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With Mewtwo on the way, the horizons widened far and the skies were bluer than ever. The eventual reveal of Lucas served to raise my hype levels and delusions of grandeaur even further. It was about the time of Mewtwo's release that things started to get hairy; particularly because of Ryu.

Now Roy was an understandable inclusion. He was popular, a clone and could be easily readded to the roster. The problem stemmed from Ryu: This guy isn't a Nintendo all-star! Infact, his upcoming game is PS4 exclusive! This can't be right. Sure, he's huge, but he isn't PAC-MAN huge!


Actually, my bad! Look at Ryu! He's the face/forefather of fighting games aka Smash's genre AND Street Fighter 2 (which Smash Ryu takes lots of inspiration from) was a smash hit on Nintendo. Ryu is definitely worthy of the Smash roster. Sakurai knows best, as per usual. This past paragraph has probably given you a very clear idea of where I am (or was, I guess) going with this. Oh, and just so you know, Roy & Ryu leaking wasn't too hard for me. The fact that more was probably beyond the widened horizon thanks to the Smash Ballot (WHEW BOY) and the leaks that came with the two revealing at least five more characters on the horizon kept me pretty chill about it. Oh and Lucas's reveal was lowkey an anesthetic safety net, just to be sure.


The beautiful bab hath saved me from the wrath of leaks.

So E3 2015 rolls around and Nintendo's is basically garbage save for Smash. Oh Smash, you upholder of the standards you. I'm glad I can always count on YOU to not disappoint! Lucas, Ryu, and Roy release, they play really nice and all is well in the world. Smash speculation is high as hell with the Smash Ballot, a poll that Smash fans can use to determine the future of the roster. It's basically a dream land! No doubt that on top of no duh inclusions like Wolf, the Smash Ballot will give us at least 2 or 3 more characters picked by fans for fans! They're gonna use this opportunity and use it WELL! Sorry Spencer (that's my friend),fuck outta here with that "one ballot character" shit. Sakurai knows that would cause a frenzy (no one would ever buy the winner) so he'll definitely pick some of the top choices (skipping over dumb top ones like Geno btw) to avoid having to deal with that.

Time went on without another character; we got costumes and stages and stuff, but the ballot characters remained a mystery. Absolutely no leaks on what could be coming. We were in the dark wildness and we LOVED in. November 12th came and we were ready for the next Smasher! Who did we get but none other than Cloud God Damn Strife.



Not another fucking word.

I'll get to my thoughts on Cloud in the final section, but right now let's skip to the final frontier: the Final Video Presentation. Smash was truly coming to an end and all of our questions were about to be answered in one final hoo-rah. Excitement filled the air. Who could it be; what could it be? How will such a grand game go out on a bang? We'll have to wait a month and three days to find out.

And we did. December 15th, 2015 rolled around, the gates to glory were opened at 5 EDT, and we were greeted by...


Oh boy.

Theses Falls Apart | The DLC Age: Wide Horizons | The Final Video Presentation: It All Unravels At The Seams >

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