The Solar Sages are a group of people who are supposedly myths to Mobius, but are real, and mostly protect Mobius in different ways.

Sages and others alike

Main Sages

  • Tera
  • Luna (Apallo)
  • Yrucrem (RioFan01)
  • Senuv (LTH)
  • Marrs (SS3K)
  • Retipuj
  • Nrutas the Golden Ring (Boombomb)
  • Sunaru (SS3K)
  • Enupten the Blue Sea (Boombomb)
  • Sonna (Daughter of The Great Sage)
  • Atsev
  • Serec
  • Pallas ["Athena"]

Sages in Training

  • Otulp (RioFan01)
  • Corot (Flametfh)
  • Gliese (Flametfh) 
  • Aquarii (Flametfh)
  • Orion (Apallo)


  • Pluto (RioFan01)
  • Makemake and Eris 
  • Haumea
  • Elipsilon Eridani (Flametfh)


  • Kepler (Boombomb)
  • Arae (Flametfh)
  • Theia

If you know any other planets, please comment on them, we'll add them straight away, if you want the character, just list what class they'd be and their ability, then they're yours. You can also claim some of the free ones, however, do not claim too many.


All sages are assigned a Symbol to show that they are a sage once they have passed all their tests.

Mercury_symbol.png - Yrucrem's symbol

Saturn_symbol.png - Nrutas' symbol

Earth_symbol.png - Tera's symbol

Vesta_symbol.png - Atsev's symbol

Juno_symbol.png - Unoj's symbol

Ceres_symbol.png - Serec's symbol

Pallas_symbol.png - Pallas' symbol

Jupiter_symbol.png - Retipuj's symbol

Uranus_symbol.png - Sunaru's symbol

Neptune_symbol.png - Enupten's symbol

Pluto_symbol.png - This symbol has yet to be used.

Moon_symbol.png - Luna's symbol

Sun_symbol.png - Sonna and The Great Sage's symbol
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