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Holy fucking shit, Bayonetta is in Smash. 

The words had slipped through my, as well as the entire Smash community's collective minds, though with rather different connotations.

The moment I saw Bayonetta in action I felt a depressive weight come over my entire body. I watched the trailer with a feeling I had never felt this strongly thus far in Smash, maybe even life in general: disappointment. I've felt worse in terms of sadness definitely, no contest, but in terms of disappointment? This was my first big /crusher/. Sonic Lost World


Yes . Anyway, Sonic Lost World was fairly disappointing to me coming off how great Sonic was doing, but this. THIS destroyed me. I watched this in some goddamn Danganronpa tier despair. Just from seeing Bayonetta I knew she was it and Sakurai wasn't fucking around: this was Smash 4's final fighter. I could not put into words properly for so long how bad this fucked me up. Now, I'm well aware I was being really melodramatic (I hope you're used to it by now because this episode ain't gettin' any less butthurt) but just looking throughout this entire episode, you could see how much Smash meant to me. I definitely became too dependent on it to provide me happiness, stuff to talk about, surprise etc. in my life. It had essentially become the focus of all my attention in terms of fandom and I truly believed it was that great. It was diamond in the rough on the Nintendo side of things, what with Nintendo slowly, but surely showing us that they had the noose ready for the Wii U, and that the NX's time was nigh...among other such things. Smash was my world; a place where I knew what was going on and yet was able to bask in the glory of it; I was definitely in too deep. I had decided to watch the Direct with my little brother and not my friends, which was a good call on my part as who knows what kind of dumb/mean/pretentious shit I might've said. One of my friends Sean LOVES Bayonetta, so this definitely could've been an "In your face you pretentious dickhead!" moment, though luckily for me he never did that, be it out of care or not giving enough of a shit or something. 

Unlike all the other characters, I couldn't bare to rewatch her direct or even her trailer (to this day I've only seen it once and like 1/4th times). I literally walked up to my room, left the lights out, and thought to myself: This is really how it ends. One of my favorite things Smash really went this route. I was so wrong about /everything/. One ballot character. Bayonetta not having a chance. Wolf. All of it. Wrong. Have I really had any idea of how Smash works this entire time? I went to sleep that night knowing damn well that this was no dream (or nightmare, bah) but still with that ever thin slither of hope that I'd wake up and Bayonetta would be gone. Or someone else would be there. I knew it wasn't happening, but a foolish lad can dream, especially since that's all he can do now. The next day I got on to talk to my friends they were all pretty chill and excited about it. No one seemed to mention/care about what I had said about Bayonetta previously and they all seemed pretty happy with Corrin/Bayonetta's inclusions. I have no idea whether or not they realized how disappointed I was, but what's certain is that I realized how happy they were, and not wanting to rain on their parade (or possibly receive the most relentless teamslag roast of the millenial generation) I decided to just never bring it up to them. I have a feeling they might have known how I felt as it might've been why they brought up the possibility of Wolf still having a chance since, get this: the website's DLC section had 4 on the top row, and 3 on the bottom row, but the bottom row wasn't centered.


I haven't been on Smash's website in so long, I had to manually type the URL to get this pic. Praise.

Because Sakurai is the architect on which the world relies on to make sure the universe keeps turning aka he's a perfectionist, they discussed the idea that Wolf would eventually come in to fill that spot, be announced with Bayonetta/Corrin's release (the english version of the Presentation had a poor choice of words in calling Bayonetta, "the final newcomer" (technically not wrong) over the Japanese version's "the last fighter", which didn't really help), and be released to coincide with Star Fox Zero's release. After trying to hold onto hope the year prior with Smash 3DS's release and the false unlockable characters, as well as my world being rocked to pieces with the Presentation that day, I knew when to quit. I knew that it was a stretch to look to a website layout for hope and just packed up. Utterly tarnished. 

I was in SO deep that this hit on my knowledge of the logistics behind Smash began to make me question if I was right on /everything/ I stood for/thought about fandom. To some extents, it even made me question if what I thought /mattered/ in general. After I had been so proud and boisterous about it I realized that my chimichanga wasn't as hot as I thought it was, gitwhadimsayin? The bigger they are, the harder they fall is so true, especially when it comes to egos because when after it had gone down I began questioning if ANYTHING I thought, or knew, or thought I knew was right. All of this over a damn video game, God DAMN younger me, learn to take an L. Actually, taking an L wasn't even the biggest problem—the big issue was how I overinvested.

So remember when I said "Snake is an exception*" back in the Perception of Smash segment?


In case you don't, click here and CTRL + F Snake.

Yeah, it's time to cash in that asterick as well as talk about Cloud as I so graciously skipped over him for the last view sections.

The Final Video Presentation: It All Unravels At The Seams | Taking It All In | Confirmation Bias is a Killer >

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