Use Bluray and Eva's auditions as an example or your character will be deleted. You can audition up to 5 characters. Up to 100 auditions will be accepted until August 8 (unless told otherwise). Keep it PG-13 or get auto-disqualified.

Bluray's Audition

The audition begins in Bluray in his room presenting why he should be picked.

"Hello staff and crew of TBMSI. I'm Bluray the Fox and here's why I should be picked for The Biggest Mobius Survivor Island. Well, to have an interesting show you have to have interesting people and when you've got a guy who can shoot lightning out his mouth, is pretty weird and appeals to a young demographic, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Especially with this."

Bluray pulls Chewie out from his backpack.

"Poyo!" Chewie exclaims.

"You'd have to be a heartless MONSTER to ignore him. The appeal of us only boosts with his assistance. I mean who doesn't like personality-filled duos? Heartless monsters of course. I'm sure that with us around, the shows ratings will only get HIGHER. That is all."

Eva's Audition

"My genetic father is Sonic the Hedgehog. That's all"

Junior's Audition

Junior: Hummmm Well Hello my name is Apallo Solarius The Hedgehog Jr.

Junior: I am a bounty hunter with alot of amazing talents such as aglitiy, acrobatics, I know my own style of Martial-Arts and sword play. And I can use Fire and Light attacks

Junior: I want to win this contest because...I just want to win the money for my Daughter's Bording School

Cryshan: -runs in and sits on his lap- Hewwo~

Junior: Did you go help mommy?

Cryshan; -smiles into the camera, jumps off and yes yup with a smile on her face then runs off to play-

Junior: So uuuuhhhh........ Please allow me to enter

Junior: Thanks Bye.

Lydia's Audition

Lydia: (walks in her sexy stealth clothes and sits down)

Producer: Hello Lydia.

Lydia: Hello~

Producer: So tell me,why do you want to be on The Biggest Mobius Survivor Island?

Lydia: Well I was given a note saying to do it.

Producer: Hmm, very interesting.

Lydia: I was also intrested in finding any rare jewels on the island.

Producer: There we have it folks! A girl who has a desire in jewels, almost as beautiful as her!

Lydia: (flips her bang and winks to the camera)

Producer: This is Lydia the Lynx for, TBMSI!

Lydia: Also..if any guys were to like be interested in single -sticks her tounge out-

Producer: YES! I mean uh. Good luck.

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