The Skiver
The Skiver is the commander of Repliforce's Air Force Unit





Love Interests

Unnamed fiance (deceased)
Arcee the Cat


His men, the line of duty, serving his kind and army well, freedom, honor, trustful allies


Mavericks, deception, dishonorable soldiers, failing his men, lack of discipline

The Skiver, full name Spiral Pegasus, is one of the six main commanders of Repliforce, in charge of the Air Force Unit. He was once a young officer during the Repliforce's time on Earth until the war with the Maverick Hunters. Skiver became a valuable commanding officer following Repliforce's migration to Mobius, and has been an incredible soldier and friend, on and off the battlefield.


Eurasia Incident

Spiral Pegasus was a young director in the air brigade of Repliforce whilst on Earth. He looked up to the Colonel as a father and mentor, and knew his sister Iris in some way. Skiver and his forced were among the few to survive the Repliforce coup that resulted in the loss of almost the entirety of the group. However, he and his men became infected by the Sigma Virus while stationed in Norway. The Maverick Hunters encountered him, as he had an Orbital Wing that was essential in trying to stop the Eurasia Space Colony from crashing into the planet. Skiver, still not trusting them for previous encounters, asked for a final duel with the original X and Zero, where he was defeated.

Conversion to Mobius

Skiver and the rest of Repliforce were remade as Mobian-Reploids by Chaos and Tikal, as a way to repent for their sins. Skiver was given full command of the Air Force Unit, in time falling in love with a young female Reploid, who would become his fiance, and having Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker as his apprentices, before they were framed and discharged for a crime they never committed.

Skiver's fiance was killed on the Sky Lagoon due to a deception between Sigma and Magma Dragoon, leaving him single and alone. Over the next few months, he would continue his duties and see visits from fellow Repliforce soldier, Arcee, who also lost a dear friend in the accident. Skiver and his Air Force Unit would also assist in escoring I the Hedgehog and her team to the Far East HQ to confront a Maverick Redips.

Jakob Projejct Drama

As the Jakob Project got underway, Skiver promoted Jetfire to the rank of Air Force First Liutenant, despite his checkered past in Repliforce. Skiver began assuming control of Arcee's activities after the General moved her to the Air Force Unit to keep her away from Dragoon and keep her mind focused on her job. Though initially just an observer and a temporary move, Silverbolt ensured to create a jetpack for her, though forget to inform Skiver of it.

Skiver would join an aerial battle against Starscream and his seeker armada, where he made short work of Starscream and engaged in an intense duel with Dreadwing. The duel ended in a draw after Starscream's forced were asked to retreat, but Skiver felt at fault a bit for his former apprentice's fall from grace.

Later, Skiver received word from Elpizo that Arcee had broken a restraining order she was under and was preparing a certain judgement for her actions. When Arcee returned, she attempted to appease him for her actions, but with little success. However, she did admit she had romantic feelings for him, which were mutual. Very soon, the two quickly hit it off.

Sigma Wars

Beginning Assemblence

Skiver and the entire Air Force Unit bore witness to the destruction of the Maverick Hunters' HQ by the Maverick Army. After Megatron's forces were driven away, Skiver and his crew began searching for and attending to any survivors of the crisis. When the Hunters awoke, Skiver tasked X with stopping the Mavericks from destroying Repliforce's main base. Shortly after, he and his unit were ambushed by Mavericks, though they managed to get out after luring Starscream into a trap. The trap was a success, but many ships were lost from America Eaglyde.

Skiver provided the Hunters with a redesigned Repliforce Capitol Ship, the Olympus, to act as the Hunters' new base of operations during the Sigma Wars. The next day, Skiver lead an ambush against the Maverick Aerial Assault Unit, besting them easily despite the opposition's new leadership in Eaglyde. Eaglyde herself would soon jump ship to Repliforce after being captured, and Skiver would congratulate Skyshadow for doing her in.

Aerial Conflicts

Skiver and the Air Force Unit's supremecy over Mobius' airspace helped shift the wars in favor of Repliforce. Skiver himself would do a good share of helping his soldiers on the battlefield and keeping the skies clear of Maverick. During one battle, however, he had accidentally attacked Arcee, which Eaglyde nearly misinterpreted as treason before being explained the situation. Skiver became gravely concerned with the well-beings of Arcee, Skyshadow, and Eaglyde, following an unauthorized mission to the arctic which rendered them weakened for several weeks.

Abilities & Powers

The Skiver's special weapon is the Wing Spiral. Through certain body motions, Skiver is able to send small twisters towards his enemies, and he is able to control their trajectory manually. He can make these twisters bigger and more powerful if he charges or focuses his power more within these attacks.

In addition to this, Skiver is also an expert in Chaosblade combat. His signature weapon is called the "Wind Shredder" (or "W-Shredder" for short). He has been shown to have great expertise in dealing with enemies with this weapon and has had impressive showing against opponents of this type of magnitude. He also shows to be able to create an illusionary clone of himself to charge and attack foes at short distances.

The Skiver, however, is extremely susceptible to time-based weapons, as well as ice-based powers.


As with any Repliforce Commander, Skiver is very serious in his line of duty. A no-nonsense sort of bot, he is very uptight and disciplinary in his actions to ensure the safety of Reploids and his entire squadron. He has full trust in all of his soldiers, but he is also prone to self-guilt in the event of a major loss or defeat, such as Starscream's corruption or the Sky Lagoon incident. Skiver has full unadulterated dedication to all of his men and would willingly give his own life to protect them.





  • The Skiver, under his common name, is named after Guns'n'Roses collaborator, Michael "High in the Sky" Monroe.
  • The Skiver has been nicknamed the "Air Force Prince" by many of his fellow commanders.
  • Not many people are actually aware of Skiver's real name, which is why he is constantly known as Skiver.
  • It is implied that Skiver once had a relationship with Iris. However, this has neither been confirmed nor denied by either party.

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