Hey! If you're here then you're obviously intrested in my game project known as Legacy -Battlers!

This is a 1-on-1 versus fighting game, it can be 2-on-2 and 2-on-1 aswell.

It's a game based on a fanfiction I made some time ago, but theres also some newer characters introduced.

The game features characters such as JT the Androhog and Falco the Eagle, and other characters, like Lloyd (a green kirby) and Kain (an angelic ninja). There's also 3rd-party characters, including Yoshi and Golden Axe's Death Adder.



Want to know how to break a rock? Bop it on Veemon, of course!


Krizalid is taking a bit of a beating here.


Adder giving Darkseid a boot to the face, literally.


Lloyd going stabbity on Ash Crimson. "Stabby! Stabby! Stab, Stab, Stabby!"


Kain gave Thanos a blow that'll definitley hurt in the morning.


Fanon's very own JT the Androhog, kicking ass! (he's also the main character)

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