Team Platinum is a team lead by Platina the Echidnahog and consisting of Surge the Hedgehog and Mike the Echidna. They help keep the world from danger in any way possible.


Speed Type: Surge the Hedgehog

Flight Type: Platina the Echidnahog (leader)

Power Type: Mike the Echidna


Mike: (training)

Surge: -runs up- Yo! Wassup?

Mike: Hey Surge! Gotta look good for your sis, y'know?

Surge: -laughs- Doesn't matter much if you look good as much as how good you take care of her.

???: (laughs) You should know him better...

Surge: Huh?

Mike: Well, well...

Platina: (shows herself) Hi.

Surge: Hey...who are you?

Platina: I'm Platina, a friend of Mike and his siblings.

Surge: Ah. Name's Surge.

Platina: Nice to meet you, Surge

Surge: The pleasure's all mine.

Platina: (smiles)

Surge: -smiles back- Heheh.

Mike: Hmm...

Surge: What's cookin' in that head of yours?

Mike: Well, maybe the three of us could be the perfect team!

Surge: Okay... -cocks head to one side- Mind filling me in?

Mike: Well, my strength and Nocturnus weaponry, your speed and electricity, and Platina's psychic beauty and wits. Seems like a Platinum trio to me!

Surge: She's got psychic power? Like Shine?

Platina: Shine is my half-brother. We share the same father--Silver the Hedgehog.

Surge: Nice! I'm in!

Platina: But....who would be leader?

Surge: Donno, maybe we'll just have to figure that out.

Mike: Well, as the best on this team, I nominate myself and Platina!

Platina: M-me?

Surge: Platina I can agree with, but you? Mister "Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later"? Seriously?

Mike: Hey, it's not like you got any better ideas!

Surge: Um, in fact I do. Platina and me.

Mike: You?! What makes you think you got what it takes?!

Surge: Let's just say I could make the hard decisions. You? Probably would jump with every emotion that you get, either blowing up over a petty issue or cowering over fear of making a sacrifice.

Mike: That's not what I've heard!

Surge: Oh really? Maybe you haven't heard enough.

Platina: Stop it, both of you!

Surge: Um! Err...well...we do agree on Platina...and it seems like we're just too at odds to be ordered around by the I guess it's a matter of either Platina accepting, or us deteriorating into a brawl...

Platina:.....Alright. I will be leader.

Surge: Got no problem with that. Mike?

Mike: Hey, it's different. And I like it.

Surge: Heh. Then we've got a deal.

Platina: Then we should get started, Team Platinum.

Surge: -nods-

Some hours later...

Surge: This is totally awesome!

Mike: Tell me about it!

Surge: I would, but you already know! -laughs-

Mike: Heh!

Surge: Heheh!

Platina: (smiles)

Surge: -smiles-

Mike: So now what?

Surge: I was wondering the same thing.

Platina: Well, what do most teams do?

Surge: Um...hang out and fight villians when necessary, I think...

Platina: Oh...of course

Surge: -shrugs-

Mike: Heh....

Platina: Then we should begin to find something to do....

Surge: Yeah...

Mike: Heh...well what are we waiting for?

Surge: That, we can agree on!

Platina: (smiles)

Surge: Heh!

Platina: (runs off)

Surge: -speeds off after her-

Mike: (runs off after them)

Later, in town...

Platina: Hmm...?

Surge: -looks around-

Mike: Huh?

Surge: Wha?

Mike: Something doesn't feel right....

Surge: Gettin' that same vibe over here...

(just then, some of Eggman Nega's forces start attacking the city)

Platina: Oh no!

Surge: I'm on it! -dashes off into battle- C'mon Mike!

Mike: Let's bust some heads! (charges in)

Surge: -overwhelms opponents with his speed, and flips some to Mike- Have some target practice, dude!

Mike: (smashes the enemies to pieces)

Surge: -continues to shred enemies-

Platina: (begins using some psychic powers on some airborne enemies)

Surge: -rips through a ton of enemies- This is an invasion?! Please! Ants put up a better fight! You'd have to stomp twice!

Mike: This is just a warm-up!

Surge: Weaksauce, even for a warm-up!

(more and more enemies continue to come)

Eggman Nega: Get them!!

Surge: Puh-leeze! -shocks them, destroying many of them-

Mike: (burns the enemies)

-the heat and electricity mix and cause strong explosions-

Surge: Whoa! Nice!

Mike: Heh!

Surge: Sweetness! Try some more! -blasts into the horde-

(the much larger enemies start to show)

Surge: -tries shocking them- Ugh! -tries smashing through them- Dang! My speed's not cutting it! Mike! They brought out the heavy ones! Lend a hand?

Mike: I'm trying!

Surge: Got some smaller guys or are you dealing with these big oafs too? -evades-

Mike: (tries punching down them, but it's not as easy as he had hoped)

Surge: Hey! Let's try a combined approach!

Platina: Yes! Combine our strengths!

Surge: -rolls into an electric ball-

Mike: (surrounded in purple aura)

Platina: (floating with a psychic aura around her) TEAM BLAST, READYYYYY.....

Surge: -hovers around Platina-

Platina: NOW!!! (uses psychic powers to push her teammates to the enemies)

Mike: (unleashes a great amount of Nocturnus energy)

Surge: -nearly becomes a thunderbolt, striking through the Nocturnus energy, causing several extremely powerful explosions-

(the horde is clensed)

Surge: -pants- Glad I had the speed to overcome the speed of my electricity destabizing...

Mike: Hah! This all ya got, Nega?!

Surge: Pfft! Some creepy aliens gave me more trouble than this!

Platina: Don't get too cocky...

Surge: Heheheh...

Platina: Huh?

Surge: What?

Platina: You....creeped me out a bit...

Surge: -shrugs- Meant nothing by it. Just trying to not get too cocky.

Mike: Right...

Surge: -cocks head to one side, then shrugs-

Mike; what?

Surge: ...Take the fight to that egg and crack him wide open?

Mike: I like that idea!

Surge: Platina?

Platina: We will need to find his base first....

Surge: Find some retreating stragglers and follow them? Dumb tin cans could take us straight to his front door. ...In theory.

Platina: I don't know....

Surge: -shrugs-

Platina: I just...

Surge: Hm?

Platina:....Forget it..

Surge: I don't mean to pry, but I think we need to know. Mike and I would love to jump headlong into battle, and would probably win, but it seems that you are aware of other factors that we just don't think about.

Platina: If we follow the robots, we would end up to somewhere they would attack, not a place to strategize.

Surge: -gets an idea- And when the robots are attacking, Nega, being the egotistical maniac he is, would want to, "oversee" his handiwork...and he would flee back to his base, wouldn't he?

Platina: Hmm....

Surge: Yes...?

Platina: Perhaps....

Surge: We'll wanna hurry...

Platian: Yes!

Surge: I think they went this way! -blasts off-

Platina & Mike: (follow him)

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