Twilight Buttercup
Twilight Buttercup
Twilight Buttercup is a sweet, innocent, but dangerous Maverick.




Butterfly Maverick


Shockwave the Weasel (creator)

Love Interests

Burnin' Kitsune


Nice things, being with comrades, feeling important, light, learning new things, helping her "father", etc.


Being picked on, bullies, darkness, bad "evil" things, feeling worthless, etc.

Voice Actress

Andrea Libman

Twilight Buttercup is a sweet and innocnet, yet dangerous ex-Maverick that once served in the Maverick Army. Created by the sadisticly logical Shockwave, Twilight's innocent demeanor and appearance was made as a way to throw the Maverick Hunters off and as a way to counter the dangerously innocent I. This makes her--by all accounts--I's main rival. After being left to die by her squadron, however, and learning that some of her memories were false, she defected to her paper rival.


Creation and Project Predacon

Using most of the data from I, Shockwave created a new Maverick in the form of Twilight Buttercup. Inferior and naive minds, like Starscream, misjudged her creation and personality of a kind, and innocent Maverick as incompetence on Shockwave's part, before her full potential could be shown. Shockwave would clarify that he put this in, in order to create a warrior that while sweet on the outside, was sour on the inside, as a way to throw Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters off. In addition to this, Shockwave created falsefied memories within her mind that made her believe she was I's main rival. Her true power was demonstrated against a small Repliforce squadron, who she was able to defeat with ease. Sigma promptly allowed her onto the Aerial Assault Unit, where she shone greatly, with her good friend, America Eaglyde.

Twilight's major role into the Sigma Wars was being in charge of retrieving specimens for Project Predacon, where she and Shockwave intended to use DNA from the Pocket Monster creatures to create Maverick super-soldiers. During her multiple assignments, she met the explosive and volitile Maverick, Burnin' Kitsune, who she grew attached to and eventually fell in love with. As she completed her last assignment and learned the truth about Kitsune's programming, she asked Shockwave to fix it, who refused to lose a valuable asset such as that. 

Defection to the Hunters

Realizing her conscience is ever-growing, Shockwave ordered the immediate termination of Twilight. Ordering her to challenge and defeat I on her own, the Maverick Army left her alone without back-up and jammed her communications line so she could not call for back-up. Twilight was easily beaten by I and fell unconscious. The Hunters took her to the Olympus, where she was nursed back to health and eventually welcomed into the Maverick Hunters.


Twilight Buttercup's personality was a result of intentional planning on part of Shockwave. She is quite cute, innocent, and rather suseptible to rough insults and having her feelings broken easily. However, she is still learning and does enjoy being with her friends, who do much better at teaching her certain stuff than most others. Deep beneath this, however, is the heart of a true Maverick, as she has no problem with harming others and killing to help her cause, as a Maverick. Throughout time, Twilight began to grow a more serious and sweetened conscience that wished to find peaceful and unviolent solutions to major problems, a major factor to her "dismissal" from the Maverick Army. After joining the Hunters, all her dark and Maverick traits began to slowly fade away and she began harboring her nicer traits, as well as newer ones. 

Abilities & Skills

Twilight Buttercup's signature weapon is the Twilight Ray. A powerful ray beam that goes through a medium space, this is a weapon that goes horizontal, vertical, or even diagnol and the range of the impact is quite wide. Twilight can een channel other light powers to her advantage, using some "sparkles" to paralyze victims and even use the sun and moon's lights to power herself up. Twilight Buttercup is vulnerable to electric and nature based weapons and powers.




  • Like most female Mavericks, Twilight Buttercup is an original character for Maverick Hunter X.
  • Twilight Buttercup is XxZekeKnightxX's favorite of the original female Mavericks.

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