The EXE Incident is the incident in which EXE first struck.


DVD Disaster

James the Blue Jay had invited a few of his friends over to watch him play a "special edition" Sonic the Hedgehog  for the PC in his PC Tower. Cher the Panther, Dokuro the Angelic Fox, Chewie and Bluray the Fox all come over to observe but something is mistepped. When they open it flickys, animals and much more was dead. Sonic's friends Tails and Knuckles were suffering andthe group was being really creeped out. James repeatadly tried to reset his PC but nothing would work. Soon EXE had escaped and thanked the five and left quickly.

School Scares

Soon after EXE invaded the school and everyone decided to split up (at the risk he had the possibilty of killing them all off). He decided to attack Anais and Bass first and even tried to hyponotize one of the two. He had grown tired of them and was going to kill downtown Station Square. This would not be allowed as Maxwell drove the group (and the newly returning JT) into battle in which EXE summons some of the nastiest villains: Medusa, Ozan, (ovurs plz). In the end the heroes pull through and EXE has not attacked since.

People Involved

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