The IMMA Family are a group of indivuals subject to science expiermentation, the troll virus or defects in the brain. (one could just say they're stupid).


  • IMMABITCH the Beautiful Hedgehog- The original. The best. No need to test. All of the rest detest the things she calls "Breasts" It's IMMABITCH! The first "discovered" of the IMMA family, her origins are unknown, even her own husband...

  • Joel "IMMABASTARD" the Handsome Hedgehog- Originally a 17 year old, he was protecting his girl friend from the Trolls and decided to save her by sacraficing himself to be used a a guinea pig for Trolls testing. He was forced to drink a Recolor porion turning his mind into an unstable trap. He is currently married to the mysterious IMMABITCH, who became preganant with twins. One being...

  • IMMASLUT "Anais" the "Ugly" Hedgehog- Is the only one of her family not mentally defunct, Anais is often bullied for unknown reasons. While the rest of her family are beloved if not tolerated, Anais is pushed around and treated like garbage similar to Meg Griffin to Family Guy. She is the most often abused by her mother and Boombomb the Hedgehog to which most laugh. Anais tells her mom that her jokes are garbage, resulting to IMMABITCH saying "Ur rite. U r garbage". This being a reference to the fact she was/is going to be born April 1, 2013. This sole comment, (and abuse since Age 2) caused her to go back to the past and try to escape them. However, someone ratted her out in the past and future. Her own brother....

  • IMMASLAG the Hunky Hedgehog- Is the twin brother of IMMASLUT the Hedgehog who was born a day after her. How you may ask? Well one minute before April 1 of 2013 Anais was born and IMMASLAG was born the following minute April 2. Moving onto his bio IMMASLAG is the dumber of the twins and an obvious snitch/favorite for/of the parents. In fact the only reason the past IMMABITCH and IMMABASTARD know about Anais is because he followed her after telling the future parents. He currently attends Year one of Hareta Asa High School with his sister.
  • "Timothy" IMMAPRICK the Obnoxious Hedgehog-The younger brother of IMMABASTARD and with his brother he drank the recolor porion and went down the same way as his brother. Although he was more stable than IMMMABASTARD he was still physically and mentally disfigured. He is the brother-in-law of IMMABITCH and he is also the uncle of IMMASLUT and IMMASLAG. He never really liked the rest of the IMMA family and was barely partial to even his brother IMMABASTARD. He is often secluded in his abandoned home. Prior to infection of the troll virus, IMMAPRICK was Timmy, a 15-year-old hedgehog.


IMMABASTARD had killed IMMAPRICK while IMMAPRICK had a giant tumor on his cheek. IMMABASTARD had smacked him to the ground causing his tumor to burst. Soon after, IMMAPRICK had been killed.


  • IMMASLUT's name comes from "The Amazing World of Gumball"'s Anais, the most competent of the main family the Watersons.
  • Due to Anais' abuse as a child her intellengence is often overshadowed by her anger and other unbalanced emotions.
  • IMMAPRICK had a giant brain tumor around the right side of the majority of his head. IMMABASTARD had smacked IMMAPRICK to the ground causing his tumor to burst thus killing him. His brain tumor was a reference to American Pokemon.


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