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And so we've reached the day: one year since DLC came to an end. Cloud was definitely where the line was crossed, but to go even further was unnecessary. The Smash DLC ended up being pretty okay when I look at it in this light. I know that seems really awful to say considering all the great things that happened, but there was such a feeling of lack of love for Nintendo in this DLC set, considering the characters turned out to be nostalgia, third parties, advertisement in short. I like to believe that the journey really is better than the destination, but when the Final Destination (;)) turns out to be something as disappointing and corrupting as this, I can't help but not be able to look back and feel as though all that passion I had for Smash, for Sakurai, for all of it was just misguided and foolish. It wasn't my dream franchise like I told myself it was, but something that had an overlap with what I wanted out of one. Guess I really did idealize/idolize (yes both) Smash far too much for my own good.

However, despite everything I loved about Smash going down in flames, I don't think I should ever forget or reject all of the good that came before it. I've still been able to find enjoyment from playing Smash and haven't let all of the bad things diminish the actual game for me. It was a great journey, with lots of good and bad and the build up to these two games and their DLC really did provide a great experience with so many jokes, good memories, and joy that it would be a shame to try and ignore because the aforementioned destination wasn't that great. So thanks to the Smash team (and yes, even Sakurai. HUG ME BROTHA) pouring their souls into this project and providing years of intrigue, discussion, thought, happiness, and a great game that I'll cherish anytime I think of Nintendo, fandom, and what made me grow as a better person in general.

I'd also like to give thanks particularly to you, the reader for reading through the stream of consciousness. It probably came off as cringey and salty and overspoken and melodramatic but I really appreciate someone finding it interesting/engaging enough to give it a read. It really feels good to get it off my chest and I hope that any responses given will help me grow even further as a person. Next Blu Blog won't be so long-winded or serious: promise.

The NXt Step: Looking Forward on Smash | Ending Off | N/A >

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