"Just a lonesome hedgehog driftin' along. It's what I do. I drift."

The Drifter is a mysterious hedgehog in Torch's universe. No one knows who he is, where he comes from, or what his true motives are. No one even knows what his real name is. He might help you or hinder you, depending on how he feels.


The Drifter is usually calm, collected and aloof. He doesn't really care what goes on around him as he drifts from place to place.


He is a skilled marksman, especially with his custom .44 revolver pistol, which he calls "The Slammer". Other than that, no one knows what he is truly capable of.


  • This character is Torch's hedgehog fursona, finally confirmed after many years of being undecided.
  • This character is based off of Torch himself (personality wise), and the "Mysterious Stranger" character from the Fallout games who often appears when activating VATS.
  • The Drifter's catchphrase is "When Lady Luck ain't around, she sends me in".
  • This character is pretty much anonymous, as Torch really cannot think of anything else to create for this character. However, Torch tried his hardest to make this character as original as possible.

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