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So what I was trying to get across in the last segment before going a bit off and holding a memorial service for Chrom is that "realizable", the way I'm interpreting it as "can actually be given a moveset" (since you know, Sakurai doesn't specify at all) is just another dumb restriction like Corrin's set up so Sakurai could do what he wanted rather than the fanservice that was promised. 

And now on to negotiable. Replay—urr, rewrite the clip quote!

"Worldwide, 1.8 million votes were counted, and of the fighters that were negotiable, as well as realizable in Smash, Bayonetta had the highest amount of votes!* Bayonetta 2 was also a Nintendo exclusive, so negotiations were very easy."

You can really get a feel of selective reading into the votes from this quote. My friends and I had often talked about how we thought that he wouldn't necessarily choose the number 1 character, but rather choose numerous characters and never specify anything about how well they polled, aka pick ones he saw fit that scored high, but not necessarily in the order of 1, 2, 3...etc. But this "negotiable/realizable" crap basically gives away that she didn't actually win, but numerous characters were glanced over and ignored with the purpose of choosing her. She must've polled at least decently since people weren't too objective to her inclusion. But if my theory is correct and she had good support but not the world behind her why was she chosen? Well like, the last sentence of the quote. Ya'll know Sakamiya is the real ship (sorry Sakojima fans). No, but seriously I wouldn't put it past for Sakurai to have been like "well, Bayonetta did decently, she has a nice ass, and Kamiya's my dude. Not to mention Bayo 2 was on the Wii U so basically this is the easiest third party inclusion I've ever had. YEEEEEET".

So up until now I've just been going on and on about how Bayonetta is a god damn crook and didn't actually win the vote. That's certainly reason for not being okay with her inclusion, but I talked about being opposed to her even before I thought she even had a chance. So why do I still think she was a bad inclusion? Remember three sections ago with Corrin and how I thought Corrin being in development around the time of Splatoon's launch brought up its own sets of problems? Well, to preface that I'd like to go back to something Smashchu said in his reaction that occurred to me after watching the Final Video Presentation. 

"A friend of mine made in interesting point in that he thought Bayonetta was chosen earlier and was tacked on to the ballot to justify her. This would make some sense as she looks almost complete despite the ballot only ending in October."

Yeah, what the hell is that about? No way was Bayonetta /that/ done in just 2 months. Mewtwo was announced to have started development in October meaning that's 6-7 months of development time on him. Meanwhile Bayonetta, who in theory began development near the end of the ballot in late September/early October was done in just 5-6 months? 


Mewtwo is simple Smasher who is also a veteran. He had the foundation laid out for him already yet he took longer than Bayonetta, someone relatively more complex than him? Sure, Jan. You could argue she was chosen based on Ballot results earlier since she was that prominent but that would require me to attend to the idea that Bayonetta widened such a gap that she was automatically chosen some months in.

Sure Jan

The idea that Bayonetta was going to be chosen regardless, but had the ballot tacked onto her to gauge interest/justify her (making her true beginning of development April/May, giving her as well as Corrin 7-8 months of dev time which is far more plausible) works out too damn well. Like, I hadn't even realized this aspect until I began thinking about Mewtwo a few paragraphs ago WHILE writing. Oh Bayonetta's inclusion, you're the gift from grandma I didn't want that keeps on giving (me shit). As for why Bayonetta and Corrin were tagged onto February instead of released right then and there with Cloud? I'd say to give the appearance that those two characters were still in development, be closer to Fates' western launch, and because 2016 was an awful year for Nintendo. It has been/was literally "passive aggressively telling everyone the wii u is dead get your shorts ready for the nx": the year. Part 2. 2015 wasn't too hot either.

So why do I not like Bayonetta? Because she destroyed my silly little notions and theories about Smash, and by extent a lot of my love for Smash in general? Well, it's sort've that but not really. It's a specific aspect of that: what Smash stood for to me. Smash (and I guess Nintendo) weren't like the other devs. It didn't include characters solely for advertisement like PSAS/MVC. It prioritized the main characters of franchises and made sure the important characters weren't left out unlike other series, which now that I know a bit better, not prioritizing the main cast isn't necessarily a bad thing. But because Smash did it unlike any other and DID pay attention to the main characters I admired it and thought it to be great. You just might not have seen Peach or Zelda in say, MVC, or other crossover fighters, but Smash was sure to give these main characters would were otherwise inactive in a lot main games significant roles.. It gave Smash to me, a sense of awareness and respect. On top of that, Smash had a restraint to include characters with cohesion: ones that were important to Nintendo's history and/or 'relevant' while the others stood back as assist trophies. But especially, ESPECIALLY the third party inclusions. Snake clearly contradicted this and proved it wrong and yet I kept going and held steadfast. Even now I can relatively rationalize Snake's inclusion (OH NO I'M RELAPSING SEND HELP); Metal Gear is a big gaming franchise. But Bayonetta? Bayonetta....

Bayonetta is a good character but by no means is she THAT special to warrant a place in Smash. Bayonetta is not particularly in tune with Nintendo. She's basically near the bottom on the totem pole of third party franchises. Didn't Bayonetta 1 not even do that well? And on top of that Platinum had to ask the big 3 for support on Bayo 2? And on top of THAT, it appears that Sony/Microsoft were asked first, making Nintendo bottom priority (of course they could've all been asked at the same time but three is the key number!)? Legit, you're telling me that this insignificant third party character from a game that didn't do that well was able to get into Smash...because her second game was Nintendo exclusive!? Like, can you imagine Bayonetta getting into Smash had Bayo 2 not been on Wii U? Hell, no! Meaning being exclusively essentially got this D-list third party character into Smash Brothers. It feels so shallow and so not satisfying. So many popular Nintendo characters clamoring for a chance to get into Smash and they get beaten out by someone who only had a chance because they were exclusive once? It's such a passionless inclusion. Sakurai, someone I had thought was a great creator, someone who could take my first born, someone who spoke to what I wanted out of a series, turned out to not be the deity-tier legend I had thought him to be and just someone who had I had projected my own opinions/values onto with her inclusion.

There's two particularly huge aftermath aspects of Bayonetta's inclusion I would like to go over before we close out this chapter. Back to Corrin-thions's final verse (paragraph) where I discuss people being OK with Fire Emblem getting six characters, yet being upset about Mario/Pokémon getting more. In the wake of the final two Smasher's inclusions, most people were OK with it, while few were dissatisfied. This taught me something: no one saw Smash in the same standards I did, my friends, the fanbase, and especially not Sakurai. What I thought to be a balanced Nintendo crossover fighting game celebrating its history with some of its greatest main characters, turned out to just be a guy who had a lot of overlap with what I wanted who was doing what HE wanted. The fact that this theoretically meant that so many people who had thought Waluigi (for example) didn't need to be Smash wouldn't bat an eye if Sakurai were to be include him, and would just complacently accept that "yeah, waluigi's in smash and while he didn't need to be here at all, but instead of actually sticking with what i initially thought, i'll just go with the flow since sakurai said so." It really was yet another bag of destroyed dreams to add to the pile of infinite torment I had experienced post-Smash.  But the thing that hurts the absolute MOST about all of this: had Bayonetta been included earlier in Smash 4's life ala Snake, or someone else I actually wanted been in her place, I could still be in the delusional state I was back then. So I guess something like her was just what I needed: a breaking point to wake me up from said delusions (by to another extent, be more critical on Nintendo and not give them a pass because my daddy~ Smash was pacifying me).

I don't look at Bayonetta in the same disgust I did back then but it's still disheartening to see what was once one of my favorite IPs stoop so low. And on top of that it opens the flood gates to so many more irrelevant third parties flooding the roster and just diluting the sense of Nintendo in Smash. After all, if Bayonetta got in just because she had her game exclusive on a Nintendo system, basically ANYONE can get in with minimal effort.

oh yeah and she didn't even get 16 palettes like mac and cool dread kid from bayo 2 didn't get a trophy what the /fuck/

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