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Have you noticed what I've been trying to set up surrounding all the 'rules' I perceived to be in play with Smash? All of said 'rules' were all broken to varying degrees yet NEVER did I back down on them. I basically interpreted what happened in a way that some how fit the rules without stretching it too far. Where do I even start?! I think I'll begin all the way back to November 2013 and the reveal of Rosalina and Luma.

  • Everyone and their mother was expecting Bowser Jr. as the next step in the Mario roster. People liked Waluigi and Daisy, but clearly Bowser Jr. was a more viable candidate. I mean, he's appears in far more main series games than those two so he's clearly a main character. But when Rosalina walked into a cast lunch one day and decided she was important, thus getting her a spot in Smash, I quickly found a way to justify her exclusion: Rosalina is clearly a main Mario character now! After she is in the best 3D Mario ever, 3D World, as a playable character! "did you just say 3d world is the best" OK SO MORE IMPORTANTLY, Because of Rosalina's inclusion in a lot of main series games and spin-offs I was able to pin her as a main character, despite thinking Bowser Jr. was next in line. Granted, this isn't as bad as some others ones coming up as Rosalina was basically well on her way to joining the main cast, but still.
  • Toon Link I predicted to be replaced by Link Between Worlds Link, but backpedaled on because Wind Waker HD 'made him relevant'. I know he announced was before Rosalina but I thought she was a better start point.
  • Nextly we've got Lucario, who a lot of us were sure was being replaced by Zoroark—until Gen 6 came and cucked Gen 5 lol remember that guys? Anyway, I was able to justify this one with something I call(ed) the Pokémon Principle: because Pokémon doesn't have main characters the same way the other franchises do, it's roster is composed of iconic Pokémon, as well as the breakout character of the newest generation. Lucario had become a staple in the Pokémon series with such things as his Mega Evolution, merchandise and eventual confirmation in Pokkén backing him up. So clearly, not wrong!!
  • Let's not forget the ideas of the Fire Emblem principle: Marth + Protagonist of Newest Fire Emblem...I think I just took the L on Ike. There was no way to justify this one so it doesn't really fit, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I still held steadfast onto my theories about Smash in general though.
  • Now it's getting real good! I was a really huge advocater for Chrom over Lucina. Lucina isn't a main character so she ISN'T getting in over Chrom. Cut it out. Same with Robin. But when they were revealed I quickly had a change in attitude Yeah uh, actually I was wrong my bad! Robin is a mandatory unit that can't die and same with Lucina (also she was added in as a clone meaning she didn't have a full character dedicated to her, but she was just added to please fans interested in her). They're just as main as Chrom!
  • On second thought, Dark Pit IS more important to Kid Icarus than Magunus. (I mean true but pick a side)
  • Snake is an exception, and all other third parties HAVE to be relevant to Nintendo!

And here's where it begins getting tighter. We already saw how I justified Ryu (and Snake), but when Cloud came onto the scene this is where I REALLY stretched my own rules to keep my ideas alive. Have to be relevant to Nintendo? Well uh, it turns out I was wrong on Ryu, but not THAT wrong. To get into Smash you just have to be a really influencial figure in game. Ryu wasn't put in because of SF2, but because he helped found Smash's genre. And the reason why Cloud is in is because he helped define JRPGs of the future. He's a gaming icon and important to its history and that's what Smash's third parties are about! Not actually pertaining to Nintendo history. Good thing I figured that out hahaha! Poor fool.

All of this confirmation bias really goes to show not only how I made sense that Bayonetta obliterated my being by destroying any sense of security/status quo I'd build over the course of two years, but also shows how way in over my head I was. Though I have to say, I'm very thankful of how it humbled/mellowed me out. With my Status Quo shattered into a million, inrepairable, it showed me that life isn't as predictable as you think it is in a pretty safe environment. If I reacted this badly to my favorite video game disappointing me, imagine what a real life disappointment would've done to me, so I'm glad I got this lesson in such a cushioned place. It's already come useful as while I expected Clinton to win I wasn't that shocked or distraught that The Don and his Stand actually beat her (not taking a side probably also helped that but I digress).

"God dammit I'm trying to get AWAY from American politics and now it's following me into some kid's Smash blog?! jfc"

haha yeah. But with all of my really strong feelings simmering down, the passing of a year, and a calmer, less butthurt head on my shoulders, how do I feel about the final two Smashers now? Well...

Taking It All In | Confirmation Bias is a Killer | Corrin >

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