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Smash NX has been floating in the minds of people for a while now and with the Switch known to us now, talk is beginning to bubble up a bit more. Quite honestly, the thought of it isn't too enticing for me now that I've basically cut off from Smash emotionally. It's sad and stupid, but like I've said and like you've read, I let myself get too attached and since it isn't the juggernaut that does everything that I like exactly how I want and instead tarnished me in front of my friends and family, dishonoring my kin and I for generations, I've just chosen to sit back and a play an inactive role in speculation. Like I said before, with Bayonetta in the standards for Smash have really been dropped and basically any third party could be slapped in for being exclusive (essentially turning Smash's DLC into a league of exclusivity+advertisement deals). Yes it's possible that characters like the Inklings or Ice Climbers could be getting in, but it's too little too late for me. Now that I've gotten a reality check, I won't be dipping back into that well anytime soon.

And don't even get me STARTED on the prospect of making Smash into a platform and adding characters every so and so often. Stage and costumes yeah, but characters? Hell no, not only will it actively promote lowering standards but it raises the bar ridiculously high for the next Smash. If you want, add some characters into the base version of Smash for Switch, and leave it at that. Thanks.

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