Background Story

Veronica The Dragon
Veronica the Dragon
Vital statistics
Title Beauty of the Skies
Age 18
Gender Female
Species Butterfly Winged Dragon
Fur/Feathers/scales Grey Scales, Green Scales, Light Green Scales
Attire Long Oriental Dresses (Usually Purple), Small Boots
Romantic Interests None as of Now.
Hobbies Cooking, Gardening, Flying, Soap Operas, Anime, Gaming
Favorite Color Green and Gray
Favorite Food Shrimp
Favorite Drink Fizz (Usually Peach or Green Watermelon)
First Appearance Chillverse 2.0/Apallo A:Hero3s (Team Fantasy)
Appearances Chillverse 2.0 and related media
American/English VA Monica Rial
Seiyū (Japanese VA)
Veronica is a dragon with Butterfly-like wings). She uses her healing and light magic to help those in need. In her Childhood she was picked on because of her different wings and how small they were. Now as an adult, Veronica is now called the beauty of the skies for her beautiful wings and how she glows when she flies. The glitter that forms from her wings, are the source of her healing magic. With her wings, she can create strong gusts of wind to blow her opponents away.


  • Healing Wings - Veronica shines her wings down on a target to heal their wounds and almost all damage
  • Antidotal Kiss - Only used when in a grave moment, Veronica kisses one ally (on the lips) to rejuvnate them, expelling all toxins and or illnesses from his/her body.
  • Dragon Angel - When Veronica is in the air, her wings take in energy from the sun/moon and uses her wings to blast her opponents with her collected energy
  • Herbal Shower - Veronica showers down on her friends some healing energy from her wings, as well as some Herbal Healing Items from her pack.
  • Glorious Wind - Veronica summons a power gust of wind and thunder hitting her enemies  who get cought in it






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