Tony the Fox
Tony the Fox
Tony is a young secret agent with great charisma and gear for the job





Blood Type



Incredible combat and stealth skills, carries a handgun, knife, cloaking device, and other such equiptment

Love Interests



Getting his job done, successful missions, cute girls, doing his best, etc.


Getting caught, failing, being put down, harassment, etc.

Voice Actor

Josh Keaton

Tony the Fox is a young secret agent that works for A.T.O.M. (short for "Agency of Tactically Outstanding Mobians"). Despite his age, he has become quite successful and is quite trained in stealth and close-combat.


Tony was just a normal kid that pretty much enjoyed life and it's fine pleasures until one day, in school, he found a terrorist's bomb within the bathroom, ready to go off soon. Not knowing of how to disarm one, Tony snuck out of school with it and brough it to a nearby lake, where it went off.

As he went back to school and was served his troubles, he discovered that one of his teachers--Mr. Runsford--was the one that was behind the attempted terrorist attack and when he learned what happned, he tried killing Tony. However, because of his instinctive fighting defense skills, Tony was able to take him down and turn him into the authorities. Tony was declared a hero and approached by the hot Melissa the Cat, who enlisted the young boy into becoming a secret agentfor her agency, A.T.O.M.

Since then, Tony has been going on many missions to put a stop to any evil plans that villains like Mr. Runsford would throw at the world. Recently, he has learned that his teacher is part of a terrorist group known as QUAKE and is currently trying to gather more data and information on them so that he and A.T.O.M. can fully determine their true motives.


Tony is pretty dutiful and takes both pride and seriousness in his duties and missions. He can be a bit of a workaholic, but doesn't mind laying back and relaxing every so often. Tony is also pretty friendly, to the point that he can make some good allies fairly easy.





  • Tony was adopted by Gurahk from an anonymous Deviantart user while he was using the site.
  • Tony was originally named "Drake" before being changed to "Donnie" and eventually "Tony".
  • Tony is loosly based off of Knight Rider character Michael Knight.
  • Tony greatly idolizes Boombomb the Hedgehog.

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