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I was originally gonna start off with a really meaningful and deep quote about how sheep mentality is bad and stuffs but then I realized

  1. This thing is almost a year late, is not relevant, and because of that...
  2. Nobody cares about it like that anymore.

Greetings everyone and welcome to to another Bluriginals Blogs! Today we'll be talking a look back at the pre-release and DLC eras of Super Smash Bros. This is something I've had in the works for almost a year now so at this point, it's much less about discussing reactions and more so talking about the impact Smash had on me in general. It's a fairly personal story, really late, and far from relevant at this point, but regardless it's still something that rings important to me and that I wanted to discuss. We're in for a REAL long one, so I've divided it up into multiple posts that will be released daily from now until the 15th. So hold on tight and prepare for an emotional roller coaster with rhythms just as sporadic and unpredictable as Smash 4's pre-release itself.

So without further adieu, let's get started.

Ya'll may not know this but...i like smash. I know! My tumblr theme wasn't a dead giveaway.

(In case of changed theme, click here.) 

When I was a wee lad leaving elementary school, over the summer I had gotten my first experience with Super Smash Bros. Melee. Never before had I owned a Nintendo console (I chose the PS2 over the GCN and might I say, I still chose right ;)))). The closest I had ever even come to Nintendo was playing Mario Sunshine, Double Dash!!, and Sonic 2 (via Mega Collection) on GameCube. Yet before long I was enveloped and invested in Nintendo's flagship fighting franchise. The impact Smash had on me was great: it became the big topic amongst my friends and I (we made a little 'club' about it where we chose our main to represent us). I wrote really bad fanfiction about it that I still haven't made Blu Blogs episodes on. It even prompted me to get a GameCube and Wii for Melee and Brawl. Ya'll lads don't know; back then Brawl was a rarity amongst the friend group so owning made you a sick kid.

(*ahem*) So when Smash 4 was on its way I was watching from day 1. From the day it was announced in passing at like, E3 2012 to December 15th last year I was on Smash like (cheesy metaphor of choice here).

SSB4 First Board

Remember when this was the most we knew about Smash 4. It's really sweet to think about how far the game's come.

Smash 4 was basically one of my favorite things, IF NOT my favorite thing. Everyday a new Pic of the Day detailing an aspect of the game would be released and you could be sure that when I awoke in the morning, the first thing I'd do (after brushing my teeth and stuff like that; I'm not a heathen I swear) was check out what my Lord-King-Emperor-Baron-Poobah-President-Fearless Leader-Director-Executive-Fuhrer Masahiro Sakurai had revealed about the games that day. In general if there was something to know about Smash, I was probably in on it. Move names, how many characters were in each game (Zelda/Sheik & Pokémon Trainer are definitely 2/3 separate characters respectively btw. Like, that isn't even a discussion what the hell?) stuff like that I had screwed tight into my memory. If you can't tell, I really went all in on Smash. It was a hectic, chaotic, sometimes toxic, but almost always fun environment. Theories, leaks, and rumors filled the air and you could be sure that I was on top of all that. I had my own theories about the logistics of Smash and how exactly characters were picked and such, but we'll get to that soon. You probably get the gist of it: I absolutely loved Smash; maybe even a bit too much... /foreshadowing.

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