Terra the Hedgehog
Terra the Hedgehog
Terra is a Keyblade Wielder that seeks to undo the darkness in his heart.





Default Keyblade


Love Interests

Aqua the Shark


Training, defeating evil, helping his allies, listening to others, travelling other worlds, etc.


Failure, feeling weak, succumbing to darkness, deception, losing those he cares for, etc.

Voice Actor

Troy Baker

Terra the Hedgehog is a Keyblade warrior from the Land of Departure, and a pupil to Master Eraqus. He wields the Earthshaker Keyblade and is a top prospect of Eraqus. However, he is unable to graduate to the rank of Keyblade Master due to his well-known grip on the darkness. Terra is good friends with fellow students, Roxas and Aqua, who act as a team many times.


Early Tutelage

Terra was brought in as an apprentice of Master Eraqus at the age of 15. He was among the first of his apprentices in his academy at the Land of Departure. Over the years, he was trained very well with other students, most prominently Aqua and one of the younger prospects, Roxas. Despite his trials, however, he still had a rather deep grip on darkness which he had difficulty supressing. For this reason, Terra would constantly fail his Mark of Mastery exams and be stuck as an apprentice.

Search For Aqua

Roughly six years after his inception, Terra and Aqua took their Mark of Mastery exam, with Master Xehanort acting as another judge and spectator to their trials. However, Xehanort had secretly tampered with some of the test to unveil their true natures. Terra showed a bit of darkness and once more failed, while Aqua was named Keyblade Master. Terra was left in a slump, unable to understand what he had done wrong. Xehanort tried to convince him that darkness could be channeled and that he was fine as is.

Sometime after this, Aqua was sent on a secret assignment by Master Eraqus, causing a bit more distress from Terra. Several weeks later, Eraqus lost contact with her and gave Terra the assignment of locating her, as well as finding what is causing a great imbalance in the worlds which has resulted in many stars representing them to disappear. Terra saw this an opportunity to redeem himself and set out to complete this task. Roxas would immediately join him, in spite of Terra's initial refusal. However, he knew that Roxas was as much a friend to him and Aqua so he allowed it.


Terra is quiet and reserved, due to his mostly volatile and dark nature. Because of his grip on the darkness, he finds being with those that aren't his best friends or partners to be a burden and feels like he is holding them down of sorts. Terra also isn't a firm believer or fan in other hobbies and traits, like video games or recreation, but will tolerate them if it's necessary. Terra can also be a wisecracker and is known for his guilability, though he isn't as foolish as Roxas.

Abilities & Powers

Earthshaker KHBBS

Earthshaker, Terra's default Keyblade.

Terra's signature Keyblade is the Earthshaker. While short and rather thin, the weapon makes up for it in its incredible stats in the strength department. Terra is able to perform many different attack combos to defeat foes. His magic is fairly weak in comparison to Aqua and Roxas, but he is still able to pull off powerful spells, namely in Earth-based magic.

Among the attacks and magic spells Terra is known to perform are:

  • Dark Firaga: Unleashes a dark flame ball that damages and sometimes blinds the targets.
  • Magnera: Uses a magnetic force to pull enemies in and deal great damage.
  • Aero: Summons some wind to attack enemies or send them flying into the air to gradually damage them.
  • Mega Flare: Launches a powerful fireball attack that kills nearly any enemy that is struck by it.
  • Meteor: Summons a big meteor to strike down opponents from the sky.
  • Meteor Crash: Slams his Keyblade down, delivering a severe blow and several meteor effects for the others.
  • Dark Haze: Cloaks himself in darkness and performs a dash attack.
  • Zantetsuken: Unleashes a powerful and quick strike that destroys any enemy hit by it.
  • Strike Raid: Throws his Keyblade at enemies like a boomerang to attack.
  • Ars Solum: A dark multi-hit combo of ferocious fast strikes.
  • Fire Strike: Performs a fire-based spinning attack on enemies.
  • Brutal Blast: Knocks an opponent into the air, then finishes with a spinning attack.
  • Windcutter: Creates a whirlwind attack to damage opponents or send them flying.
  • Limit Storm: A spinning attack that deals extra damage if low on health.
  • Geo Impact: A leaping strike which causes giant boulders to burst from the earth and deal additional damage.
  • Sacrifice: A powerful jumping-down attack that expends health when used.



Original Counterpart

Main Article: Terra

Terra is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. He is a Keyblade bearer that failed his Mark of Mastery exam due to his influence on the darkness. This caused him to be easily manipulated by Master Xehanort, who sought to use Terra as his newest vessel. Throughout the game, Terra struggled to maintain control of the darkness, leading him to be easily deceived by the villains of multiple worlds, accidentally killing his Master Eraqus, and eventually becoming fused with Xehanort to become Terra-Xehanort. However, his own spirit still remains in his Keyblade Armor, known as the Lingering Will.

Terra-Xehanort was almost cast into the Realm of Darkness until Aqua threw herself in to save him. Xehanort would appear to suffer amnesia and become a prominent antagonist for (chronolgically) the remainder of the series, including his Heartless, Ansem, and his Nobody, Xemnas.


  • Terra doesn't have a sweet tooth like his friends do, and often prefers to eat Ice Cream that is bittersweet.

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