Fang((Oh for fucks sake))AmySOOOOOOOONICFang((I can't fucking ic fang ugh))Knucklessleeps near the Master EmeraldTailsfuck this class.TailsNo Legion))Vector(dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui dont sui)AmyI'm agent. Was I supposed to say that?TailsYou told me to stay when I was Fang.))VectorYeah.Fang((I'm NOT going to sui.))Cream((Oh, Okay.))AmyOkVectorYou're supposed to out as AgentAmyso now what do I do?Vector((Who is Amy's OOC?))KnucklesCan you guys keep it down IM TRYING TO SLEEP!Amy(Holly here)Fang((I'm just going to ATTEMPT to ic as Fang but probably fail miserable.))Omega((FFS)TailsWOO FOR HAVING A USELESS CLASS. (woohoo)Vector((get a number generator up.))KnucklesAND SONIC ISNT HEREAmyOkAmy(Next?)Vector((and give everyone a number except yourself))Vector((Tails 1))Knucklespolishes the M.EmeraldVector((Knuckles 2))AmyOkVector((Cream 3))Vector((Rouge 4))Tails3 dudesTails3 girlsAmyI get itVector((Me 5))Tails1 genderlessAmy:PVector((Omega 6))Vector((Fang 7))Vectoroh okAmyDo I have to do it that way?VectorYeahKnuckles((im staying IC))VectorAlso about IC kind of act derangedVector@Amy Fang((But if you get interro early on you can't kill them))VectorBut sort of still ICFang((Yeah))KnucklesStupid crazy FemhogVectorShe's convinced that with the roulette she'll kill everyone XDRougeHello..VectorAnd the Interro is her "mole"AmyDid itKnucklesOH GREATTailsHello everyone!Amyso now what?KnucklesTHE BAT'S HEREVectorAlso don't dont dont dont dont dont PLeASE dont kickTailsJoey Graceffa hereRougeHow ya doinTailsjkRougeBig red..?Vectorbc the intero might be writing the victim's pastebin willAmyNow what, vector?TailsWho's big red.Knucklesglares at herFang...Hrm.Vector((Alright um now we start IC))Rougebats her eyelashes.Vector((Don't generate the numbers until Day 2))Tailsmaybe next we should do a robots mutual killing gameTailsjkKnucklesFirst you say you'd help guard it. and now you dont show up for duty.......Fang((nO))Vector((oMG))KnucklessighsTailsWhat's wrong?Fang((how the fuck do I Fang))KnucklesJust dont run off with it this timeAmy(Wait, so the numbers have to go in direct order with the character order, or can it be different?Fang((how the fucking FUCK DO I FANG))Vector((however you want))Knucklesgoes to sleepTailsKnuckles, why don't you go for it.TailsGo for it.Vector((it can be different if you want))Amy((K)KnucklesGo for what?Tailsg ooo o o o o o o O O O O O O O OTailsjkTailsYou protect it all day.Fang((Seriously how the shit do I Fang SS3K help))Amy(So every day I tell the interro who to kill?Vector((heck if you get a random name generator just put everyone's character names except yours in))Amy((Interro PM me))Vector((Yeah))KnucklesNope. Me and the Bat have a deal.Tails((Yeah, but you randomize hte number/name))Vector((Refresh Chill first Holly))KnucklesShe co-owns the Master Emerald. But is also another protector.Vector((Fang act kind of snarky))Knuckles((.-.))Fangkicks Knuckles in the dick and takes the EmeraldFangiM KIDIDNGTailsGO FOR IT.TailsGO FOR ITTailsGO O O O O O O O O O O O OO OO OKnuckles((you better be))Vector((also you have to be very narcissistic and seductive))Vector((plus call males mate and women lass))Tails((who do you think you are))Tails((running around leaving scars))FangJus' wonderin' batty girl, you free tonight?Vector((ok IC line))Knuckles((Tougher than leather. That's who I am.))TailsShe's working tonight.Vector((BTW everyone is trapped in a place))Vector______________________________________________________TailsFUCKTailsjkTailsWhere... Where are we..?VectorWhat is this place-|Tailsproceeds to go insaneTailsjkVectoromgKnucklesI dont know but... I brought the Emerald with me.Fang...Hrmph.Knucklesclings to itRougelooks at Knuckles, sitting on top of the emerald.FangJus' another kidnap situation. Been in these a good number a' times.VectorWhat?AmyIAmyASS AND TITTIES ASS ASS ASS AND TITTIESVectorI don't think anyone would want to kidnap you, sorry.Knuckleslooks down and spots her staring at meKnucklesblushesVectoromgKnucklesW-w-what do you want?Vectoranyone wanna shipFangOhohoho, mate, you've got that wrong.RougeThe emerald.RougeBut I thought you already knew that.TailsHuh?Knuckles((no she wants the Red D))TailsThe emerald! It's on it's own!VectorI doubt that.Cream((HOW DO I USE CREAM?!))FangI've been kidnapped a good number a' times by psycho lasses.Vectorthe reDTails((Just act kinda shy))Tails((GUYS DONT KICK))Amy(nobody wants the red d, considering its covered in period blood)VectorCream is like really innocent and kind))Tails((If anyone kicks I s2g))KnucklesSure. <.<Tails((I will sui if someone gets booted))Vector((yeah don't hit the kick thing))Knuckleslays back on itAmyGuys voteFang(DO NOT KICK)Vector((dONT CLICK THE X))Tails((You don't need to))VectorBTW))Tails((We can be IC for a while))Vector((The Agent uses greentext to speak))TailsWhat's going on?Vector>Like thisFang(Where the fucking fuck is Omega)Vector((To make theselve more obvious))Amy>Agent 007 hereKnucklesSo Tails. Did you bring your handheld thingy?Tails((is omega apallo))Vector((No))Amy>agent downOmegahis penis/Fang(i think it's knux)Vector((I'm sure Knux is Apallo))TailsN-No, it must've gotten taken off of me.Vector((WHO KICKVOTED))Tails((That's what I thought))Rouge>Miss Moneypenny here for duty.Knuckles((yds))Vector((DONT KICKVOTE OK))Fang(DON'T FUCKING KICK)Tails(((DONT KICK VOTE))Knuckles((yes im Apallo))Vector>Rootin tootin ready for shootinAmy>Rouge, stop fucking using the green. I'm the agent. I'll shoot you.TailsI'm sorry, Knuckles.Vector((yeah just let amy use it))Amy>SHOOT YOU DEADAmyJkTailsM-Maybe some rest will help!VectorAlright.KnucklesDont sweat it. We'll get out of here if I can break down the walls!VectorLet's get some sleep.FangHrmph.Amy>IM GONNA SUICIDE TONIGHTAmyYOU WHORESKnucklesOh Alright......Tails>no you better notAmyJk   Fang...TailsC-Cream!TailsWe're sharing a room?KnucklesYoFangWell hello, pretty lady.CreamY-Yes?TailsOh.OmegahiRougeWhy hello.Knucklesyour active now it seemsOmegaYeahFangHeh, I knew fate would bring us together, Miss Bat.Cream...OmegaI was chatting on SkypeKnuckleskkRougeAs did I..KnucklesVoteKnucklesorKnucklessomethingCream((End the meeting))Fangu wanna goTails(ye i forgot soz)FangjkFangugh we're not supposed to kick for fucks sakeTailsturns to go to sleepCreamSleepsRougewho are you reallyFanglllllllllllllllllllllllllllllFangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeFanggionRougeoh shitRougeHi LegionFangit's ecruos aint itRougeoh definitelyFangamazeFangi bet it's notTailsG-Goodnight, Cream.RougeIt actually is..Rouge._.FangokayFangwellFangyou're like the only person to even do that face soFangi can tellRougeBITCH I LOOK LIKE GOKU, BITCH I LOOK LIKE GOHAN,FanghotCream'Night.RougeindeedFangincredibleTailsgood the kick didnt work.))

Rougesitting on top of the emerald again.Vector((Anyway))Vectorwakes up.Fanggets upVector...Oh man, I forgot, we're here.Knuckleswakes up finding Rouge beside himKnucklesWOAHKnucklesfalls offAmyWhy did nobody die?FangKidnapper still want som'thin from us?Amy>INTERRO, WHY U NO OBEYFang((nobody dies n1))AmyOhVector((yeah the interro kills n2 onward))Knuckles???: Hello Sonic Heroes. I would like to play a Game.Knuckles((jk))Vector((BTW if the randomize comes up as interro they have to say who they are and be lynched the next day.))Fang((incredible))RougeHey there, Knuckie..Rougewaves.Knucklesblushes hardKnucklesU-u-uh iaaa umm........Amy*has Toblerone nuke* I'LL FREAKING TOBLERONE-OWN YOU *fires nuke, destroying everything*Rouge'whispers to'KnucklesHi.Rougewinks.Fang...So, the reddun is getting teased by the bat girl, huh.Amy*TOBLER-OWNCreamSkips aroundAmy(How do you do grey text?)Fang/.meKnuckles((/ me))Fangwithout the up beside herFanggets out his popgun and starts to shoot randomlyAmyjumps out at Cream and holds a gun to her headKnucklesYou cant run off with the Emerald now can you....AmyDON'T MOVE MOTHERFUCKERCreamErr.Amyfires gun into Cream's headAmyDIEKnucklesAmy. What is your deal?KnucklesAmy, and where is your hammer?Amypoints gun at KnucklesAmyI'LL KILL YOU ALLRouge((That's obviously Holly, omg))Amy>I said it was meAmy>likeAmy>200 days agoAmy>Where were you?Rouge>In your ass.Amy>Wrinkly HAG,Fangit is day 2Rouge>Where were YOU?Fangcream vote i swear to godAmy>Up YOUR assFangCREAM VOTE YOU FUCKING FUCKRougewinks at Amy.RougeHot.

Jailer-1Hey, hey.KnucklesblushesRougeWho are you..CreamErrr...Jailer-1That'll become apparent soon.Jailer-1((Alright hold on))Jailer-1 that on your will.))Jailer-1((It's basically what happened to Rouge.))TailsI have a bad feeling.RougeDoesn't fit.Rouge* (( ))Jailer-1It has to go on your will somehow..RougeI'll put the notable evidence.Jailer-1You have to have the linkCreamAbout what?Jailer-1knknknJailer-1You might have to crop or erase your will to have the link appendJailer-1sorrrrrrryTailsSomeone might die.Jailer-1the link basically sets tomorrow's plotTails(btw i wanna find out what type of cop we are)Jailer-1End the meeting when you're doneJailer-1bc it seems like everyone is nightkicking ughKnucklesRUST BUCKET WAKE UPJailer-1Done?RougeI just put the link.RougeIs that fine?Jailer-1YeahJailer-1That's perfect.Jailer-1Now end the meetingCream((How so?))RougeGreat.RougeYes, sir.Cream has turned into a vegetable! VectorWell, looks like Amy wasn't kidding about the deaths.VectorShe's gonna kill us all!FangHrmph.AmyI'LL KILL YOU ALLAmy*pulls out gun*Tails plays ))FangAh've been kidnapped by psycho bitches before, It'll happen again.TailsHey, her wings aren't on...TailsWhere are they?VectorHmm...TailsIt looks like she didn't go down without a fight, either.Knucklesfell to the floor speechlessVectorYeah, check it out, these kitchen knives and utensils are everywhere.Omegai hope u all dieTailsYOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARACTER))Fangknuckles the echidna voice: oh noVectorFang saidknuckles the echidna voice: oh noTailsThat was rather odd of you to notice that straight away, Vector...Fang...He's a detective, get over it.TailsIt just seems rather odd.VectorIt was kind of odd for you not to notice it.TailsHow?VectorThey're everywhere.TailsNobody else but you noticed it.VectorI'm a detective.Fang..Or they did, and he's just pointing it out first.VectorI know my shit, man.Fang...Ah for one, certainly noticed such a thing.TailsIt just seems odd...FangSuck on that, fox boy.TailsNGHOOOOOOH!VectorTails saidNGHOOOOOOH!FangTails saidNGHOOOOOOH!Fangmiles "tails" edgeworthTailsi knew that joke would get made.TailsI KNEW ITAmyshoots Fang in the faceFangamazingRougehey scottyRougejesus manVectorwoah there friend you might need to slow down.Amyshoots Omega in the faceTailsSo her back is wounded, also.AmyYOU'RE ALL GONNA DIEVectorAmy... Might you have done this?TailsThose seem to be the only signs of evidence...VectorOr, is one of us working for you?AmyNope.TailsWhy would you think that--TailsHmmm... *evil squint*FangThere's gotta be a mole or somethin'VectorExactly.Knucklesran over and punched the wall near amy and kept pounding it trying to supress his feelingsVectorThis doesn't seem like something Amy would do.VectorKnuckles...VectorPoor Knuckles.FangYeah well, ya get kidnapped, ya find out what they're like.FangI once got kidnapped by Mighty th' Armadillo, before I killed him.RougeHEYRougeSCOTTYVector...Fangthat's why mighty is missing true storyTailsI have my suspicions...VectorShit like that can easily scream "I killed Rouge.", you know.FangOh, don't worry, it weren't me.Tails'whispers to'FangIs it a possibility that Vector did it?RougeSHIT IN AN IC SONIC CHARACTERRougeWHAT THE FUCKKnuckleshe took out what looked like a note and threw it down in anger.Fang'whispers to'FangThat Omega's bein' kinda quiet, too.Fang'whispers to'TailsThat Omega's bein' kinda quiet, too.VectorKnuckles... A note?VectorWhat is that?Knuckles((im actually crying irl omg))Tails'whispers to'FangThose are our two suspects.Fangi fucking whispered to myself by accident wtfVectorroulette games are feelsKnuckles. . . It was for her...if I were to die...TailsI didn't see it))Vector..Woah, that's deep.Tails'whispers to'FangIf one of them dies, we know who it is.Fangdeeper than her vag lelelelelleoololaleloleaololeaoleolVectorFang saiddeeper than her vag lelelelelleoololaleloleaololeaoleolTailsFang saiddeeper than her vag lelelelelleoololaleloleaololeaoleolFang'whispers to'TailsAh suppose.KnucklesYea......VectorlelelelelleoololaleloleaololeaolEOL OMG IM CRYFangVector saidlelelelelleoololaleloleaololeaolEOL OMG IM CRYFangremember when i did the thingKnuckleswalked over to where she was layed and closed her eyesFanglelelelelelaloolelaeolaeaelealboboblobaoleobleolaebolTailsFang saidlelelelelelaloolelaeolaeaelealboboblobaoleobleolaebolTailsKnuckles...VectorlelelelelleoololaleloleaololenaegioFangVector saidlelelelelleoololaleloleaololenaegioTailsWe'll get to the bottom of this...Fangit's hanamura timeVectorFang saidit's hanamura timeFang"no hanamura no!"Fang"i don't want your boys love!"VectorWe'll get to her bottom!KnucklesThank you Tails..... and everyone...VectorI mean... ...You know what I meanFangOmega, yer bein' too quiet.VectoromegaTailsNot everyone!Vectortrying to ping omegaVectorOmega voteKnuckles((Omega: -has a simulation in his head about killing all organics))TailsI'm sure one of us is a culprit!TailsAnd I'll get to the bottom of this even if it kills me.KnucklesI bet it was AmyOmegasuck my metal dickTails'whispers to'FangWhatever research I find, I leave it to you.Vectorrevoking my vote until Omega votesTails'whispers to'FangIf I die, you tell one person.VectorOMEGA ThiS IS AN IC GAMETailsVector saidOMEGA ThiS IS AN IC GAMEVectorSTAY IN CHARACTEROmegaI am ICKnucklesgriped his fist and glared at her with tears in his eyesVectorthats ooc n oFangthat's not ic you fucking fuckFang'whispers to'Tails...Right.Vector*fricking frickOmegajesus i was kiddingVectorok sorryFangsammyclassicsonicmaaaangOmegadon't get your penis in a twistVectorI don't think we'll be able to get any further than this.Fangmy dick can be twisted however it wantsFangjkTails'whispers to'FangI'm as prepared for death as I can be, right now.AmySUCK MY ASSVectorThere's no defining features for the killer.Tails'whispers to'FangIt seems that this is more than just some sick and twisted game.Fang'whispers to'Tails...I don't think you're dead tonight, to be honest.VectorIt's best we head to bed.Fang'whispers to'TailsIf not, ah'll protect ya, kid.Tails*whispers* knuckles is naegi.VectorknaegiTails*whispers* his love interest died first.VectorTails said*whispers* his love interest died first.Fangu fukn wotFangknuckles liked cream, i knoVectorGood night, everyone.Knuckleshe ran over and punched amy square in the faceTails'whispers to'FangStay safe, Mr. Sniper. ' 

You have been blindfolded and sent to jail!Jailer-1Yup.OmegaHeyJailer-1Do me a solidJailer-1Let me write your will firstOmegaOkieRougeNo.Jailer-1 that as your willJailer-1End the meeting when you put it as your will.Omegait doesn't fit in my willJailer-1You have to replace your current will with it then.Jailer-1SorryJailer-1You can add an extra comment.Amy has suicided!Omegai haveOmegait doesn't fitJailer-1The link fits in the will just fine.OmegadoneRougeMmm..

After investigations, you suspect that Vector is sided with the mafia.Omega, the cop, has kicked the bucket.As read from the last will of Omega: The world is all one.. The world is all one.. Unity mind... got it!Fang...!FangT-The robot!KnucklesWho did it Tails....TailsFang...FangRight in front of my door...!TailsWe had this conversation...TailsIt's not safe to assume yet.Fang'whispers to'TailsDon't risk it yet.TailsI can't tell you.VectorThat's not just itTails'whispers to'FangRight...VectorCheck out the living room, and them stairs too.FangTails.FangNext to the bot.Vector((it says fang's autopsy shit))TailsWHY IS IT CALLED FANGS AUTOPSYVector((it was meant to say omega's autopsy))TailsMy gadget!TailsWhy is it here...VectorMaybe because you did it.FangAnd it happened in fronta my room, didnt.....TailsN-No! I would never do such a thing...FangYa think we 're bein' framed?VectorIsn't this the one that freezes people in a static position?FangWhat about the Echidna?TailsY-Yes... but...TailsHow... How would you know that...FangMaybe he faked alla this.VectorCheck it. Some of Omega's parts are missing.KnucklesWhy would I do it.TailsHe struggled too.TailsHe has blood on his fingers.VectorThere's the wrench too.TailsHe must've clawed the culprit.KnucklesI was near my emerald....and her....FangWell, the first victim.VectorThe dents on the robot's head seem to fit the bill just fine.FangWho was sleeping near the bat?KnucklesI say it could have been youVectorHe was most definitely killed with the wrench.KnucklesVectorFangWho was always gettin' mad at the bat for stealin' the emeralds?Knucklesyour the strongest out of all of us.TailsI was with Cream.FangwhatVectorIt wasn't me, I'm a detective, that's not me.Fangcream is dead omgKnucklesI get mad at Rouge but I wouldnt kill herVectorshe vegged.Tailsi mean in my roomVectorYou seemed to be... in love with her.Fang...Mmhmm, mmhmm.KnucklesI was....VectorIt could have been a 'crime of passion', ever heard of it?TailsSo one of you was with Rouge, and one of you was with Omega.TailsAnd the other must be the culprit!Knucklesunable to hold his feelings back anymore Knuckle's Cried on the floor near her dead corpse weeping.KnucklesI did love her...but I would never kill herFangI was w' Rouge in my room.VectorI'm hungry...TailsSo why was Omega killed at your doorway...VectorEasy!!FangHow'm ah s'posed to know that?TailsDid he attempt to murder you..?KnucklesMaybe he was moved after he diedVectorThe killer must have planted him thereTailsWhy would they do that?KnucklesKnuckles saidunable to hold his feelings back anymore Knuckle's Cried on the floor near her dead corpse weeping.FangamazingFangrolls his eyesFangSymp'thy plea. Coulda been any one of us.KnucklesMaybe to cause confusion among us.TailsHmmm...VectorSpeakin of confusion.TailsWell.... it's getting late....VectorWhere's the pink chick?TailsI'm going to continue investigating...FangPink chick? Oh, y'mean the psycho.

You have been blindfolded and sent to jail!Rougei'm gonna leave now.Fang...!RougeBye.Jailer-1Eeheheh.Jailer-1This is gonna be good.FangHmph.FangAnd what would one such as you want.Jailer-1Your eternal silence.Fang...Brilliant.FangJ's promise me som'thin, will ya.FangThat ya won't harm the kid.Jailer-1I can't guarantee that.Fangwheres the pastebin omfJailer-1After Amy died... I just can't stop killing!Jailer-1((in a second))Fang...'Mazin.FangYer a sick fuck, ya know that?Jailer-1*Leave a will for the other two to see so long as it doesn't out me, it can subtly, but yeah.*Jailer-1Ohoo, of course I know that.Jailer-1Who wouldn't let off the chance to kill mercenary Fang, though? That's a once in a lifetime chance, pal.Fangjailer gumshoeJailer-1ikrFang...Eh, ya got a point.FangVery well.Jailer-1ok can fang write something.FangAh'll die with dignity.Jailer-1for the othersFanglike what omgJailer-1idkJailer-1its basically a willFanga dying message?Jailer-1yeahFanghm how about umFang74112FangorJailer-1okFangwaitFang+4112Jailer-1alrightFangyeFangyou know what it means riteFanggimme the pastebinJailer-1 what does it meanFang+(t)4(a)1(i)1(l)2(s)Jailer-1Oh, I seeJailer-1So long, Sniper!

After investigations, you suspect that Vector is sided with the village.Fang, the templar, got a dish best served cold.As read from the last will of Fang: Yer gonna have to promise... To protect the kid.FangaehtbgehaaeFangEYAGHHHBTEATails...Vectors hitTailsN-No...FangI FORGOTFangTOTailsNO.FangPUTFangTHE THINGFangIN MY WILLVectorwhere is the pastebinKnucklesFang.TailsNONONONONONONONONOVectoroh well I have itTailsI KNOW WHO IT WAS....Vector YOURSELF!KnucklesVECTORVectorIt wasn't me! Look at that encryption on the wall!Knucklesholds his arms backTailsYOU GOT THAT WRONG!Vector"+4112".TailsYOU could've put that there..!VectorAka, Tails!TailsWhy would I!?VectorFang was trying to tell us...VectorTheVectorSerialVectorKiller!TailsWe've been investigating you this whole time!KnucklesI was sleeping near the Emerald so it wasnt me.Fangomfg knuzFangknuxVectorI never killed anyone, so you can shut your trap.VectorIt could have been Knuckles...VectorThat's no real alibi!TailsFunny.TailsBecause.TailsYOU'RE THE ONLY ONE STRONG ENOUGH TO STAB SOMEONE WITH A BLUNT TOOTH!Fangit's not blunt wtfFangand knux is pretty trongVectorIn fact. Look at his body closely.VectorFor all we know, Fang might have killed himself.TailsYOU GOT THAT WRONG!VectorHOW SOKnucklesGUYS STOPTailsYou can't be serious, Vector.KnucklesGuys.KnucklesI think we should get some sleep.KnucklesAll this yelling is getting us no where.VectorExactly.KnucklesTails why dont you sleep in my room tonight.KnucklesYou too VectorKnucklesSo we all can be safe.TailsNo.TailsWe have alibi's.TailsVector however doesn't.KnucklesAnd he isnt speakingTails...I got it..!Fangso not speaking makes you a fucking suspectFangfuckTailsVector.VectorI'm tired.TailsI know what you did.TailsYou snuck into his room, late night.Vectorguys I have a good last day planned.OmegawhatVectorTails, shut yer trap.TailsHe was awoken by your movements and almost thought back.Fangomega are you still hereFangwowVectorKnuckles, sure, I'll sleep in your room tonight.TailsBut you, grappled him.FangamazingVectoryawns.TailsSince you're heavy, you were too much for Fang to bare with.TailsHe begun to lose breath and tire.FangfuckTailsWhich is when you punched him in the jaw, his tooth fell out.TailsIt landed not so far away from your hand and you took it.TailsBut first you strangled him with his belt.KnucklesThat makes senceTailsHe tried to pull it off when you stabbed his chest.KnucklesI trusted you VectorVectorguys btw no lynch plxTailsAs he bled out, you used his gun to shoot him in the head from an angle that made it look as if he was killing himself.Vectorend the day and the night really quickly.TailsAfter he died, you put my name on the wall, and tried to pull off the perfect crime.Knucklesgrowls as I hear this

After investigations, you suspect that Vector is sided with the mafia.Vector THIS BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHINGKnuckles. . .Knuckles'whispers to'TailsAfter investigations, you suspect that Vector is sided with the mafia.Fangknuckles you fucking fuckVectorUnngh, is it morning already?Vectorstretches.KnucklesVectorKnucklesI still dont trust youFangREAD THE FUCKING THINGFangFUCKESVectorWhatever, man, let's just have breakfast.Knuckleshe holds his sidesVectorYou okay, man?KnucklesWhy am I in pain.....VectorMove your arms...KnucklesHe does soKnucklesOwVector...Oh wow.VectorYou're bleeding heavy.VectorLet's get Tails.Vectorshouts for tails.TailsVector.KnucklesKnuckles looked down and panicksVectorKnuckles, don't panic!!VectorYou'll die if you panic!TailsVector!!?TailsWhat did you-VectorI didn't--TailsYes you did!VectorStop talking.Knucklescalms down and walks slowly over to were the body of Rouge wasVectorWe need breakfast.TailsYou're the only one out of us two strong enough to lift the corpses!TailsI can't drag Omega!.VectorYou can if you dismantle him.TailsWhat about Fang.VectorYou must have found a way.TailsHow would I drag someone off of a bed and leave no trace.VectorWho said there wasn't a trace?KnucklesGuys....Vectorpoints to the trails on the floor.KnucklesI dont think I can make it....VectorKnuckles..TailsI mean the bed.TailsN-No, Knuckles, you can make it!VectorWe have bigger things to care about.Knuckles/he looked down as his love intrest and chuckledTailsJust bare with me here...KnucklesYou know......TailsWe have to vote.KnucklesI bet she's waiting for me....TailsWe know who the murderer is.VectorknucKLES NOKnucklesYeaVectorDONT DO THIS TO METailsKnuckles...Vector;;;---;;;KnucklesHey tails...TailsShe is waiting for you...TailsBut I'm not letting you see her, yet.KnucklesIf you make it out of here aliveTailsLet's say that for now.TailsYour love is forbidden.TailsBy me.KnucklesTake my place for would ya....TailsI'm going to fix you up!! Stop saying things like this!!Vectorim going to wait for this to go by before I say anything.TailsVote for Vector..!Vectornno waitVectorknuckles are you gonna dieKnucklesHey VectorKnucklesGuess whatVectorWhat is it?KnucklesRouge says hiVectorOh..VectorThat's nice.Vectordont kickvote rememberKnucklesTailsKnuckleslets make it out of hereKnucklesfor everyoneTailsYou bet, Knuckles.TailsVector.TailsI would say that I hope you live with this guilt forever.TailsBut, you're not going to live.Vector...VectorI killed them.VectorI killed them all!TailsI'm having G.U.N forces blow this place after taking the bodies.TailsThen the bodies will be buried.TailsAnd I hope...VectorHow can you do that...Vectorgets a kitchen knife outVectorIf I kill you, now?Tails!?TailsBecause....Vectorstarts to approach Tails.KnucklesNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooTailspicks up the paralysis invention from Omega's deathTailsBecause you're not moving!Tailspresses the button on it.VectorNnngh!!TailsKnuckles, we have to leave!!Vectoras the voltage was made for robots, Vector can't take it.TailsThere's got to be a way out...Vectorhe starts to cringe over, as he falls, and dies.KnucklesI punched a crack in the wall over thereTailsR-Right...TailsWe're sorry, everyone...TailsBut-- But I hope you live a nice peaceful afterlife.Knuckleswalks over and picks up the Master EmeraldTailsYou should get whatever you desire, up there.Vectorn o my feelsKnucklesWe have to take this out...... first...for her sake....Tailswalks down the corridor for a minute, looking at the carnage Vector caused.Vectoropens his eyes for a secondVectorIs... this....TailsAt least you'll all be together, forever, right...VectorIs this, death...?Vectorhe stops moving.TailsBut this isn't the end.Knuckleslooks at vector and in anger punched him with enough force to crack his skullTailsI'll one day see you again.TailsSo, I'm not saying goodbye...TailsI-I'm saying....TailsSee you later..!Tailsexits.

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