Ever wondered what if the heroes of gaming lived like movie stars well this show is brining that what if into light. Inroducing the Sonic, Shadow, and Silver Show 2.0 Also known as...VG Heights!


The Neighborhood Known as VG Heights was created in 1999 after Sonic Adventure Was "released". It is home to the Superstars of Gaming and is full of Luxious Houses Like this one below. It was Created as an order by the President so that the heroes can have a place to live amongst them selves.

The Series

The Series is in the script format and is holding spots for writers in a Roleplay On Sonic Fanon Wiki. The Series as in the title is about the Three Hedgehogs. And including Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis From The Megaman Starfoce Series (and some of thier friends) along with more cameo characters from all over the VG Universe like Mario and Pikachu for example. The Series is in a total of 5 seasons with 6 to 10 episodes and mini episodes.

The Video Versions will be like all Sprite Videos on Youtube with Speakonia Voices and some soundclips from Memes and famous videos. As well as refferences from other Sonic Sprite Parody videos.

There Will Be No Animation Sequences in these.

Location Information

Episode List

Season 1

Season 2

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