Terra The Cat
Terra The Cat
  • 12 (Bluray's Continuity)



Stone Girl (by Bullies)

Lil Stone (by her grandpa)

Stalker (By Marxx & Bluray)

TerrBear (by a boyfriend when she gets one)

Weirdo (By Bluray before knowing her Truely)

Love Interest
  • Apallo The Hedgehog (Secret Crush)
  • Shadow The hedgehog (For Helping her in her Surgery)
  • Diana The Hedgehog (After the "lesbo" ray shot the both of them)
  • Metal Sonic (why i put him there idont care)
  • Marxx (love intrest sience Castle in the Sky
  • Bluray The Fox (She Loves Him For Some reason)
Likes Shadow, Sonic, Silver *all of sonic's friends*

Dr. Eggman, Mephiles, Tails Doll, Being Teased of because of her brith defect. Cream Doll, Metal Amy, Karma Camelon (It's annoying as hell)

English Voice Actress

Tara Strong (2003-Present)

Japanese Voice Actress She Has NoneTerra is a Yellow Cat with Brown Tips. She can control the Earth around her. She was Born with a strange virus which made her unable to eat like normal people instead she could only eat minerals adn drink mud.

Her Condition

Her condition is called Granitumus, A virus that hits unborn babies and infants, which causes people to have adislike to meat, weat, dary, and allother food and liquid and finds the earth (mud stone rock iron) edible.

Her Powers

Terra has the power of earth, she can create armor, make towers, ect. Also, she can make clothes out of stone.


  • Stone Fist- Rocks forms a fist around her own fist and increases strength tenfold. It also makes a Shockwave When Slammed on the Ground.
  • Boulder Barrage- Shoots Pieces of the ground(cement, pavement, ect.) and shoots at the enemy rapidaly. The Maxed True Power of this Attack Increases the Size of the Projectiles (also can choose to sharpen them at will)
  • Gaia Armor- Creates A Suit of Armor using parts of Stone (Metal, ect.)

(more to come)


She is the distant sister of Blaze the Cat. But She is not of Royal Blood like her Sister.


put down your character's name if he/she is one of Terra's friends.

Bluray The Fox (Crush)

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