikachu or we’re going to be late.” I turned around to see Ash and Pikachu running towards the front doors of the Stadium. “Yo Ash!” I called out to him. Him and Pikachu stopped and looked in my direction. I walked over to him and said “Hi I’m Shawn the Game Master and I’m here to battle you” “A Game Master huh? That’s so cool!” Ash said. “Yeah, so do you want to battle me?” I asked. “Sure!” “You do have a Pokémon right?” he asked. “Uhh…kinda” I said thinking about the Pokémon Trainer’s final smash move. When Ash wasn’t looking I pointed my controller at another Pokémon Trainer’s Pokémon and hit copy. Because I had no other choice the Pokémon I copied was a squirtle, which meant that I’m screwed.

“Are you ready?” Ash asked. “Yep,” I said grinning. “Bring it” “I choose you Pikachu!” Ash yelled pointing in my direction. Pikachu jumped off of Ash’s head and stood between Ash and I. I held out my controller towards Pikachu, hit the paste button, and yelled “Go Squirtel!” A cloud of smoke came out of my controller and formed Squirtel in front of me. “Pikachu use Volt Tackle!” Pikachu instantly began charging towards Squirtel skipping in place and saying “Pi! Pi! Pi!” repeatedly. “Dodge it Squirtel!” I commanded. Squirtle quickly dodged the attack. “Now use Withdraw!” Squirtle tucked himself inside his shell and bashed Pikachu in the face. “Pikaaaaaa!” Pikachu cried flying towards Ash and hitting the ground. Pikachu got up and shook off the pain.

“Squirtel use tackle!” I commanded. Squirtle ran towards Pikachu as if he was a football player. “Dodge it Pikachu and then use Thunder!” Pikachu moved out of Squirtle’s way and shot thunder at Squirtle. “Quick dodge it Squirtle!” I screamed. It was to late, Pikachu’s thunder hit Squirtle and Squirtle cried out “Squrrritle!” He then hit the ground and didn’t move. “Yeah we did it Pikachu!” Ash cheered. I knew I was going to get my ass kicked. “Nice match Ash” I said deleting Squirtle. “Thanks, so you up for another match?” Ash asked. I grinned evilly and said “Sure.” “Go Pikachu!” Ash said. This time I was going to whoop his ass with the Pokémon Trainer. I pointed my controller at Pikachu and hit the Pokémon Trainers final smash move. The Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charazard all came out of my controller. Ash and Pikachu’s face was in shock. All at once Squirtle used water gun, Ivysaur used Solar Beam, and Charazard used Fire Blast which hit Pikachu.

Pikachu’s body went flying and smacked the side of the stadium. “Pikachu!” Ash screamed. The final smash finally stopped and the Pokémon Trainer as well as his Pokémon vanished back into my controller. Ash rushed over to Pikachu side. Pikachu had been knocked out. Ash picked Pikachu from off the ground and gave me thumbs up. “Nice match Game Master, Pikachu and I are going into the stadium to rest up.” “I’ll catch you later” Ash said heading towards the front doors of the stadium. “See ya!” I said waving. I then hit start and select and poof I was back in my room sitting in my game chair. “Eh, that was a lame battle.” I said relaxing. “Welcome back!” Melenda said coming up from behind me. “Thanks, and Melenda?” I said. “Yeah?” she said. “Do you like Squirtle?” I asked. “Of course he’s like my favorite Pokémon ever!” Melenda said joyfully. “Well…” I began as I pulled out my controller and hit paste. “…here he is!” Squirtle appeared in front of me. Melenda gasped and grabbed him up hugging him tight. “Oh Shawn! Can we keep him please?” Melenda pleaded. “No sorry we can’t, but you can play with him as long as you want today before I delete him” I said. “Aww…ok” Melenda said sadly. She then hugged Squirtle some more. “Might as well make the best of it!”

Chapter 62

A week later I was walking home after getting off early from work. I went by the jewelry store and stopped when something caught my eye. There was a couple in the store looking at wedding rings. The guy’s girl then turned to look at another case of rings when the guy got down on one knee. He pulled out a black box and held it up to his girl. I saw his lips move and his girl turned around. She gasped with her hands over her mouth and her eyes widened. The guy’s lips began to move again and as they were moving he opened the black box revealing a gorgeous diamond ring. The girl began to tear up and nodded. The guy then took the ring from the box and slid it upon the girls left ring finger. He then stood up and they both kissed one another. “Hmm…” I said rubbing my chin while I smile.

I decided to go into the store and have a look around myself. Once inside the jewelry store, the couple I had just seen passed by me joyfully holding hands. The clerk behind the desk noticed me walking in and said “Hello good sure. How may I help you today?” The clerk was an old man who appeared to be in his early 60’s. He had a bald head, snow white beard that ran down to chest, and green eyes. The old man wore blue jeans, plain red shirt, and brown sandals. “Uh…I’m just looking that’s all” I said smiling. “Ok, well take your time” he said grinning. I went over to the wedding ring cases and looked at the first case I was closest to. Some rings were made of silver with diamonds imbedded in the ring, and some with diamonds on top of the ring. I went to the next case and the rings in the next case were gold ring with diamonds imbedded in them, and diamonds on top.

I looked in the third and last case and inside were diamond rings with diamonds imbedded in them, diamonds on top, gold twisted with silver rings that had diamonds imbedded in them as well on top, and the one ring that really caught my attention. This was the only ring the store had one of and man it would knock Melenda’s socks off. The ring had gold, silver, and diamond twisted all together to form the ring. Then on top of the ring stood a diamond the size of walnut that glimmered when you stared at it in any angle. “How much is this ring?” I asked turning towards the clerk and pointing at the ring. “Which on me boy?” He asked as he walked towards me and the case. “That one” I said pointing as he came up to the case in looked in. “Ahh…that’s a special ring.” The old man said. “That’s the only ring of its kind because it was so difficult to make.” “How much is it?” I asked.

“Oh my…well let me think here…” the old man said tapping his forehead. “Ah yes it costs ten thousand Raeth dollars.” “Really? That’s not so bad.” I said. “I’ll take it!” The old man grabbed his set of keys and opened up the case. He grabbed the ring, closed the case, and went over to the counter. “Will that be cash or credit?” he asked. “Credit” I said. “Oh and one more thing” the old man said as he reached for something behind the counter. “You also get the rings box.” “On the outside of the box its pure diamond, and on the inside…” the old man opened up the box. “…the top is a gold fabric and the bottom is a silver fabric.” “How much is that?” I asked. The old man laughed. “It’s free of charge” he said. “Sweet” I said. I paid for the ring and went out of the store. “Maybe I should make reservations at the Oo La La restaurant as well to make this even better,” I said heading in the restaurants direction.

An hour later I returned home with a big smile on my face. “What are you smiling about?” Melenda asked curiously. “Nothing,” I said hoping she’ll think I’m just being silly. “You’re so silly Shawn” She said. “Hey Melenda how would you like to go out to eat tonight?” I asked. “Sure, where to?” “I was thinking we could go to Oo La La to eat.” I said. “What! Really?” Melenda asked joyfully. “Yeah, I think you and I deserve it after all the crap that’s happened to us.” I said grabbing her hands and looking deep into her eyes. Melenda blushed and said “Ok let’s go!” The two of us got dressed up in fancier clothes and headed out the front door. Of course I don’t have a car, but what I do have is super speed so I’ll just pick Melenda up and run to the restaurant. “Whoa!” Melenda yelled when I lifted her off the ground. I then took off towards town and was at the restaurant in less than two minutes.

“Oh wow…” Melenda said looking at the restaurant. “This place is so beautiful…” “Not as beautiful as you my gorgeous flower.” I said romantically as I stared into her green eyes. Melenda grabbed my cheeks and slowly pulled my face towards hers to kiss her. After we had kissed when went into the restaurant. The smell of steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, and many other foods filled the air as Melenda and I walked through the front door. “Good evening sir and madam, please follow me so you may be seated.” A butler said when we came close to the counter. “You had already set reservations for us?” Melenda asked. “Yep,” I said as we followed the butler to our table. We sat down and our butler said “I’ll be right back with your menus” “Oh Shawn this place is so amazing thank you for bringing me here.” Melenda said happily. “No problem, but I’m not done yet.” I said smiling warmly.

Melenda cocked her head to the side confused and said “Huh?” I motioned to the violinist that was waiting for my signal on the other side of the room to come here. Then red rose petals began to fall slowly down on us. The violinist began to play soft music when he approached the table. While Melenda was still looking up to see who was dropping the rose petals I pulled out the box I had bought earlier and placed it on the table. Melenda finally looked down at the table and saw the box. She let out a loud gasp and nearly fell out of her chair. I then opened the box revealing the ring and walnut sized diamond and said “Melenda…will you marry me?” Melenda was so shocked that it looked like she was going to faint. Tears swept her eyes and she screamed “Yes! Oh yes I’ll marry you Shawn Wilson!”

I took the ring from the box and slid it onto Melenda’s left ring finger. She stared at it for a few seconds and then grabbed my white button up shirt to kiss me on the lips. The violinist and everyone else in the room all began to clap. When our lips pulled apart Melenda and I stared deeply into one another’s eyes. “I love you,” she said smiling warmly. I never felt this much love between the two of us and I’m so happy to be with her. “I love you too,” I said smiling warmly back. After we had finished dinner Melenda and I left the restaurant and began walking home while holding hands. “So what date should we set the wedding on?” Melenda asked. “I don’t know, it’s up to you.” I said. “Hmm…” Melenda said as she began to think. “Well I do want to get married before I begin to show” she said rubbing her stomach. “Then I guess we could get married next month would that be ok with you?” I asked. “Sure,” Melenda said kissing my lips.

Chapter 63

“Sir!” said the Wii minion who replaced ‘Zach’. “What is it minion?” the Wii King asked. “So what are we going to do about Shawn since he’s able to heal and all” The Wii minion asked nervously. “I don’t know yet minion, it’s been two months since our last attempt to kill the Game Master and I still can’t think of anything.” The Wii King said. “May I make a suggestion sir?” the Wii minion asked. “Go on” the Wii King said. “Well sir I think we should find the Game Master’s weakness and use it against him.” The Wii minion said. “Hmm…” “Not a bad idea minion, but we don’t know what the Game Master’s weak…” The Wii King stopped and remembered something from the past. “Scratch that, I do know what the Game Master’s weakness is!” the Wii King said joyfully.

“What is it sir” said the Wii minion. “What every good Game Master’s weakness is, Nerdium rock!” the Wii King was now pumped with excitement. “Where is this Nerdium rock sir?” the Wii minion asked. “On Nerdium planet!” “Which is four to five years from Raeth when were using the Wii ship…” the Wii King’s excitement began to fade. “Well sir if it’s worth killing the Game Master to obtain your controller back I think we should go” the Wii minion said. The Wii King nodded and said “Alright! Let’s head out and obtain that Nerdium rock!” “We’ll even stop by Erdium Planet and pick up some Erdium rock as well!” Everyone in the ship cheered and off they went to Nerdium and Erdium Planet.

Chapter 64

“Heh two months ago I rapped Shawn’s girl I wish I was there to see his face.” I said. I’ve got more in store for that bratty Game Master. I’m at the local library searching up Planet Raeth’s most evil villains ever to live. “Hmm…nope…nope…nope…” I said as I flipped through the web pages on the computer. “All of these villains suck!” I screamed. “Shhhhhh!” some guy next to me said. I punched his monitor and the glass broke which went all in his face. The guy fell to the floor screaming in pain. “Shhhhhh!” I said mocking him from earlier. I ignored his cries and kept looking. After about three pages later one of the villains caught my eye. ‘Jerry Jasper’ I read out loud. Jerry had spiky orange hair that covered his entire head which also looked like the sun. ‘Jerry was one of Raeth’s most evilest villains. He was considered number five out of the top ten villains.’ ‘His ability was the power to control weather and other natural causes such as Raethquakes.’ “Ooo…I’m starting to like him, maybe I’ll bring him back to life and help me do my bidding.” I said grinning.

If you’re wondering how I’m going to bring him back to life it’s very easy to explain. There’s a town north of where I live called Raeth Neighborhood. In Raeth Neighborhood lives a mechanic who can build anything at top speed. I visited him last week and forced him to build me a machine that could bring back the dead. Once it was finished I took it from his lab and carried it all the way back to my house which is where it’s at now. All I need is Jerry’s body and I can bring him back to life. I then printed the page I was on so I could go to where his body is buried and stood up from the computer. I looked down at the guy that had glass fly in his face. He was now crying with his hands over his bloody face. I laughed and walked off. As I exited the library I saw two people heading my way. Using my night vision I saw that it was Shawn and his girlfriend, Melenda. They were both dressed all fancy and in a happy mood.

A smirk crossed my face, but I decided not to do anything because I have other important things to do. I ducked into the bushes that were beside the steps of the library until they passed. “So what names are you planning on naming the baby?” I heard Melenda ask Shawn as they were walking by. “Uh…I was thinking of a unique name” my grandson said. “Like what” Melenda said. “You wouldn’t like it.” Shawn said sadly. “Tell me baby I’m sure it’s not that bad.” Melenda begged. “I was thinking if we had a son I’d name him Nintendo, and if we had a girl I’d name her Zelda.” Shawn said. “Game related I see, cool” Melenda said smiling. They finally were far away from the area for me to jump out of the bushes and fly off.

“Hmm…Jerry’s body is buried in Dead Tree Cemetery” I said as I read the page I printed out. I knew exactly were that was so I began to speed up. I reached the cemetery in less than a minute and landed on the ground. “Ok where are you Jerry?” I said looking at tombstone after tombstone. Two minutes of searching for Jerry’s tombstone I finally found it in the back of the cemetery. It was hard to miss considering he had a statue of himself over top of his grave. The statue of himself was huge and about the size of a one story house. On the statue was writing which read ‘Jerry Jasper, Born Died.’ “Well let’s get you out of the ground shall we Jerry?” I said rubbing my hands. I used my phycic powers and started lifting the dirt from where Jerry was buried. Chunk after chunk I picked up the dirt and tossed it to the side. Lifting the last chunk of dirt I managed to see Jerry’s coffin at the bottom of the hole. “Yes!” I said as I lifted the coffin from its rest place and placed it on the ground.

“Now to make sure he’s really in there” I said. The only reason why I’m checking is because grave robber would dig up bodies steal the stuff inside the coffin or just steal the whole corpse. I gently opened the coffin and looked inside. Jerry’s body was still intact; it looked as if he was just buried even though it’s been years since he was buried. His body is the same because the coffin he’s in is a special coffin that freezes the body so that it would never rot. “Nice to meet you Jerry,” I said grinning as I stared at his lifeless body. I then closed the coffin, tucked it under my arm, and flew back home. An hour later after I had returned home, put Jerry’s body into the machine, and turned it on, I sat on my sofa and watched T.V. The machine said it would take three hours so I’ll just wait by watching True Blood that I had recorded on my DVR.

Lying on the sofa asleep with the remote in one hand and a bag of lay’s chips classic in the other, the machine went ‘ding’ and I awoke. “Three hours went by already?” I said. “I stood up from the sofa, stretched my legs, and went over to the machine. I looked through the glass that was on the front door and saw Jerry’s body still lying where I had places him. “What the?” I said as I opened the door and went in. “He’s still dead!?” I screamed angrily. “Stupid machine!” I said stepping out of the machine with Jerry’s body in my arms. I placed his body on the sofa and went back to the machine to see what the problem was. “I wonder if this thing has a instruction manual.” I said looking on the side of the machine. As I was busy looking, Jerry’s eyes shot open and studied his surroundings. He lifted himself from off the sofa and looked in my direction. An evil grin crossed his face and he lifted his hand in the air. A lightning bolt formed in his hands and he threw it at me. Before it could touch the back of my head I stopped it in mid-air about three inches from my scalp.

I quickly turned around and smiled. “Jerry! It’s so good that you’re alive again!” I said stepping around the lightning bolt and walking towards him. “I thought the machine bringing you back to life was a bust, but as soon as you charged that lightning bolt I knew you were alive.” Jerry stood up from the sofa and began stepping back with another lightning bolt charging. “There’s no need for you to do that,” I said calmly. “I brought you back to life so you and I could work together to destroy our enemies. Jerry paused for a moment and lowered his hand. “That’s it kiddo, now how would you like something to eat?” I asked with a grin on my face. Jerry placed his hand on his stomach after he heard it growl and nodded. “Great! Let’s go get something to eat!” I said placing my hand on Jerry’s back and walking him to the front door.

Chapter 65

Two days went by and Melenda and I have set the date for next month. We decided to make the date on the ninth of May. A lot of things had to be done before that day comes like what colors of dress clothes we’ll wear, who will be coming, where we’ll be having it, and so on. “Oh I can’t wait!” Melenda said as she sealed up wedding invitations and put them to the side. “We’re going to have such a beautiful wedding and everyone’s going to be there!” “Yep, except one person from my side of the family.” “Jimmy…” I said grinding my teeth and balling up my fists. Melenda frowned at the mention of his name and focused on the invitations. “The next time I see him will be his last,” I said cracking my knuckles. Then the doorbell rang. “Coming!” I said walking over to the front door. “Congratulations!” Mom, Dad, and Terry all yelled when I opened the door. I nearly fell on my ass.

“Hey guy’s” I said. “We’re so happy for you Shawn!” Mom said happily. “Yeah, I’m very proud of you son.” Dad said placing his hand on my shoulder. “Thanks Mom and Dad” I said smiling. “I’m excited because Melenda gets to be my new sister in law!” Terry said excitedly. Melenda heard everything that was going on and came to the front door. “Hey everybody” Melenda said. “Hey soon to be Mrs. Wilson” my Mom said. Melenda blushed. “So where are you guy’s planning on having the wedding?” Dad asked. “We don’t know yet,” Melenda said. “You should have it somewhere beautiful” Terry said. “Somewhere beautiful huh…?” I said rubbing my chin and thinking. I left the conversation and went into my bedroom. I walked over to my X-box game collection and looked for a specific game.

“Ah ha!” I said when I found it. I pulled Final Fantasy XI down from the shelf and said “There are a lot of beautiful places to get married at in here.” “I wonder if Melenda would be ok if we got married in Final Fantasy XI though.” I exited the bedroom and walked over to Melenda and everyone else who were now in the living room sitting down. “Shawn was thinking about naming the baby Nintendo if it was a boy and Zelda if it was a girl.” Melenda said when I sat down beside Melenda. “They seem like nice names to name your baby” Mom said smiling. “Pretty unique” Dad said. Melenda looked at me and saw Final Fantasy XI in my hand. “What do you have the game for?” Melenda asked. “Well I might know a beautiful place we could get married at” I said. “Really? Where?” Melenda asked.

I held up the game. Melenda looked at me confused. “There’s a lot of beautiful places in here that we could get married at, plus Final Fantasy XI has its own wedding service and everything.” Melenda thought about it for a minute. “Well…it doesn’t seem like a bad idea…but how would we get everyone in the game?” Melenda asked. “Easy,” “Everyone can hold hands while the person closest to me holds on to my shoulder” I said smiling. Melenda looked at my mom, dad, and Terry then back at me. “Ok we’ll do it” she said. “But make sure the people that host the weddings in there know what day and how many people are coming.” “You got it babe,” I said kissing her on the lips. I stood up and headed into my bedroom again. I set up the X-box, popped in the game, slid the switch, and poof I was in Final Fantasy XI.

When I appeared I was in Jeuno near the area where the air ships departed and entered. I called out to a GM, which stands for Game Master, I know weird right? The GM popped up from behind me. “What do you need sir?” asked the GM. “I was wondering if you could set a date for me and my fiancé to get married.” I said. “Sure, and where would you like to have the wedding?” he asked. I thought about it for a moment and said “I was thinking we could have it outside of Windurst in East Sarutabaruta.” He nodded and said “How many people will be attending?” “About twenty to thirty people” I said. “Ok, that’ll be three hundred and fifty thousand gil.” My jaw dropped. “I don’t have any gil” I said. “I’m not from around here” “Well no gil means no wedding” The GM said. I sighed and said “I’ll get the gil” “Ok, when you’re ready call me again and hand me the gil” he said then disappeared.

“Where am I going to get the gil to pay for our wedding?” I said. Then I felt a strange feeling go through my body as if someone was looking through me. I began to search my surroundings and saw that a Mithra, half human half cat women, was staring at me. My controller beeped and I looked down at the screen. ‘Meowmix just examined you’ it read. “What the?” “So can they like look at what I’m wearing?” I said. Then again my controller beeped. Looking at it once again it read ‘Ability learned: Examine.’ “Examine huh? Well let’s test this out.” I said looking up at Meowmix. I focused on her and through my eyes a box popped up over top of her, and inside the box was the clothes she was wearing as well as jewelry that was separated in other small boxes. “Oh snap I can see everything she’s wearing!” I said excitedly.

At the bottom of the box was a little brown bag so I lifted up my right hand and poked at the bag. All of a sudden the bag opened and I could see all of the items she had selling on her. “Are you thinking about buying anything?” Meowmix said. “Uhh…no I’m just looking” I said. “Oh ok,” she said. I then exited her inventory and Meowmix walked off. “Alright I need to figure out how to get three hundred and fifty thousand gil.” I said placing my fingers on my chin. I checked in my pocket for anything to sell and I manage to pull out a piece of candy. “This isn’t worth anything” I said. “Excuse me” I heard a small girl voice say behind me. I turned around and didn’t see anyone. “Down here” the girl voice said. I looked down and saw a girl Tarutaru with pointy ears, curly brown hair, and rosie red cheeks looking up at me. Tarutaru’s a very cute, they’re also as tall as a fire hydrants. “Are you willing to sell that?” the Tarutaru girl asked pointing at the candy in my hand. Over top of her head I could see her name which was Sugarplum.

“The piece of candy?” I said. She nodded and said “Yep,” “Uhh…sure” I said. “How much?” Sugarplum asked. “How about one gil?” I said. “Ok!” she said pulling out one gil and handing it to me. She snatched the piece of candy from my hand, shoved it in her mouth, and ran off. I looked down at the one gil in my hand. “Well just need three hundred and forty-nine thousand more” I said glumly. Then I had a awesome idea. Instead of trying to earn that much gil I can just copy the one I have and make it into the amount I need. I placed the one gil on the ground, aimed my controller at it, and pressed copy. Once it had copied it I hit paste. On the screen it asked me how many did I want pasted so I entered the number and hit ok. Poof three hundred and fifty thousand gil appeared in front of me. “Boo ya!” I cheered.

I called out to the GM again. He appeared and saw the large pile of gil. “Wow, that was fast” he said. “Yep, I’m good at getting money.” I said smiling and feeling good about myself. “Well I’ll make sure we put you down in our book.” He said. The GM grabbed up all the money, said his farewells, and disappeared. “Ok time to head back home to let Melenda know that everything is ready.” I said as I pressed start and select. Poof I was back in my bedroom. I heard my Mom, Dad, and Terry talking to Melenda in the living room. I headed out off the bedroom and sat back down beside Melenda. “Everything is ready to go.” I said. “Wonderful!” Melenda said happily. “This will be the first time anyone from Raeth will be married in a video game.” My Dad said. “Yeah, it sounds so romantic.” Terry said. “Oh Shawn I can’t wait!” Melenda said kissing me on the lips.

Chapter 66

“Alright Jerry we’re going to rob the bank today because I’m bored and I need to test how strong you really are.” I said as Jerry was chowing down on a large pepperoni pizza. Jerry looked up at me and gave me the thumbs up then went back to eating. “I need you ready for when I go to Shawn’s house and kick his sorry ass.” “I can’t have a goodie two shoe Game Master out there stopping all of my plans.” I said. Jerry nodded. “So Jerry how come you haven’t said a word since I brought you back to life?” I asked curiously. Jerry shook his head and went back to his pizza. “Ah come on” I said nudging him. Jerry sighed and guided me outside. Out in the back yard of my house that was hidden in the forest, Jerry pointed at a Ki Ki bird that was perched on a tree branch then gestured to me to cover my ears. I covered my ears and said “So it’s a Ki Ki bird, it has nothing to do…” Before I could finish Jerry focused on the bird and for the first time he said “Boom.” In an instant the Ki Ki Bird exploded into a thousand pieces, feathers and guts flew everywhere.

My jaw dropped. “H…How did you do that!?” I asked in shock. “I thought you could do only control weather!” Jerry nodded and held up one finger. “One?” “You know what come in the house; I’ll let you write it out.” I said heading back inside my white trailer that I have for a home. I grabbed up a piece of paper and a pencil and handed it to Jerry. Jerry placed the paper on the desk next to him and began writing. Then when he was finished he handed it back to me. On the sheet of paper he wrote ‘I can control weather, I got the power from my mom’s side, but the move I just showed you runs through my family’s history and skips generations. Apparently it came to me and I killed my parents when I was a baby.’ I looked back up to Jerry and he began nodding. “So how powerful can this move be?” I asked. Jerry began writing again and handed me the sheet of paper after he was done. ‘It depends on how strong the person I’m fight is, if they’re stronger than me than it’ll just hurt their ears. If they’re weaker than me it’ll make them explode just as you saw with the Ki Ki bird.’

“Really…?” I said. “Ok, I want you to use it on me.” Jerry had a shocking look on his face and shook his head. “Why not?” I asked. He wrote his answer on the paper and handed it back to me. ‘I don’t want to kill you, after you have been so nice to me in bringing me back and feeding me no way.’ “You’re not going to kill me, I’m way to powerful for you to kill me.” I said smiling. Jerry thought for a moment and nodded. “Cool, so let’s see what happens.” I said. Jerry opened his mouth and said “Boom.” I felt the power of his voice overwhelm me. My ears began to ring and they started hurting. “Oww!!” I cried as the pain shot through my brain. Then a minute later the ringing stopped and the pain in my head faded. “Holy crap” I said. “So only when you say boom does that happen?” I asked. Jerry shook his head. “Oh so any word huh?” I asked. Jerry nodded. “I take it you just like saying boom right.” Jerry nodded again. “Alright let’s head on over to the bank and cause some trouble!” I said flying through my roof.

As I was in the air flying I noticed behind me that Jerry was flying too. I guess since he can control weather and all he can use the wind to make him fly. Five minutes later we landed in front of the bank. “You ready?” I asked. Jerry nodded and the two of us headed inside. “Alright everyone get on the ground!” I screamed as I pulled out my pistol and aimed it at everyone in the bank. Men and women dropped to the ground with fear on their faces. One woman began crying so I hit her in the head with the sole of my gun. “Anyone else that wants to make noise will end up just like her!” I yelled. I walked over to the counter with my gun aiming at the clerk behind it and said “Open the vault and don’t even dare think about pressing that button under the counter.” I said watching her hand slip down to the button.

“Jerry stay here with the hostages while I gather the money in the vault.” I said. Jerry nodded. “You’re coming with me,” I said as I grabbed the clerk’s long blonde hair. We stood in front of the vault and the clerk typed in the code on the keypad. I heard gears turning and clanking as the door opened. I knocked the clerk out and said “Ok now you stay here.” In a flash I had every box opened and all of the money, jewels, and other belongings inside of a large blue pillow case that I had brought from home. I headed back to the front entrance of the bank. “Jerry let’s get out of here!” I yelled. I heard police cars stop in front of the bank and a helicopter hovering over top of the bank. As Jerry and I were about to take off, a familiar face busted through the front doors of the bank. “Stop right there robbers!” my grandson Shawn said.

A grin crossed my face. Jerry cracked his neck ready to fight. Shawn paused for a moment and stared into my eyes with anger. “You…” He said gritting his teeth. Then he was hit by Jerry’s heat wave which knocked him into the wall. I laughed hysterically. Shawn picked himself up and lunged towards Jerry. “Falcon!” “Punch!” He yelled as he hit Jerry in the face. Jerry flew through the air and hit the vault door. “I’m going to kill you for what you’ve done to Melenda!” Shawn screamed charging up. “Haaaaaaaaaaa!” Shawn yelled. Chunks of the banks floor began to fly into the air. Shawn’s hair and eyes started to change color. “Ha!” Shawn yelled as he was now in his Super Sayian form. “I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said smirking. Jerry was now back on his feet. He then began spinning in a circle forming a tornado.

The people lying on the ground, chairs and coffee tables that was placed throughout the bank, and broken glass began flying around Jerry’s tornado. Shawn then used Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado and hit Jerry’s tornado. The impact caused both to go flying in the wall. “Who is this guy!?” Shawn screamed. “He’s my new recruit.” I said grinning. “Well you’re going to have to get a new one after I’m done with him!” Shawn yelled flying towards Jerry. Jerry, now picking himself off the floor, stood in place and smiled. I knew what he was about to do so I covered my ears. Jerry opened his mouth and said “Boom,” Shawn stopped in his place with his ears covered screaming in pain. Everyone in the room who was thrown around by Jerry’s tornado shrieked in pain and then their heads exploded. “What the hell!?” Shawn cried. I took the opportunity to fly towards Shawn and punch him dead square in the stomach.

Shawn’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and he coughed up blood. As he was grabbing his stomach in agony I elbowed him in the back which knocked him to the floor. “You’re such a bastard…” Shawn painfully said looking up at me. I chuckled and kicked his body so that he’ll be on his back. “Any last word?” I said placing my foot on his head. “Yeah…” he said grinning. “Devil Trigger!” Still in his Super Sayian form, the golden energy around him turned pitch black, hair had changed colors with the mix of gold and black, nails as long as daggers, and horns grew from the top of his head. He then grabbed me by the leg and slammed me to the floor beside him. Jerry saw that I was hurt so he came running at Shawn with a tidal wave mixed with lighting. Shawn turned to him and used Dolphin Slash with his nails. Jerry’s tidal wave vanished and Shawn grabbed him by the throat.

“I’m tired of your presence!” “Bye!” He then threw Jerry as hard as he could towards the wall beside the front doors of the bank. Jerry not only hit the wall, but crashed through it and kept going on the other side. I whipped the blood from my lip and laughed. “I’ve never seen a Game Master mix two moves like this together.” I said admiring Shawn’s looks. “I always wondered if I could mix them,” Shawn said smiling. “Now I know!” Shawn then charged up his Falcon Punch which looked completely different when he used it earlier. Instead of the fire being just red and orange it was now black and red. I knew if I were to get hit by that I’d be in trouble so I held up my hand and forced his hand to hit himself in the face. Shawn flew through the air like a rocket and crashed through the vault door.

“I only came here to steal some doe and then leave so that’s just what I’m going to do!” I said. “Until we meet next time grandson…” I used my phycic powers and teleported myself to where ever Jerry had landed at. When I had appeared in front of Jerry’s body, who was five miles from the bank, I picked him up and teleported myself home. I set him down on the couch and walked over to the fridge. “Don’t worry Shawn,” “We’ll have our final battle one day.” I grabbed a Dr. Pepper from off the top shelf and popped it open. Jerry woke up and looked over the couch and put his head down in shame. “Don’t worry about it” I said. “We’ll make sure the next time we fight Shawn you’ll be ready to do some real damage.” I tossed him a Dr. Pepper and we clanged cans together before we took a sip.

Chapter 67

“Damn it!” I yelled in anger. “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” Twenty minutes later I was back home after the encounter with my grandpa at the bank. “He did a damn hit and run move on me!” “What a coward!” I screamed. “It’s okay” Melenda said calmly. “You’ll get him next time,” I sighed. “Yeah, so that’s why I’m going to train for a little while so I’ll be ready to kick his ass when we meet again.” I said walking towards the back door. “Or you could fight me again.” I heard a friendly voice say coming in through the front door for once. “Goku!” I said happy to see him. “What’s up Shawn?” “I heard you yelling about something before I came in,” He said. “Oh I was just screaming about how my grandpa, Jimmy and his new recruit Jerry kicked my ass earlier.” I said.

Goku stared at me in shock. “Did you say Jerry?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said. “Did this Jerry have spiky orange hair that covered his head?” He asked nervously. “Yeah he did why?” I asked confused. “I don’t know how he was able to come back, but Jerry must be stopped as soon as possible.” Goku said seriously. “What’s so bad about Jerry?” “When I was fighting him he didn’t seem that much of a challenge.” I said smiling. “He wasn’t showing his full power than.” Goku said. “He can’t get as strong as me when I’m in my Super Sayian three form.” “Oh damn…” I said. “I don’t know why he wasn’t showing you his true power, maybe he was toying with you or something I don’t know.” Goku said. “So how do you know Jerry?” I asked. “Long story so I’ll give you the quick version.” Goku said.

“Jerry was a great buddy of mine back in the day when you parents were just in their teens, then one day he turned evil and tried to kill Gohan and I.” “We finally managed to kill him for good and buried his body at Dead Tree Cemetery” Goku finished saying. “Oh ok” I said. “So let’s get our rematch going so I can see what you’re capable of and maybe see if you need to get stronger to match up to Jerry.” Goku said heading outside with me following behind him. “Be careful!” Melenda yelled after me. In my back yard it was a clear and open area so Goku and I had plenty of room to have a epic fight. “Let’s see what you’ve learned since our last fight.” Goku said smiling. “Gladly,” I said grinning. I didn’t want to get straight to Super Sayian form so I just did my usual attacks.

I flew towards Goku like a bullet and did Wizard’s Foot. Goku dodged and rammed me in the side with his elbow. It knocked me ten feet away from where Goku was standing and I slid through the grass causing a trail to follow me. “Just warming up" I then began charging up Luigi’s Green Missile, and since I’m not wearing anything green I call it Red Missile. Goku jumped back and forth towards me trying to make sure he won’t get hit by my move. Then when Goku was two feet away, I shot off and smacked him in the face. Covered in flames, Goku flew back and caught himself in mid air. “Ow that hurt!” He cried. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” I yelled as three clones of myself appeared behind me. The four of us used Egg Roll and charged towards Goku. Goku stood in place as we drew closer to him.

In lighting speed he hit each egg and caused my three clones to disappear, I flew into the air with egg shell pieces around me. Goku then appeared over top of me and kicked me to the ground. “Oof!” I yelled when I smacked the hard ground. Standing up, I shook off the pain and used Zelda’s Din’s Fire. It flew over to Goku’s face and exploded causing his face to catch on fire. As he was patting out the fire that covered his face I ran to him and yelled “Falcon!” “Punch!” The blow to his chin sent him flying in the air and I charged up Aura Sphere. “Heads up!” I yelled as I shot off the Aura Sphere towards Goku. Goku caught himself again and began charging up the Kamehameha. The Aura Sphere was already five feet away when he shot off the Kamehameha. At that moment my controller beeped and I took a quick glance at it. ‘Ability Learned: Kamehameha’ I read looking at my screen.

“Sweet!” I said joyfully. Goku’s Kamehameha hit my Aura Sphere and exploded, sending Goku up in the air a little further. “Time to get serious!” Goku shouted as he began charging up to go Super Sayian. I decided to do the same. “Haaaaaaaaa!” Goku and I both yelled. “Ha!” Once Goku was finished he flew down towards me and had his fist flying at my face. I blocked it with my right arm and kicked him in his side. Goku was sent flying towards the house, but caught himself before he could hit the roof. The two of began throwing punches at one another dodging and smashing each other in the face. Finally we both threw a punch as hard as we could and knocked the two of us to the ground. I lifted myself up and placed my hand on my forehead to shake the dizziness away.

When I looked up at Goku, he was already on his feet charging up again. “Going Super Sayian two huh?” I asked snickering. “Like I said Shawn this is to see if your capable to face up against Jerry whenever he get’s full power back.” Goku said. “Well you might as well go Super Sayian three.” I said aging him on. “So be it!” Goku yelled as he went into Super Sayian two and was still charging up. “Haaaaaaaaaa!” Goku yelled as larger chunks of dirt began hovering in the air around him. “Ha!” Goku’s hair went from being just short and spiky to long and spiky that went down to his hips. “Now we’re talking!” I cheered. I thought back to when I combined Super Sayian with Devil Trigger and wondered what would happen if I combined those two plus Hyper Form.

“Devil Trigger!” I yelled. The energy around me turned pitch black around me, hair turned gold and black mixed, nails grew long as daggers, and sharp pointy horns grew back in place where they were earlier. “Nice look” Goku said watching me. “Not done just yet,” I said. I took a deep breath and yelled “Hyper Form!” The energy around me went from black to red, to blue, and so on. I felt my strength and speed increase by tenfold. “Oh man…” I said clenching my right hand and feeling the power course through my veins. “Feels good doesn’t it?” Goku asked smiling. “Oh yeah…” I said still overwhelmed by the power I was feeling. “Good, now let’s see if you can handle me in my Super Sayian three form.” Goku said disappearing. He then appeared behind me and punched me as hard as he could in the back. I felt a small amount of pain, but still stood in place. I turned around so fast that Goku looked as if he was in slow motion.

“Falcon!” “Punch!” I yelled as I hit Goku in the guts. His blood sprayed out of his mouth and all over my face. The impact sent him flying towards the other side of my yard and through the forest. Tree after tree he went through them as I they were butter. He finally was stopped by a large boulder that exploded into a thousand pieces. “Whoa…” I said shocked. Concerned about Goku being severely hurt, I took off in his direction. I followed the knocked down trees until I reached Goku’s body. Blood was all over his mouth and he was unconscious. “Oh crap Goku are you okay?” I asked picking him up and putting him on his feet. Goku slowly faded back into reality. “Yeah…” Goku began and then coughed up more blood. “…”I’m fine.” “I didn’t mean to nearly kill you.” I said. “Don’t worry about it…” He said trying to stand on his feet without me holding him up. “At least now we know you’re ready…” Goku then passed out and fell to the ground.

I went back to my normal self, lifted Goku on my shoulder, and carried him back to my house. “What happened!?” Melenda asked when she saw me coming out of the woods. “I heard trees falling down, is everything okay?” “Yeah, I kind of knocked Goku unconscious.” I said walking beside Melenda who was examining Goku’s body. “How?” She asked. “I’ll tell you when we get into the house.” I said. When I came through the back door I carried Goku to the couch and laid him down. “So how did you knock him unconscious?” Melenda asked once I had Goku on the couch. “Well I combined Super Sayian with Devil Trigger and Hyper Form and did one blow to Goku’s stomach with Falcon Punch.” I explained. “Oh my,” Melenda said placing one hand over her mouth. “I hope he’ll be okay” I said looking at Goku. “I told you to be careful,” Melenda said. “I know I know,” “Let’s make him dinner to say we’re sorry.” I said heading to the kitchen.

Two hours later Goku woke up from the smell of the baked chicken in the oven and came into the kitchen. “You’re awake!” I said happy to see him. “Yeah, the smell of that chicken woke me up.” He said smiling. “Hey look Goku I’m sorry about knocking you unconscious.” I said. “It’s okay, so when will the chicken be ready?” he asked. “It’s done now” Melenda said pulling the chicken out of the oven. “We cooked you a big meal to show how sorry we were.” I said. “Sweet!” Goku said happily. Ten minutes later the three of us were sitting at the dinner table and Goku dug in. “You know I haven’t had a fight like that in such a long time.” Goku said with a mouthful of mashed potatoes and chicken. “Really who was the last person you fought that brought you close to death?” I asked. “Jerry,” Goku said laughing. Melenda and I began laughing with him. After dinner Goku thanked us for the meal and took off. He then stopped in mid air and turned to the front door where Melenda and I were standing. “I can’t wait to have another rematch” Goku said grinning. “I can’t wait either.” I said back giving him thumbs up. He then turned back around and flew off.

Chapter 68

After two weeks had passed by it was finally time for Melenda and I to get married. I hoped the GM I told about our wedding has everything set up when we got there. Melenda and I weren’t dressed yet because we didn’t want to see each other all dressed up until we were actually getting married. Everyone Melenda and I sent invitations to had shown up at our house and was wondering where the wedding will be held at. “Ok everyone!” I said getting everyone’s attention. “Not to alarm you but we are not having the wedding on Planet Raeth.” Everyone but my Mom, Dad, and Terry had confused looks on their faces. “For the first time on Raeth, Melenda and I will be getting married in Final Fantasy XI.” All of the guest had a surprised look on their faces and others smiled about how cool it was. “Now if I could have everyone hold hands, and get into a single file line that went from my game chair in our bedroom to out here in the living that would be great.”

I walked into our bedroom and sat down in front of the T.V. Melenda came up behind me and placed her hand on my shoulder. “We’re ready,” Melenda said holding my mom’s hand. “Here we go!” I said sliding the switch. All at once the line of guest including Melenda and I all turned to a cloud of smoke and was sucked in the game. Poof we all appeared in Windurst next to the East Sarutabaruta gate. Some of the guest ooed and others ahhed when they saw the beautiful site of Windurst. I looked around trying to find the GM I talked to about the wedding. If he doesn’t show up then I get a refund. He then appeared in front of me. “Nice to see you again.” He said. “I have everything set up for you, follow me and I’ll take you there.” “Okay, just let me tell everyone that we’re heading out.” I turned to all of the guest who were either meeting other characters or petting the chocobo in its stable.

“Everyone listen up!” I said. “We’re heading out so finish what you’re doing and follow the GM.” Everybody suddenly stopped and followed behind Melenda, the GM and I as we headed out the gate. “Outside of Windurst is so beautiful” Melenda said admiring her surroundings. “Look a cute little bunny!” Terry said excitedly. Terry walked over to the and picked him up. “Who’s a cute little bunny?” Terry said rubbing her nose against the ‘s. “They don’t like to be touched.” The GM said. The then began kicking and scratching at Terry. She dropped the and it ran off. “Owie!” Terry cried. “It’s ok sweetie, here let me take a look at that.” Mom said checking the scratches on Terry’s face. “Here we are” the GM said. We came to a open area that had rows of chairs facing the alter, tables with tons of food and drinks on them, band playing music next to the altar, and a firework display thirty feet behind the alter.

“Oh wow…” Melenda said admiring the sun set that was also in the background. She then turned to me smiling warmly and said “This is the best idea you’ve ever had, I love you and can’t wait until we’re husband and wife.” Melenda began tearing up. I whipped the tears from her cheeks and kissed her softly on the mouth. “Hey hey hey!” “Save that for later,” My dad said laughing. Melenda and I laughed with him. “There are dressing rooms for both the Bride and Groom on opposite sides of the area.” The GM said pointing at both dressing rooms. “See you in a bit,” I said to Melenda as the two of us headed to our dressing rooms. “Sure will,” she said smiling at me.

I finished getting dressed and had my dad approve of me of being in my black tuxedo. Then we headed out of the dressing room and walked towards the altar. Dad sat down in his reserved seat right next to Terry and I stood where I needed to be facing everyone. Behind me was Goku was my best man and behind him was my cousin Weasel. The one who was getting us married was the GM who stood to my side. The band began to play ‘Here comes the bride’ and I stared in direction where Melenda was going to be coming out at. I took a deep breath and felt a hand grab my shoulder. “Nervous?” Goku asked. “A little,” I said. “Don’t worry about it, I was a little nervous when I married Chi Chi and now look at me.” Goku said smiling.

Everyone turned as Melenda began walking down the aisle. Her black hair was put up with a diamond tiara on top of her head; the dress she was wearing was pure white with diamonds covering it, and she wore a medium sized diamond necklace the came down in between her breasts. “My god…” I said in shock from how beautiful she looked in her dress. Melenda reached the altar and stood in front of me with all of her brides’ maids behind her. Melenda smiled warmly and stared deeply into my eyes. I smiled warmly and could feel the love she was giving off as I stared back. “I love you so much Shawn,” Melenda said whispering. “I love you so much too,” I said whispering back.

“We are gathered here today to marry Shawn and Melenda in matrimony.” The GM began. “If there is any reason for these two not to be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.” There was a short pause and I looked around the room hoping no one would say anything. “Shawn and Melenda have written their own vows, so they’ll now say their vows to each other.” The GM said turning to me. “I promise to love you, cherish you, and always be there for you.” “The love between us will last forever and you'll always be mine for as long as we live.” “I love you Melenda and nothing will ever tear us apart.” I finished saying. Melenda began to tear up. The GM then turned to Melenda.

“My love I will cherish you from the bottom of my heart forever and always.” “You will always be my star and moon in the heavenly sky.” “You’re truly my heaven on earth and you’ll always keep me safe and loved till the day we die.” I felt the love course through my body when she finished. “Do you Shawn take Melenda to be you’re lawfully wedded wife?” The GM said turning back to me. “I do,” I said smiling at Melenda and holding her hands. He then turned back to Melenda and said “And do you Melenda take Shawn to be you’re lawfully wedded husband.” “I do!” Melenda joyfully yelled. “You may now exchange rings.” The GM said. Goku pulled out the ring from his pocket and handed it to me. Melenda held up her left hand and I slid the ring on her ring finger. I then held up my left hand and she slid on my golden wedding band with diamonds imbedded in it. “You may now kiss the bride,” The GM said. Melenda and I kissed each other on the lips as if it was our first time. “I now pronounce you husband and wife” The GM said clapping.

Everyone stood on their feet and began clapping and cheering. It was now dark and fireworks began shooting off into the sky and exploding. Melenda and I walked down the aisle together holding hands. Ten minutes later all of the guests were now walking around eating, drinking or dancing. “Congratulations!” Terry, Zach, Mom, and Dad cheered as they came up to Melenda and me. “Thank you” Melenda said smiling. “Thanks you guys,” I said smiling as well. “We’re so happy for you two,” Mom said tearing up. “My baby boy is now married.” “Maybe I can get married too just like you,” Terry said hinting to Zach. Oh I forgot to mention, but Terry finally forgave Zach and now they were dating. “You will one day,” Dad said patting Terry on the head. Zach looked a little surprised and ran off. “Hey! You come back here!” Terry yelled chasing after him.

Then Bill, Amy and Bobby walked up to us. “Congrats nephew” Bill said giving me thumbs up. I gave him thumbs up back and smiled. “So how does it feel to be married?” Bobby asked. “Uhh…” Melenda and I began to say. “Bobby they can’t tell you how it feels to married when they’ve only been married for ten minutes.” Amy said. “I know I know I was just messing,” Bobby said rubbing the back of his head. They then walked off to get something to eat. A slow song came on and I looked at Melenda smiling. “Care to dance my beautiful new wife?” I said holding out my hand. Melenda blushed and said “I would love to my sexy new husband.” She grabbed my hand and brought our bodie close to each other. We slowly stepped side to side with my arms around her waist and her arms around my neck.

Staring into each other’s eyes we both said “I love you,” at the same time. Melenda and I both giggled. All of a sudden everyone gathered around us watching us dance and a spot light shined on us. Two hours later the party had ended and everyone was ready to go home. “Thanks for putting this wedding together for us,” I said holding my controller in both hands. “You’re very welcome,” he said smiling. “Ok everyone join hands,” I said as Melenda put her hand on my shoulder. When everybody was ready I pressed start and then select. Poof we were all back in my bedroom. “Good night” everyone said as they walked out my bedroom door. “Thank you everyone for coming,” Melenda said waving goodbye. After everyone had left and it was only Melenda and I, I took off all of my clothes except my boxers. “Ooo…do I get to have sex with my new husband?” Melenda asked. I nodded and jumped in bed. “Let’s make this night magical,” Melenda said stripping to her undies.

Chapter 69

Six months had passed since Melenda and I were married, and we haven’t heard or seen Jimmy since the last encounter at the bank. It was also close to Melenda’s due date for the baby so day after day we made sure we were prepared when the time came. “I felt the baby kicked,” I said sitting on the couch with my hand on Melenda’s stomach that was now the size of a watermelon. “I felt it too,” Melenda said rubbing her stomach. “I can’t wait until we can hold our baby in our hands.” “It’ll be so cool to have a son or a daughter,” I said smiling at Melenda. “I know you would rather wait until we found out what the baby is, but I really want to know,” Melenda said still rubbing her stomach. “We’ll find out soon enough,” I said standing up and looking out the window. “I’m also worried when my grandpa would show up and ruin everything,”

“It’s been six months Shawn, you would think he had forgotten all about us by now.” Melenda said coming up behind me and wrapping her arms around my neck. “I don’t know Melenda, but I don’t like it.” I said still staring out the window. “Unless this is part of his sick joke,” “Don’t worry about it…” Melenda began. “Oh my god…” “What?! What is it? Is Jimmy here?” I said turning around expecting Jimmy to be behind me. Melenda was holding her stomach and there was water all over the floor. “M…My water broke,” She said staring at the floor in shock. “Oh crap the baby is coming!” I yelled. I quickly picked Melenda up, carried her out the front door, and flew in the air toward the hospital.

“Don’t worry we’ll be there soon!” I said flying as fast as I could. “Oh god its coming!” Melenda screamed in pain. “Hyper Form!” I yelled. My speed increased and I cut through the air as if I were a missile. In seconds I arrived at the hospital and through the front door. “I need a doctor! My wife is having our baby!” I yelled. A female doctor with her black hair in a pony tail rushed to our aid with a wheel chair. I set Melenda down in the wheel chair and the doctor rolled her down the hall. “What’s her name?” The doctor asked looking at me with her blue eyes. “Melenda,” I said as the three of us turned the corner. “Everything will be ok Melenda, just hold tight for a few more seconds.” she said. “Hurry!” Melenda cried.

We entered into a room to the left side of the hall. “Ok pick her up and place her on the bed.” The doctor said. I lifted Melenda up and placed her on the bed. The doctor took a pair of scissors and began cutting into Melenda’s jeans. After she was finished, she tossed the blankets over top of her knees. “Ok sir, I need you to stand right beside her and hold her hand.” The doctor said as she pulled Melenda’s underwear off. I stepped beside the bed and grabbed Melenda’s hand. “Oh god it hurts!” Melenda shouted as she squeezed the hell out of my hand. Then a nurse came running into the room with a hot towel and two clean towels. “Ok Melenda I’m going to need you to push for me ok?” the doctor asked putting on gloves and positioned them in between Melenda’s legs like she was about to catch a ball.

Melenda squeezed my hand harder and pushed with all her might. She then took a deep breath and pushed again. “Keep it up Melenda you’re doing good!” the doctor said. Melenda gave another huge push and the doctor said “I can see the head! Just keep pushing!” “This is your fault for putting me in this pain!” Melenda screamed looking at me. I knew it was the pain talking so I just ignored what she had just said. “Aaaaahhhhh!” Melenda yelled as she gave another push. “I’ve got a hold of the head just give me one last push and it’ll be all over!” the doctor said. Melenda gave one final push and the doctor pulled the rest of the baby out. “Waaaa!” the baby cried with blood covering it. “It’s a boy!” the doctor said checking in between the baby’s legs.

The nurse with curly brown hair and brown eyes handed me a pair of special scissors. “Do the honor of cutting the vital cord, but cut right here” she said pointing at where she wanted me to cut. I took the scissor and cut the spot she pointed at. They then cleaned the baby and wrapped him in a blue blanket and tightened it up. “Here you are sir,” the doctor said handing me my son. A smile crossed my face as I looked his cute face. “Well hello there Nintendo” I said cradling him in my arms. I looked at Melenda who had passed out from tiredness. “Mommy’s asleep at the moment, but you’ll get to see her later.” I said sitting down in the soft chair that was beside the bed. Four hours later Melenda awoke and I had moved with the baby from the chair to the bed lying right next to Melenda asleep.

Melenda took the baby from my arms and cradled him in hers. She stared at his face as he slept and smiled warmly. I noticed the baby wasn’t in my arms anymore and woke up. I sat up in bed with Melenda and looked at the baby. Melenda turned to me and smiled. “Our baby boy…” she said happily. Melenda then kissed me gently on the lips. “I love you,” she said. “I love you too,” I said smiling. The doctor who helped Melenda out earlier came into the room. “Oh I see you’re awake,” she said. “So how are you feeling?” “I’m feeling fine,” Melenda said. “That’s good to hear, and how’s the baby doing?” the doctor asked. Melenda looked down at Nintendo. “He seems ok,” Melenda said looking back at the doctor. She then nodded and jotted something on her clipboard that was in her hand.

“Well it appears you have a healthy baby, so you may go home.” “But I’d like for the two of you to stay until tomorrow and get some rest.” The doctor said. “Ok, thank you” Melenda said. The doctor then exited the room. We spent the night at the hospital and the next mourning the doctor did another check on Melenda and Nintendo. “Well everything still seems to be fine,” The doctor said checking her clip board. “You can go home now,” she said smiling. Melenda gathered her things and the three of us left the hospital. When we got home Melenda turned the baby towards the house and said “Look Nintendo this is our home, you’ll get to have your own room just like mommy and daddy.” When then entered the house and showed Nintendo around. “And here’s your room” Melenda said as we opened the door to my old room. Inside we only had a crib and a diaper changing station. Melenda place Nintendo in the crib, covered him with his new blanket, and kissed him goodnight on his forehead.

Chapter 69

“That’s it Jerry tear all of your surroundings up, you need to be as strong as me if you want to defeat my grandson, Shawn!” I yelled. It was six months later after I had robbed the bank and Jerry was still not strong enough. I held up my PDS controller at Jerry and used the power level reader. “300,000,015” it read. “Your power level has only increased by fifteen since we started, it should be a lot higher than it is now,” “What the hell is the problem here!?” I screamed as Jerry turned to me and frowned. “Hmm…” I said thinking. “Do you know why your power level’s not increasing?” I asked. Jerry shrugged. “Could it be because you had died and stayed dead so long that your power level just froze or something?” I asked. Jerry shrugged again.

“Ok, what is it that let you use these powers?” I asked. Jerry looked up at the sun. “The sun does?” I asked. Jerry nodded. “Hmm…” I said placing my hand on my chin and thinking. “Maybe if I get you close enough to the sun, you might be able to get stronger a lot faster.” I said snapping my fingers. Jerry shrugged once again. “Ok come on, we’re going to get close enough to the sun.” I said flying into the air. Jerry follows right behind me as he and I headed towards the sun. “Feel anything yet?” I asked turning my head to him. Jerry shook his head. “Then we must get closer!” I yelled speeding up. When we went so fast that we left out of Raeth’s atmosphere and we were both now in space. Jerry began gasping for air so I looked through my controller for a space suit and pasted it on the two of us.

“Let’s go!” I yelled as I shot towards the sun. An hour later we had finally reached the sun. “Oh man it’s so hot!” I complained. “Hurry, do you feel anything?” I asked turning to Jerry. Jerry did the ‘Kind of’ gesture to me with his right hand. “Hmm…” I said. I then pulled out my controller and checked Jerry’s power level again. “300,001,015” I read. “It went up by a thousand, but still not good enough.” Jerry sighed. An evil grin crossed my face and just as Jerry was heading towards Raeth, I kicked him into the sun.” Jerry’s face was in shock as he watched him head toward the hot blazing sun. Jerry smacked the sun’s surface hard, his space suit burned in an instant, but he wasn’t burning.

Jerry closed his eyes and held out his arms to his side. I saw the energy of the sun swirl around him. “600,002,030” I read as I aimed my controller at Jerry. “Oh yeah! You are a lot stronger than before!” I cheered. Once Jerry was done he flew back towards me. “Your power level has doubled from where it was a few minutes ago!” I said happily as Jerry came up to me. “You’re not as strong as me still, but with more training I bet we can have equal power level.” Jerry showed no emotion and he was just staring at me. “You okay?” “Look if it’s about me kicking you into the sun, I only did that because I knew you wouldn’t go if I asked.” Jerry came back to reality and smiled at me. “Ok now let’s get back home,” I said heading back to Raeth. “And how are you able to breathe in space all of a sudden?” Jerry pointed at the sun. “Oh ok,” I said.

Chapter 70

Another month had and still no sign of Jimmy. This was going to be Nintendo’s first Christmas, as well as us as a family. “Christmas is tomorrow!” Melenda said excitedly. “Oh I can’t wait until I see what you got me Shawn,” She was bouncing up and down around the Christmas tree. Nintendo was grabbing at the presents with small hands and scratching at the box. I picked him up and put him to the side. “Christmas is tomorrow silly, I know your excited to see what you’re going to get.” I said smiling and sliding my finger down his nose. He looked up at me and gave me a smile showing only his gums. Melenda crouched down beside me and blew on his belly. Nintendo began laughing and grabbed at Melenda’s hair that was dangling in his face. “Ok Nintendo don’t grab mommy’s hair.” Melenda said pulling her hair from his grasp.

Then there was a knock on the front door. I walked over and opened the door to find my Mom, Dad, Terry, and Zach waiting out in the cold. “Where’s Zach?” I asked. “He’s out shopping for my gift,” Terry said. “Oh ok, well come on in,” I said inviting them in. They stomped their feet to knock the snow off their shoes and took them off beside the door. Mom and Dad had stacks of presents for Melenda, Nintendo, and I that they were carrying. “Here I’ll take them,” I said grabbing both stack of presents. I carried them to the living room and placed them under the tree with the ones Melenda and I had wrapped.

Mom and Dad sat down on the couch while Terry walked over to Nintendo to play with him. “Nintendo is so adorable,” Mom said watching Nintendo crawl on top of Terry. “I know isn’t he?” Melenda said. “So are we the first ones to arrive for the Christmas party?” Dad asked. “Yeah, Melenda’s parents will be here soon.” “So while you wait want anything to drink?” I asked. “Egg nog,” Dad said. “I’m fine,” Mom said. “Can I have some Pepsi?” Terry asked listening in on the conversation. “Sure I’ll be back in a minute.” I said heading into the kitchen. “So how’s Nintendo been doing?” I heard mom ask Melenda as I left the living room. I opened the fridge pulled out the Egg nog and Pepsi and placed it on the counter. Then as I was pulling down glasses I looked outside to watch the snow fall and saw Jimmy with his hands in his pockets smiling evilly at me.

I nearly dropped the glasses and gasped. Quickly I ran out of the kitchen and out the front door. Snow landed on my body as I searched around for Jimmy who was now gone. “Where the hell are you, you bastard!?” I screamed. I walked to where he was standing and saw his foot prints in the snow. I scanned the area around me trying to find him in the thick snow that was falling. “Shawn?” Melenda said at the front door. “What’s wrong?” “I saw Jimmy!” I yelled still searching. “Jimmy was here?” she asked nervously. “Yeah, he was watching me through the kitchen window as I was pulling down some glasses.” “Now he’s vanished.” I said. “Come back inside he could still be lingering around, and I don’t want nothing to happen to you or the baby.” Melenda said looking around. “I headed back inside, and poured my dad some egg nog and Pepsi for Terry. Before I left the kitchen I looked out the window again to see if was Jimmy was watching but he wasn’t there.

“Here’s your egg nog and Pepsi,” I said handing dad and Terry their drinks. “Is everything ok?” Mom asked. “I heard you yelling.” “Everything’s fine I was just yelling at a dog that was in the yard.” “Oh ok,” mom said. Ten minutes had passed and there was another knock at the door. I went to go answer it expecting Jimmy to be outside ready to punch me in the face. “We’re here” Melenda’s mom said. “We also picked up a hitch hiker,” Melenda’s dad said. “Hey,” Zach said behind the two of them. “Want me to take the presents off your hands?” I asked. “Please do they’re really heavy,” Mr. Casidy said handing me the presents. We all walked to the living room and I placed the presents down beside the present’s mom and dad had brought. “Now that everyone’s here let the party begin!” I said turning on some Christmas music.

Zach and Terry were now both keeping Nintendo occupied by taking turns tapping him on his back as he looked back and forth at them. “So how’s things been going?” Mr. Casidy asked turning to my dad. “Good, how about you?” dad asked. “Same, I got a promotion today at work.” Mr. Casidy said. “Oh? Well congratulations.” Dad said patting Mr. Casidy on the back. I walked over to Melenda who was talking to her mom about Nintendo. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” I asked walking up to Melenda. “Sure,” “I’ll be right back mom,” Melenda said. “What is it?” Melenda asked when we were away from everyone. “I’m still worried about Jimmy showing back up and crashing the party, so if it comes to that I want you to get everyone out of the house.” I said. “Ok I will,” Melenda said nodding. “I don’t know what he’s up to, but I don’t like it.” I said.

An hour and a half passed and after everyone had had dinner it was time to have our white elephant. I grabbed up the presents that were meant for the white elephant and placed them in the middle of the floor where I had chairs set up in a circle. “Ok everyone draws a number from the bucket, and whatever number you are when we call out that number must grab a present from the middle and open it.” I said going to person to person as they grabbed a folded piece from the bucket. “Ok the first number is…six” “Who has six?” I asked looking around. Terry held up her hand and said “Me!” She stood up from the chair and grabbed a random present from the middle. Terry tore through the wrapping paper like it was nothing and gasped.

“It’s a stuffed kitten!” she yelled joyfully. “Ok the next number is…one” “Who has one?” I asked. “I do,” Melenda said grabbing a present from the middle. She unwrapped the paper to find a T-shirt that has a picture of Kratos on it. “This is more for you Shawn, so I’ll hold on to it.” Melenda said smiling at me. Twenty minutes later after everyone had opened all the gifts and it was my second round, I grabbed the last gift and ripped the paper off in one tug. It was a small box about the size of Nintendo. I opened up the box to find a folded note inside. “Oh ha ha” I said looking at everyone. “It’s a note that probably says ‘Ha ha there’s no gift for you, but Merry Christmas.’” Everyone stared at me confused as if they didn’t know what I was talking about.

I unfolded the note and read to myself. ‘Merry Christmas grandson, you’ll be getting your true Christmas present soon. Love, Jimmy.’ I looked up at everyone who was still staring at me. “So what does the note say?” Melenda asked. “Exactly what I predicted,” I said smiling. “But who brought this gift?” Everyone but Zach shrugged their shoulders. “Zach?” I asked. “I kind of found it outside earlier in front of your mailbox and I assumed it was a white elephant present that someone had dropped.” Zach explained. “Oh ok,” I said think about what Jimmy had wrote. Five minutes later everyone gathered their belongings and went home. I was sitting on the couch with the note in my hand when Melenda came into the living room after she was done saying goodbye.

“It’s not what I said earlier.” I said holding up the note. “Well what does it really say?” Melenda asked taking the note from my hand and began reading it. She then gasped. “It’s from Jimmy…” she said in shock. “Yeah, and I’ll be getting my Christmas present soon too,” “But how soon?” I asked. “Well whatever it is you’ll be ready for it won’t you?” Melenda asked. “Oh yeah,” I said. Melenda picked Nintendo up from the floor. “I’ll always keep you and Nintendo safe.” I said kissing Melenda and Nintendo’s forehead. “I know you will,” Melenda said cuddling up beside me with Nintendo in her arms.

Chapter 71

The next morning Melenda and I both woke up, got Nintendo, and sat in the living room. Melenda had a warm smile on her face as she stared at all of her presents. “To start this off Nintendo will be the first to open all of his presents,” I said gathering all of his presents and putting them into a big pile. Melenda set Nintendo on the floor and gave him his first present. I grabbed the video camera from off the counter and began filming Nintendo. Melenda sat right behind him and helped him open his present. “Ooo look Nintendo you got a Mario rattle.” Melenda said shaking the rattle in front of his face. Nintendo giggled and grabbed the rattle from Melenda. He began shaking the hell out of it that I pictured the Mario head on it puking. I handed Melenda his next present. Nintendo had all of his attention on the rattle that he didn’t pay no mind to the present Melenda set in front of him.

“Ok Nintendo you can play with it later,” Melenda said taking the rattle away. Nintendo began to tear up. “Waaaaa!” he cried. “Oh alright here,” Melenda said handing the rattle back to him. In an instant he stopped crying and began giggling again from shaking the rattle. Melenda opened the present in front of him. “Look sweetie it’s a hat.” Melenda said turning the hat in her hand to let Nintendo look at it. It was a gray hat with the word Nintendo in red on the front. Nintendo paid no mind to it and just kept shaking his rattle. Melenda sighed, smiled, and shook her head. I took the hat and placed it on Nintendo’s head backwards like mine. “Now you’ll be just like daddy,” I said smiling. Melenda and I decide to just open all of Nintendo’s presents and lay them around him so he can play with whatever he wanted, while Melenda and I opened each other’s presents.

I gave Melenda her present first. She tore through the wrapper and gasped. “Oh my gosh its diamond ear rings!” Melenda said excitedly. She took them out of the box and put them on. “How do they look?” Melenda asked turning her head back and forth. “They’re beautiful on you,” I said. “Aww…thank you,” She said kissing my cheek. Melenda then handed me one of my presents. I ripped off the paper and said “Sweet it’s Darksiders!” “I can’t wait to play this, thanks Melenda.” “You’re welcome,” she said smiling. Back and forth we opened present after present, even the presents Mom, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Casidy had left. I ended up with a new hoodie, tons of games, jeans, shoes, and an IPod.

Melenda got a few games, shirts, jeans, jewelry, dresses, books, and an IPod as well. “This has been an awesome Christmas,” I said. “Yep, and look how happy Nintendo,” Melenda said pointing at Nintendo. He was rattling his new rattle and playing with one of his new toys. “He sure does love that rattle.” I said laughing. Melenda stared into my eyes and said “I love you Shawn, and merry Christmas.” I smiled warmly and said “I love you too babe, and merry Christmas.” I grabbed her face and kissed her softly on the lips. We pulled away and Melenda said “So what do you want for breakfast?” “How about some blueberry waffles?” I said. “Sure,” Melenda said getting up from the couch. I smacked her on her ass. “Ooo!” she said loving it. “I’ll come and help.” I said getting up and following her.

Chapter 72

Two and a half months had passed and I was ready to begin my plan. Jerry had finally reached up to my power level. “Ok,” I said getting Jerry’s attention so he’d look away from the TV. “The plan is to capture Melenda, so that we could have Shawn meet us here and kill him once and for all.” “But while we have Melenda in our custody I’m going to rape her and get her pregnant.” Jerry looked at me confused. “I want to have a baby that I can teach to be evil and help take over Planet Raeth.” I explained.

Jerry smiled and gave me thumbs up. “Once I’m finished raping her, I’ll use the ‘Fast Forward’ option on my controller to speed up the pregnancy so that she’ll give birth to my new baby boy or girl.” “Then I can let you take care of her while I tend to the baby ok?” I asked. Jerry nodded. “Good, we’ll begin my plan tomorrow so get some sleep because you’re going to need it” I said heading to my bedroom. Jerry turned off the TV, laid down, and closed his eyes.

Chapter 73

“Happy birthday!” Melenda shouted waking me up from my sleep. I yawned. “Yeah…today I’m twenty one…” I said sleepily. “Aww…wake up sleepy head, here I made you breakfast.” Melenda said handing me a tray of pancakes, waffle, eggs, sausage, bacon, and a glass of orange juice. “Oh man this look so good.” I said licking my chops. I took the tray from her and dug in. “Want some?” I said offering her a strip of bacon. “No thank you, I already ate.” “I made all of this just for you,” She said kissing my cheek. I smiled and said “Thanks babe,” Melenda left the room and I continued eating. After I was finished I carried the tray of dirty dishes to the kitchen. “That was a awesome breakfast,” I said picking food out of my teeth. “Why thank you honey,” She said smiling warmly. “I have a present for you by the way,” “Oh really? What is it?” I asked curiously. “Follow me,” She said heading outside.

When the two of us were outside I saw a pickup truck pull up with a blanket over something that looked like a chair in the back. Two guy’s got out of the truck and picked it up. “Surprise!” Melenda said pulling off the blanket and revealing a brand new game chair when the guy’s were close enough. “Oh sweet!” I yelled happily. “It’s the Gaming Chair 3000!” It has a built in massager, larger speakers, and it’s a recliner unlike my old game chair. “Oh man this thing is beautiful…” I said admiring it. I turned to Melenda and said “You’re the best,” “I know,” She said blushing. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her romantically on the lips. Our lips detached and the two of us went into the house. “Just set it right there,” I said as I walked into our bedroom. The two guy’s gently put it down where I had told them to put it and left the room.

I pushed my old game chair aside and slid the new one in its place. I sat down and felt how soft it was. “Oh yeah…” I said enjoying it by rubbing the arms of it. The whole chair was red and the fabric was silk. I found the switch that turned on the massager and clicked it on. “Ahhh…” I said as the chair vibrated. “Can I sit?” Melenda asked. “Of course,” I said getting up. Melenda sat down. “Oh my god…this feels soooo good….” She said closing her eyes. “Know what’ll feel a lot better?” I asked smiling. She opened her eyes and said “What?” “My birthday sex present,” I said winking. “Oh…ok,” She said smiling back. “Let me check the baby first ok?” Melenda got up from the chair and headed up stairs. I decided to sit back in my chair. “Oh yeah…that hits the spot…” I said closing my eyes.

Two hours later I awoke still in my new game chair with it still on. I yawned and got up from the chair to use the bathroom. As I was heading toward the bathroom door, I noticed Melenda came back from checking the baby. I wondered what time it was and looked at the clock on the wall. “What!? 12oclock!?” I said shocked. “I’ve been sleeping for two hours!?” My heart raced as I was running to the baby’s room. I could hear Nintendo crying his head off as I got closer and closer. I finally reached the bedroom door and busted through. Inside of his cradle was Nintendo lying on his back crying. I noticed the window was busted and there was glass all over the floor. I walked over to Nintendo to calm him down and saw a note underneath of him.

I picked Nintendo up as well as the note and began to read the note. ‘Hello there grandson, like I promised you were going to get your Christmas present. Even though it’s not Christmas anymore so this is your birthday present from Jerry and I. I have your wife Melenda and if you ever want to see her alive again well…I’m not going to give you the position I want you to meet me at yet because I have plans I must do with her first….Anyway you’ll get a note later from some random kid that has the coordinates on it. Love, Jimmy. P.S. I’m going to make a baby with your wife.’ My teeth clenched, I crumpled the note into a ball, and caught it on fire. “JIMMY!!” I screamed in pure rage. “Screw waiting for a note from his ass! I’ll find him on my own with Goku’s help!” I finally calmed Nintendo down and went to the living room to call my parents.

The phone rang and Mom answered. “Hello?” she said. “Hey mom, do you mind watching Nintendo for me?” I asked. “Sure, but where’s Melenda?” She asked. I took a deep breath and explained the whole story. “Oh my god…” She said after I was finished. “Quickly bring Nintendo over so you can find Melenda!” mom said and then hung up the phone. I grabbed some things that Nintendo needed and jetted out the front door. Less than a minute I arrived at my parent’s house. Mom was outside waiting for me. “Here’s Nintendo and the things he needs.” I said handing Nintendo and his bag of things. “Thank you honey, now hurry go find Melenda!” she said hugging me goodbye. “I will!” I said flying off into the sky.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Goku’s number. “Hello?” Goku said on the other line. “Goku this is a emergency! Jimmy has captured Melenda and I need you to help me find her” I said. “What!?” he said shocked. “Yeah, can you meet me in front of Dirble’s Game Store?” I asked. “Of course I’ll meet you there” He said and then he hung up. I flew as fast as I could and landed in front of Dirble’s Game Store. Weasel came walking by and saw me. “Hey Shawn, what’s up?” He asked. “I’m waiting for Goku to meet me here.” I said. “Jimmy captured Melenda and he’s going to help me find her.” Weasel’s face turned into shock. “H…He captured Melenda?” He asked. “Yeah, and when we find him I’m going to kill him once and for all.” I said punching my hand. “Good, be sure to give him hell.” Weasel said balling up his fist.

“I’m here!” Goku said flying down to me. “So why did you want me to meet you here?” “When I first met Jimmy, he bought a game from here and was heading home.” I explained. “So my guess is that he lives somewhere around here.” “Uh huh…” “Well let’s start looking.” Goku said. The two of us then flew off and began our search. “Good luck you guys!” I heard Weasel say from below. “You know Jerry’s going to be with Jimmy so I’m also here to help you fight him.” Goku said smiling. “Thanks,” “I can let you handle him while I take care of Jimmy.” I said grinning. “Let’s split up so we can cover more ground ok?” Goku said. “Ok,” I said. Goku began flying to the right and I flew to the left.

Chapter 74

“Strap her down!” I said as Melenda squirmed to get away. I held her down as Jerry began strapping Melenda down to the kitchen table. “Let me go!” Melenda screamed. “When Shawn get’s here you’re both going to wish you were already dead!” “Muhahaha!” “Shawn’s just a weakling, he could never defeat us!” I said grinning. “And Jerry here already died once, so I doubt he’ll be dying again!” Melenda pulled at the straps that held her down. “There’s no point in trying to escape,” I said. Melenda then spat in my face. “Grr…” I said angrily as I whipped the spit from my face. I slapped her as hard as I could and she began crying. “Shut the hell up!” I said slapping her again. Melenda stopped and just pouted. “Now on to my next phase!” I said ripping off all of Melenda’s clothes instead of her underwear and bra. “No! I don’t want to be raped again!” Melenda screamed.

“Oh you’re going to and when I’m done with you you’re going to be having my baby!” I said unzipping my pants. “Nooooooooooooo!” Melenda screamed trying to break free from her straps. “Jerry you mind?” I said looking at him. Jerry nodded and walked into the next room. Twenty five minutes later I zipped up my pants as I watched Melenda whimper and twitch. “Now to speed things up…” I said pulling out my controller and opening the ‘Fast Forward’ option. I aimed the controller at Melenda and hit the X button. I watched as Melenda’s stomach began to grow bigger and bigger. Once it had reached its limit I stopped fast forwarding. “Oh god not again!” Melenda cried in pain. “Come on now push!” I yelled. “No!” Melenda screamed. “Push or I’ll cut it out of you!” I said grabbing a knife.

Tears began running down Melenda’s cheeks as she began to push with all her might. “That’s it push!” I screamed. “Unnhhhh!” Melenda shouted as she push and pushed. I looked down and could see the head. “Push! Push! Push!” I yelled. Finally Melenda gave one last push and I could grab hold of the baby. “Waaaaaa!” the baby cried. “Yes…” I said happily as I held the bloody baby in my arms. I snapped the vital cord that was connected to the baby in half and grabbed a towel to clean it off. “it’s a girl” I said as I cleaned off the baby’s private area. Melenda laid in agonizing pain as she bled out from her womb. “I was going to have Jerry finish you off, but I see that you’re doing that for me.” I said grinning. I carried the baby to the crib I had built the day before and placed her in it. “Hmm…what should I name you?” I said as I stared at the crying baby. “Ooo! I’ll name you Shila!”

Jerry came back into the room and looked down at Melenda who was now unconscious. He smiled, looked over at me, and gave me thumbs up. “Now to write that note to let Shawn know where we are so we can finish him off.” I said grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. Before I could began writing Shawn and Goku busted through my ceiling. “Aww…I didn’t even get to start.” I said putting down the pen. Jerry’s stared angrily at Goku and balled up his fists. “Jimmy I’m going to kill you for capturing Melenda, tormenting me since the day I met you, and for just living!” Shawn screamed. “That’s not a nice thing to say to your grandpa.” I said grinning. Shawn instantly went Super Sayian and came at me screaming “Diiiieeee!”

Chapter 75

The rage inside me was coursing through my veins as I shot through the house in Super Sayian form about to Falcon Punch Jimmy’s smug face. Then I was stopped when someone caught my eye. Melenda was lying on the table unconscious bleed everywhere from her woumb. “Melenda!” I shouted in horror. I forgot about Jimmy and ran to her side. Melenda slowly came to as I unstrapped her from the table. “Oh my god Melenda! I’m so sorry I didn’t make it in time to stop this from happening!” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. “It’s ok…don’t cry…” Melenda said faintly. “I still love yo…” Melenda’s voice trailed off and she died right before my eyes. “No! Melenda please don’t die!” I cried with my face in her chest. “Please don’t die Melenda, I love you too!”

I sobbed for a few seconds and then heard Jimmy laughing in the background. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist. “How dramatic!” Jimmy said still laughing. My head shot up from Melenda’s lifeless body and all I could see was red. “Jimmy you bastard!” I screamed going Super Sayian again. In a flash I went from being beside Melenda to right behind Jimmy punching him in the back with Falcon Punch. Jimmy stood in place and laughed. “I’ve grown a lot stronger since you last saw me.” He said grinning. He whipped around and kicked me as hard as he could in the side. I flew through the house and busted through the wall into the next room.

“Shawn!” Goku yelled going Super Sayian. He charged at Jimmy and Jerry appeared in front of him bashing him in the face. Goku flew to the other side of the house and smashed into the TV. “Jerry’s told me all about your fight with him years ago and he wants revenge.” Jimmy said grinning. I picked myself up off the floor. “Devil Trigger!” I shouted. Jimmy laughed and said “That’s not going to help you here,” “Fine!” “Hyper form!” I yelled. “Three huh?” “I see you’ve been experimenting with mixing other moves well so have I!” Jimmy yelled. Jimmy charged up and went Super Sayian. His green eyes turned light blue, brown hair turned gold, and his hair came through the hole in his hat almost like mine. “EX Mode!” Jimmy yelled. Nothing about his appearance changed, but I guess he’s grown stronger. “Nine Tail Fox!” Jimmy’s body was then surrounded in a red and gold energy that was mixed, and on his back he had nine tails. His hair stayed gold and his hat was still on his head. “I don’t care how powerful you are I’m still going to kill you!” I screamed charging at him with full power. “Falcon!” “Punch!” I yelled as my fist got closer to his face. Jimmy held up his right arm to block my attack and punched me in the gut with his left fist.

The punch was harder than when Goku hit me when he was in his Super Sayian three form. I stood in place holding my stomach and spat up a little blood. I ignored the pain and did a three sixty kicking him in the side. Jimmy flew to the other side of the room and crashed into his wall. While that was taking place Goku got to his feet with Jerry standing over him grinning. “Nice to see you again Jerry,” Goku said whipping the blood from his lip. Goku then kicked Jerry in the jaw and did a flip to get back on his feet. Jerry lowered his head and rubbed his jaw. He then formed a thunder cloud over top of his head and began throwing lightning bolts at Goku. Goku dodge a few and blocked a few then teleported behind Jerry.

He then began punching Jerry in the back and did a final punch causing him to fly towards Jimmy. With quick reflexes, Jimmy stopped Jerry by kicking him to the floor. “Sorry pal,” Jimmy said helping Jerry off the floor. While Jimmy was distracted I used Shadow Clone Jutsu and had my eight clones start bashing him in the face. Jerry ended up punching one of my clones and making him disappear until Goku punched him the stomach. Jimmy finally had enough and used his phycic powers to send my clones and I flying. He then came at me with Ganondorf’s Warlock Punch and punched my face in repeatedly with it. Then while Jimmy was ready to give me the final blow I kicked him as hard as I could in his balls.

“Yeeeouch!” “You dirty bastard!” He cried grabbing himself. I pulled myself out of the wall and said “That one is for rapping Melenda!” Jimmy clenched his teeth and held up his hands. Ike’s sword appeared in his hands and fire began to swirl around him. “Oh crap he’s about to do Eruption!” I yelled. He then stabbed the sword into the ground and everything around him exploded. I was lucky enough to quickly dodge his attack by rolling out of the way. Jimmy then grabbed me by the leg and pull me close to his chest squeezing his arms around me. He then jumped into the air and fell to the ground with my back facing the floor. Bam! I slammed into the floor and made a crater where I laid. Jimmy got off of me and used Pikachu’s Thunder attack. I rolled to the side dodging his attack and threw a C4 on him. Once I was far enough away from him I activated the C4 which exploded throwing him into the air and crashing through the ceiling.

I looked over at Goku who was now in his Super Sayian three form and Jerry as they duked it out. Jerry stomped his foot which caused an reathquake to tear the house in two. Goku then head butted Jerry which made Jerry’s forehead start to bleed. The blood trickled down Jerry’s face and as he spun his arms around in circles. The wind began to pick up and things around the house started to fly in the direction his was blowing. Goku stood his ground and began walking towards Jerry. Jerry’s arms started to speed up faster and the wind got stronger. The house tore apart and the floor we stood on stayed intact. Jerry stopped spinning his arms and as Goku opened his eyes he punched him in the stomach with a electric attack. Goku flew towards the woods and crashed into the trees.

Then from behind me I felt Jimmy grab my hair and threw me towards the trees where Goku had landed. “I’m going to have to go Super Sayian four” Goku said as he helped me up. “Jerry’s definitely much stronger than when I last fought him years ago.” “Jimmy’s no walk in a park either.” I said rubbing my head where Jimmy had pulled at my hair. “But I think if I believe in myself I can kick his ass.” “Well let’s get to it.” Goku said smiling. “What’s wrong? Had enough already?” Jimmy said grinning. “Just getting started” I said grinning back. Goku began to charge up. “Jerry he’s trying to go Super Sayian four stop him before he does it!” Jimmy ordered. Jerry nodded and charged at Goku covered in heat that surrounded his body. He lifted his fist and a lightning bolt appeared in his hand.

“Oh no you don’t!” I said flying towards him and kicking him in the face. I hit him so hard that he hurled toward the trees and crashed. The heat that covered him set the trees on fire. My shoe was on fire and I was jumping up and down trying to put it out. Goku finally had reached Super Sayian four. He went from having long spiky hair to being in his normal clothes, but with red ape fur that covered his body with a long monkey tail. Goku’s eyes looked as if they had black eyeliner around them and his hair had turned back to black. “Jerry get up and get over here now!” Jimmy shouted looking in Jerry’s direction. Jerry shook the dizziness away and flew to Jimmy’s side. “This is going to be an interesting fight…” Jerry said cracking his neck.

Chapter 76

I took a deep breath while closing my eyes. When I reopened them Jimmy and I had a stare down. Jerry was cracking his knuckles as Goku stood in fighting position. Then the four of us charged toward each other with fist raised high. As Jimmy was throwing punches I was dodging each attack and punched back. He too dodged my every attack. Jerry would throw a few punches and miss Goku, as he dodged every punch Goku manage to hit Jerry repeatedly in the gut. Jerry would flinch and just keep trying to hit Goku. As I was throwing a punch to Jimmy’s face, Jimmy blocked it and punched me in the face with Warlock Punch. I stepped back a few feet holding my cheek where he had hit me and ignored the pain as I came back after him with a Falcon Punch. Jimmy used his phycic powers and forced my body to turn to Goku which caused me to punch him in the face instead. Goku fell to the ground and slid about fifteen feet away from the three of us.

Then out of nowhere Jerry did a lightning uppercut to my jaw which made me fly high into the sky. I caught myself and placed my hands to the side preparing to charge up the Kamehameha. “Ka-me-ha-me!” I said as the blue ball appeared in between my hands. “Haaaaaaaa!” The blast went straight at Jerry. Jimmy got in front of it and kicked it back at me. I quickly had Pit’s Mirror Shield appear just as the blast was about to hit me and reflected back towards Jimmy. Goku got behind Jerry and wrapped his arms around him holding him in place. “Goku move it’s going to hit you too!” I yelled in shock. “Don’t worry it’s not going to hurt me!” Goku said struggling to keep Jimmy in his grasp. Jerry came at Goku with a round house kick. When the blast was close enough to Jimmy and Goku, Goku let go just in time for Jerry to kick Jimmy in the stomach and got out of the way from the blast. The blast hit both Jimmy and Jerry and they cried in pain as it was coming down on them.

“Jerry you stupid idiot!” Jimmy screamed. When the blast had cleared Jimmy and Jerry fell to their hands and knees. “Why…can’t…you…just stay out of the way!” Jimmy yelled turning his head to Jerry. Jerry got angry and grabbed the back of Jimmy’s head slamming his face into the ground. Jimmy pulled his face from the dirt and punched Jerry in the gut as he was laughing. “Don’t you ever do that again!” Jimmy screamed. “I’m considered your master and you are not supposed to hurt you master!” Goku and I looked at each other in surprise. Jerry fell to the ground. “Now get your ass back up and help me kill these assholes!” Jimmy commanded. Jerry picked himself off the ground and stood next to Jimmy. Goku and I grinned at each other as to know what we had to do next.

Goku and I then took off charging at Jimmy and Jerry. We both got in between them and began throwing punched at the two. Just as they were about to punch us in the face, Goku and I ducked and they bashed each other in the face instead. “Ow my nose!” Jimmy cried. Jerry held his nose as well as got pissed. “Watch were your throwing your punches you moron!” Jimmy screamed as he smacked Jerry in the face. Jerry got pissed and clapped his hands together causing a wave of wind to blow Jimmy into his trashed house. Jimmy pulled himself out of the pile of house remains and picked Jerry up with his phycic powers. “This will teach you for attacking your master!” Jimmy yelled as he slammed Jerry’s body into the ground over and over again.

Jerry couldn’t take it anymore and he opened his mouth screaming “Diiiieeee!!” Goku and I quickly put our fingers in our ears so we couldn’t hear Jerry’s voice. “Yeeeahhhhh!” Jimmy screamed as the pain shot through his brain. Jimmy let go of Jerry and Jerry landed on his feet. “Die!” “Die!” “Die!!” Jerry kept shouting at the top of his lungs. Jimmy fell to his knees holding his ears and shaking his head back and forth. “Jerry you bastard!” Jimmy angrily yelled. Then Jimmy’s head exploded and his body fell to the ground. Jerry breathed angrily in and out as he stared at Jimmy’s headless body. Goku took the chance and flew at Jerry readying to punch him in the back. Jerry turned around just as Goku was close enough to him and said “Boom,” Goku stopped in his place and fell to his knees holding his ears. Jerry then grabbed Goku by the head and snapped his neck.

“Goku!” I screamed in horror as Goku fell to the ground and turned into a cloud of smoke. Just for a reminder the Goku you just saw was not the actual real one he was copied and pasted here in Raeth years ago to help protect Raeth. Where he had disappeared to I had no idea. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I clenched my teeth together and balled up my fists. “First you guys kill Melenda…and now you kill Goku!” “I’m sick and tired of you killing everyone I love!” I screamed as I shot towards Jerry like a rocket. Jerry turned toward me just in time to get a mouth full of Falcon Punches in his face. Jerry’s head moved from side to side as my blows bashed him in the face left and right. I grabbed him by his shoulders and repeatedly head butted him until blood gushed from his forehead.

I let go of Jerry’s body and let him fall to the ground. I then held my arms over my head and Ike’s sword appeared in my hands. The fire swirled around me as I chared up. “Any last words before I finish you off!?” I yelled. Jerry opened one of his eyes and held up one finger. “Well to bad!” I yelled as I stabbed the sword into his head. He then exploded and turned to ash from the heat of the sword. Ike’s sword disappeared and I fell to my knees crying. “I’m so sorry Melenda…” “I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to save you in time…” I said with my face in my hands. “And I’m sorry Goku that you had to die like that…” I spent the last two minutes crying until I finally manned up and whipped the tears from my eyes. I stared down at the ashes of Jerry. “I better put this somewhere where no one can find it…” I said scooping up Jerry’s ashes. I then grabbed a bucket that was a few feet away from Jimmy’s wrecked house and dropped the ashes into the bucket.

Then I heard a baby crying from underneath the rubbish and ran to its location. I lifted some of the dry wall that was lying in a big pile and saw the baby lying on the ground crying. “You must be the baby that Melenda had of Jimmy’s before she died.” I said picking the baby up. “I wonder if Jimmy gave you a name yet.” I looked down at the baby’s private area and noticed the baby was a girl. “Well if he did give you a name let’s forget what name he gave you and I’ll call you Zelda.” I said smiling. Then in the corner of my eye I spotted Melenda lying on the ground. I ran over to her lifeless body and looked down at her with tears in my eyes. “Don’t worry Melenda I’ll take good care of our children…” I lifted her body onto my shoulder and went by the bucket that contained Jerry’s ashes to pick it up. Once I had everything I took off into the sky heading back home.

Chapter 77

Everyone that loved Melenda was devastated when I told them what had happened to her. Terry was heartbroken and didn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day, Mom and Dad sat at the kitchen table crying their eyes out, and Melenda’s parents cried for days until Melenda’s funeral came. My side of the family and Melenda’s side of the family all gathered at Dead Tree Cemetery to say goodbye. “Melenda was a loving, caring, and beautiful woman.” The preacher said. “She had an amazing family that loved her and a wonderful husband that would do anything for her.” “Melenda Wilson you will be missed.” The preacher then bowed his head and said “Let us pray,” “God, may you take care of Melenda for us and make sure she’s in a beautiful place where she’ll always be happy. I pray that she’ll never forget about her loved ones and that she’ll be waiting in heaven for them to see her again, amen” “Amen” Everyone said. Then we watched as they lowered Melenda’s coffin into the ground. Mom, Dad, Terry, Zach, Mr. and Mrs. Casidy, Bill, Joe, Amy, Bobby, Weasel, and everyone else including me began to cry.

After the funeral everyone went back home. I walked through my house looking through the rooms Melenda and I spent together in. “Melenda I miss you so much…” I said crying. “You were my everything, and I would give up being a Game Master to have you back…” Then I heard Nintendo and Zelda crying upstairs so I went up to their room. I picked them both up and held them in my arms trying to calm them down. “I know you miss mommy too,” I said. “But don’t worry we’re going to move to somewhere new were we can start over fresh.” I then placed them back in their beds and covered them up with their blankets. “We’ll be moving to Raeth Neighborhood.” I said staring down at them as they fell asleep.

A day later I had everything packed up and ready to go. The moving truck was outside and the two moving guys were coming in and out of the house with my things. Mom, Dad, Terry, and Zach came by the house to wish me farewell. “Oh honey we’re going to miss you so much!” Mom said hugging me. “I’ll miss you too Mom,” I said hugging her back. “I love you son,” Dad said joining me and Mom. “Please don’t go Shawn, it’s not going to be the same without you here!” Terry cried as she hugged me as well. “Don’t worry guy’s you can always come by and visit me.” I said smiling. I looked over at Zach who had tears running down his face and was staring down at the ground. When Mom, Dad, and Terry let go of me and I walked over to him. “Hey man, I know I didn’t trust you before, but now I trust you one hundred percent.” “I’m going to miss you too.” I said hugging him goodbye.

“You’re my first ever real friend…” Zach said squeezing me. “I’m going to miss you dude” I patted him on his back and let go. Once the movers were finished and had everything in the truck I got in the truck with them along with Nintendo and Zelda. “Goodbye guy’s I’m going to miss you all.” Then the truck began to drive off. “I love you!” I said. “We love you too!” Mom said whipping tears from her eyes. The truck faded into the distance. I laid back in my seat and closed my eyes. “I wonder what Raeth Neighborhood has in store for me.” I said smiling. “Melenda I’ll always love you and you’ll forever be in my heart.” I fell asleep thinking about the good memories I had with Melenda as we continued down the road to my new home.

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