The Walking Dead: A Series is a series written by TDIfan83. This series is directly similar to The Walking Dead, onlyusing Mobian characters. Repeat: This is NOT a RP, just a series being written by one specific person.

Season 1 Characters

Holly Heath- 58-year-old woman who is skilled with a sword and a handgun, adoptive mother to Jolene Heath.

Jolene Heath- 26-year-old woman, who is also skilled with a sword. The adoptive daughter of Holly Heath.

Caden Collins- 30-year-old man, shoots a gun. Had a wife, Marsha Collins, who died in the apocalypse.

Jonothon Rau- 31-year-old man, shoots a rifle. Single, but Cerena often flirts with him, though he has a crush on Rebecca.

Robert Antonio- 32-year-old man, shoots a pistol. Had an unnamed girlfriend who died during the apocalypse. Enemies with Cerena.

Rebecca Johnston- 27-year-old woman, shoots a shotgun. Best friends with Elphaba, has a crush on Jonothon.

Cerena Ulrich- 23-year-old woman, carries a long knife. Dresses in provocative outfits and often flirts with Jonothon Rau, which makes Rebecca angry. Enemies with Rebecca and Robert.

Elphaba Goldshire- 26-year-old woman, claims to use sorcery and carries several knives. Best friends with Rebecca Johnston.

Marvin Matherson- 13-year-old boy, shoots a handgun. His entire family was killed in the apocalypse, so the group took him in. He wanders frequently as there are no other kids around.

Episode Guide

1. TBA

2. TBA


And so on!

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