A RPG/Platformer Games Featuring Characters like Tye and apallo. Going through DifferentTime periods.This game has most Characters from Tye's Timeline and apallo's Timeline.. This Game has some invtited Characters

Ty and Apallo Edge of time Picture 1




All-Time Heroes

  • Tye The Hedgehog(Future,Devil,etc....)
  • Apallo The Hedgehog (Future,Devil,etc...)

Supporting Heroes

  • Bluray The Fox
  • Boombomb The Hedgehog
  • Latham The Hedgehog
  • Dakari The Hedgehog
  • Danny The Hedgehog
  • Chris The Hedgehog
  • Zero The Hedgehog
  • Diana The Hedgehog
  • Junior The Hedgehog
  • Eclipse The Hedgehog
  • Flash The Cat
  • Apalina *Boss*

NPC's (Non-Playable Characters)

  • Gash The Hedgehog
  • Kunai The Hedgehog
  • Kee The Hedgehog

Multiplayer Characters

  1. Tye
  2. Apallo
  3. Bluray
  4. Boom
  5. Latham
  6. Dakari
  7. Danny
  8. Chris
  9. Zero
  10. Diana
  11. Junior
  12. Eclipse
  13. Flash
  14. Darkcore
  15. Orphan
  16. Apalina


  • S- 50,000
  • A-40,000
  • B-30,000
  • C-20,000
  • E-10,000



Central City

  • Reach the Goal (present)
  • Make it to the Time gate (Past and Future)
Extra Missions 
  1. Slice of Fire - (Present Apallo only)
  2. Red Headed hero -(All Tye only) -
  3. Race - Tye vs Apallo (Present)
  4. Race 2 - Apallo vs Tye (present)
  5. Grind Challenge - Don't fall off (future)

Boss - Dark Council member - Jedith 

Neon Haven- -(Main Mission)

  • Reach the Goal
Extra Missions
  1. Combat - Defeat 20 Enemies (Tye Only)
  2. Rescue - Rescue Your Friends (Apallo Only)
  3. Race - Tye vs Apallo
  4. Race 2- Apallo vs Tye
  5. Escape - Speed Though An Army of Enemies

Boss - Neon Butterfly

Ruin Palace

  • Reach the Goal
Extra Missions

Boss - Neon Butterfly


Name Picture Description
Now and Then
Acheviment - Now and Then
Beat apallo and tye Story (present)
Lone Hero
Acheviment - Lone Hero
Beat a Level with Tye by himself(No apallo not even once)
Enter the hero
Acheviment - Tye - Enter the hero
Upgrade at least half of tye's Stats
Blu The Couragus
Acheviment - Blu the Couragous
Beat all of Bluray's Levels
Elements United
Elemental master
Get all of Future Apallo's Elements Back
Acheviment - Jump start
Preform 10 Air Boost Jumps with Apallo
Big Bang
Acheivement -Big bang
Reach Halfway thought Apallo and Tye's Story (Future)
History Archives: Apallo 1
History Archives: Apallo 2 & 3
Endless power
Acheviment - Endless Power
Use tye's Devil or God Trigger
Fire Trigger
Acheviment - Ruler of Fire
Use Apallo Fire or God Trigger



Opening Theme (Devils never cry)03:23

Opening Theme (Devils never cry)

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