The Life Flux, or more simply known as the Flux, is a phenomenon that gives some Mobians powers and abilities that neither of their parents had access to. These alterations can range from simple pigmentation differences to drastically different powers.


The Flux is the response that life itself made when man made an ultimate life form and released him into the world. The Flux can described as a shockwave or quake, or even life's revolution against such a being in attempt to maintain balance. No matter what the nature, the Flux often times grants Mobians kinetic powers that would genetically be impossible. Beings born under the effects of the Flux are called "Flux-Babies".


Unlike other unexplained phenomna, the Flux actually has a set of factors that allow for theorization as to what kind of abilities children could have. These factors are as follows:


The species of the subject can influence what kind of abilities the subject could acquire. These usually are abilities that complment the species', especially hybrids', phisiology. For example, Hedgehogs are known for their speed, so a Flux-Baby that is a Hedgehog could acquire an ability that complmented its speed, such as electrokinesis or aerokinesis.

Abilities of the Parents

The abilities of the parents can also play a role into what kind of abilities the child may acquire. It could acquire an ability that is similar to their parents or have one added on for a combination elemental, or acquire one that is the complete opposite. For example, a pyrokinetic parent could have a plasmakinetic or cryokinetic child. On top of this, if one of the parents is a Flux-Baby, it is much more likely for his or her child to also be a Flux-Baby.

Number of Siblings

The siblings also figure into what kind of abilities the subject will acquire. It would acquire an ability that is similar or an element that is shared between them when adding an element onto previously existing abilities. The more children a couple has, the more diverse the ability-pool becomes.

List of Flux-Babies

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