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My gut reaction when I saw Corrin was confusion and moderate disappointment. Oh, another Fire Emblem character? Eh, oh well. There's uh, there's still plenty of direct to go through. I was never in the camp that believed Fire Emblem had too many characters or that Sakurai was biased, after all he is the best thing since Jesus dying for our sins, so he knows best and certainly is NEVER biased towards his own franchises (though to be quite fair, I still don't believe him to be biased towards his own franchises. Other things yes, but jerking himself off in Smash, no). Regardless, Corrin had somehow wiggled their way into Smash after I thought we capped off on FE in Smash. But whatever, I know Sakurai will still deliver the goods!

We go through the lesser, but still cool stuff like stages and Mii costumes and my ego is able to get a little kick (it'll soon regret) with the announcement of a Mii costume! HA I TOLD YOU BASTARDS *ahem* So all is going well again. The Mii Section is lit! My favorite franchise ever Sonic (don't start.) has gotten two costumes which is nice. Takamaru and Ashley are nice additions as the characters probably had healthy requesting but weren't necessary for the roster, and the Bionic Armor is pretty nice. Oh and uh, Gil or whatever.


Literally Who?

And so through all of this and more little things padding out the direct (like QR codes for Miis), the preparation for Wolf and the ballot characters' reveal is high and the payoff is nigh.

"...last fighter announcement trailer..."

It's really happening, this is really the end! Let's do this. Suddenly, Sakurai throws us a curveball:

"Please take a look at the final new challenger in Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U."

We're skipping to the final part already?! It's ballot character time! Could Wolf really not be getting in? I doubt he's the ballot character. Damn, sad. Well, it's OK. Oh geez, now we're probably getting only one ballot character?! Damn, really sad. It's literally physically impossible for Sakurai to disappoint so the ballot character will definitely pull the weight on Wolf's exclusion, and by extent, Corrin's inclusion.

The trailer starts off with mah boy Pit beating ass and Palutena warning him of an incoming fighter. I knew it couldn't have been a Kid Icarus character, no way one of them won the ballot, but regardless I could still hear the many whiny Smash fans complaining about how 'Sakkory iz biazdd!!!!'. Why he chose Pit and Palutena to start off this trailer is beyond me but I can feel the tension rising. Something about this trailer I can't put my finger on it, but the character present, the tone, everything just feels bizarre. Something is off here.

Suddenly, a voice I don't recognize speaks out about how there's "another angel" and how she must've missed one. Who is this mysterious lady? Well, as soon as she materialized on stage, the mere sight of her heels made the butterflies (ha, not intended but roll with it) in my stomach scatter. I knew EXACTLY who this was. 

It was a character I had written off as irrelevant to Nintendo, and gaming in general. 

It was a character I thought had no chance in hell of making it in, ballot or not.

It was a character who I didn't care for in the slightest.

It was none other, than Bayonetta.

The DLC Age: Wide Horizons | The Final Video Presentation: It All Unravels At The Seems | Taking It All In >

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